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17th November 2005, 3:34 AM
Well, this is an idea I have been entertaining for quite some time.. It is the union of several different ideas for several different stories, but I found them all at a crossroads. You will find it in the Pokemon fics section, though it's only loosely even affiliated with it.

This will be a medieval fantasy piece, with castles and kings and magic and knights and all of that fun medieval stuff. Pokemon will exist in the story, but they are treated in the same way that mythological creatures and beasts are treated. They also will not have their Pokemon names and their appearances will be altered. However, Pokemon are not the real focus of this fic, but they rather simply exist in it.

The plot so far is a bit misguided as I've been working it out chronologically in my head. There are some holes I need to fill and blocks I need to decimate, but it is coming along pretty well so far. My main focus thus far has been the characters, who i have already come to like a lot already. I've been fooling around with sketches and backgrounds, and I think those people into fantasy will enjoy them as well.

This fic will not make an appearance for another month or so, however. Right now I am busy with several papers for college and my job, but both will be over in mid-late december. It will make its debut sometime shortly after Christmas.

It will be a story of corruption, betrayal, battle, love, darkness, honor, magic, destruction, murder, and deception. Plotwise I don't know if I am fully equipped to provide a summary.. I can really just say it will be a twisting tale including all of the aforementioned attributes.

I have prepared a preview.. a battle scene which I wrote independent of my plans but I will most probably put it into the story later on.

Oh, yes, the entire fic will also be a subtle tribute to the Black Metal music genre. Mainly the old stuff.. the title of the fic was taken from the band Celtic Frost, and most, if not all, of the chapters will be the title or lyrics of a pre-existing black metal song. A footnote at the beginning or end of each chapter will say which band i got the name from and maybe a bit of other information.

Anyway, on with the preview..

Rammos slowly rose to his feet, the weight of his armor becoming more of a burden as each second passed. He shook his head, throwing grit and dirt from the earth spraying in every direction, and tried his best to wipe away the viscous mix of blood and sweat from his face. His chest was heaving like a sleeping giant's stomach and his muscles burned and ached. His shield arm felt limp and when he tried to move it, daggers of pure pain swam through bone and flesh.

But he could not give up. The others needed more time, and he was their only defense. With all of the strength he could muster, the knight raised his blade and took a step forward. Brandishing the weapon high, he readied himself for death.

The eight foot beast who had sent him sprawling let out a massive roar, the mane of flames around its neck growing and howling in response. Streaks of crimson were painted across the bristled beige fur of the creature's front from where Rammos had connected a few times, and there was even a trace of a wound on its side where the lightly colored coat turned azure. But it was not enough. The conflagrant beast had more left in him than his human adversary.

"I am Rammos Kelstar Ambrose Harrowfield, Paladin of the Sacred Bolt and disciple of Lord Heironeous!" Rammos announced in as loud a voice he could manage. He lowered his sword as he spoke, pointing it at the fiend. “As sure as the sun rises, fiery demon, I shall cut thee down!”

He ran.

It was not at all in Rammos’s nature, as a paladin, to be reckless. But this was different. This was not charging into an enemy’s lair unprepared or apprehending a criminal without gathering just cause. This was his duty. To protect those who needed protection against the wicked and the evil. It was for valor. For honor. And should he die, then he would die against evil, with valor, and with honor.

He thundered across the arid ground, blade held up at an angle, poised as a serpent. His left arm dangled helplessly, scarred and beaten shield still strapped to it. The extra weight made it feel as though the limb was slowly coming out of its socket, but that didn’t matter. All that mattered was that holy steel tasted vile flesh one last time tonight.

The beast gave a mighty roar again, and the flames around its neck surged with raw power. Its mouth opened wide, and conflagration began to pour out of the throat. The incendiary cloud raced to meet the paladin head on, seething and fuming with all manners of pain.

Quickly and without thinking, Rammos threw up his broken arm. He yelled in agony and he felt his bone shift and splinter trying to put the inch of metal in between his flammable flesh and the gushing fire. He turned his body and pushed all of his weight into the shield.

“Faith, shield me!” the paladin boomed, pushing all of the divine energy running through him into a final spell. At first he did not think it was going to work, but then a brilliant light consumed his barrier and he felt the warmth and power of Heironeous breathing through his veins. The fires clashed with the blessed shield and erupted, scattering and bending away. Rammos pushed forward with all of his might, inching his way further and further into the stream of inferno.

The molten breath cut off suddenly, and Rammos flew forward into the dust again, falling victim to momentum. But he was prepared for this, and threw himself into a roll, from which he sprang to his feet and continued his charge. The light shed away from his shield like the wilting petals of a flower, and he was out of tricks.

The opposition roared again and dropped down to all fours and leapt forward into its own bound. IT was nothing more now than two warriors charging one another across the desolate field of battle. Nearer and nearer they drew, man and beast. The gap between them dwindled away, and with it the chance that two beings would leave this place alive.

“Honor guide me!” Rammos cried.

They were upon each other.

+Chaos Blade+
17th November 2005, 10:32 PM
Wow. That is great, Dias. It seems you put a ton of effort into this Fan Fiction. Another Fantasy writer joins the club. Want to learn the handshake? Anyway, I like the title. It caught my eye, but enough of this stupid, off-topic crap. . . .

In the preview, I noticed some malapropism in there.

conflagration is used wrong. It's another word for holocaust, not technically fire.

I can't wait to read it. Notify me when it is up.

Good luck,
+Chaos Blade+

Ryano Ra
20th November 2005, 4:42 PM
Beautiful. Just beautiful.

Rammos seems like such an outsanding character you have formed here, and I just love warrior and beast brawls. From the description, I am assuming that the beast Rammos was fighting had to be a medieval-like Arcanine, though I could be positively wrong about it. The description was grand, and it seems as if it has gotten better from when the last time I saw a fanfiction novel from you. You are another great fantasy writer that joins our ranks, though I believe that you were always one. ^^ Fantastic job, and good luck completing this wonderful piece of work. When shall the premiere day be?

20th November 2005, 5:19 PM
Thank you both for the replies, they are of course much appreciated.

It seems you put a ton of effort into this Fan Fiction

In a roundabout way, yes. This fiction is the result of much mental effort put into several different stories and years of thought. But the effort I put into writing it will be, I believe, my most powerful to date.

In the preview, I noticed some malapropism in there.

conflagration is used wrong. It's another word for holocaust, not technically fire.

con·fla·gra·tion Audio pronunciation of "conflagration" ( P ) Pronunciation Key (knfl-grshn)

A large destructive fire.

Rammos seems like such an outsanding character you have formed here

Yes, Rammos is one of my favorite characters I have created thus far. He is not the main character, but one that will play an important role. There are also a few mroe things that make him even more fun to both write and read, but you'll have to wait for that.

Oh, and the beast he was fighting was actually a Typhlosion.

I thank you both for the compliments and kind words, and as for the release.. Im hoping shortly after Christmas to have at least 2 or 3 chapters complete, so perhaps around New Years will be the debut. Right now I'm just simply sawamped with work and classes to devote any time to consistent writing.

Ryano Ra
20th November 2005, 7:18 PM
*rereads the preview*

o.o I missed some of the description, that's what made me assume it was a Arcanine. Well, cool points for using Typhlosion, for this one has made such a talented appearance in a beautifully-written fantasy story. ^^ And, if Rammos isn't actually the main character, I can't wait to read about the main character and his/her passions and such. I just love kingdom stories and fantasy blended together, it's POWER. ^^

12th December 2005, 3:01 AM
Well seeing as there are still a few weeks before I plan to have this fiction make it's debut, I thought I would announce a few progressions to those who have expressed interest.

So far, chapter one is coming along nicely, though I suppose those who are advocates of this "purple prose" business would state otherwise. I am currently bringing page four to a close (in fact it may sound like I am not making much progress at all, for muych have it has been 'behind the scenes' as it were). I can release that chapter one will be entitled 'Wraiths Ride on Samhain.' Which may or may not give a few clues of how the story will begin.

My biggest problem thus far has been, believe it or not, the main character. I have yet to have set in stone the purpose of the main character and how he will play a part and come into the story. Odd, i know, as I seem to have supporting characters much more fleshed out and meaningful. I want to avoid any driven cliches, such as 'the chosen one' or other such business, so for right now the main character is sitting on the side until I have an actual point to his existence.

Nevertheless, so far I believe I have introduced some interesting themes that will be important throughout the story, as well as some important foreshadowing. Much of this story will be supported by thematics - or at least that is what I have planned.

That's about all I have to release at the moment.. I have only three days of classes remaining and my job ends Christmas Eve, so I will actually have time to write soon enough.

Ryano Ra
19th December 2005, 3:23 PM
That is great to hear, Dias. If you have any troubles, I would be of great assistance to help you in your path of writing and completing this Fanfiction.

^^ Good luck, and I can't wait until this comes out.

19th December 2005, 6:00 PM
Thanks for the offer, Syra, I might have to take you up on it sometimnes, if not for straight up help then perhaps just for some discussion.

The good news is I have now accumulated a good direction for the story, includeing the main character. I realized that another story i had briefly started some time ago fits well with Circle of the Tyrants. I have, now, a main character set, the three msot important supporting characters, and a colorful land to set it into.