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Yami Ryu
14th November 2005, 7:21 AM
Alright, making this thread to prevent confusion;

Pokemon still have their abilities And etc, but weaknesses/Abilities have been tweaked.

Flash fire heals upon contact of fire, wether natural or other wise. Same goes with Water Absorb. You can ask, if you have a grass type, if it can have Water Absorb too.

Fire Pokemon are utterly immune to fire, and it boosts their own when attacked.
Water pokemon are immune to water attacks, and it boosts their power if hit with one.
Grass types are utterly immune to water.
Rock Types can become immune to water via training themselves to Surf, such as Janice did when she was a Larvitar. It does hurt part ground types/fire/whatever, but if they aren't insanely weak to it, they can learn how to surf. And in tearn, maybe master a weak water move.
Electric types are immune/charge up when electric moves hit them, and can power up when storms happen, or even cause a storm to worsen if they're battling.
Ground Types are immune to Electricity. Utterly, so no PIKACHU ZAPPED RHYDONS HORN OHKO, stuff. Grass types can be hurt by it if it's strong enough, as it'll leave burns on their bodies.
Ice and Fire are both strong against each other, as Fire melts Ice, it can work both ways for attacks, including Ice Beam + Fire pokemon Bodyheat. So Fire/Ice Types tend to avoid scuffles as it could end in serious injury for both parties.
Steel is strong against all but fighting, steel, rock, fire, depending on the pokemon and water.
Dark & Psychic are the same as Ice and Fire, they can severly hurt one another, so avoid scuffles if they can.
Everything else pretty much stay the same.


The older the pokemon, the stronger, and wiser it is. The max for both sets of attacks can not reach a number higher than 12. Meaning you can have all sorts of combinations for the moves.

Pokemon learn moves by watching battles/scuffles with others, or battling themselves. Ember would become Flamethrower and Flamethrower would become Fire Blast. Though knowledge might stay to use Flamethrower again, Ember would be utterly forgotten.

Place this is set in;
Depending on how much of what species gen we get, it will be decided by me then. But by the looks it seems either Kanto or Hoenn.

It's the middle of spring, so sometime around Febuary by my guesses, weather is light storms, but nothing fire pokemon need to worry about if they get to cover soon enough, or are partialy resistent to natural water such as the Cynda line.-


Locations of people's characters; To help interaction/prevent confusion
Char: Kannah
Place: What would be Cherry Grove City (only a grove of cherries

Char: Setsuko
Place: What would be Goldenrod City

Char: Pasha
Place: Outside Ilex forest, where Azalea Town would be

Char: Malicious
Place: What would be Lake of Rage

Char: Scyclaw
Place: what would be Olivine City

Char: Dart
Place: Where the Ilex Forest would be.

Char: Kotsu
Place: Where National Park would be.

Char: Deero
Place: Where Ecruteak City would be

Char: Vera
Place: The mountains south of where Blackthorn would be.

Char: Reala
Place: Outskirts of Blackthorn

Char: Caden
Place: Where the little pond in Violet City is.

Char: Aer
Place: What would be Mahogany City

Char: Shadowfaith's character
Place: Where New bark would be

Char: Tabby
Place: Where Route 38 would be (outskirts of Ecruteak - west)

Char: Dolimir & Head
Place: Would be Safari zone

Char: Talin
Place: foothills northwest of where Blackthorn would be

Any other questions/comments you need answered, ask here.

Yami Ryu
24th November 2005, 1:46 AM
Double post bump as I doubt anyone knows about this that is in the RP --;

Age: I have decided to quirk with this a bit. This is a basic thing, not to use as a set guide, more like, an influence. Insect pokemon will get between 15-35 years. Mamilian pokemon 20-40 years, Avian pokemon 35-50 years, Reptilian 30-45 years, and as I said, some pokemon are extremely long lived. This is now to cut down the confusion for editing 'dog''cat''bug' years into human years and yeah, well. Basically easier. YOU MAY EDIT THE AGES- so long as you post

The first post will soon be edited to show off more locations.