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18th November 2005, 11:38 PM
Hello, people. I'm new here, so be nice to me. I'm going to write a fic about a Marowak, so enjoy!

Shadows of Fear


My name is Skull. I'm a Marowak. Not just any Marowak, mind you, but one of the 83 Shadow Pokemon.

You may ask: What is a Shadow Pokemon? Well, I'll tell you.

A Shadow Pokemon is, bluntly put, a fighting machine. Our hearts have been closed shut by the cruel species called humans. Since our hearts have been closed, we can't feel love or happiness...we can only feel anger.

I only know one other Shadow Pokemon...

A Lapras. Her name is Plesiosaur. Back before we became Shadow Pokemon, Plesiosaur was my best friend. She was rather naughty, always popping out of some body of water at any time, merely to blast someone with a Water Gun attack. She did this purely for her own amusement. This did not, however, make Plesiosaur very popular, which showed as no-one helped her when the human came and captured her.

I should probably get describing the miserable creature himself. The human that caught both me and Plesiosaur had red grass growing out of the top of his head, black glass covering his eyes, and, to top it off, a long black-red robe of artifical skin covering every bit of his body except for his head. He also had four other slaves: a Shadow Manectric, a Ninjask, a Shadow Salamence and a Flygon.

Arg, just talking about the creature makes me want to puke. Ah, well...

"Go, Manectric and Salamence!" I heard the human cry, snapping my head back to reality. It appeared that the human was battling someone, but, due to the blockage that the enslavement device called a "Pokeball" produced, I couldn't see who it was.

But one thing I knew, was that once Manectric, Ninjask, Salamence and Flygon went down, I would know...


Well, that's it for the prologue. Read and review, guys and gals.

19th November 2005, 12:17 AM
Well, this is not very bad. I think it is a little short even for a prologue but I might be wrong. When some is talking, pokemon or not, use the quotations(""). Well, you could tell us a bit more about youself ( Skull ) like how you got captured, where you got captured etc.

I liked how you used the description as if you were the pokemon and you've never seen a human or clothes and a pokeball in you life, so I'll give you some points for that.

Overall not bad.

19th November 2005, 1:44 AM
Well, it was all right. Certainly nothing special, and I can't say I was very impressed. Not to say that your work sucks-I've just seen better, that's all.

I'll briefly go over the components of the story and point out things you did well and things you could improve.

Not terrible; it was actually pretty good, and you're punctuation is mostly good-better than a lot of poeple's. The only thing is that you shold be typing on a word processor, such as Microsoft Word, so as to catch any mistakes you may have missed.

You could have done a much better job telling the story, or at least the Prologue. See, a prologue usually consists of a scene that takes place befoer the story itself so as to create either an explanation or mystery. The way you wrote it was all much too blunt and straightforward, simply stating things as if they were facts in a textbook. The great thing about making it a scene is that you can transport your readers into the story so that they feel like they're there, standing right next to the main character.
So, instead of doing it the way you did, you could have made it a scene in which Skull is getting caught by his trainer, then another scene of this battle.
Now, you weren't very...specific enough with that last part. I assume Skull was sort of daydreaming, then he snaps back into reality, where he is in his Pokémon as him team-mates are battling. This part could have been a lot better and more engaging had there been description.

Very low, being at a real minamum. I didn't see anything being described, actually.
The trick with description is that if you use it right it cam make a story more interesting and get a reader more into it. If we can actualy picture in our heads what everything looks like, it will feel more real to us and standing right next to the character will be much more engaging.
In Pokémon FanFiction, it is rather important to describe the Pokémon themselves. Again, this helps us picture them better in our minds. But everything else needs to be described as well-the surroundings (also important for us to picture the scene in our heads), objects and people themselves. When I say to describe the humanas, I don't mean for you to tell us that a human has two arms with five fingers, two legs a head and so on. The things you should always describe for a human are: skin color, hair color/length/cut, eye color, height (not in exact amount of feet), weight (not in exact amount of pounds), clothing (top/bottom/accesories) color/style/length(/maybe material). This always helps us to visualize things in our heads, which is always what you want.

Waaaay too short, even for a prologue. Your style takes away from the length, because you bluntly explain things and don't add enough description.
The prologue should be at least a page long on MS Word (or whatever program you want to use) so that it does the job any prologue should do: engage the reader, wet their appetite and make them want to read more to find out what happens next. Had you given more insight into the story- Skull's life- trying to make everything more 3-D, the length would have been better and the prologue would have served its purpose.

Character Work:
Skull. Well, all I'm getting off him is that he strongly dislikes his trainer, but that isn't enough. Show using his thoughts and actions what kind of Marowak he is. If it had been longer, you could have given him more personality. Also, exactly where he lived and what kind of life he had would have been good to mention.
Plesiosaur was actually a bit more developed than Skull. Still, though, we don't know much about her and she doesn't seem to have a role in the story. Again, we don't don't where she is, what kind of history she has and even is she lives in the water.

Well, you got a few things wrong and confusing, and you weren't always very specific. I'll try to point out with what:
-Shadow Pokémon. Elaborate more on humans artificially closing the doors to their hearts. Also, how could there have been 83-what about the pokémon from Colloseum? Besides, how is a Maorwak supposed to know that there are 83 others like it? Aside from that, logically, why should they have stopped at 83: I'm sure that more were made, though not everybody knew anout them.
-A Marowak making friends with a Lapras? Then, I'm not so sure about this part, but the two were caught together by the same trainer? That's all rather odd...
-You got the grass thing from Dilasc, didn't you? Look; if we;re talking about a Pokémon from ancient times, fine, but a marowak from the modern day and age? I think it would know what hair is.
-Are only Manectric and Salamence Shadows? I wasn't so sure about that part. And how could Skull tell they were Shadows? Maybe mention these kind of things.
-You say Skull knows only one other Shadow, aka Plesiosaur, but then you go on to say that the trainer who caught him has two other Shadows.

I'd suggest putting a good bit more effort into your work and thinking more about your characters with their personalities and histories before you post another installment to this fic. Had you spent more time on the development of the fic, I think it could have turned out a lot better. Cause and effect also plays a huge importance in people's lives and could determine a lot of things in the fic itself, so try to think about the consequences of the characters' actions.


Chaos Absol
19th November 2005, 1:58 AM
I like it.Although it was very short, even for a prologue, I still got what most of it meant.I like how you made it about a shadow that isn't something most peope would write about, like dragonite or lugia.I'm not much of a long review person, so I'll just be saying this last thing: I'll be keeping my eye on this.

19th November 2005, 12:15 PM
Thanks for the reviews, guys and gals. I'll try to make this fic more significant.

Here's chapter 1. Enjoy!

Chapter 1:

I spent most of my time in the Pokeball planning my escape: I had waited for this moment for months, now. I'm not going to let my escape fail...

As I emerged from my ball at last, I saw two Shadow Pokemon--Snorlax and Electabuzz--in front of me. I saw a Pokemon to my left, namely Flygon, and, last and least, I saw my human enslaver. I also saw his opponent.

My enslaver's opponent was quite the opposite of him: blue grass growing on his head, blue-black robes of artificial skin, regular skin the color of my underbelly and more black glass covering his eyes. I heard them speak:

"Eldes, your chance of winning in this battle is the same as Cipher not gaining control of the world!" My enslaver's opponent.

"A very good chance, then, eh, Ardos?" My enslaver...

"GRRR!!!! Electabuzz, Shadow Storm!" cried my enslaver's opponent.

Electabuzz glared at its trainer, then, it reluctantly swirled its fists around in circles with shadow energy surrounding them. Still spinning its fists, Electabuzz pointed one fist at me and one at Flygon. Then, it blasted a purple-black tornado from each fist.

I was merely blown back, not much damage caused. Flygon, however, was not so lucky...

It was caught in the tornado, being battered by the very sides of it. When the tornado dissappated, Flygon appeared to be battered, bruised, and cut in many places. My enslaver recalled Flygon into its ball, then sent out Plesiosaur.

All right, Skull, it's now or never. I thought to myself. Before my enslaver could give me an order, I jumped on his head, then off again. Then I ran.

"You coming, Plesiosaur?" I yelled.

"You bet!" she replied, as she powered up a Shadow Storm.

I turned my head back to the front. There was a metal wall in my way. I covered my entire body with a black aura. The aura grew bigger with every step. Finally, I smashed straight through it, pain coursing through my body, as was the effect of Shadow End. My aura died down. And I fell............

............On top of a passing human's head.

The human, despite her armor, fell over, unconcious. I ran away again, wanting to get off this miserable island.

Wait, ISLAND?!

I smacked myself on the head with my bone. DUH! I forgot I was on an island. I needed Pesiosaur, since I didn't know how to work any of the human vehicles.

"Looking for me?" I heard a familiar voice say.

I turned around...and saw Plesiosaur! I looked behind her, and saw the human whose head I had landed on half-buried in the earth. I guess Plesiosaur landed on her.

"Yes, as a matter of fact, I am. Hop on in." I said, gesturing to the water with my bone.

Plesiosaur obliged, leaping into the air like a Lugia takes off, then landing in the water with a resounding splash.

She gestured for me to hop onto her back. I did.

And then we were off...


Once again, Read and review.

19th November 2005, 2:59 PM
on the prologue. goodish. is kinda boring, bring in liveliness with your words, thats all. other than that, it was cool

Guitar dude bill
19th November 2005, 3:36 PM
this story was alright. but a bit predictable and not enough description. also short. psychic. i heard that you were a flamer but you don't seem to be so i guees that person was wrong. oh and you said shadows can't feel anything more than anger. i would not say he can only feel anger. and how is he supposed to know? and somebody already pointed this out. but how does he see or feel the dark aura? this story was OK. try putting more effort and time into the next chapter ok! here are the ratings
plot: understandable. but needs more of one
description: boy you need more of that. describe the environment. describe the pokemon. describe the moves. this is the second fan-fic I've come across today that lacks description! and it is annoying
characters: skull doesn't have much of a personality but as a shadow he can't feel any emotions (this is a 50/50 good and bad point)
origanlity: this is quite a good point. it's original to have a shadow pokemon in first-person
grammar: i haven't seen many mistakes but i think you made a few
entertainment: This was fairly amusing, i look forward to the next chapter
so keep up the good work and take peoples advice to make this fic good. see ya

19th November 2005, 3:43 PM
Even though a chapter has to be atleast only 1 page of Microsoft Word, people don't like reading short stuff like that. People want to read a lot, if its a good story, and I'm a little interested in this fic. I'd say write/type up atleast 4 pages on MS word.

Guitar dude bill
19th November 2005, 4:36 PM
i agree with you. user above. don't just make it one page long. but i don't think 4 pages is the minimum. i'd say two pages

20th November 2005, 12:55 PM
-_- My God. It's as if my review was totally ignored.

Look, to put it blatantly, this chapter was no better than the Prologue, worse, even. You should have listened to what I said. It would have helped you. You could have been better.

This chapter had the exact same problems the Prologue did, further proving that you ignored my review and did not use it to even TRY to get better.
At least show SINGS of having read my review, for crying out loud.

I was patient. I was nice. But when you ignore me, I get angry. You won't like me when I'm angry.

psychic. i heard that you were a flamer but you don't seem to be so i guees that person was wrong.
Me? A flamer? *snorts* Who told you I'm a flamer? No offence, but they must be a real n00b to take my review for a flame. Granted, I burn, but I don't randomly go into a thread and insult people for no reason.
Just because someone told you something, doesn't mean it's true. If someone went up to you and told you they just jumped onn a building, would you believe them? I'd like to hope not.
Don't jump to conclusions about members here. There are reviewers here who are misunderstood (like me) and get flamed for telling the truth. Saw my review? Was I flaming Morpher01? No, I was reviewing his fic.

Who told you I'm a flamer?


20th November 2005, 3:22 PM
psychic. i heard that you were a flamer but you don't seem to be so i guees that person was wrong.

Psychic is not a flamer. Whoever told you that is probably some shity writer that Psychic tried to help, but that idiot probably thought Psychic was being mean. Constructive Critism might sometimes might be sound mean sometimes, but it's meant to help you not flame you. So tell that to your n00by friend

20th November 2005, 5:06 PM
Sorry about your first reply, Psy. I'm really trying to do my best on this fic.

Chapter 2 is up. Enjoy!...Which, of course, may not happen.

Chapter 2:

It had been three days since we left the human island. My stomach ached for food, having been out at sea for two days.

The third day, we finally hit land.

We were in some sort of human port. There were human dwellings and markets lining the edges, each one different from the last. There was also a large tower in the distance.

"Skull, we need to get in the wild. Now. We need berries if we want to survive." said Plesiosaur.

"It's a bit risky, Plesiosaur, what with humans enslaving free Pokemon out there. But, still, you're right. We need food, and we need it fast" I replied.

After I said that, I felt something inside me open a little...What is this strange phenomonon?

I felt a move return to my memory...Swords Dance...fairly useful.

We climbed onto the land. Plesiosaur leaped, using a Shadow Storm to propell herself over all the gaping humans.

I was holding on to her fairly stubby tail.

We landed on a large flight of concrete stairs. Plesiosaur did another leap, and we were out of range of the human's enslavement devices...for now.


It was approxamately one human hour after we left the human port. We were walking (or, in Plesiosaur's case, scooting) in a forest.

All the wild Pokemon here stayed away from us. I could understand why.

All Pokemon can see the black aura that me and Plesiosaur have. They could tell that we aren't normal.

We found some berries. We began to eat.

Then I saw a horrific sight. A sight I did not want to see. Ever.

I saw my former enslaver riding a Shadodw Salamence.

Every wild Pokemon ran away at the sight of not only another Shadow Pokemon, but a human.

"There you two are." said the human with fake compassion in his voice. "I've been looking everywhere. You know full well that we can't have Shadow Pokemon like you in the open. I'm going to take you back to Citadark Isle. Whether you like it or not, I don't care."

"Go, Manectric and Ninjask!" He cried.

The Shadow Manectric and the Ninjask appeared from their balls.

"Ninjask, use Aerial Ace on Marowak!" cried the human.

Ninjask responded by flying up high into the air, then flying down at me with incredible velocity.

Knowing that Aerial Ace can't be dodged, I resorted to the next best thing.

I used the only normal move I have.

I put my bone on top of my head at a vertical angle. Then, I spun around very fast. Ninjask was deflected by the Swords Dance.

"Intresting." said the human. "Your heart has opened up enough for you to use Swords Dance."

Was that the strange phenomonon I felt inside me earlier? My heart opening?

"Ah, but it doesn't matter. Manectric, use Shadow Sky!" the human cried.

The Shadow Manectric glared, then its pointed head was surrounded by a black aura. Then the aura shot into the sky, blooming and covering the battlefield like a tree christins over the earth.

I knew now it was my turn. I surrounded the ends of my bone with dark energy. Then, I spun my bone, firing the black aura balls from it.

The black balls flew at Ninjask and Shadow Manectric. Ninjask was quick to dodge, instantly flying up to avoid it. Manectric, however, wasn't so lucky.

The ball had hit Manectric square on, causing it to become confused.

I had used a Shadow Panic attack.

"Return, Manectric." the human said as he returned Manectric to its ball. "Go, Gengar!"

A purple, red-eyed, devil-like creature appeared to replace Manectric.

Plesiosaur knew it was her turn, now. She covered her front fins in dark energy, then spun them. She pointed a fin at Ninjask and a fin at Gengar. Then, two purple tornados shot from her fins, one aimed at Ninjask and one at Gengar.

Gengar leaped to the left, eaisly dodging it.

Ninjask, however, was caught in the tornado, being battered badly by its very walls. When the tornado dissappated, Ninjask was crumpled, cut, battered, bruised, and had a broken wing.

"Return, Ninjask." said the human, now putting Ninjask in its ball. "Go, Metagross!"

To my horror, the most powerful non-legendary Pokemon in the Hoenn region appeared to replace Ninjask.

I knew now that my former enslaver had gotten stronger slaves.

All that I had hoped for was freedom. Now, just when it was in my grasp, it was about to be cruelly snatched away.

Or was it?


Read and Review.

20th November 2005, 5:19 PM
Well, it's longer, but it's still too short. Are you using MS word to type this up? Also, you can't really say that metagross is the most powerful non-legendary pokemon. They're are plenty of pokemon that are able to defeat it. The only bad thing I find in this fic is the length. Make it a page longer atleast.

Master of Legends
20th November 2005, 6:45 PM
bravo... y is it 3 stars? looks like a 5 star to me

20th November 2005, 9:52 PM
Thanks for the reviews. I just need to make it longer, you say? No problem.

...I don't have a clue why I didn't do it before.

Anyway, Chapter 3 is up. Enjoy!

Chapter 3:

Skull, just because it's RUMORED that Metagross is the strongest Hoenn non-legendary, doesn't mean that it is. I thought to myself. Freedom was still in my grasp.

"Gengar, use Night Shade on Marowak!" cried the human.

Gengar obliged, firing bolts of black energy from its eyes.

I dodged with ease.

"Metagross, use Psychic on Lapras!"

Metagross also obliged, launching Plesiosaur into a tree by blasting her with several blue energy bolts that were shaped like Xs. Don't these Pokemon have ANY pride!?

It was my turn now. I covered myself in a black aura, then charged at Metagross, my aura growing bigger with each step.

When I made contact, Metagross went flying into a tree. HARD. So hard that the tree broke at where Metagross hit. The broken part of the tree fell on Metagross, injuring, but not killing, the Steel/Psychic type. I winced as once again I felt pain course through my body, the side-effect of Shadow End.

Metagross psychically lifted the tree off itself, then floated back to the human's side.

Plesiosaur fired off another Shadow Storm. Gengar avoided it again, but Metagross was too slow.

It was suffering the same fate as Ninjask had earlier. Except this time, during the battering the tornado gave Metagross, I saw one of Metagross' legs fly out, then another, and another. By the time the tornado dissapated, Metagross had no limbs at all.

"AAAAAHHHH! Metagross, return!" cried the human, returning the pretty much dead Metagross to its ball. "G-go, Flygon!"

A Flygon emerged to replace Metagross.

"Gengar, use Sludge Bomb on Marowak!" cried the human.

Gengar opened its grinning mouth and fired out several balls of sludge. Even though some of the balls hit me, I was able to avoid some of the others.

"Flygon, use Flamethrower on Lapras!" the human cried.

Flygon responded by opening its mouth and spraying a large blast of flame from it.

The fire headed for Plesiosaur, but then, the most amazing thing happened.

A Duskull came in front of Plesiosaur and established some sort of psychic link with Flygon. The minute the Duskull fainted from the Flamethrower, Flygon fainted too.

"What!?" cried the human. I just noticed he sure cries a lot.

Many Pikachu, Hoothoot, Pidgeotto and others stepped or flew in front of the human.

"Why are you helping us?" Plesiosaur asked one of the Pidgeotto.

"You may be evil, but if you become the slaves of this human, then we're all doomed." the Pidgeotto replied.

"Wha--you wild Pokemon aren't going to stop me from getting my Pokemon back! I'll take you all on! Go, Manectric and Salamence!"

The Shadow Manectric and Shadow Salamence joined the Gengar.

"Take this time to escape, you two. We'll handle the human." a Pikachu said.

"Right." I replied.

And we ran away.

I couldn't help looking back to see the wild Pokemon that had helped us for one final time.

I saw several Natu and Xatu taking on the Gengar, many Sneasel taking on the Shadow Salamence and a few Nincada, Ninjask and Shedinja taking on Shadow Manectric.

I pity what might happen to those Pokemon if the human wins.


We were at a new location. That location was the alleys of a beaten down-looking town that the humans call "Pyrite".

It was rare to see a clean building in Pyrite, as most of them were rusty, old and worn. We were in an alley because we had to stay out of sight of the humans until it was safe to leave.

"Is the coast clear yet?" I asked Plesiosaur.

Plesiosaur poked her head through the opening of the alley. "Nope." she replied.

I sighed, then slumped against the wall. At least there weren't any Meowth or Persian here. This town's alleys are so beaten down that even the most desperate Meowth or Persian wouldn't want to live here.

"Wait, someone's coming. It's a human, but a different one than our former enslaver."

Well, that's good news. NOT!

"Grab on to my tail again, Skull. We're gonna take off." said Plesiosaur.

"Ah-ah-ah! Not so fast, little Pokemon." said a human voice that was not familiar to me.

The human came into view. He wore blue artificial skin, which covered most of his upper body and all of his legs. He wore blue glass over his eyes, as well as yellow blocks on his feet. But the most noticable feature of this human was a large ball of fur on his head, colored the same way a Pokeball is: one half red and one half white.

"My name is Miror B. I'm looking to control all Pokemon like yourselves in the world. And, since I don't have much better to do besides dancing, I'll weaken and catch you!" the human said.

"Go, Shiftry and Electrode!" the human cried.

A Shiftry and a Pokemon that quite resembled a Pokeball except with reversed colorations appeared.

"Electrode, use Thunderbolt on the Lapras!" cried the disco obbsessed human.

Electrode surrounded itself with a yellow aura. Then it fired a bolt of electricity at Plesiosaur. But, suddenly, the electricity adverted from its course and went directly towards me.

I wasn't afraid: electricity doesn't effect Ground types like myself. Which showed as nothing happened to me when the Thunderbolt hit.

"Gwoooohh!!" cried the human. "I forgot about the ability Lightningrod! Gah, no matter. Shiftry, use Razor Wind!"

The Shiftry used its fan-like hands to call up a gust of wind that blowed me and Plesiosaur back into a wall.

"Ha ha! That's how it's done!" cried the human joyfully.

I decided that it's time to end this human's joyfulness. I charged up a Shadow End, then ran at Shiftry.

When I struck, Shiftry flew back quite a bit, right through the wall of a nearby building. The building was so old that it couldn't take the hole that Shiftry made and collapsed...with Shiftry inside. Once again, I felt pain course through my body as the recoil from Shadow End took its toll.

"AAHH! My Shiftry!" cried the human. "GO, SUDOWOODO!"

A strange tree-like creature appeared to replace Shiftry.

Plesiosaur launched a Shadow Storm attack, catching Sudowoodo but not harming Electrode, it having dodged the tornado.

It was pretty much over for Sudowoodo before it even began. When it emerged from the shadowy tornado, Sudowoodo was battered, beaten, bruised and cut very badly.

"AHHH! RETURN, SUDOWOODO!" cried the human. "GO, JUMPLUFF!"

A ball with three puffballs--two for hands and one on its head--appeared to replace Sudowoodo.

"Electrode, Rollout attack on that Lapras!" cried the human, seeming to have calmed down.

Electrode rolled over to Plesiosaur, striking and doing a lot of damage, what with Plesiosaur being part Ice type.

"Jumpluff, Sunny Day!" the human cried again.

Jumpluff's top puffball glowed a bright yellow color, then sent a ball of energy that was the same color in to the air. The energy ball spread across the battlefield.

I needed to take out Jumpluff NOW, before it could use Solarbeam on me. I hit Jumpluff with another Shadow End, this time blowing it......

......Right into the human's face. The force from the impact knocked the human over.

"Wha-AAH! OW!" the human yelled when he landed.

Jumpluff, however, continued to fly, what with it being so lightweight. It smacked into a building's window, clearly dead.

"C'mon, let's get out of here while we still can!" Plesiosaur commanded.

I held on to her tail as she propelled herself with a Shadow Storm. We flew away from Pyrite...

...and landed in a net.

"HA! I told you I would catch them, didn't I?"

I recognize that voice...it was the voice of the human with blue grass on his head. The human with a Shadow Electabuzz.

I heard a sigh from another human.

"All right, Ardos, you win. I'll give you 50 Pokedollars."

I guess this must be human currency. The currency that we Marowak have is rocks.

"YES!" the blue-grass human cried, then he straightened himself. "Bring the Marowak and Lapras to Master Greevil. They must be punished for trying to escape."

No...I can't lose...not after all I've done...


"Whoa! What's happening to the Marowak?" cried a soldier.

"It's going into Reverse Mode! Quick, get a tranquilizer gun in here now!" commanded the blue-grass human.

Hahaha...it's to late to save yourselves, humans.......

MUCH too late....HHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!!!!


Hoo boy, Skull's finally cracked.

Anyway, read and review.

Master of Legends
20th November 2005, 10:13 PM
nnnnnooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo ooooo you left me in suspense!!!!!!!! why!!!!!!!! y me?!

22nd November 2005, 1:22 AM
Good news! I found out how to get an avatar and a sig! Yay!

Anyway, Chapter 4 is up! Enjoy!

Chapter 4:

I charged up a Shadow End attack, then charged at the nearest human: a soldier. I punched right through him, letting him fall down, dead.

Boy, does it feel good to get revenge. A few more humans came at me.

One had very long, purple, furry tentacles coming from her head, as well as a layer of artificial skin resembling the loose skin folds of a Gardevoir.

The second wore a long robe, with unusually colored lips, and grass shaped like a Beedrill's abdomen. He also had very thin legs compared to the next human.

The last human looked as bulky as a Machoke, but wore yellow-rimmed glass over his eyes and a band of metal on his head. He wore red artificial skin to cover his torso and legs.

"Go, Misdreavus!" cried the first one.

"Go, Castform!" cried the second one.

"Go, Poliwrath!" cried the third one.

I saw that the Misdreavus and Castform were normal while the Poliwrath was a Shadow.

"Misdreavus, use Mean Look!" cried the first human.

Misdreavus looked at me, eyes glowing a dark color. I found I couldn't escape, but it didn't matter to me.

"Castform, Rain Dance!" cried the second human.

Castform fired a ball of blue energy into the air, which spread to become a raincloud, which started to pour rain.

Castform then glowed a bright white color, then stopped glowing, form completely changed to look like a raindrop.

"Poliwrath, use Shadow Storm!" cried the third human.

Poliwrath looked at me, then talked.

"Look, I don't want to hurt you. But, for some reason, I have to do what Gorigan says." it said.

"Gorigan?" I asked, puzzled.

"The human that told me to blast you with a Shadow Storm." replied Poliwrath.

"Ah. Can I kill him?" I asked.

"Go ahead, it's not like I care for him anyway. Mind if I kill the other two?"

"Not at all, fellow Pokemon." As I said that, I felt my anger die down, Reverse Mode end.

"Sweet. I've been wanting to do this since the human caught me." said Poliwrath.

Poliwrath covered its fists in dark energy, then swirled them around in circles. It pointed one fist at the tentacle-head human and one at the Beedrill-abdomen-head human. Then, the all-too familiar black tornados emerged from Poliwrath's fists.

The two humans were caught in the tornados. Without the endurance that us Pokemon have, the humans were long dead by the time the tornados dissapited.

I decided to keep my end of the bargain. I blasted the Gorigan human in two with another Shadow End attack. I felt more pain, once again feeling the recoil from Shadow End.

"Ah, that felt good." Poliwrath said. "Do you have a name?"

"Yes. My name is Skull."

"Mine's Hydropunch. Before you ask, the Lapras you came with is being taken to the head honcho human around here, apparantley called Greevil. They said something about punishing it."

No...not Plesiosaur...

"I can help you get her back. Do you want my help?" asked Hydropunch.

"If this human is as powerful as they say, then yes, I will require your help." I replied.

"Good. Now, we need to hurry. If all goes according to the way the humans have planned, your friend won't last another minute against Greevil's Shadow Pokemon."

Hydropunch ran off, with me in tow.


We came up to a strange tube, apparantley for human transportation.

"We need to wait for it to come down. I would prefer that things get messy, but it's up to you." said Hydropunch.

"Well, you're about to get your wish, Hydropunch, because a bunch of humans are coming at us"

A few humans dressed in white artificial skin ran at us.

"Go, Golduck and Sableye!" one cried.

"Weird. Human sailors don't normally have Ghost-type slaves like Sableye." said Hydropunch.

"That's because it, along with Golduck, are Shadows." I told him.

"Ah, that would explain it." replied Hydropunch.

"Golduck, use Shadow Rave!" cried the human sailor.

Golduck's finned claw became surrounded by a black aura, then it struck the earth, sending out two large waves of black energy, one at me, the other at Hydropunch.

We both jumped. The shadowy waves passed harmlessly beneath us.

"Sableye, use Shadow Blitz!" the human cried again.

Sableye's eyes, claws and feet glowed a dark color. Then, it sent out one blast of dark energy from each spot.

All the blasts were directed at me. I jumped, knocking away most of the blasts with my bone. Some of them hit me, but it didn't do much damage.

It was Hydropunch's turn. His feet were surrounded in a black aura. Then, he charged at Golduck, aura growing with every step. He leaped up and kicked Golduck with his aura-surrounded feet, but it didn't do much damage.

I identified that as a Shadow Rush attack.

I surrounded the ends of my bone with shadow energy, then spun it, sending out two blasts, one at Golduck and the other at Sableye.

It missed Sableye, what with it being so small. Golduck knocked it away with its fin.

I realized that my Shadow Panic didn't work.

"Relax, Skull, sometimes Shadow Panic doesn't really do the job." Hydropunch said to me.

I noticed now that the tube had come down

"Hydropunch, we need to go. Now."

I ran for the tube, with Hydropunch in tow.

"Oh no you don't! I'm not letting my reward slip away that easily! Sableye, use Shadow Hold!"

Sableye formed two black energy balls in its claws, then fired them at me and Hydropunch.

I jumped into the tube, Hydropunch following behind, just in time to see the Shadow Hold bounce harmlessly off the doors, which had just closed.

"NOOOOOOOO!!!!!" cried the human sailor, sinking to his knees.

The tube shot up, and I saw more humans come, much too late.

"We'll need to go through a bit to get to your friend, but it won't be that hard." Hydropunch said.

I nodded.

Hold on Plesiosaur...we're gonna free you.


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it took me less then 2 min to read... but it was good

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Psychic is not a flamer.
I'm not sure if he/she meant that now. He/she just said "just be thankful it was me and not renegade or psychic" but i think he/she meant that you were a flamer. sorry i'll try to refrain from saying stuff i'm not so sure about next time.
PS: DKzM0mA. are you a mod?
EDIT AND PS: psychic could you read my ic and give me suggestions to improve it

22nd November 2005, 9:15 PM
I'm not sure if he/she meant that now. He/she just said "just be thankful it was me and not renegade or psychic" but i think he/she meant that you were a flamer. sorry i'll try to refrain from saying stuff i'm not so sure about next time.
PS: DKzM0mA. are you a mod?
EDIT AND PS: psychic could you read my ic and give me suggestions to improve it

No I am not a mod.

On topic: It's defenitally getting better. Try using more different shadow attacks, instead of storm and end and again it was a little short.

23rd November 2005, 2:21 AM
Thanks for the reviews. And, uh, how do you get a banner into a sig?

Anyway, chapter 5 is up. Enjoy!

Chapter 5:

When we reached the top of the island's main building, I saw two things: one I wanted to see and one I didn't want to see.

The one I wanted to see was Plesiosaur.

The one I didn't want to see was a human.

The human was small, covered in purple artificial skin, and hovering on a piece of metal. He had brown-rimmed glass covering his eyes.

The room we were in was a large, metal dome.

"Ah, yes, Marowak and Poliwrath. You two have been the most successful troublemakers to Cipher. You're right up there next to that boy." the human said.

Okay, now I'm confused. What boy?

"Anyway, I'm going to punish the three of you for trying to run away. However, since you have proven that you are very powerful, I will battle you myself, rather than my usual method of using XD001 to punish runaways."

Now I'm even more confused. What's XD001?

"Go, Rhydon, Exeggutor and Moltres!" the human cried.

I gasped, and saw the Kanto Pheonix emerge from an enslavement ball as well as a creature with a stone horn and another that looked like a palm tree with legs.

I turned my head and saw that Plesiosaur and Hydropunch were intimidated too, at the sight of the Kanto Pheonix.

I raised my bone, preparing to strike, when I heard a human voice...

"Pokeball, GO!" it cried.

I turned my head and yelped as I saw one of the dreaded enslavement devices coming towards me...



"Skull, wake up, you silly Cubone."

I heard a voice...

I opened my eyes, and saw a Lapras...but not Plesiosaur.

"Good, you're awake. We have a lot to do today, so don't wait up!"

The Lapras scooted away, and I saw a younger version of Plesiosaur come up to me.

"Hey, Skull, good morning." she said.

I looked at myself.

I was a Cubone.

"Like mom said, we have a lot of work to do today, so don't dilly dally, okay?" she asked me.

I nodded.

I now remembered why I liked Plesiosaur so much.

She was my sister.

I remembered something else: When my mother died after giving birth to me, I was adopted by Plesiosaur's mother. She had a Lapras child at the time, so I became Plesiosaur's younger brother.

"Dudes, get outta here, now! There's a human comin' this way!" a Treecko yelled as it flew through the trees, right by us.

"Oh, no, a human! We need to go, now." said Plesiosaur's mom.

Then the human came into view: it was a younger version of my former enslaver.

He was shorter, with red artificial skin covering his upper body and blue artificial skin covering his legs. He didn't have the black glass covering his eyes, so I could see his eye color: red. The grass on his head was still the same, though.

"Go, Beldum and Gastly!" he cried.

a floating Metagross leg with an eye as well as a black blob with eyes, fangs and a purple aura popped out of some strange balls.

"Gastly, use Hypnosis on the Cubone!"

Gastly shot several rings at me. I fell into a deep sleep on contact with the rings, and I missed the entire battle...

I heard some sounds, such as Gastly firing off a Sludge attack and Beldum using Take Down on Plesiosaur.

But the worse sound I heard was two "Gotcha!"s from the human.

It meaned only one thing.

I had been caught along with Plesiosaur....


"Skull, look out! It's a Pokeball!" cried Plesiosaur.

I jumped, then knocked the ball off towards the wall.

I looked at who threw it.

It was a human child, with spiky red grass as well as a blue band on his head, yellow artificial skin covering his upper body and blue artificial skin covering his legs.

"...why did you do that? I want to help you, but you have to let me catch you first." the child said.

Catch me? CATCH ME?!

"Marowak appears to be angered by something that you said. I believe I can translate. Moltres, tell me what the Marowak said."

Moltres established a link with me.

Why are you angry? Moltres asked.

I thought about the memory I had earlier, certain that Moltres could see it with the link we shared.

Oh...I see. You were taken from your adopted mother. I understand your pain, Marowak. Moltres said.

My name is Skull. I thought back

Fine, Skull. But I know how you feel. I was captured by this human, apparatly named Greevil, just for his own selfish purposes. Who was your former trainer?

A human with red grass on his head. I thought back.

...Grass? It's called hair, Skull. But anyway, the human you were caught by is called Eldes. He's Greevil's son.

He obviously inheirited his swelled ego I thought to Moltres.

Yeah, well. Oh, by the way, my name's Phoenix.

"Well, Moltres?" asked the Greevil human.

Moltres closed the link with me and telepathically told the Greevil human.

"Ah, yes, that would infuriate me as well. But, you must still be punished. Moltres, prepare to attack!"

"NO!" I heard the child human cry. "Go, Lunatone! Try to convince Marowak to come with me."

A cresent moon with eyes appeared.

"Hi. I'm Wayne. Michael's really nice, you'll love him." said the Lunatone

"Michael?" I asked.

"The kid with the spiked hair." replied Lunatone. "But, anyway, you should really come with us! You'll love the friends you'll meet, and you get to be free from all that Shadow-Hey!? Where you going!?"

I had ran away.

"You guys coming?" I asked.

"Oh, yeah." replied Plesiosaur and Hydropunch and...Phoenix?

"I want to escape this human, to be free." Moltres said, this time with his vocal chords.

"Fine. Come on, then." I said.

We ran, scooted, and flied in the direction of the metal wall.

Phoenix opened his beak and sent out a large fireball of black energy, which blasted through the wall like it wasn't even there.

Phoenix noticed that I looked confused, so he said "That was a Shadow Fire attack. I'm the only Shadow Pokemon that can learn it."

We all went through the large hole produced by the Shadow Fire, Plesiosaur and Hydropunch leaping into the sea.

I jumped onto Plesiosaur's back, and Phoenix flew in the air above us.

We were off once more...


That's it for Chapter 5. Read, review and rate!

Master of Legends
23rd November 2005, 3:14 AM
reveiw= um as far as i can see perfect no errors jumped out at me and the stroy line is realy good Rate:4.0... you can make it better its realy good. but with the pokemon bieng able to just walk away.... no offesne but its kinda stupid. they should have to crush the pokeball other wise he could call them back

24th November 2005, 11:50 PM
Huh. Not too many reviews. I really need a banner in my sig...

Anyway, Chapter 6 is up. Enjoy!

Chapter 6:

I opened my eyes as another morning came. I looked to my right and saw Phoenix spread his wings, sending a wave of heat that instantly woke up Plesiosaur, what with her being part Ice type.

Hydropunch on the other hand, didn’t seem to bothered by the heat. He was, after all, part Water type, which gives him a strength over Fire types like Phoenix.

“Wake up you lazy Poliwrath!” Phoenix shouted, pecking Hydropunch.

“OW! What’d you do that for?” Poliwrath screamed.

“You’re sleeping in. Now, wake up. Skull says we’ve got a huge day ahead of us.” replied Phoenix.

“You bet we do.” I said.

“Fine. What’s your idea?” asked Hydropunch.

I took a breath, then said “Look, we’ve been running from the humans for too long. I’m tired of running, tired of being the main targets of the human fools, tired of being treated like I’m a piece of property that they own. So I say…”

I hit my bone into my hand.

“…we fight the humans, rather then run.” I said.

“Hey, hey, hey! Now you’re speaking my language!” said Hydropunch.

Figures. Fighting types like Hydropunch just love to fight.

“We’ll need to get reinforcements. Even the human scum say that there’s strength in numbers.” I continued. “And I know just where to find some…”


After traveling a bit, we reached our destination.

A large pyramid-like building where the humans created Shadow Pokemon.

“Brr, I still remember that place. Why do you think that we’ll find decent help here?” asked Plesiosaur.

“Shadow Pokemon are plentiful here. We’ll have to sway them to our side, though.” I replied

“All right, let’s do this already.” said Hydropunch, whose patience was thin as a Poliwag’s skin.

We walked/scooted up to the ramp leading to the door when a pair of burly humans came running out.


“YEAH!” agreed the other.

The two buffoons rushed at us, but were then blasted into the ocean by a Shadow Fire attack from Phoenix.

“That’s it for them.” he said. “Let’s get in there.”

But then, yet ANOTHER burly human comes out.

This one was different from the others. He wore a red layer of artificial skin over his upper body, had hair that looked like a Cloyster’s spike, and black artificial skin on his legs.

“All right, Shadows, I’m gonna teach you to mess with Cipher! Go, Doduo and Seviper!” he cried.

A black snake and a two-headed wingless bird appeared.

Phoenix struck first, almost incinerating the Seviper before it could make a move.

“Return, Seviper. Go, Zangoose!”

A white ferret-like creature with pink in some places appeared. I saw that this was a Shadow Pokemon.

“Doduo, use Tri Attack on that Marowak!” the human cried.

One of Doduo’s beaks glowed red, the other glowed yellow, and a center portion of its body glowed blue. A beam fired from each spot, a beam of electricity from the yellow beak, a beam of fire from the red beak, and a beam of ice from the center body portion.

I managed to dodge the ice, the electricity did nothing to me whatsoever, the fire hurt only a little.

“Say, Zangoose, do you like this human?” I asked the Zangoose.

“Of course not!” Zangoose replied.

“I’m about to start a rebellion against the humans. Want to come?” I asked.

“Sure.” replied Zangoose.

“Zangoose, use Shadow Rush!” cried the human.

Zangoose’s claws glowed with a black aura, then it jumped at the human and furiously stabbed him with its aura-covered claws. The human was left rather dead.

“That’s it for him.” it said.

“We’re going to pick up some more Shadow Pokemon. Want to come?” I asked.

“Definitely.” replied Zangoose.

And we finally went inside.


A long while after we went in, we had a small army of Shadow Pokemon at our side.

It consisted of many Shadow Pokemon, some of them were rarely seen in Orre.

We stormed the control room on the top floor, and tore the place apart.

A Shadow Paras ripped a desk to pieces with a Shadow Blitz and found three Pokeballs.

"Hey, guys! Check it out!" it cried.

A Shadow Growlithe came up and sniffed the balls.

"There's Pokemon in them. Open them, see what we got." it said.

A Shadow Butterfree kicked the balls, and they opened. After breaking, of course.

A furball with ears and brown limbs appeared along with a yellow cat-like creature with a hypnotizing pendant in its hand. There was also a human-like creature with red limbs. I identified them all as Shadow Pokemon.

They were a Shadow Primeape, a Shadow Hypno, and a Shadow Mr. Mime.

"Ah. To what do we owe the pleasure of a visit by the famous Marowak Skull?" asked the Hypno.

"We are recruiting for a rebellion. Care to join?" I replied.

"We would be honored." replied Hypno.

"We need a base of operations. This will do." I said. I then got up on a chair and said "Shadow Pokemon! May I have your attention please!"

They all looked at me.

"We have been mistreated by the humans for too long! We are going to fight back! But, to do that, we need greater numbers. I need everyone here to, in some way, capture many Pokemon at the wild spots recently discovered by a famous human. I hate to do this to our fellows, but we can't risk them giving us away. I need you..."

I pointed my bone at a Shadow Magneton.

"...to try your best to decipher the formula for Shadow Pokemon creation. Once that is done, I need you three..."

This time I pointed my bone at a Shadow Beedrill, the Shadow Butterfree and the Shadow Paras.

"...to capture the wild Pokemon. And try your best not to kill them. WE WILL BE FREE!!!" I yelled.

I was agreed with by many shouts of approval. I smiled. This was a good day...


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25th November 2005, 6:21 PM
Hmm. I need more reviewers...and I also need to know how to make a banner in a sig.

Anyway, Chapter 7 is up. Enjoy!

Chapter 7:

“Sir, we've got a wild Phanpy. Do we need to help it evolve?” asked the Shadow Beedrill.

I thought for a moment, then said “Yes. Put it up against the lowest leveled Shadow Pokemon that are here.”

“And that wouldbe..?” asked Beedrill.

“Paras, Growlithe or Zangoose.” I replied. “Best to pick Paras. Shadow Blitz is pretty weak.”

“Yes, sir!” said Beedrill. And he flew off.

I leaned back in the human’s chair. Things were going pretty smoothly. When the Phanpy evolved into Donphan, we would Shadow it once Magneton figures out the code for making Shadow Pokemon.

“Growlithe, go check on Magneton and see if he’s cracked the code yet.” I said.

“Yes, sir!” was Growlithe’s response. He took off out the door.

“Do you think we’ll win?” asked Plesiosaur, who had just scooted in.

“I dunno. Best to be optimistic about it, though.” I replied.

“Okay.” said Plesiosaur.

“Sir, I’ve got good news and bad news.” Said Growlithe, who had just ran in.

“Good first.” I said.

“The good news is, Magneton’s cracked the code.” replied Growlithe.

“And the bad?” I asked.

Growlithe looked a bit hesitant to give his answer, then he said “Some humans are at the door.”

I was shocked. I didn’t know that humans knew about this place apart from the ones that lived here.

“Prep the defenses.” I commanded. “Take Tangela and Weepinbell with you to attempt to fend off the humans. We need more time to help Phanpy evolve!”

“Yes, sir!” replied Growlithe. And he ran off again.

“Hypno, can you tell me what the humans?” I asked.

Hypno closed its eyes, concentrating, then he said “A lot of tough trainers from something called a ‘Battle Frontier”’. Do You know what that is?”

“No.” was my reply. “Better get the highest level Shadow Pokemon ready, including Phoenix. We’re going to have our first real battle.”


I watched from the top of the pyramid. I saw the first human that dared to challenge us.

It was female, with long black hair and purple hands.

"At the request of an old yet very short man, I, Pike Queen Lucy, challenge you wild Shadow Pokemon to a battle!" the human shouted.

I think she means the Greevil human. The greedy human has hired others to do his bidding!

"Go, Seviper, Steelix and Shuckle!" the human cried again.

A Seviper, a long, iron, snake-like beast and a red rock with holes and limbs appeared from the Pokeballs.

"Seviper, attack the Tangela with Poison Tail!" she cried.

Seviper's tail glowed purple, then it swung its tail at the Shadow Tangela.

Tangela jumped, narrowly avoiding the Poison Tail attack.

"Steelix, use Iron Tail on the Weepinbell!"

Steelix's tail glowed a bright white color, then it swung the tail at the Shadow Weepinbell.

Weepinbell, rather than dodging, clamped its mouth onto Steelix's tail.

Steelix roared, swinging its tail many ways, trying to fling Weepinbell off.

Growlithe took this opportunity to chrage up a Shadow Wave attack. He slammed his tail on the ground, causing several dark-colored shockwaves to hit Seviper, Steelix and Shuckle.

Seviper was nearly cut in half, but Shuckle and Steelix were still standing, however bruised they may be.

"Return, Seviper!" the Lucy human cried. "Go, Milotic!"

A beautiful serpent creature with a fan on its tail appeared to replace Seviper.

Tangela took this time to unleash a Shadow Rave, smacking three of its vines on the ground, creating the same effect that the Shadow Golduck did back on the island.

Milotic was almost diesected in two, and so was Shuckle, but the Steelix had jumped up to dodge it.

Weepinbell, however, was still on Steelix's tail (literally). While it was on there, it formed a ball of black energy on its vine as well as two more on its leaf-like limbs. It then shot the ball created on the vine at Steelix's body while it was in the air, suddenly sending back down to earth. The other two balls were shot at Milotic and Shuckle.

"What? Steelix, return!" cried the human.

She pointed a ball at Steelix, but the beam disappated on contact with Steelix, preventing it from being absorbed inside.

"What was that?!" the Lucy human cried.

I believe that was a Shadow Hold attack that Weepinbell had preformed.

"Boss! Phanpy's evolved!" cried Paras.

"Excellent. Bring it to Magneton to begin the Shadowing process." I replied.

"Yes, sir!" came the reply from Paras.

I turned my gaze back upon the battle below.

I saw the Shuckle fired off a Sludge Bomb attack at Weepinbell, attempting to get it off of Steelix's tail. Weepinbell merely batted the balls of sludge away with its vine, what with it being part Poison type.

"Care to finish, Phoenix?" I asked the Moltres.

"Why not?" came the reply.

Then I saw the majestic Moltres fly from the opposite side of the pyramid from me.

Phoenix opened its beak, then blasted out a large black fireball at Milotic.

Milotic was severly burnt, but not dead.

Phoenix then surrounded his beak with dark energy, then flew at high speed towards Steelix. He furiously pecked Steelix with all his might, and I saw several holes appear in Steelix's body.

Phoenix grabbed Weepinbell's vine with his talons and pulled it off of Steelix's tail.

Steelix fainted, obviously dead.

The Lucy human recalled her fainted Pokemon, then ran away, only for another human to take her place.

"I am the Dome Ace Tucker! I will defeat you!" the human cried. I couldn't tell if this one was male or female.

"Go, Metagross, Swampert and Charizard!" the Tucker human cried.

A Metagross, a giant blue frog-like creature as well as a red dragon-like creature appeared from even more balls.

Then I saw a grey-elephant like creature appear in the main doorway. It swung its trunk up into the air, then struck the ground, sending out a Shadow Wave that fainted Swampert. Metagross floated up to avoid it and Charizard flew into the air to avoid it.

"Go, Latias!" cried the Tucker human.

To my horror, I saw the only female legendary in existance appear to replace Swampert.

I knew now that this battle has just gotten a lot tougher, even with the help of the newly created Shadow Donphan.

This may be our end...or will it?


Read, review and rate guys and gals.

27th November 2005, 3:51 PM
Okay...Why is nobody reviewing?

Sigh...what's wrong with my fic? Why is everybody staying away?

Anyway, Chapter 8 is up.

Chapter 8:

I looked in surprise as Latias appeared to replace the Swampert that had been fainted by a Shadow Wave from the newly created Shadow Donphan. Latias was very fast, which showed as she struck first.

“Latias, use Psychic on that Weepinbell!” cried the Tucker human.

Latias, however, did not obey. She seemed to dislike the human. Latias turned her head towards the Tucker human, and a few seconds passed.

After those several seconds, the Tucker human said “Latias, I know I’m not worthy of owning you, but…”

This surprised me, as I had originally thought that humans believed that they were worthy of owning every single Pokemon on the planet.

“…We need to stop these rebel Shadow Pokemon. Don’t you want to save me?” the tucker human continued.

Latias appeared to speak telepathically with the Tucker human again, then…she flew in my direction.

I raised my bone, preparing to attack, but Latias spoke to me.

“I do not wish to fight. I merely wish for you to surrender.” she said.

“Never.” I replied.

“Don’t be silly.” she continued. “Trainers are great! However, there are times that that Tucker human makes me want to kill him…or her. But, on the other hand, he…or she… treats me with kindness.”

“You’re lying.” I said. “Humans believe that we are slaves, created merely for the purpose of serving them. They don’t treat Pokemon with kindness. They treat us with cold hardness.”

“They abuse us, punching, kicking us. They hurt us, taking us away from our homes. Only stupid Pokemon want to go with a trainer. Smart Pokemon rebel. You are intelligent, and I need more in the intelligence area. Join me.”

“I can’t.” came Latias’ reply. “The human wants me to battle, thinking that if we kill some of you, you’ll surrender. I don’t want to kill you. And, besides, he…or she…is counting on me to end this rebellion. So…” She floated in front of me.

“I will end your petty rebellion.”

“If that’s how you want it, fine, but don’t feed me more of that dumb line about humans being kind. They do not know kindness.” I replied.

I then got in a fighting stance, preparing to fight.

Latias, being quite fast, moved first. She created a white ring, then fired it at me.

I was hit by the ring, and was blown back, nearly off the pyramid.

That was a Psywave attack.

I jumped, summoning a group of rocks. I then, somehow, was able to throw the rocks forward. With my mind.

Latias dodged nearly every one of them with her quick speed. One or two, however, hit her square on. The rocks did quite a bit of damage, seeing as Latias was part Flying type.

Latias moved again, this time surrounding her body with a mystical yellow aura. The aura dissipated, and Latias was once more at full health.

I just saw her use Recover.

I charged one end of my bone with a black aura. I then spun my bone, blasting the ball of black at Latias.

Latias dodged, but a fraction of the ball caught her wing. She became confused, such is the effect of the Shadow Panic attack I had just used.

It was Latias’ turn, but she was too confused to do anything. I took this opportunity to charge up a Shadow End.

I covered my body in a black aura, then I ran at Latias, my black aura growing bigger, larger with every step. When I struck her, Latias was sent flying off the pyramid.

She hit the ground, fainted. The Tucker human panicked, recalling his Metagross and Charizard as well as Latias before taking off.

Back at my viewing point, I saw Hypno, Primeape and Mr. Mime take the scene. All the other Battle Frontier humans were blown away by some Shadow Storms, and their Pokemon were severely bruised by Primeape’s Shadow Rush.

We had won our first battle against the humans…but I knew humans.

This wouldn’t be the last we’ll see of them…

I could tell…


The next day, I was greeted with the appearance of Shadow Paras.

"Sir, we have a Trapinch. Do we do the same thing with it as we did with Phanpy?" he asked.

I thought for a moment.

"Yes" I said. "Make him evolve into Flygon, then Shadow him."

"Yes, sir!" came Paras' reply. He scuttered off.

I looked out a window and sighed.

The humans are getting pathetic. I haven't seen a single one of them ever since we warded off the Battle Frontier humans.

They were up to something...I knew it.

I just need to figure out what...

I then saw the child from the island coming up this way.

"Venomoth! Tell the others that another human is coming!" I cried.

"Yes, sir!" came the reply from a Shadow Venomoth. He flew off, and I looked at the child.

What slaves does he have besides the Lunatone?


The child came up and saw Weepinbell, Tangela and Growlithe sitting or standing in front of the doorway.

"Go, Fearow, Dewgong and Vaporeon!" the child cried.

A large bird with a large beak, a white banana with fins, a horn and fangs and a merperson-like creature appeared.

"Fearow, use Drill Peck on the Tangela!" the child cried.

Fearow generated a small tornado around its beak, then flew at Tangela.

Fearow was too fast for Tangela, which showed as it was hit square on, sent into the water.

"Dewgong! Get the Tangela out of there!" the child cried again.

Dewgong leapt into the water. It was some time before it reemerged, carrying Tangela on top.

It deposited Tangela on the land.

Then the child threw a Pokeball at Tangela...

The ball never made it. It was incinerated by a Shadow Fire attack from Phoenix.

"Go, Zapdos! Battle Moltres!" the child cried.

To both the surprise of me and Phoenix, the Kanto Thunder Bird appeared from a ball. I saw that it was a Shadow Pokemon.

"Thunderbird..." Phoenix said.

"Phoenix..." said Zapdos, who was apparently named Thunderbird.

The two birds flew alongside each other, seemingly happy to be reunited.

I guess their hearts have opened up enough for them to feel happiness.

"Zapdos, I said battle Moltres!" yelled the child, growing impatient.

"No." said Thunderbird.

Thunderbird opened his beak, then sent out a large bolt of black energy at the child.

The Dewgong flipped in front of the child, taking the blow.

"Hmph. Stupid Dewgong." I muttered.

Dewgong was obviously dead. It wasn't moving, it was blotched with unsightly color, and its eyes were closed.

"No...Dewgong." the child moaned, collapsing onto his knees.

"He is weak! Now is the time to attack!" I cried.

Donphan erupted from the door, rolling while covered in black energy. He crashed into the child, snapping him in half.

I'd say Donphan killed the child with a Shadow Break attack.

The slaves the child had out ran away, never to bother us again.

Growlithe came, sniffed the remaining balls, and popped one open. Out came the Legendary bird of Ice, Articuno. Growlithe then broke the ball.

"Frosty!" cried Phoenix and Thunderbird.

All three birds embraced (well, as much as they can, seeing as they have wings), happy to see each other again.

Growlithe sniffed another ball, then popped it open, releasing a Shadow Tauros. This time, Weepinbell smashed the ball with his vine.

Growlithe sniffed the last ball, then opened it. Out came a Shadow Rhydon. Tangela tore the ball to pieces with his vines.

I now knew that I had a very good chance at defeating the humans, seeing as the three Legendary birds of Kanto were on my side.

My army grows bigger with every human we defeat.

It was going to take a lot more than one human to stop us...


Chapter 8 is done. Now, I'd like to ask for reviewers...

Master of Legends
28th November 2005, 1:00 AM
lol sorry i didnt reveiw, but its great i like it did you have to kill the kid? you could have at least told how he got the legendary birds

≈*Virulent Tsunami*≈
28th November 2005, 4:08 PM
Reviewing upon request, but do know that I could've refused. So this is partly out of my own will.

OK, the story itself is solid. The plot is original, and the idea is good.

The problem, though, is the rate at which you churn out Chapters. It's all a little too fast-paced. Characters that could be useful later in your Fic are dead.

Speaking of death, you dish it out a little too carelessly. Death isn't something to just hand out to every other Pokémon. It's a terrible tragedy for anything, and those affected by the death of their comrade/owner. It would take an unusually powerful attack to go beyond fainting its foe.

The characters lack depth, really. I like your choice in names and Pokémon. But that's about as far as it goes. You are too eager to finish the story and draw in readers. Slow down, give each Pokémon a distinct, unique personality. And introduce them more slowly, because at the rate you're going, it's only a matter of time before all 83 are introduced here. Also, you don't need all the Shadow Pokémon to start the rebellion. A few powerful ones, like Tauros, Mr. Mime, and Salamence could prove to be a force to be reckoned with. You don't need to have every Shadow Pokémon coming under Skull's command.

The length is fine, but only because you've doubled spaced the entire thing. If you grouped some sentences together, odds are it wouldn't exceed the limit. I understand that writing a lot in a small stretch of time is strenuous, as I should well know, but perhaps write the Chapter(s) out in little bits. Like, devote a few hours a day to writing it, come back tomorrow, and pick up where you left off(don't post the fragments, though, because that would just dissatisfy the readers).

Overall, this story has potential, and has vastly improved since Chapter 1 and the Prologue. But you've still got a long way to go. Your biggest problem is your tendency to rush through so that you can get it all out quickly. Slow down, there's no limit of how long you need to write a Fic. Indeed, I don't expect to finish my Fic until I've turned 15, and perhaps even nearing 16. But there's nothing wrong with that, so long as the quality of the story is good.

So, in conclusion, good luck, and have fun with it.

The 8th Champion

29th November 2005, 3:39 PM
CB, I can never wait to post these chapters. I know I should slow down, but this one I couldn't wait to post. The next fic I'll write is going to be another first person (I seem to like those), but it will be a crossover.

Anyway, Chapter 9 is up. Enjoy!

Chapter 9:

I looked outside the window once again and saw no humans coming up the road. Good. With less humans coming every day, our chances of success rise. The only problem is, we need to get our message to the humans out. But, how?


I was a newly-evolved Marowak.

There were two humans and a Meowth standing in front of me. What's unnatural about this is, the Meowth is standing on two legs.

One human had green eyes and blue hair that extended to the bottom of his neck. The other had blue eyes and red hair that extended to the bottom of her torso. Both of these humans wore white artificial skin and black footwear. The a-skin that covered the upper bodies of both the humans had a red "R" on it.

The Meowth was just a normal Meowth, aside from the fact that it stood on two legs and spoke the human language.

"Meowth, do you really think that the boss will like this Marowak?" asked the blue-haired human.

"Relax, James." replied the Meowth. "The boss likes Ground types, and Marowak's a Ground type. Put 2 and 2 together, and you have a match."

"I know, but don't you think that the people that own this Marowak will make it one of their Shadow Pokemon before they let us steal it?" asked the blue-haired human again.


My old enslaver came into view. Even though the black glass covered his eyes, I could tell he was angry. I knew why. He didn't care about me. All that he cared about was that I was Shadowed.

"Ah, Eldes of Team Cipher! Good to see you! But, it's time for our motto!" said the red-haired human. "Prepare for trouble!"

"And make it double!" added the blue-haired one.

"To protect the world from devestation!"

"To unite all people within our nation!"

"To denounce the evils of truth and love!"

"To extend our reach to the stars above!"

"Jessie!" the red-haired one.

"James!" the blue-haired one.

"Team Rocket blasts off at the speed of light!"

"Surrender now or prepare to fight!"

"Meowth, that's right!" cried the Meowth, in the human language.

"...You three are the most pitiful excuses for Team Rocket members I have ever seen. So I'll end your suffering by killing you. Go, Snorlax and Flygon!" said the enslaver.

"Go, Seviper!" cried the Jessie human.

"Go, Cacnea!" cried the James human.

Yet another Seviper appeared along with a green ball with spikes.

Suddenly, the Cacnea spun around and immediately began gripping the James human's head.

"EEEEE!!" cried the James human. "Cacnea, how many times do I have to tell you to stop hugging me every time I call on you!"

"Seviper, use Poison Tail on the Snorlax!" cried the Jessie human.

Seviper obeyed, charging its tail blade with purple energy. It swung its tail at Snorlax, but it bounced off effortlessly.

"Flygon, use Flamethrower on the Cacnea!" cried the enslaver.

Flygon responded by blasting out a medium-size stream of fire from its mouth. The fire hit Cacnea square on, but didn't faint it.

"Cacnea, counter with a Needle Arm attack!" cried the James human.

Cacnea obeyed, surging its right arm with white energy. it leapt at Flygon, swinging its glowing arm around in circles. It struck Flygon, dealing a lot of damage, but not fainting Flygon.

"Snorlax, use Body Slam on Seviper!" cried the enslaver again.

Snorlax actually got up for once in its life, then jumped at Seviper.

"Dodge it, Seviper, then counter with a Poison Tail to Snorlax's back!"

The Fang Snake Pokemon managed to leap out of the way just in time, narrowly having its tail caught underneath Snorlax's weight. Seviper then hit Snorlax's back with another Poison Tail, this one actually causing damage. Snorlax returned to the enslaver's side, then laid back down again.

"Flygon, hit Cacnea with another Flamethrower!"

Flygon blasted Cacnea with another Flamethrower, this time fainting Cacnea.

"Cacnea, return! Go, Chimecho!" cried the James human.

A red beam of light absorbed Cacnea back into the ball, then it was replaced by a white ball with yellow eyes, a fabricy tail on its bottom and a bell on its head.

"Snorlax, use Fissure on Seviper!"

Snorlax got up, stomped the ground, then went back down. Seviper leapt into the air, easily dodging the one-hit KO attack.

"Seviper, use Wrap on Flygon!" cried the Jessie human.

Seviper leapt at Flygon, then coiled around it, squeezing hard. Flygon was trappped, seemingly unable to move.

"Now let it go and grab the Marowak!" she cried again.

I gasped. Seviper leapt off of Flygon and went straight for me. I leapt, but Seviper snagged me, coiling around me.

"W...w...why are you doing this?" I asked the Fang Snake Pokemon.

"My masssster tellssssss me sssssso." replied the Seviper. It then slithered away with me in its grasp, the two humans following.


Another memory...

I am in the Team Rocket base...

I see another human, wearing orange artificial skin all over his upper body and legs. He has brown, flat hair. And he is smirking, triumphant.

"Hmhmhm. Thank you." he said. "But first, I must make this Marowak obey me. Kingler, come out!"

A giant crab-like creature appeared, claws snapping.

"Hey, new guy." the Kingler said. "I'm going to battle you. Master Giovanni is going to catch you. End of story. Try not to struggle, all right?"

"No." I said coldly. I bashed the crab on the head with my bone, then ran away.

"Ah, yes. The thrill of the chase. Very satisfying. Kingler, pursue it." I heard the Giovanni human say before I was too far away to hear.

I turned into an alley, then stopped to catch my breath. I gasped for air, my heart beating every second. I looked around, just to see if the Kingler was following me. I didn't see it.

Suddenly, I heard the giant crab land behind me, creating a noise that sounded a lot like an Earthquake attack.

"Thought you could hide from me, eh?" the Pincer Pokemon said, snapping one of its claws at me. "WRONG!"

I leapt out of the alley, and continued to run. I looked behind and saw the Kingler leap on top of a building, then leap across other buildings, following my general path. I decided to play sneaky. I turned around, then ran in the other direction. To my relief, I heard Kingler leaping farther away from me, then stop. Oh, no, I thought He's found out.

Kingler leapt down the building, then looked at me.

"Nice try, Marowak, but you won't outsmart me that easily!"

Kingler leapt at me, charging its claw with blue energy. I saw that it was going to hit me with a Crabhammer attack.

I leapt out of the way, the Crabhammer making a crater in the ground where I had been a second before. Kingler swung another Crabhammer at me, but I dodged again. Finally, as he was about to hit me with a third Crabhammer, I blasted him with a Bone Rush attack, sending many bones at Kingler. I ran away while it was distracted, and I lost it...


The memories ended, and I remembered my freaky encounter with the Giovanni human's Kingler. I also remembered Team Rocket, and that they may be searching for me now. I remembered another foe...and another thing I needed to keep away from to stay alive.


I needed to get back to the matter at hand. The matter of communicating with the humans. And then it hit me: the answer was staring me in the face. I needed the help of a certain legendary...a legendary named Mewtwo.

He would understand how I felt about humans, as he feels the same. The only human, however, that Mewtwo hates the most is the Giovanni human, and I hate him too.

I just needed to convince Mewtwo to help me get my message out to the humans.


That's it for Chapter 9. Read, review and rate!

Master of Legends
30th November 2005, 8:52 PM
very good, il give it 4 star (not enough action!) lol but it was good

6th December 2005, 12:40 AM
Sigh...I need a lot more reviewers.

Anyway, Chapter 10 is up. Enjoy!

Chapter 10:

I looked outside the window and, once again, saw no humans coming up the drive. This is Seedots. What are they up to? What are they planning?

I called a meeting to order. The first, and only, order of buisness was: How did Frosty and Thunderbird get captured by the child?

"My story's the same as Thunderbird's, except shorter." said Frosty.

"All right, I'll tell you." said Thunderbird.

"The child had a Breloom and a Pidgeot out. The Greevil human had Frosty and a Swellow out, the Swellow came into play after Phoenix left." continued Thunderbird. "Swellow took a lot of Breloom's health off with an Aerial Ace. Pidgeot did a lot of damage on Frosty with a Steel Wing. Frosty blasted the Pidgeot with a Shadow Chill, but it didn't faint."

"Swellow fainted the Breloom with another Aerial Ace, and the child sent out a Scizor to replace it." continued Thunderbird. "Pidgeot weakened Frosty a lot with another Steel Wing, then the child threw a black-and-white ball called an 'Ultra Ball"'. It hit Frosty, then it shook once, twice, three times. I don't think Frosty could have gotten out of it."

"This is where I came in. I was sent out to replace Frosty. Swellow hit the Scizor with another Aerial Ace, but because Scizor had a Steel half to it, it didn't faint. Scizor struck back with a Silver Wind, damaging Swellow quite a bit. I fired a Shadow Bolt at Pidgeot, damaging and paralyzing it. Pidgeot managed to overcome the paralysis, however, and blinded me with a Featherdance. I couldn't see what was happening, but I got repeatedly pelted with Wing Attacks from the Pidgeot. I was down to pretty low health, and I was caught by another Ultra Ball." finished Thunderbird.

Well, now we knew how they got caught. I dismissed the meeting, then continued to look out the window.


I had another memory...

I was living in the mountains, safe from the grasp of the Giovanni human, or any other humans for that matter.

I then saw a human child come up my mountain. I couldn't do a thing about him, since I had been seriously weakened by a Golem's Explosion. The child threw a ball, and I was caught...


Another memory...

I was sent out of the Pokeball, to battle some sort of creature. It had light blue skin, red eyes, and a large, green bulb on its back.

It was a Bulbasaur.

I saw the Bulbasaur's trainer. He was another child, about the same size as the one I had been caught by. He wore black artificial skin over his upper body and light blue on his legs. He wore a red headwear piece with white on the front.

"So, Ash, you ready to lose to my Marowak?" asked the child that had caught me.

"I'm not gonna lose to that thing! Bulbasaur, Vine Whip!" cried the Ash human, the one with the red headwear piece.

Bulbasaur extended some black vines from underneath its bulb. I deflected the vines with my bone, defending myself.

"You see? My Marowak is smarter than others!" cried my enslaver.

Well, he was right about one thing.

"Bulbasaur, Razor Leaf!" cried the Ash human again.

Bulbasaur fired razor sharp leaves from under its bulb. I deflected them all away and ran for the Bulbasaur. I struck it on its head, doing some damage. I then leapt on top of the Bulbasaur's bulb, between the legs of the Ash human, then I ran away...


The memory ended...

I still remembered that I needed to get to Mewtwo, but how? I remembered that Mewtwo lived on an island with his superclone Pokemon, but how would I get to this island?

I remembered...Plesiosaur.

I got her to come to the front entrance of the pyramid.

"We need to get to Mewtwo's home island. Bring Phoenix, Frosty and Thunderbird along to show the amout of power we have." I told her.

Plesiosaur nodded, then leapt into the water. I jumped on her back and called for the three Kanto Birds, then we were off...


It had been a few days. We were getting hungry.

"Frosty, go scout ahead. See how far we are to getting there." I said.

"Fine." said the Shadow Articuno, flying ahead. "We're pretty much there already." came his response almost immediately.

I saw the large island come into view. Plesiosaur landed, and I jumped off her back.

A superclone Blastoise and Dewgong came into view.

"What are you here for?" asked the Blastoise.

"I am Skull, a Shadow Marowak." I replied.

"We can tell that you're Shadow Pokemon, but" the Dewgong that spoke saw the three Kanto Birds hovering above and gasped along with the Blastoise. "The three birds...what is it you want?"

"To speak with your creater, Mewtwo." I replied.

"Very well. Come with me." said the Blastoise. I followed the turtle Pokemon to Mewtwo's home.


"Blastoise, Dewgong, this is...unbelieveable." said Mewtwo via telepathy. "I never thought that a Marowak, even a Shadow one, would gain control of the three birds of Kanto. Because of that, I will do what you wish me to do.

"All that I want from you is to help me defeat the human menace." I said.

"Hmmm..."thought Mewtwo. "Are you against Giovanni?" he asked.

"Yes." I replied. "He is one of the first humans I wish to kill."

"Very well, then. If you are against Giovanni, then I shall help you destroy the human menace. I sense that you wish to have me communicate with the humans. I will do that. It is a good cause to destroy Giovanni. But I must tell you something: although all humans enslave Pokemon, not all humans are bad. I have seen some, and they taught me that some humans, unlike most, have good intentions. I will help you destroy Giovanni, but that is the only human I will help you destroy." replied Mewtwo.

Good I thought. Even if it's just the Giovanni human, that'll be all the destroying I'll have you do, Mewtwo.

"I CAN hear your thoughts, you know." said Mewtwo. "Your wish to have me communicate with the humans because you cannot shall be granted."

"Okay. We'll just destroy Giovanni. Deal?" I asked and held out my hand.

"Deal." replied Mewtwo, shaking my hand.

I now have someone I can communicate with the humans with. All that he will destroy, however, is the Giovanni human.

But, why does he believe that some humans are good? Ah, well. I'll deal with that later. Right now...

I have Pokemon to liberate...


That's it for the tenth chapter. Read, review and rate!

Sorry if it's too short, but it seems so big on the "post reply" screen.

Silent Shadow
16th December 2005, 12:36 AM
I've noticed your reply to my fic, and as said in my sig, I'll now reply to yours.

You have a great fic going here, and a great storyline going too, but one problem: You need to slow down! I understand you couldn't wait to post these chapters, and I get the same feeling a lot of times too, but you need to give people time to reply, and don't double/triple post, because it's against the rules. Other than that, keep up the good work, m'kay? :D

16th December 2005, 1:02 PM
Yayz! A reviewer! Thanks, Silent Shadow. I just have so much free time on my hands.

Anyway, here's Chapter 11. It was about 4 pages on Microsoft word. Enjoy!

Chapter 11

We had come back from our little trip. Mewtwo was with us.

“So this is Cipher’s Shadow Pokemon Creation Facility." said the Mew clone. “I have to say, it’s not bad for a human facility. Even if it makes abominations out of Pokemon. No offense, Skull.” he added.

“None taken.” I replied. “I get that a lot.”


For once, I did not look out the window to see if any humans were coming. With Mewtwo’s ability to sense any form of life, I did not need to.

“There are humans coming up. Four of them, two of which I know. I…” Mewtwo could not finish, for a pack of four humans came through the door.

I recognized one of them. It was the Ash human. The other three I did not recognize.

One was female and wore red artificial skin on her upper body and blue-white on a bit of her legs. She wore a bandanna made of even more red artificial skin.

The second was male, with spiky, brown hair, dark colored skin, and brown artificial skin on his upper body with grey artificial skin on his legs.

The last human, apart from the Ash human, was a lot smaller than the others, with black hair, glass over his eyes, green artificial skin on his upper body and black artificial skin on some of his legs.

“See, I told you, May!” cried the small human excitedly. “Those Shadow Pokemon need to be purified!”

“I don’t think they’ll come along willingly. The looks we’re getting are pretty hostile. Hey, wait, is that-?” said the brown spike-hair human.

“Mewtwo!” cried the Ash human. “What are you doing here?”

“Skull, the Marowak you see before you, has enlisted me to help in his quest to free all the Shadow Pokemon, as well as kill all the evil humans responsible. I am only here to translate what he says to you.” replied Mewtwo.

“Wow…” said the May human, which was the one with all the red artificial skin on her. “This is my first time meeting a legendary like Mewtwo!” She pulled out a red, hand-held machine and pointed it at Mewtwo.

“What’s that?” I asked Mewtwo.

“The humans call it a Pokedex. They feed humans information that is always incorrect, with the exception of Zangoose and Seviper’s rivalry.”

“Mewtwo. The genetic Pokemon. Mewtwo was created by scientists that preformed horrible gene-splicing experiments on Mew. Despite all their technology, they failed to give Mewtwo a compassionate heart.” said the small, red machine.

“May, the Dex is wrong.” said the Ash human. “Mewtwo doeshave a compassionate heart. It showed it when me, Misty and Brock here met it.”

“I do not like you humans calling me “it”. I am male, now remember that.” said Mewtwo.

“Sorry.” apologized the Ash human. “Anyway, we need to catch that Marowak!”

“Ash, Ground types like Marowak are weak against Grass and Water types.” Said the Brock human, who was the one that had the spiky brown hair.

“All right, then! Go, Corphish!” cried the Ash human.

A small, red lobster creature appeared, claws snapping.

“Corphish, use Bubblebeam!” commanded the Ash human.

The Corphish opened its claws, spraying many blue balls of energy at me. I leapt, the Corphish redirecting the Bubblebeam to my current location. Gravity pulled me down, narrowly dodging the attack.

“Man, that Marowak is good.” remarked the small human.

“I don’t care how good it is, only that it’s purified! Corphish, use Crabhammer!”

Corphish leapt at me, its claw glowing blue. I leapt to the left, the Crabhammer striking where I was a second before.

“Now use Vicegrip!”

Corphish suddenly grabbed my legs, squeezing tightly. Pain shot through my legs, stinging quite a bit. Corphish let go, then I heard the two words I really did not want to hear…

“Pokeball, GO!”

I felt the dreaded object strike, and I was sucked into it. I felt the piece of cruelty trying to suppress my mind, trying to erase my free will. I fought with all my might, trying to keep my free will. I succeeded.

However, despite my valuable efforts, I was caught…


I was called upon after what seemed like an eternity. I was in the middle of some sort of forest, but the most noticeable feature was a large, grey pillar.

The four humans that had invaded my base were here, along with a green, alien-like creature. It was Celebi.

“All right, Marowak, you’re going to get purified today!” said the Ash human happily. “How do you feel?”

“I bet it’s really happy!” said the May human, to which she got a hit on the head from my bone. “Or…not.”

“Celebi, can you purify this Marowak?” asked the small human.

“Yep."said Celebi by means of telepathy. “Just let me find his happiest memory, then he’ll be free of the Shadows.”

Celebi circled around me, apparantley searching through my memories. It looked more and more disappointed the more it circled.

“Max, Ash, May and Brock…I’m sorry to say that this Marowak has no chance of being purified.”

“What do you mean?” asked the Ash human.

“A Pokemon needs at least one happy memory for me to purify it. The Marowak has no happy memories at all. There’s no hope, unless you can make him some happy memories.”

Okay, maybe I don’t lead a happy life, but purification? PLEASE! I’m not going to let these humans take my Shadow Powers.

“Okay, Celebi. Marowak, return.” said the Ash human as he pointed a Pokeball at me. I leapt out of the way, the red beam that the Pokeball shot missing me.

“Ash, I don’t think it wants to go into that ball.” said the small human, apparantley named Max.

“Okay, then. We’ll just have you stay outside. Like Pikachu.” said the Ash human as a Pikachu leapt onto his shoulder.

I don’t care if they want to purify me. I’m going to escape…

Whether they like it or not.


That's it for the eleventh chapter. Read, review and rate!

Silent Shadow
16th December 2005, 1:21 PM
Uh-oh.... Looks like it could be a while before Skull is purified, if at all. By the way, is my description of your fic in my sig to your liking?

3rd January 2006, 11:51 PM
I really need to bring this fic back to the first page...

And Silent Shadow, it's perfect. Thanks!

Anyway, here's chapter 12.

Chapter 12

"We're going to battle together, Marowak." the Ash human said to me. "We're going to start opening your heart today!"

Not if I have anything to say about it. I thought.

I had been walking with the Ash human for quite a while. We were at some sort of town that the humans called "Lavaridge".

We entered a large building that they called a "gym". I then noticed a strange human female.

She had pink hair that sprayed out in all directions, black artificial skin covering her upper body and some sort of blue artificial skin covering her legs. She had some sort of fire-like emblem on her upper body's artificial skin.

The "gym" itself had grey walls, a bit of a human dwelling in the north wall, and pretty natural ground for a floor. I felt as if I belonged here, what with the sandy battlefield and all. But I shook that feeling off, knowing that I belonged in the moutains.

"We're here, Flannery!" called the Ash human.

"I've noticed that." said the pink haired human that was apparantley called Flannery. "Ready for our rematch?"

"You bet!" replied the Ash human. "I'll start off with my newest Pokemon! Go, Marowak!"

I just stood there, on the spot. I would NOT be taking orders from an adult human, let alone a child.

"C'mon, Marowak, get in there!" the Ash human said again.

Hmph. Persistant little human, isn't he? Looks like I need to get my point across a different way.


"OWWWWWW!!!!!" the Ash human cried, hopping about while holding the foot I had smacked with my bone.

"Not a very pleasent Marowak you have there, Ash." remarked the Flannery human.

"It's a Shadow Pokemon. We're trying to purify it. We were passing through, so we thought we'd start purifying it." the May human explained.

"Ah. That would explain the behavior." said the Flannery human. "Just get it to battle, and I'll clean its clock."

Oh, you think so, do you human?

"O-okay. Marowak, go!" said the Ash human, who was still clutching his foot.

I decided to step in this time. I wanted to make it so that the Flannery human is the one whose clock is cleaned.

"Let's start off with the usual. Go, Houndoom!" the Flannery human cried.

A large, red and black dog with horns and a forked tail appeared from a Pokeball.

"Houndoom, use Flamethrower!" the Flannery human cried.

The Houndoom opened its mouth, then blasted a stream of fire from it. I jumped to the left to avoid it it, but the heat from the attack still reached me.

"Marowak, Rock Slide!" cried the Ash human.

Instead of Rock Slide, I charged myself with a black aura, then ran at the Houndoom, my aura growing bigger with every step. I hit the Houndoom, blasting it into the wall, but not fainting it. I felt the recoil from the Shadow End attack that I had just used, but bore with it, knowing that it was natural.

"Marowak, I said Rock Slide, not Shadow End!" cried the Ash human furiously.

Heh. Making humans angry brings so much satisfaction to me. So much that I didn't notice the Houndoom blast me with another Flamethrower attack.

I had hit the wall. I was angry. I felt my aura change from black to red as a representation of my anger. I charged another Shadow End, then ran at the Houndoom again.

The Houndoom raised one paw as if to prepare to run away, which would have been a smart choice at the time. Being a stupid brainwashed slave, however, it was not smart enough to make that choice.

I hit the Dark Pokemon with the Shadow End, depleting its health a lot. It was nearly fainted, so I just stomped on its head, and it fainted.

"NO! Houndoom, return!" cried the Flannery human, returning the Houndoom to its Pokeball. "Go, Arcanine!"

A large, orange dog with black stripes and white fur on its head, tail and chest appeared to replace the Houndoom that I had knocked out earlier.

"Arcanine, Extremespeed!" cried the Flannery human.

I didn't even have time to brace myself for the attack, and I was hit full-force by the Arcanine's Extremespeed. I flew into a wall, hit pretty hard by the attack.

I was still in Reverse Mode, however, so the power of my Shadow attacks was still increased. I charged a Shadow End and ran at the Arcanine, intent on murdering it.

I hit the Arcanine full-force, blasting it into the wall. It was nearly fainted. I smacked it in the face with my bone three times, finally fainting it.

"Arcanine, return!" cried the Flannery human. "Looks like I'll have to bring out the big guns. Go, Typhlosion!"

A large, blue and tan creature with red eyes appeared, glaring. It definitely didn't look like it was friendly.

"Wait, how did you get a Typhlosion, Flannery?" asked the Max human.

"Grandpa lent it to me for this rematch." the Flannery human said proudly. "And I'll clean Marowak's clock with it! Typhlosion, Flame Wheel!"

The Typhlosion covered itself in fire, then rushed at me, intent on fainting me. I knew that a Typhlosion this powerful would faint me with a weak attack such as Tackle, so I merely put my bone in front of my face, stepped back a little...

Then the Typhlosion hit me.

And I fainted.


"Is it all right?"

"Yes, it is. It took us a few minutes to get him back, but it's here."

Voices...where are they coming from?

I found the strength to open my eyes. I looked around, and saw the Ash human, the Brock human, the May human, the Max human, the Flannery human, and a human female that I had never seen before.

The new human had pink hair like the Flannery human's, but hers was more tamed. She had white and pink artificial skin covering most of her body, but most other details were blocked out, due to the Brock human's flirting with her.

"Really, Nurse Joy, we should get together sometime." said the Brock human while holding the hands of the new human, who I now know is called "Nurse Joy". "We could go to a resturant, go to a movie, go to-AAAAHHH!!!"

"Come on, Brock." said the Max human, who was pulling on the Brock human's ear, which had caused him to do the mid-sentence scream. "Don't you EVER stop flirting with every woman you meet?"

"Hey, look, Marowak's awake!" said the May human joyfully.

"Sorry about the roughness of Grandpa's Typhlosion." apologized the Flannery human. "I guess even Idon't know the amount of power it has."

"Mrr." I growled, turning away from the Flannery human, but doing so caused me to feel a bit of pain. "OW!"

"Easy there, Marowak." said the Nurse Joy human. "You got burned by the Typhlosion's Flame Wheel, and it'll take a couple of hours for the burn to wear off. Just sit tight for those couple of hours and then you can go."

Great, I thought. Now I'm going to be an easy target for the Cipher humans.

"Hey, don't worry." said the Ash human. "You can battle other people once the burns wear off."

I glared at him, then looked up at the celing. I now know more about why humans enslave Pokemon.

They make them strong so they can do more bidding, as well as injuring Pokemon in battles for the sheer fun of it.

I realized that, if the Cipher humans do come, I would be ready...once the blasted burns wear off, of course.


What do you think? As always, read, review and rate!

Silent Shadow
5th January 2006, 11:40 PM
Nice one! Aww.... poor Marowak.... Who knew that a fire type could beat, and easily burn a ground type? After coming this far, it'll sure stink if Skull were to be captured by Cipher again... *hopes it doesn't*

EDIT: And hey, you're on the same chapter I am!

7th January 2006, 5:07 AM
Reviewing as was requested. This is about up to Ch 7.

Hmmm....this fic has potential...but needs serious improvement. Remember, Speeding Kills!! And that's not just drivers. For the love of all that is holy, SLOW THE *BEEP* DOWN!! Geez. Wait three days at the VERY LEAST before you post another chapter. If you want reviews, you have to give people time to review. You can't expect them to review as soon as you post the chapter, they have lives! Plus, the fact that chapters keep coming so quickly is a major reader turn-off. Seriously. BE CALM!

Now, I noticed some inconsistent parts of the plot. For example; if Skull can tell how much time is in a 'human' hour, why the hell doesn't he know about hair? If you are going to make him ignorant to much of the human world, you have to make sure these slip-ups, however easy they may be to make, are taken care of. Be alert to them. Ignorance to the way of humans can be tricky to pull off. And please stop with the grass. That's incredibly annoying.

Please, adjectives are your friend. Embrace them. Use them. Love them. Description is one of the most vital aspects of a fic. It helps readers to visualise the story in their minds. Just adding basic things like describing a palm tree can make a world of difference. Trust me on this.

All in all...average. Not fantastic, but by no means a lost cause. Just slow down, amp up your description and be alert to plot holes, and you will go far.


P.S. And please, for the love of plumcake, stop offering your character to other authors. It's very annoying. Save it for RPG.

28th January 2006, 2:58 PM
Typhlogirl: -.- Two things:

1: I DID slow down. I know I might be able to amp up the description a little bit, and I also know that there shouldn't be plotholes in here. They'll all be exterminated next chapter.

2: CB actually found a way to say that in a way that wouldn't offend me, unlike you.

Silent Shadow: Yeah, well, Flannery's Grandpa's Typhlosion is pretty tough. In that one anime episode, that very same Typhlosion nearly fried Jessie's Seviper, which is a Poison type. So, yeah...Skull got burned and fainted by a really strong Typhlosion.

Chapter 13 is up! Enjoy!

Chapter 13:

I rested in the building that I later learnt was called a “Pokemon Center”. I still needed to get a little more time before the burns wore off.

It was today I got an unexpected visitor: the Ash human’s Pikachu slave. It hopped up onto the bed next to mine and said “How are you feeling?”

I turned my head towards the yellow rat and said “Bit better. I just needed a couple of hours of sleep. Never knew sleep felt so good.”

“How’d you learn about hours?” the Pikachu slave asked. “I didn’t know about them until Ash brought me to Johto.”

I sighed, then said “All right. What I’m about to tell you is strictly for the ears of Pokemon only. Humans never understand the pain we feel.”

I looked up at the ceiling and continued with “It was a long while back, about half a year I think. I was once a normal Marowak, born by another Marowak, raised by Lapras.

“We had lived peacefully in a forest populated with Pokemon, thousands of them. It was one day that a Treecko rushed through our habitat, warning us of an approaching human. That human came, and sent out a Gastly and a Beldum. The two knocked a lot of our health off, then the human threw a couple of Pokeballs at us. Details are kinda fuzzy after that, but I knew with dread certainty that me and my adopted sister Lapras, Plesiosaur, had been caught.” I continued.

“Oh. My. Gosh.” the Pikachu gasped. “That’s sad. I know how you feel. When I was first captured, I thought I’d never see my family and friends again. I thought I’d never become happy.”

“Same here.” I agreed. “Anyway, the human raised us for a few years, treating us with false kindness. I knew deep inside, however, that the human thought that we were slaves, meant to serve under the humans. Ah…I can’t remember much after that, but I remember the human teaching us all about time. He taught us that sixty seconds was a minute, sixty minutes was an hour, and twenty-four hours was a day. But when he became an adult, he took me to his greedy father, named Greevil.”

“Greevil?! The head of Cipher!?” the Pikachu gasped, obviously surprised.

“Yep. The same.” I replied. “I think the Greevil human ordered me and Plesiosaur to be turned into Shadow Pokemon. Before I could be made one, however, I got snatched by a couple of goons with white…ah, does that artificial skin that humans wear have a name?”

“Yeah.” responded the Pikachu. “They’re called clothes. Don’t ask me why, Ash just taught me that.”

“O-kay. Anyway, they had white, uh, clothes with a pink R on each one. I think they called themselves Team Rocket.”

“Huh.” said the Pikachu. “We’ve always dealt with Team Rocket. They’re so pathetic.”

“Yeah, but they managed to hold the human that captured me at bay while the one with red hair had her Seviper snatch me.” I told him. “After that, they took me to their boss, who tried to catch me by sending a Kingler after me. I managed to escape it, and…ah, details are still fuzzy after that. I can’t tell any more. I don’t remember anything else, aside from when I got turned into a Shadow Pokemon, I managed to rebel and start a rebellion of Shadow Pokemon. I think it was at a pyramid area where the Cipher humans made Shadow Pokemon.”

“You mean that you came all the way from Orre?” asked the Pikachu. “Wow. That’s a long way. We’re in Hoenn right now, and I think Ash plans on taking you to Kanto.”

“Wait, I think I remember something about that Ash human…I think some other kid caught me, then battled your trainer with me. I managed to escape during the battle, but details afterward are kinda fuzzy.”

“So that’s why Bulbasaur thought you looked familiar…” pondered the Pikachu out loud.

“Leave me.” I ordered the Pikachu. “I want to be alone.”

The Pikachu shrugged, then said. “Fine. You need to recover anyway, so I’ll go.”

And it left.

I looked at the ceiling again, realizing that I needed to escape NOW, before Cipher finds and crushes my rebellion. I needed to escape, but I also needed to heal.

Oh, I hate choices.


It was a couple of days later when I felt ready to go. I looked at my side where the burn from the Typhlosion had been. It was gone.

“Good” I thought. “Now I can go."

I couldn’t go out the front door, that was what the humans were expecting. Instead, I smashed a nearby window with my bone.

“What was that?” I heard the Brock human say.

“I think it came from over where Marowak is.” I heard the Ash human say.

MAN, I am stupid. I need stealth to escape and not draw attention to myself. But, as it was too late now, I leapt out the window.

And just ran. Ran, ran, ran.

I ran through another human town, and another, and another. Geez, where is the entrance to Orre!?

At least my old enslaver taught me to read, one thing I apparantley forgot to mention to the Pikachu. I read a wooden sign with an arrow on it, and found that it said “Orre: Two yards.”

Great, now what was a yard?

Ah, what did it matter. I just ran for it, in the direction that the sign’s arrow had pointed.

I looked behind me, and saw no humans. Good. I kept running and found myself at another wooden sign, this one saying “Welcome to Orre.”

Finally! Back home at last! I heard a screech behind me, and turned around, catching sight of the Ash human riding a Flygon. He yelled something, but he was so far away I couldn’t hear.

I heard another screech in the other direction. Three screeches, to be precise. I looked…

…and saw Phoenix, Frosty and Thunderbird flying towards me, happy to see me.

They landed in front of me, and I, almost at a loss for words, merely said “My friends…” and fainted, tired from all the running.


I woke up back at the Shadow Pokemon creation pyramid, and saw Mewtwo, the Three Birds, Hydropunch, and…


I ran over and hugged her, happy to be together again.

“Hey, what about me?” complained Hydropunch. “Don’t I get a hug?”

“Are you my brother?” I asked him.

“No.” he replied.

“Then no hug.”


Everyone except Hydropunch laughed, amused by my little comment.

Finally, we’re together again. It took a lot of work, but the rebellion is back in business…

…until Cipher, someday, sends a bunch of humans to take us all captive. And when they do…

…we’ll be ready.


Read, review and rate!

28th January 2006, 10:36 PM
Offend you? WTF? Are you offended by the truth? Buddy, you wanted me to be harsh! So I was! If you are offended by straight reviews, then don't ask for them! I'm not gunna butter up the facts just to please you! Anyway, I said you had potential, you just had to fix a few things. I'm soowy if I hurted your feewings. >_>

Geez, this is the reason Renegade left...


28th January 2006, 11:00 PM
Typhlogirl: Okay, I admit it: I overreacted. I just snapped. I snap a lot, really. Sowwy.

6th February 2006, 1:29 PM
Chapter 14 is up! Yay!

I'm a little short on time, so this may be a little short.

Chapter 14:

I was just sitting in the chair, happy to be back here, in my base.

In the Orre region.

We had stolen a human TV. I gotta say, the humans actually did something right when they invented television.

The TV was kinda big, and its blue screen made the picture kinda weird looking. We had torn down the monitor that hung on the back end of the command room, and replaced it with this large television.

I kept watching the human news, called “ONBS News”. It was broadcasted from a building in Pyrite town, and the ONBS building was one of the few clean ones there.

I shuddered as I remembered the encounter that Plesiosaur and me had there. We had been attacked by a human with a ridiculously large ball of hair, who intended on capturing us. We managed to defeat him, and now, his whereabouts are unknown.

I kept watching ONBS to see if there were any reports on “savage Pokemon” like us.

As it turns out, there was.

A human female with red lips, blue hair, white-ish skin, and blue artificial skin was sitting behind a large, wooden block. She was holding a sheet of white paper, which baffled me as she never looked at it throughout the whole broadcast.

“This is ONBS news.” she said. “reports are coming in from across the Orre region that savage Pokemon are attacking innocent trainers who are merely trying to help them. We will broadcast more as we gain more information.”

I laughed to myself, amused by the human’s stupidity. We may have killed human trainers, but so what?! Humans don’t care for us at all. They all view us as tools used for whatever they wish.

I hopped down from my chair and went outside to look down the edge of the pyramid. It seemed like only yesterday that we took this place over…

I remember clearly what happened that day. We killed many humans, we recruited many Shadow Pokemon.

But now, as I gazed down the pyramid’s edge, I realized that, in order for us to be free from the Cipher humans…

…we had to destroy them before they caught us.


I brought every Shadow Pokemon recruited to the front door of the pyramid. I looked upon every one of them.

Zangoose was slashing at air with his claws, as if an invisible enemy was there and he needed to destroy him.

Tangela and Weepinbell were whipping their vines through the air, as if an invisible enemy was challenging them as well.

All the others looked at me with extreme attention playing out through their eyes.

I cleared my throat to gain Zangoose, Weepinbell and Tangela’s attention, and then I spoke…

“Shadow Pokemon,” I began “we have been made this way by the despicable humans of Cipher. Now, we can’t stand around much longer, due to the Cipher humans attempting to track us. We must fight them, kill them, defeat them. We must gain our freedom!”

It was a short speech, but it gathered the attention of every Shadow Pokemon present. They all cheered, and I smirked with satisfaction. The humans die tonight…

…and we will all be free.


The journey to the island where I had been used as a pitiful slave was not very long. Plesiosaur offered rides to the Pokemon that could not swim, such as myself. All those that could fly flew, and those that could swim also offered rides to others.

It must have been a strange sight for the humans, seeing a large quantity of Shadow Pokemon all moving together towards that dreaded island.

We reached it at last, but we were immediately met with resistance. That same sailor that had attempted to capture Hydropunch and me walked up, and sent out the Shadow Sableye and Shadow Golduck, as well as a Crawdaunt, a Pelipper, and a Mantine.

The sailor ordered the Mantine to attack the seagoing Pokemon, Pelipper to attack those in the air, and the rest to prevent the rest of us from getting through.

Why does that pitiful human think he has a chance?

Right next to me, the Pelipper’s burnt, electrified, and partly frozen corpse fell, obviously beaten by Phoenix, Thunderbird and Frosty.

I turned my head towards the Crawdaunt, who was obviously shocked by the Pelipper’s defeated corpse. I charged my aura, scaring the Crawdaunt greatly. The Crawdaunt then picked a Pokeball off the sailor’s belt, smashed it, then dove into the sea.

I guess that the Crawdaunt just quit while he could.

We managed to pick off the rest of them, as well as the sailor. We took out many other trainers and their Pokemon, some of them fleeing like the Crawdaunt, until we reached the top of the island…

…where my old enslaver awaited us all.

“I’ve been waiting for you, Marowak.” he said. “Now, I’m going to make certain that you don’t escape again! Go, all of you!”

A Shadow Salamence, a Snorlax, a Flygon, a Gengar, a Metagross, and a Shadow Manectric appeared from six different Pokeballs.

The final battle with my old enslaver is now. I may defeat him…

…or be captured trying.


Sorry if it’s too short. As I said before, I’m a little short on time.

Anyway, read, review and rate!

10th February 2006, 2:46 PM
I couldn't really wait to post this chapter, since...it's the final chapter! Yayness!

Chapter 15

I gazed upon the four pure Pokemon accompanied by two Shadow Pokemon, all of which were ready to fight.

“Now…” said my enslaver “let’s get things started! Manectric, start things off with a Shadow Sky attack!”

The Shadow Manectric was reluctant to respond, but then charged its spike-like mane with shadow energy, then shot that energy into the air, where it spread across the area, preventing anything from escaping.

“Flygon, attack the Bug- and Grass-types with Flamethrower!” commanded my enslaver.

The Flygon, being a stupid human slave, responded immediately, flying into the air, then diving down at Weepinbell, Tangela, Butterfree and Beedrill, preparing to shoot a stream of fire from its mouth at them.

Beedrill, however, was also quick. It flew into the air, effectively dodging the Flygon. It then charged its limbs and eyes with shadow energy, then fired them all at the Flygon. Each piece of shadow energy fired at the Flygon, as it was a Shadow Blitz attack.

The Flygon dodged a few, but was hit by several more Shadow Blitz’s that were sent out by Pidgeotto, Paras, Growlithe and Shellder. The combined Shadow Blitz’s fainted the Flygon, as they were shadow attacks.

“Flygon, return!” said my old enslaver. “Salamence, use Shadow Rush on Marowak!”

He was targeting me…that wasn’t good. The Salamence was also reluctant to attack, but then charged its head with shadow energy. It then used its large wings to fly into the air, then it flew towards me.

As I stood there, waiting for the attack, the Shadow Salamence opened its shadow-powered jaws wide, revealing four sharp fangs, two on the top, two on the bottom. All four fangs were also charged with shadow energy, which would provide quite a painful bite.

I leapt out of the way, but I felt the Salamence’s four fangs pierce my leg as I leapt. I screamed in pain, then looked down at my leg, which was bleeding rather badly. I clutched my bleeding leg, and felt my own blood touch my one-fingered hands.

“That’s it, Salamence!” cried my old enslaver joyfully. “Now, since Marowak is a Shadow Pokemon, and Shadow Rush is a shadow attack, it didn’t effect it that much. Keep using Shadow Rush on it until its health is low, then I’ll catch it.”

Boy, this human is STU-PID! He thinks I’m not intelligent enough to understand English. Well, guess what? I CAN understand you, stupid human!

I was angry. Angry at my old enslaver for thinking that I was stupid. Angry at his father, the Greevil human, for ordering me to be turned into a Shadow Pokemon. I hated the Cipher humans, every last one of them. Now, they will die!

I felt my anger send me into Reverse Mode, changing my black aura to a red one. I charged a Shadow End attack, then ran through all the Pokemon, straight at my enslaver.

“Metagross, stop Marowak!” ordered my old enslaver.

A Metagross that Plesiosaur had originally “killed” floated in front of me. I guess pulling a few limbs off a Steel-type doesn’t kill it.

“Stop.” the Metagross said in a sharp, metallic tone.

“You’re intelligent enough to speak?” I taunted. “Wow…and here I thought that soulless slaves didn’t have intelligence.”

“I’ll have you know, Marowak, that I have the intelligence of a human’s supercomputer.” responded the Metagross. “I merely follow the orders of my master.”

“See, that’s what I’m talking about!” I cried. “You don’t have enough intelligence to have free will! You’re an idiot, just like all those other soulless slaves!”

Apparantley, this left a mark on the Metagross. Its red eyes narrowed in anger, but, because it wanted to “follow its master’s wishes”, it did not attack. I use their loyalty and lack of will against them.

I charged another Shadow End, then blasted the Metagross back into its enslaver. The two were smacked right into the sea, quite possibly to never be seen again.

“NO!” cried the Flygon, Gengar and Tauros. “OUR MASTER!”

“Eh.” said the Shadow Manectric and the Shadow Salamence. “Whatever.”

I smiled at the Manectric and Salamence, which is something I hadn’t done in a while. I then sighed, then said to my army. “We’ve avenged ourselves. Let’s go out into the wild, start families, live life to its fullest, blah, blah, blah.”


We each had to choose a region to go to, then live in the wild there. I went to Kanto, and found myself in the mountains…my old home.

I found my old cave. I went inside, and found another Marowak sitting in there. It spotted me, and I saw that it was female. She walked up and said “Uh…hi. You live here?”

I noticed a tone of fear in her voice. I reassured her by saying “Yeah…don’t worry, I might be a Shadow Pokemon, but I’m not going to hurt you. My name’s Skull. What’s yours?”

The female breathed a sigh of relief, then said “My name’s Bonette. I…think I’m experiencing love at first sight.”

I felt…strange. I felt all my happy emotions direct to her. I…felt…love.

“Yeah…” I replied. “I…think I am, too.”

“That’s great!” Bonette said.

And…we kissed.

It was kinda hard to do, though, considering that our heads were skulls.

But…I found a wife. And a couple years later, we had a kid…named Cubon. He inherited my Shadow Powers…but he also inherited everything except the looks from his mother, Bonette.

I became famous for leading a rebellion, freeing myself from my old enslaver, and having a Lapras for a sister.

I think…that every Pokemon, no matter what the hardships they endure, no matter if they’re a Shadow Pokemon or not…

…will have some sort of a happy ending. And this is mine.

I have a family…and soon, Cubon will have a family, though he has to evolve first.

And then, my bloodline will continue for centuries to come.

Yeah, that’s my life…complicated.

If you’re a human that cares for Pokemon…keep going.

And if you’re a human that treats Pokemon like garbage…you suck.

But, no matter what species you are, you gotta admit…you can’t have life much better than this.


Sorry if the romance part is bad, I don't have a lot of experience in that area, nor is it my favorite.

I'll post how to pronounce Bonette and Cubon's names.

Bonette = Bone-ette

Cubon = Cue-bon

That's it. Please read, review and rate.

Silent Shadow
23rd February 2006, 12:25 AM
Hey sorry I didn't reply before. I've been grounded for like a month.... Anyway, on to business: So this is it huh? The End? No offense but compared to the first few chapters this one was incredible! A great ending too. I liked these lines right here the best:

I think…that every Pokemon, no matter what the hardships they endure, no matter if they’re a Shadow Pokemon or not…

…will have some sort of a happy ending. And this is mine.

But, no matter what species you are, you gotta admit…you can’t have life much better than this.

You've done some good work with this one. And provided it was a bit short, I still liked it, nonetheless. *claps* And ya know, there are some perks to it being done. Now that it's done you can put it in the completed fics section. That's something I won't be able to do for a while.... (If ya know what I mean.)

~Shadow~ ;249-d;

Sike Saner
13th March 2006, 11:47 PM

...okay, I'll shut up now. :3

Well, he may have been destroyed, but meh, I was still glad to see him. Glad to see Miror B., too - giant hair and all. ^^

And now, I shall give you the excerpts that entertained or amused me the most, because that's what I dooooo...

I smacked myself on the head with my bone. DUH!

A human with red grass on his head. I thought back.

...Grass? It's called hair, Skull.

"At the request of an old yet very short man, I, Pike Queen Lucy, challenge you wild Shadow Pokemon to a battle!"

"Old yet very short man"...that's Greevil, alright. XP

a white banana with fins, a horn and fangs

BAHHH! Ah, and now Dewgong may forever remind me of a BANANA! XD

"Hey, new guy." the Kingler said. "I'm going to battle you. Master Giovanni is going to catch you. End of story. Try not to struggle, all right?"

"No." I said coldly. I bashed the crab on the head with my bone, then ran away.

BONK! Fwee for head trauma. :P

Hmph. Persistant little human, isn't he? Looks like I need to get my point across a different way.


"OWWWWWW!!!!!" the Ash human cried, hopping about while holding the foot I had smacked with my bone.

And again, FWEE for trauma inflicted by the strike of a blunt instrument.

“Hey, what about me?” complained Hydropunch. “Don’t I get a hug?”

“Are you my brother?” I asked him.

“No.” he replied.

“Then no hug.”


Lol. ^^

“We’ve avenged ourselves. Let’s go out into the wild, start families, live life to its fullest, blah, blah, blah.”

If you’re a human that cares for Pokemon…keep going.

And if you’re a human that treats Pokemon like garbage…you suck.


Now, if you'll excuse me...I must go and whine about Snattle some more...