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The Wall
16th November 2005, 10:44 PM
Hi. I'm new here:D
My favorite Pokemon is Houndoom.;229;

Darth Kitty
17th November 2005, 12:29 AM
Welcome, I like houndoom, aswell. ^_^ I hope that you have a nice time here and have read the rules. PM me if you need help or a friend. ^_^

17th November 2005, 12:33 AM
Hey there "the wall" your favorite pokemon is a fire type right? Welcome to serebii! if your falling low on people to chat with im right here! =^^=

17th November 2005, 8:36 PM
Oi. Be polite and follow the rules. Don't be afraid to ask someone for help.

The Wall
17th November 2005, 9:42 PM
Hi everyone. How do you get thoose cards under your post:confused:
P.S. I never seen this Pokemon before!;000; :o :confused:

17th November 2005, 11:38 PM
you can go here, and the one i got from http://www.serebiiforums.com/showthread.php?t=92482

or these the request page http://www.serebiiforums.com/forumdisplay.php?f=45

anyway welcome and if ya need help pm me i been here for like 3 months i think and i already know most of the site anyways if you need anyting else again pm me!

oh and the pokemon you never seen is missingno. a glitch in red and blue...

17th November 2005, 11:40 PM
That smiley is "Missingo" I believe. Regarding smileys, don't over do them. Anyway welcome to SPPF, enjoy a long stay here.

Vampiric Knight
17th November 2005, 11:42 PM
Welcome to SPPf, uh...

;151;: You're not much of a salutations guy...

Me: Shut it! Anyway, read the rules, and uh, any advice or just need a friend, private message me.

17th November 2005, 11:46 PM
H3ll0 teh WaLl!1! W@tch teh rool2, D0n't g3t b@nned here!!!111!!!
^Acting likes this is a bad idea here.