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16th November 2005, 2:38 PM
Amy's Pokemon Journey is rated PG.

All right, this is a fanfic I've been writing for nearly four years now. I kind of dropped it for a while, but lately I've been bringing it back. I'm not going to say I'm a superb writer, but usually this is an enjoyed story for those who read it. I don't really have a prologue or anything, but Chapter 1 really explains everything.



Amy put a load of textbooks, folders, and papers into her pink and white backpack. She struggled to zip it up. Another day over with, she thought to herself. Even still, school would not leave her alone, as it would be time to do homework not long after returning home. She knew she had to study hard, if she were to someday go to college.

This, however, was not her choice. Her parents wanted this for her, and only they did. Amy was not thrilled for textbooks and studying. It seemed so dull to her, no way to live a life. She wanted adventure, and excitement. Amy wanted the freedom to go out and explore the great, vast world she knew was out there somewhere. Specifically, her dream was to become a pokemon trainer.

Amy would have been delighted to work with such wonderful creatures, the pokemon. Pokemon were extraordinary beings of all shapes and sizes, categorized into types and species. The number of these discovered species had recently hit three hundred fifty; they were the wildlife of the world. Even more, pokemon could battle each other to become tougher. While growing in strength, they could learn new attacks and some would even change form into bodies which could maintain their enhanced power.

Pokemon trainers were eager people anywhere from ages ten and up, who had a license to capture these magical creatures inside small, sphere-like devices called pokeballs. From there the pokemon trainer would tame their pokemon and teach them battle against wild or other trained pokemon in order to become stronger. Pokemon trainers competed fiercely to win battles and tournaments, while traveling all around the world to meet and capture different pokemon. It was quite an exciting life.

Amy smiled sadly, shutting her school locker. She wished to be able to work with pokemon so much. They were all so peaceful and cute. But this could never be her destiny. All her parents wanted was for her to get into college, and find a proper job. Amy knew that going to college would lead her to a well-paying career, but she would not be happy living that way. So one day, a while back, Amy asked her parents if she could go to the Earl’s Pokemon Academy to earn a pokemon training license.

It was a Saturday evening, and her dad was sitting on the family room couch. He was in his mid-fifties, a skinny man wearing a plaid shirt and blue jeans with a leather belt. He wore thick bifocal glasses, and had a moustache. Nervous, but excited, Amy sat down next to him, hoping she’d get the answer she was looking for.

“Pokemon training?” her dad had said when she asked. He gave a little laugh. Amy recognized it right away and her heart sank to the floor. That was the kind of laugh her dad made when she just asked him something completely ridiculous, even if it wasn’t so silly to her.

“I don’t know, Amy,” he answered, although he really meant, “Not a chance!” “Pokemon training is rough,” he continued, starting to lecture. “You need money to become a pokemon trainer. You’ve got to have enough to provide for yourself, pokeballs, maps, potions, and other things pokemon need from their trainers.”

Amy slumped over right where she was. This could last a while, and she despised every word of it. “Then there’s the pokemon themselves,” her dad continued. “You don’t even have a pokemon of your own to catch other wild ones with. Then there’s how dangerous and unpredictable they are. Accidents can happen. Pokemon get rowdy, fall out of control, run away, and cause lots of other costly problems.”

“You also need a pokemon training license, and you’d have to attend the pokemon academy all the way in Violet City just to get it. It takes a great amount of studying, and you’d have to pass the final exam. Then there’s leaving home, and all the dangers that are out there while traveling. I think you’d better just wait until you’re older, Amy. Now, do you have any homework for tomorrow?”

Amy cringed. Wait until you’re older. How many times had she heard that famous line? Parents always loved to say it, and yet over time, Amy had found that what they really mean is that they’re just going to stall on giving permission until you either forget or reject the idea. At least, her parents were like that. Why couldn’t they just give her a chance right now?

However, she was prepared to prove to her dad that she was ready for the challenges of pokemon training. “I’ve saved up my allowance for a while now,” she insisted, trying to take the subject off of homework. “I have thirty dollars. I know it’s not a lot, but I can get more by winning pokemon battles and tournaments.”

Her dad sighed, wanting to finish reading the newspaper. He set it down on his lap and rubbed his forehead. “The money from winning battles isn’t enough. And besides, as I said earlier, you’re too young to begin serious pokemon training on your own. It takes many, many years just to become good at it.”

“That’s not true,” Amy remarked, becoming more assertive with her dad. “I know about a well-known pokemon trainer who is only fourteen years old. His name is Gary Oak. He was interviewed for Pokemon Times magazine a while ago. He won in the pokemon league back on Indigo Plateau all the way in Kanto.”

Her dad smiled tiredly. “Yes, but that is a very rare case. I’ll bet he had some specialties in pokemon when he was younger.” Amy looked down at the floor. He was right. Gary Oak was the grandson of the renowned pokemon researcher, Professor Oak. This no doubt had helped him with his training. However, Amy didn’t know too much specifically about pokemon. She knew the only way to learn first-hand, though, was to actually become a pokemon trainer.

“Listen, Amy,” her dad said, picking the newspaper back up, “it’s great that you want to become a pokemon trainer,” he said, without sounding too sincere. Amy could feel the dreaded end of the conversation nearing. “But you really need to concentrate on your grades. I want that D in biology to change, okay? Now go do your homework.”

It was as if Amy’s dreams crashing down before her very eyes, but she struggled to maintain composure. “Yes, dad,” she replied quietly, and went upstairs. She never did her homework that night.

It had been almost a week since then, and now it was Thursday. Amy hopped off of her school bus and began to walk home. The large, mustard yellow vehicle read, “New Bark Community Schools” on the side in bold letters. It soon drove off, and Amy was left walking alone. She would reach her house in just a few minutes.

“It’s so stupid,” she sighed angrily to herself, kicking the sidewalk as she went. “Why can’t I be a pokemon trainer? I can do it. I can! I just wish there was some way to escape…” She thought a minute, and then smiled. Within moments, the small smile turned into a laugh. She was going to escape now. She had a plan.

There would be no school for her tomorrow.


I'm just revising old chapters as I go right now, so expect more soon! ;162;

Air Dragon
16th November 2005, 4:02 PM
Hmmm, this a fic for people new to pokemon? Not that it's a problem, ok?
This is good. Really good. i love the aspect of Amy running away from home to follow her dream. it's a unique story line. Okay, I'm out for now but keep posting ok?

16th November 2005, 4:10 PM
Ths is pretty good! I can't see any errors in it, thats a plus. :) I'll stay tuned in for later chapters.

5th January 2006, 9:03 PM
Whoops! Sorry, I was having some problems there. Here's Chapter 2. I'll have 3 up within a few days.



“Amy, wake up! Get out of bed! It’s after 6:30!”

Amy’s mom stood in the doorway of her daughter’s room. She was wearing a light blue robe and soft pink slippers. Her short, curly red hair was frizzled, and she looked sleepy. Freckles covered her face and arms.

Adamantly, she marched over to Amy’s bed and stood over it. Underneath the blankets, Amy was curled up into a little ball, completely covered up. Her mom bent down and shook her shoulder. “Amy, come on!” she insisted loudly. “It’s time to get ready for school!”

Amy snapped awake, hearing these words. It had been a long night of planning and making preparations. She had been so excited and scared that she had barely gotten any sleep. Now it was finally morning, and time to follow through with her procedure.

Immediately, she threw off her blankets and hopped out of bed, wearing blue pajamas. Her mom nodded, and spoke more quietly, “Well, that’s better. Start getting ready for school, now.” Amy tried very hard not to grin as her mom left the room. This was going to be an extremely interesting day.

Excitedly, she took a quick shower and put on a pair of yellow shorts with a red T-shirt and pink over-shirt. After eating some cereal and brushing her teeth and hair, she hurried back up to her room, carrying her book bag. Promptly, she shut the door behind her and set to work. She packed an extra set of clothes, and pajamas. These already took up a lot of room.

Amy suddenly wondered what she was going to sleep in at night. Her sleeping bag was too big and bulky to carry around with her all the time. After a bit of consideration, she decided to just pack a couple of blankets from the linen closet. Those would just have to do until she could figure something else out.

There was also the issue of money. Amy opened her closet and snatched an old jelly jar which held her cash inside. She poured it out onto the floor and counted it. There was only thirty dollars. She had been saving up her allowance money for a little while, though it didn’t seem like enough to travel on. Shrugging, she threw the jar into her bag anyway. Somehow she’d have to get by.

Then, from downstairs, she heard her dad yell, “Amy! It’s a quarter after seven. You need to get going now or you won’t make your bus!” She jumped, quickly realizing how late it had become. Nervously she stuffed anything else she’d need in her bag – a toothbrush and toothpaste, a hair brush, soap, a flashlight, tissues, a water bottle, hair ties, sunblock, a hat, a compass and map, band aids…What else would she need?


Amy flinched. There wasn’t any more time to speculate. Hastily, she zipped up her book bag and pulled it on. “Well,” she sighed nervously to herself, “here goes nothing.” She walked over to her dresser and retrieved a piece of paper which was lying on the smooth wooden surface. Gently placing it on her bed, she silently reread the note once more:

“Dear Mom and Dad,

I’m setting out to get a pokemon training license. I’ve really wanted to do this for a long time, but you weren’t going to let me, so I had to leave without you knowing. I packed everything I think I’ll need, so you don’t have to worry about me. I’ll come back after I get my pokemon training license in Violet City.

Take care,


She wasn’t very good at saying long, mushy goodbyes, so had tried to write the note’s message as simply as she could. She hoped her parents would understand. Leaving the note on her bed, she headed out of the room. But as she was beginning to reach the hallway, she had to stop as the reality of her situation hit her.

What did she think she was doing, running away from home to pull off some crazy stunt like this? Surely, it wouldn’t work out. She’d get caught wandering around and would have to return home. Then she would be in so much trouble, her parents would probably ground her for all summer. She let her book bag slip off her shoulders and onto the floor. This was crazy. She should just repack with her supplies for school and forget the whole thing.

Out in the glowing morning sun, a Pidgey gracefully flew past her window. Amy looked up and sighed. On the other hand, was it worth the risk? All her life, she had wished to work with pokemon. Now she had a smart plan which might just work. If it did, she could be free and have all the adventures she had dreamed of. Her life could be exciting.

Amy put a shaking hand on the doorway to her room. It was now or never. With one last look, she shouldered her book bag once more and headed down the stairs. It was time, at last. She had to leave this house, this life, and take some risks.

At the bottom of the stairs she opened the front door and briefly turned her head back towards the house. “Bye, mom! Bye, dad!” she shouted.

“Bye, Amy!” her mom and dad simultaneously called back from the family room. Amy smiled and left. As she walked away, she began to wonder when she’d see her house again. She wondered how mad her parents would be when they found out she had run away to become a pokemon trainer. Thinking about these things, she began to increase her speed.

Her bus stop was at the very end of her street. Instead of going straight, she began to move left, towards West. The grass was still damp from the morning dew, and made her shoes wet. The sun was shining brightly, heating up the muggy air. Amy took out her light brown hat and put it on over her blue hair, which was put up in pigtails.

It was time to get a pokemon training license.

About mid-morning, Amy stopped and got her map out. According to it, she could keep heading northwest until she reached Route 29. This would lead her westward, towards the next city, Cherrygrove. From there, she would take Route 30 and head north to her destination, Violet City. Once she reached Violet City, she would go to Earl’s Pokemon Academy to sign up for a pokemon training license.

Her major problem was, just the trip over to Violet City would take more than a week. By the time she got her license and came back home, at least two or three weeks would have passed. She wondered how her parents would react upon reading the note. Hopefully, they wouldn’t try to stop her. She was on the road to making her dreams come true.

Air Dragon
6th January 2006, 8:01 PM
Wow, first to review a chapter again! OK!
Uh, this was a little disappointing. it's nice that you got straight to the point, but it still is kinda short though. pls try lengthening the chapters. it's better that way. Don't rush through it, and you'll have a masterpiece of perfection in no time. Later!

8th January 2006, 3:57 AM
Don't worry; the chapters get progressively longer as they go.


Before long, it was early afternoon, and Amy was beginning to near the edges of New Bark Town. The sun blazed overhead, heating up the air even further. Amy took her hat off and wiped the sweat off her forehead. “Whew!” she sighed, coming to a stop. “It must be a hundred degrees out or something!”

Fortunately, there were a few trees nearby. Amy walked over to them and sat down in their cool shade. She took her water bottle out and drank from it, but the water was hot, as well. “I guess that’s what I get for running away in May,” she said to herself. “It’s like a desert out here.” At the following sound of her rumbling stomach, Amy realized that she hadn’t eaten since breakfast. “I better go get some chow,” she muttered, and got up to find a store.

After about fifteen minutes she came to a small grocery store by the road. She stepped in and was relieved to feel the cold air inside. A few people walked around with grocery carts. Amy tried to look nonchalant, being absent from school in the middle of a weekday. She quietly made her way around the store, and picked up some bread, peanut butter, jelly, and a box of plastic silverware. While walking around, she spotted a drinking fountain. Trying to be unnoticeable, she took out her water bottle, emptied out the hot water, and refilled it with the ice cold water from the fountain.

After paying for her things and leaving the store, she sat out in the shade of another tree and fixed a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. She figured to herself that she’d probably have to live off those for a while until she got more money. After buying all those groceries, she only had about twenty dollars left, so didn’t exactly have much to waste. Still, at least now she had food and cool water for this hot day.

Once she finished lunch, she packed up, trying not to squash the bread, and set out once again. The going was good from there and things started looking up. It was a nice day outside, and in the distance, Amy could hear the sound of a lawnmower. I’m glad I won’t have to do that chore again for a while, she thought to herself with a smile.

Amy had hoped to see some pokemon as she made her way to Violet City, but all she had seen were a few Pidgey or other common bird pokemon flying high up in the sky. This wasn’t very interesting. She wanted to meet a pokemon close up. In the past, she had seen a few pokemon, but never wild ones. She wondered what their behavior would be like.

As the day wore on, Amy saw a large building in the distance. It looked slightly familiar, and she began to wonder what it was for. As she came closer to it she noticed a sign which read:


Amy was both surprised and delighted. So, this was the actual place where the great and famous pokemon researcher, Professor Elm, lived. Elm had made many great discoveries in the past, such as the fact that pokemon are born from eggs. This, however, was limited to the ones which were male and female. For the ones that were genderless, well, that was still a mystery to the pokemon world.

Elm had been taught by the even more famous Professor Oak. Oak was known as the best pokemon professor ever. He even had a radio show that came on weekday evenings, called Pokemon Talk, and Amy frequently listened to it. The show gave advice and knowledge about pokemon, so Amy had gained some knowledge from it. However, compared to experienced pokemon trainers and pokemon professors, she knew very, very little. However, Amy knew that she’d learn a lot more about pokemon once she could get out there and come face to face with them.

After a few moments, Amy realized that she had recognized the building from before because in third grade her class had taken a field trip there. She and many others were very hopeful that they might be able to meet Professor Elm, but while they were there his assistants had said that he was too busy conducting intensive research to visit with them..

Since she had never met him before, and still wanted to really badly, it crossed Amy’s mind that she might be able to slip into the lab and ask if she could meet Professor Elm. Then she shook her head with a sigh. Why would a very famous person like Professor Elm spend time to meet just any old girl? Trainers were probably eager to see him all the time. He wouldn’t have time to meet with every one. “Oh well,” Amy mumbled to herself. “Maybe the professor is just some snotbrain that I wouldn’t want to meet anyway…”

While thinking about all this, Amy accidentally bumped right into somebody who was walking the other way. She jumped back in surprise, blushing. “I’m sorry! I’m sorry! I’m sorry!” Timidly, she looked up at the person before her. She had run into a boy wearing a black shirt and lavender jeans, about her age. He had long, fiery red hair, and his bright blue eyes stared at her irritatingly. “Hey, watch where you’re going!” he grumbled.

“I said sorry!” Amy replied, getting angry.

The boy scanned her from head to toe, like he was trying to figure something out. His eyes met hers. “Are you a pokemon trainer or something?” he demanded to know.

“I will be soon,” Amy assured forcefully, ready to walk on.

The boy rolled his eyes, seeming more aggravated than ever. “Too bad. If you were, I was going to kick your butt in battle. But since you aren’t, you’d just better watch out if we ever meet again. I’ll beat your pokemon so badly, they’ll end up bedridden in a recovery center for weeks.” Amy took a step back, intimidated. She had never met a trainer who sounded so cruel.

“My name’s Brad,” he continued. “I am going to be the best pokemon trainer and rise above all others. So you remember this name. Someday very soon, trainers around the world will know it, and speak it in fear.” With that, he walked on past her, towards New Bark Town. Finding herself at a loss for words, Amy continued on, at a brisk pace. Perhaps Brad was all talk when it came to his pokemon battling skills, but even still, there was definitely something suspicious about him.

Having run into Brad had set Amy into a bad mood. She didn’t understand why he had been so mean to her when she had only accidentally bumped into him, even after her apology. Now the sun was beginning to disappear beneath the horizon and the mosquitoes were coming out. “Figures,” Amy grumbled, squashing one that landed on her arm, “why didn’t I think to bring bug spray?”

Up ahead there was a wooden sign. It read in thick black letters:


Amy walked up to the sign, and then turned back around to the direction she had come from. With a little smile, she waved her hand through the air. “See ya later, New Bark Town!” After that, she set off on Route 29, ready to find adventures outside of her old home.

Throughout the remainder of the evening, Amy traveled along the wide dirt trail. A few trees appeared here and there, with lots of open grassy areas and small hills. After the sun had set completely, she was forced to use her flashlight. Amy had never been out this late at night before, so far away from home and all alone.

She remembered what her dad had told her that one day, about pokemon being dangerous and unpredictable. Back at home, that idea had seemed ridiculous, but out here, she wasn’t so sure. Every time the wind blew, Amy was sure she could hear a pokemon right behind her back, and every time a shadow moved, she saw a pokemon waiting to leap out at her.

After a while of walking through the dark, Amy checked her watch. “10:30,” she yawned. “I’d better get to bed.” All day she had been walking, and now her legs were sore and tired. Amy felt as though she had never been this exhausted in her entire life. She had to get some sleep, even if it meant camping out in the open all by herself.

She looked around for a while, but there were no trees to sleep under. She’d have to make do with just sleeping on the grass at the side of the trail. She took the blankets out of her book bag and spread them across the ground – one to sleep on, and one to cover herself up with. As she lied down, she began to wish she had thought to pack a pillow, but at the time it had seemed too big to carry along.

Pulling the blanket up over her shoulders, Amy reluctantly turned off her flashlight. Suddenly her journey felt lonesome and scary. Darkness engulfed her, and she could only guess who or what was out in the distance. Sleepiness soon overcame fear, however, and within a few minutes, Amy had fallen into a deep sleep.

8th January 2006, 9:24 PM
This is great! It really shows the actual life that Pokemon Trainers have to live out on the road...Too bad she didn't get to meet Prof. Elm, though. Oh, well. Keep up the good job!

10th January 2006, 5:54 PM
Shoot, I think I forgot to give this story an audience rating. I'll edit it into the first post, too, but Amy's Pokemon Journey should be about PG, just for some violence and the occasional curse.


The next morning, Amy woke up to a terrible loud screeching sound. The shrill noise pierced into her ears and filled her with a sudden panic. Immediately, she jumped up, only to tumble backwards again on the ground, tangled up in her blankets. Once she had fallen, the noise stopped, and Amy sat up, bewildered. “What on earth…” she exclaimed, still shaking. Then she saw what had made the horrible noise.

It was a Furret, standing only a few feet away from her. Its fur was light with several dark brown stripes ringing its long, rounded body. Amy gasped, amazed at being so close to a wild pokemon. She had also never seen a real live Furret before, even though it was a rather common pokemon. She just couldn’t believe it was coming so close. Would it attack her? She decided to wait and see what it would do.

The Furret stood up on its hind legs, its tail swishing curiously. It sniffed the air, staring at Amy with its sparkling brown eyes. Its pointed ears were standing up alertly. Amy got the feeling it wasn’t going to attack her, but she still wasn’t quite sure what this pokemon was trying to do. Then she noticed that between her and the Furret was a small hole in the ground, which she must have accidentally fallen asleep on.

The Furret squeaked irritatingly, and then began to climb down into the hole, which was just big enough for its wriggling body to squeeze into. It dug its paws into the ground as it went, until it had disappeared from sight completely. The last thing Amy saw was its tail waggling back and forth as it burrowed downward.

Curiously, she crawled over and looked down into the hole. There was no sign of Furret. Amy frowned. She wanted to get another good look at it, even if it meant possibly getting screeched at again. She peered down into the hole. “Hey,” she whispered, trying not to sound intimidating. There was no answer from below. “Hey, Furret,” she repeated, a bit louder.

This time there was a returning squeak, and Amy saw the Furret’s head appear from the side of the hole. She wondered if its home was down there; that would explain why she had been given such a rude awakening. She still couldn’t help but smile at the cute pokemon, though. “Come on up,” she coaxed. “I won’t hurt you.” The Furret gave another high-pitched squeal, acting as if it was about to come up out of the hole.

“Come on,” Amy continued, tickled pink that she was finally having a friendly connection with a wild pokemon. “Just come on up…” Suddenly, a small chunk of dirt flew up from the hole and hit her in the forehead, crumbling on contact. “Ow!” she yelped, wincing. From down below, she could hear the Furret giggling.

“Hey!” Amy shouted. “That’s not funny!” Scurrying noises could be heard from the hole as Furret scrambled deeper into its tunneled home, chattering up a storm of laughter. Amy rubbed her forehead angrily. She thought Furret were supposed to be nice, gentle pokemon. This one was a total nightmare!

Still, she thought, a pokemon is a pokemon. She had been waiting for so long to meet a wild pokemon close up and now this was her chance. If she was to become a great pokemon trainer, she couldn’t let herself get outsmarted by a mere Furret. Thinking hard, she looked around, trying to figure out a plan. She soon caught sight of her book bag, and a good idea hit her.

“Here, little Furret,” she called out a few minutes later, dropping bits of bread into the hole. “I’ve got a little snack for you.” She waited patiently for a reaction.


Just as she had planned, the Furret stuck its head out of the lower tunnel, sniffing the bread. Its eyes blinked happily as it picked up a few crumbs and tasted them. “Furret! Furr!” it squeaked with delight. Immediately it snatched all the other bits of bread up and shoved them into its mouth.

Suddenly it took notice of Amy, who was watching from above. It stared up at her, mouth still full. Brushing the crumbs off its face with its paws, it finished eating the snack, cautiously keeping its eyes locked on the unfamiliar human. Amy slowly lowered her arm into the hole, hoping for the Furret to come on up. “You want more? I’ve got a ton of it right up here.”

“Furr!!!!” the Furret squeaked. It jumped and scrambled right up her arm so quickly that Amy barely had time to react. It swiftly scurried onto her back and shoulders, its tail swishing in her face.

“Hey!” Amy laughed. “That tickles! Cut it out!” She couldn’t believe the Furret had decided to come up to her so quickly. Maybe she was great with pokemon after all.

At once, the Furret leapt off of her just as speedily as it had jumped on, and sniffed the air. Amy whirled around, hoping it wouldn’t run away. “What are you doing?” she asked. The Furret looked around, and then saw the bag of bread that Amy had left sitting beside her. It immediately raced over and stuck its entire head into the bag, wolfing down all the bread it could.

Amy jumped up in alarm. “Stop!” she yelled. “That’s mine!” She immediately picked up the other end of the bag and shook it. The Furret fell out and plopped down onto the ground, a few half eaten pieces of bread landing with it. Amy flipped the bag of bread right side up again and checked. Over half of it was gone! “Oh, no!” she shouted in distress.

By the time she looked back down at the ground, the Furret had already eaten the pieces of bread that had hit the ground. It sat on the grass happily, licking its paws. Amy frowned. The only reason the Furret had come up to her was because it wanted more to eat. It looked up at her with a smile and burped. “Does one of your ancestors happen to be a Snorlax?!” Amy yelled.

The Furret sniffed the air again, and glanced over at her book bag. Amy suddenly remembered – the peanut butter and jelly! In an instant, both she and the Furret were diving for the book bag. Amy managed to grab a hold of the Furret by the middle. “Ha!” she laughed. “I gotcha now!” The Furret struggled for a minute, and then began to screech loudly.

Amy had to let go of the Furret just to cover her ears from the horrible sound. She quickly began to wonder how it could even stand hearing itself make that noise. As soon as she had let go, the Furret stopped screeching, and dove head first into her book bag. It dug around furiously, tossing different objects onto the grass as it worked. Amy sat up. “Get out of there!” she shrieked.

In only a moment the mischievous pokemon took its front half out of the book bag. However, instead of holding a jar of peanut butter or jelly, as Amy had expected, it was holding a bar of soap she had packed. She watched in surprise as it held up the cream-colored bar in its paws and took a giant bite of it. “Oh, gross!” Amy groaned, half trying not to laugh.

The Furret’s eyes widened in surprise as it swallowed a whole mouthful of soap. Dropping the rest of the bar, it made a gagging noise. “Are you okay?” Amy inquired, almost worried the Furret was going to be sick. “It may be what you get for rummaging through my things, though.” The pokemon snorted with disgust.

Amy decided that maybe it was time she kept moving. This Furret wasn’t going to be anything but trouble if she stuck around much longer. She put the bread back in her book bag and got ready to carry on with her journey. The stunned Furret sat, watching curiously. Amy turned to it. “Hey, try to be more merciful to the next trainer who passes your way, all right?” she said, and then continued along the path.

“Furr?” The Furret squeaked sadly. The human with the tasty food was leaving!

Air Dragon
10th January 2006, 8:57 PM
“Come on,” Amy continued, tickled pink that she was finally having a friendly connection with a wild pokemon. “Just come on up…” Suddenly, a small chunk of dirt flew up from the hole and hit her in the forehead, crumbling on contact. “Ow!” she yelped, wincing. From down below, she could hear the Furret giggling.

“Hey!” Amy shouted. “That’s not funny!”

ye-es, it was...XD. i love smart, prankster pokemon! You go, furret!

It looked up at her with a smile and burped. “Does one of your ancestors happen to be a Snorlax?!” Amy yelled.

maybe...what's it to you? by the way, you got a soda in there?

“Furr?” The Furret squeaked sadly. The human with the tasty food was leaving!

awww...say this'll spark a firm friendship between the spunky duo. they're so nice together!

all in all, two great chapters, three and four! i'm so keeping my eyes on ths fic now! Later!

14th January 2006, 12:36 PM
After this chapter, any more new ones will probably be coming in only once a week or so. I'm in college right now, and this semester is incredibly busy between classes and a job, so if there are any delays, that is why. Thanks for reading!


Amy continued on throughout the day, not seeing much of anything. No people, no pokemon. She was sure she’d at least see someone while walking around, but there was just the sun above and the same old scenery. With everything so boring, she almost wished she had stayed to check out the wild Furret for a while longer. However, she couldn’t let it get into everything she had with her.

Late that afternoon she finally came upon a sign. It read:


“Well, that’s a relief,” she sighed, managing a tired smile. As she headed down the path in the direction the sign pointed to, she began to see more and more trees. The landscape became less hilly, and Amy knew she must be getting close. That was a good thing, because she was very tired, and the thought of getting back to civilization was sounding great.

About half an hour later, Amy spotted a few houses, and before too long, she was right in the middle of Cherrygrove City. “More like a little town than a city,” she said to herself. It was a pretty small place. Here and there, people walked along the streets, running errands, but there wasn’t a whole lot of traffic. “This is even more boring then New Bark,” she chuckled.

Down the street, she saw a pokemon center. It was dome-shaped, a design which stuck out among all the other smaller buildings, which were mostly stores. Amy decided to head there first. Pokemon centers, she knew, were more than just for healing hurt or tired pokemon. They also provided a place for pokemon trainers and their pokemon to stay the night. However, since so many pokemon trainers needed a place to stay, the cost was usually pretty cheap. It wasn’t what most people would call a fancy hotel, but as long as there was room to sleep somewhere in the center, trainers were always glad to spend the night.

There was one little problem that Amy realized as she walked towards the pokemon center. Since they only had room for pokemon trainers, pokemon centers required that anyone staying overnight prove themselves by presenting a pokemon training license. Amy groaned. She’d have to continue camping out for now.

However, Amy had never been inside a pokemon center before, so she decided to just take a look around, and possibly meet some interesting pokemon or trainers. Perhaps someone could give her advice on a good route to take from Cherrygrove to Violet City.

Stepping inside, she took her hat off, glad to be out of the hot sun. The pokemon center looked even bigger from the inside. Light poured in through windows in the curved ceiling, and it was very crowded. Pokemon trainers were all over the place, some with their pokemon out of their pokeballs. Not too far away, a boy trainer was feeding his Zubat some pokemon food. The blue bat pokemon seemed to be pretty happy. At the far end of center were several computers, where a small line of trainers waited to use them.

The main reason for having computers inside the pokemon centers was for pokemon storage. Trainers normally only carried up to six pokemon with them at a time, and the rest got stored in pokemon centers. It was a very complicated system. Amy wasn’t exactly sure how the whole thing worked, but she had a feeling that it wouldn’t take long to find out once she became a pokemon trainer.

If I even become one at all, she thought. Even if she did make it to Violet City and got into Earl’s Pokemon Academy, she still would have to take and pass the special exam just to get her license. She didn’t know what to expect, but she was hoping that somehow she’d take in enough information to pass the test. After that, it would be time to train pokemon.

A poster on the wall next to Amy caught her attention. It displayed a picture of a boy not much older than she was. He was tall, and had neat peanut butter color hair and green eyes. He wore a turquoise cape with a blue shirt donning a yellow lightning bolt on the front, and gray jeans. His expression was pretty serious. To his left was an Elekid with sparks coming from each side of the outlet sticking from its head, and to his right was a smiling Flaaffy which sent blue electricity bolts around the picture.

Under the magician and his pokemon was some information. “Come see Electric Shock, the magician, and his electric pokemon,” Amy read to herself. “This is a hot show not to miss out on. Watch this spectacular magician carry out amazing electricity tricks with his pokemon partners. Performance times are at 8:00 PM on May 7 through May 12, and will be held at the Cherrygrove Entertainment Building, where the tickets will also be sold for $2.50 each. BE THERE.”

Amy took a step back and looked at the poster again. She had been walking all day so far, and was pretty tired out. This show would give her a good opportunity to relax for a while. She wasn’t too terribly interested in the magician himself, but his pokemon looked really cool, especially the Flaaffy. She wanted to see just what kind of tricks they could do, so coughing up a couple of dollars didn’t seem like such a bad idea. Checking her watch, she saw that she still had a couple of hours to spare until then.

“Going to see the magic show, eh?” She turned around to see an old man standing behind her. He was tall and thin, wearing brown jeans and a plaid shirt. He smiled at her.

“Yeah,” Amy answered. “I really want to see the pokemon.”

The man nodded, leaning on a cane he held in one hand. “Would you happen to be a pokemon trainer?”

“Not yet,” Amy said, “but I’m headed over to Violet City to get a license.”

“Have you ever been to this city before?” the man asked.


“Well then,” said the old man, “would you like to have a look around? I’ve lived in Cherrygrove all my life. Perhaps you’d like to see the sights?”

“Okay,” Amy accepted. She grinned as they headed out the pokemon center’s doors. It was nice to meet a friendly person, but what sights could there possibly be in this little place?

“So, what’s your name?” he asked as they began to go down a sidewalk.

“I’m Amy,” she replied. “Amy Traenum.”

“You can just call me Jack,” the man told her as they walked. “Now, if you’re hoping to become a pokemon trainer, you’ve got to know the basics. For example, up ahead on the right, you’ll see a Pokemart. The company has a chain of stores nationwide, so you should be able to find one in every town you visit. Nearly every trainer shops at Pokemarts for the essentials – pokeballs, potions, medicines, and such. The prices are fair, too; that’s why these stores have become so popular.”

Amy listened carefully to all of this, nodding thoughtfully. She decided that the more information she could receive about being a pokemon trainer, the better her chances of success would be.

“Ah, there across the road!,” Jack continued. “That’s Pineco Park. Lots of kids enjoy playing there after school and on weekends, especially at this time of year. Some even come to train their pokemon or battle with others.”

Amy smiled, looking over at the wide green area. Many younger children swarmed around a large playground towards the center of the park, crawling over the jungle gym and taking turns on the slides. Further off, she could just make out some older kids running around and playing a game of soccer. As Jack had mentioned, other people even had their pokemon alongside. A teenage boy sat on a bench, reading a book while his Gloom bathed in the warm sunlight, while an older couple nearby threw a toy ball for their Vulpix to fetch.

Jack then pointed in another direction. “See that building over there? That’s the Pokemon Pest Control. They’ve been very busy lately. This year we’ve had a giant Rattata infestation for some reason. They’ve been sneaking into many people’s homes, knocking garbage cans over, and causing other trouble. If you even keep a window open, one can get inside. Some people are concerned that they’ll begin to evolve into Raticate.”

“But if they evolved,” Amy asked, “wouldn’t that be better? They wouldn’t be able to sneak into people’s homes and buildings as easily if they weren’t so big, right?”

Jack frowned. “Yes, but then they’d be roaming the streets, and Raticate are vicious pokemon, you should know, especially in the wild. They might attack people who live in this city, and cause even worse destruction to property than ever.”

“Wow,” Amy said. “I’ll make sure to keep an eye out in case I run into one of them. But I don’t have any pokemon to battle with yet.”

Jack looked at her curiously. “Have you even ever had a pokemon before, as a pet?”

“Nope,” Amy replied. “I wish I had, but my dad’s allergic to most pokemon, and my mom thinks they’d cause too much trouble. My parents would never let me have one anyway, because my grades were not always that great in school.”

“Then what must your parents think about you going off to be a pokemon trainer?” Jack continued.

Amy felt her face turn red. She was at a loss for words. “Well, um,” she stammered nervously, “they weren’t very happy when they heard about the idea, but they decided I could give it a try.” She looked away from Jack, hoping he couldn’t see through her pitiful lie.

“Well, that’s good they let you go out to become a pokemon trainer,” he said after a few seconds. His tone of voice made Amy rather nervous. They walked in silence for a minute. “Well,” Jack said suddenly, “my house is right over there. Best be getting home, and you might want to be heading for that magic show now, yourself.” He turned to walk away, but then looked back with a smile. “By the way, if you’re new here, then you probably don’t even know where the Cherrygrove Entertainment Building is, do you?”

Amy blushed, shaking her head. Jack was right. He laughed, stepping up to his house. “Well, I’ll go in my house and get a map for you. If you’re going to see that show, you should at least know where to go to see it!”

15th January 2006, 11:14 AM
Good Points:

Some people don't like OT stories, but I do and I think this one is extra original!
It's a good idea to have her go away from home without her parents knowing.
It gives a realistic view of the tough life that Pokemon Trainers must live on the road.

Not Sure:

“I’m Amy,” she replied. “Amy Traenum.”
Her surname reminds me of Ash's. Train 'em? Not really a bad or good point, I'd just like to mention it though.

Could be Better:

It was a Saturday evening, and her dad was sitting on the family room couch. He was in his mid-fifties, a skinny man wearing a plaid shirt and blue jeans with a leather belt. He wore thick bifocal glasses, and had a moustache.
Don't use the word 'adn' after a comma.

“Whew!” she sighed, coming to a stop. “It must be a hundred degrees out or something!”
100 degrees is boiling point, it wouldn't be that hot! I'm thinking more around 30 degrees.

The main reason for having computers inside the pokemon centers was for pokemon storage. Trainers normally only carried up to six pokemon with them at a time, and the rest got stored in pokemon centers. It was a very complicated system. Amy wasn’t exactly sure how the whole thing worked, but she had a feeling that it wouldn’t take long to find out once she became a pokemon trainer.
If you're trying to do a realistic story, Pokemon wouldn't be able to be stored inside a computer as data, purely because Pokemon are creatures, not data. How would they get food, drink and rest?

“Come see Electric Shock, the magician, and his electric pokemon,” Amy read to herself.
The name could be more original, perhaps something like Thundra?

15th January 2006, 6:13 PM
Actually, with the 100 degrees thing, I think she was using the farenheit (Sorry for spelling) scale. And it's supposed to be an eggageration, I think.

What I like:

-The story has lots of potential, keep writing!
-The originality is good
-No grammar mistakes! Woot!

Work on:

-Chapter length (Though you said it would be getting longer so, I''l give you credit for that)
-Um, maybe a little more bait for the readers, such as adding new twists in to keep us interested? Just a thought.

The story is good overall, you've got me hooked and waiting for the next chapter!

Air Dragon
16th January 2006, 6:13 AM
Nice! A litle short for my liking, but that's just me. I like the way you integrated the storyline of the GSC games in an original way. No errors caught my eye, keep it up! gotta go, so see ya!

10th April 2006, 1:33 AM
This fanfic is really good! hope you update it soon.