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Wandering Rhythmical Phoenix
19th November 2005, 6:46 PM
Ties Bound By Battle:
Chapter 1:
Let’s Go Yuki and Sera!!
Go Forward to Destiny, Pokemon, And Power!!!

“WAKE UP, COME ON SERA, WAKE UP, AND GET OUT HERE!” A young boy yelled, pounding on a door. It was the only noise that morning, except for the cries of Pokemon outside of the town’s borders. “I’M NOT WAITING FOREVER!!” The door flew open, and sent the boy flying from the porch. “Darn it, Sera. I will say this though, nice bushes.”

“Because I know your not a pervert, I’ll take it you mean the shrubbery.”

“Who thinks I’m a pervert? I’ll smash their face in.”

“Relax.” She smiled, patting the boy on the head, “I know why you’re here, and today’s that day. Come on, Baka-san!”

“YUKI! FOR THE LAST TIME MY NAME IS YUKI!” The two didn’t look at each other for the rest of the walk.

They stepped to the front gates of Professor Birch’s lab. Yuki jiggled the doorknob, the door opened slowly and the two walked into the unlit lab. Sera felt for the light switch, flipped it on, and the lab was lit with florescent glow. Yuki’s eyes traveled down, where the saw the body of an Aid lying, almost dead on the ground.

The two stormed, screaming from the Laboratory, and outside the town boundaries with out thinking. They stopped only after they were under a tree. “Good,” she stopped to take a breather. “What was that?” Sera finally gasped.

“I don’t know, but who would want to attack an assistant?”

“MIGHT!!” A voice, gruff and malevolent called out.

“Sera, was… Was that you?” Yuki asked, looking around, becoming more freaked by the second.

“I was about to ask you the same question…” Sera said, walking closer to Yuki. That’s when they heard the growl behind them.

A golden Mightyena stood near the two kids, a hungry look in its eyes, blood on its snout.

“Sera!!” Yuki yelled, slipping into his friend’s arms. The Golden beast leapt at them as Sera tightened her grip on her friend.

“Onix, Go, Iron Tail!” A commanding female voice yelled out. The stone-gray Pokemon appeared in front of the Pokemonles children. The golden Mightyena was sent flying, and was then engulfed in the light of a pokeball. “A shining Pokemon. Lucky me.” she said walking over to Yuki and Sera. "He fainted." She said looking at Yuki, "Then he won’t mind that I'll take this." She smiled, lifting the hat from his head. “Let’s go Onix, He's waiting for us."

Sera looked down at her friend. “Aren’t boys supposed to be the strong ones?”
What will happen next? Who was that girl? Find out in 6 days with the relese of Ties Bound By Battle!!

Story edited by : THe lovely and wise ♥~Mimori Kiryu~♥