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19th November 2005, 11:13 PM
Drain Power - Alpha, Beta, Unlimited, Revised, 4th, 5th Edition. Rare
UU: Sorcery
Tap all opponent's lands, taking all this mana and all mana in opponent's mana pool into your mana pool. You can't tap fewer than all opponent's lands.
Opponent must draw all mana from his or her available lands; this mana and all mana in opponent's mana pool drains into your mana pool. You can't take less than all your opponent's mana.
Target player must draw all mana from his or her available lands; than, all mana in target player's mana pool drains into your mana pool.
Target player draws all mana from all lands he or she controls. Put all mana from that player's mana pool into yours.

# Oct 4, 2004 - This card forces the opponent to draw mana from lands if they are untapped, but that opponent can choose how to draw the mana if a land he or she controls has multiple mana abilities, or mana abilities with choices.
# Oct 4, 2004 - Since this is a Sorcery, your opponent may use Instants and abilities of permanents in response to this spell before you get the mana from their mana pool and lands.
# Oct 4, 2004 - If a land can draw a variable amount of mana, the target player (not the caster of this spell) chooses how much to draw.

Fun card. Think your opponent has something in his hand that could be trouble? tap 2, play this and more often then not, you get 2+ mana. Unless of course you're playing against a blue deck (counter spells are 1-3). Well they counter one of your little 2 mana spells and you play something bigger as a distraction. Like Gaea's Herald. However, since it's UU, it can be only played around middle-late game which is a bummer.

Also, your opponent can also leave all of his mana open which could lead to you mana burning which aint so fun either. This card really is a situational card. Overall, it's fun. *Tap 2* *Play Drain Power* "Thanks" *Evil Grin =D*

The Duck's Rating: 2.5/5

Shadow Trainer
19th November 2005, 11:43 PM
A fun card, use this to stop your opponent from casting one of his or her spells or use his mana to play one of your spells. 2/5

Sergay Wang
20th November 2005, 4:07 AM
The only reason someone would play this would be for some sort of high-mana X-spell finisher, like Fireball.

And for Type 1, this card is almost useless. Everyone and their mother pretty much runs some form of counter-magic and/or instant responses in their decks and something like this will almost never resolve with maximum potential.

Both Mana Drain and Mana Short are much better spells.