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13th November 2005, 8:16 PM
jesus cloyster isnt ****ing ou. it cant stand up to a lot of attacks in bl so why would it be OVERPOWERED FFS.

crobat is fast but its countered easily in bl.


Slack King
13th November 2005, 8:24 PM
Crobat is ou cloyster is ou

13th November 2005, 8:25 PM
No, it's not SlackKing >_>;

13th November 2005, 10:04 PM
ok, so we had a rby pokemon match to decide who wins this arguement:

me vs this guy, right. i was fighting for the fact that cloyster and crobat are ou, he was fighting for their non-existing uu status.

guess who won?

YES ME! i win the arguement thus cloyster/crobat are OU


Crobat: nothing in uu can wall it when the user predicts well, aggron/golem get a nice hp fighting, slowbro gets shadow balled and doesn't even run psychic that often. cb sludge bomb hurts, let alone the fact it gets STAB and 30% poison chance. nubs everywhere on NB use, thus making is use very high and as a result OverUSED.

Cloyster: nothing else in uu can spike as effectivly as this, it also gets rapid spin aswell to stop Omastar/Cacturne spiking you, double STAB on two of the most potent attacking types (Water/Ice) namley Surf and Ice Beam, it can also go with explosion if you really want to. yes it's SDef is bad, but 504 max defence is huge, taking into account STABed SE Rock slides do like 25% at most, which is like a 5hko after lefties, even choice banded stabbed returns from yrsaring don't hurt it ffs. It's usage would also suggest that it isn't UU as it is tied second for highest used spiker, first is skarm, and cloyster is tied with Forretress for usage.


Pokemon tier rankings isn't about being overpowered as such, Claydol is in no way overpowered yet is still OU, it goes on usefulness, claydol's levitate + spin is so useful just like cloysters spin + spike. CH stopping ability aswell WHAT?

and also

you say these are uu right? yet you protest that Articuno is OU because it is a legend, despite having one of the worst movepools ever and seeing no use what-so-ever, if i said arti is uu, you would complain that it is overpowered. but how? a one attack movepool of ice beam, then sub and toxic. oh noes teh overpowered

Slack King
13th November 2005, 10:07 PM
Cloyster is so overpowered in uu that I'm considering changing my Slash set from Sd/Rs/eq/Counter to sd/rs/eq/rapid spin.

Hey Micky!
13th November 2005, 10:35 PM
I couldn't give two flying f*cks about your opinion (Slack, gimmick and 0ma). SPP is not the place to have this discussion, discussions like this just break down into spam. Go to smogon if you want an intellctional discussion about this matter or just shut the f*ck up about it.