View Full Version : Hello, long time no see

19th November 2005, 12:52 AM
Hello y'all. I have actually been here before.
But my account suddenly dissapeared for no reason.
But nice to see you!

19th November 2005, 1:21 AM
Hi and welcome to SPPF. Your old account was probably pruned because you weren't on it for over 2 months.

19th November 2005, 1:48 AM
welcom back

19th November 2005, 2:18 AM
So far, things have been irritating in the team-rating thingy. I don't like subjective ratings..... Ugh. Ppl are annoying sometimes. And my team does not suck! No way! I've won almost every single time against all sorts of people! Even on Net Battle! I've known pokemon since it first came out! Argh!

Locke Yggdrasill
19th November 2005, 2:21 AM
I beleive the account pruning-day...thing... is 45 days.
But nevertheless, Welcome back.