View Full Version : Lugi-oh's Request Workshop {Hiring}

17th November 2005, 3:06 AM
Welcome to my shop, and congrats on coming. As you may or may not know, I used to be known as Quick X, and a lot of people liked my work. I'm back and roarin into action. I don't have all the sprites yet, so I'll have an example worksheet set for you to chose. Here are some rules. And credit to any place you can get good sprrites.

1. Commentary is not allowed. If you want to say something about my work, P.M. me.
2. Only 3 request at a time.
3. Do not, I repeat, do not rush me or I won't fill your request.
4. If you want to help, P.M. me an example of your work.

Now Hiring people that can do the following.
1. Animations-
2. Banners-
3. Dolls-
4. Chaos-
5. White-Be-Gones-

Now on to the forms. Yay!

Trainer cards:
Trainer sprite:
Pokemon behind trainer:
Badge Set:
Background: Please provide

Pokemon to be recolored:
Places recolored:
Recolored another pokemon:

Base pokemon:
Secondary Pokemon:

Reposes: Something I personally created (I think):
Reposed in what positions:

Examples: Fusions:http://serv1.uploadengine.com/113219231578525.bmp
Trainer cards:http://serv1.uploadengine.com/1132192862443A3.bmp

I may add more as I hire people.
And let the requesting begin......