View Full Version : Wow, I feel stupid.

Captain Noobhead
20th November 2005, 6:13 AM
For those of you with the new pokemon dungeon games, you know how in the beginning you get a choice to name your pokemon? Well, unfortunately I was hoping to name my pokemon in english so that their names would be easier to recognize but I accidentally named my charmander TOTO instead of my totodile. So that made me confused throughout the entire time I was playing. I was like, wait a minute... why does TOTO have a fire attack? I didn't realize it until now.

Anyone else done anything similar? ^__^;;

Shrike Flamestar
20th November 2005, 6:58 AM
I did the same thing. I thought the first name entry dialogue was for you, but it turned out to be for your partner... So instead of my Cyndaquil being Mike and Squirtle Zack (I wish you could use more characters then five, as I was only one letter away from fitting in Shrike, but no, in Japanese one character is a whole syllable... My real name is so dull...) Squirtle was Mike. And of course my rabid perfectionism and love for all things fire and that remind me of marshmallows (Yeah, that's been a running joke about Cyndaquil between me and my sister ever since I saw him, the little marshmallow) promptly forced me to hit one of my quick load keys, which was conveniently still at the partner selection screen.