View Full Version : PokeSurvival!!! How About it People? Guest Authors, Survivors and Guinea Pigs Needed!

13th November 2005, 7:31 PM
Enough of prattle about religion, Cyndaquil Steaks, songs of life and dramas. I have no idea if this has been done before. My previous account only registered early last year, and I was pretty dormant, and hence the closing of my last account. Anyway, everyone has seen survivor games based on resident evil, digimon and every other genre. Since we have one heck a lot of authors here who love doing parody, and others who simply excel at simply writing (pardon pun), I am requesting participation in a group project, survivor style.

Firstly, this fic will belong to no one, and is meant for everyone to share in and to have a laugh on down days, of which there have been plenty of recently. I also hope to get people volunteering to write a chapter or two, and/or appearing on the show. The show will have characters from the anime, from these boards, and will also have several guest stars. I will start things off with the first chapter, and that will probably be the only chapter I write myself, unless circumstances differ. I will also host, and hence swallow my dignity and accept the creaming I am bound to get from the gifted authors out there.

Authors should contact me through email, hopefully with ideas and the like, and should be willing to poke fun at themselves (if starring) and should not be biased towards or against anyone. It will be like writing a one-shot, except that this one will have to mesh with prior circumstances. It does not matter what kind of writer you are and what genre you prefer. I thought of scenarios for all of them already, and am hoping that authors will give further input.

I also need people are wiling to get down and dirty on the show, who are willing to possibly be made fun off, and should be able to accept getting voted off. There will be twists, there wil be turns, and there will be some nonsensical situations. I will need emails or posts from people who want to take part, as well as a short excerpt of yourself, like an audition.

For others who want no part of this pathetic undertaking, you can at least limit damage done to these boards by voting for your stars, as well as nominating authors you want to see. Voting will also be done by you people,and results will be made public, and I will forward anything I get to the writer of that particular episode. Look for more than twenty chapters, each one hopefully funny enough to make your day, at my expense I hope, and I will ensure that everyone has a part to play. Thank you for the time, and I hope to get some input, and have some fun.