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21st November 2005, 3:41 AM
Here's a preview of my latest, written to celebrate the release of Pokemon Mysterious Dungeon:

Mission 1: Mystery of the Disappearing Pokemon! (part 1)

"Beautifly....Beautifly.....Beautifly...." chirped a Beautifly alarm clock, whose face read 8:00 AM. The clock's silent eyes watched as the room's occupant, a Pikachu, threw off its blanket, stormed over to the dresser, and hit the "ALARM OFF" button by the clock's right wing before stretching its arms. I'm awake, already... he thought as he shot an annoyed glance at the now silent alarm clock. He was about to go back to sleep when a familiar cry jolted him awake: "Ring Ring! Rescue Force!"

"Good morning, Pokemon Rescue Force..." came a familiar male voice, a voice that Pikachu recognized as his master: Ash. Interested in this potential new mission, he hurried out of his room, down the stairs, past the kitchen and the living room, and into an office, where he saw the image of Officer Jenny blip onto the videophone screen.

"Hi Ash..." Officer Jenny began. "We've been having a rash of Pokemon disappearances as of late, and we don't know who is doing it or where the Pokemon are being taken. If you could remain on alert for suspicious activity, I'd appriciate it."

"We'll keep watch, okay?" Ash assured Officer Jenny before the screen blipped off.

"Aw..." Pikachu sighed as he climbed off Ash's desk. "I was hoping we'd have a new mission or something..." He took a moment to look around at all the newspaper clippings detailing past missions that decorated Ash's office. It had been three months since the Rescue Force's last mission, so any phone call meant a potential mission.

"Hey, Pikachu..." a voice whispered. Pikachu whirled around to see Treecko in the doorway. "Who was on da phone?"

"That was Officer Jenny..." Ash explained. "She wants us to help her solve a Pokemon disappearing spree, so we're on alert for such activity for now. No mission."

"Come on..." Treecko led Pikachu into the living room, where the some of the other Rescue Force team members; Torchic and Mudkip, were gathered around a card table. Chips of various denominations were scattered about the room, signaling that a game of Hi/Low Stud poker was about to begin. "Let's play a few hands while we wait for a mission."

"You got it!" Pikachu smiled as he settled in a chair between Torchic and Mudkip before counting out five 1000 credit chips for himself. Playing cards was one of the Rescue Force's favorite pastimes when they were not on a mission...Treecko was good at every game, so he dealt rather than played in order to give the other Force members a chance of winning.

"We all know da rules, right?" Treecko asked as he shuffled the cards. "Best of ten wins a match, six in a row pays six to one, Silver cards pay double, and Gold cards pay four times as much." Affirmative nods came from the three players. "All right, we'll begin." With that, he dealt a 3 of clubs for himself before passing three other cards face down to the others.

Mudkip looked at her card: a Queen of spades. "I'll call lower." she began. Treecko nodded and dealt Mudkip her next card, a 9 of clubs. "Lower." she called again, sending a 5 of clubs to her hand. "Higher." She gasped when she saw a 2 of spades enter her hand. "Rats..."

"Mudkip goes bust! Play passes to Pikachu." Treecko reported. Mudkip sighed as she watched the others. Hi/Low stud was her best game, but she had been on a losing streak lately.

Pikachu, meanwhile, studied his card: a 10 of clubs. "Lower." he called. A 3 of hearts was dealt to him. "Higher." He groaned as another 3 landed in his hand.

"Pikachu goes bust!" Play passes to Torchic." Torchic nibbled on some bread as Treecko readied the deck again.

"Lower." Torchic called, but sighed as a 9 of spades appeared in her hand. "Aw, man..."

"Since all three players are bust, I will stand without calling." Treecko announced as he cleared the cards in preparation for the next hand.

"Some hand that was..." Torchic sighed as she received her card for the next hand.

"I know..." Pikachu agreed. "I really need a Shiny card this time..."

"Begin hand 2..." Treecko reported.

Mudkip made a face when she saw her card...both she and Treecko had 10s. "I stand without calling." she replied.

"All right, play now passes to Pikachu." Treecko called.

Pikachu smiled when he saw the 3 of hearts in his hand. "Higher." Next came a 4 of hearts. "Higher." A King of hearts appeared. "Lower." He smiled as a Queen of clubs appeared in his hand. "Lower." He winced when a 10 of clubs appeared in his play area. "Stand."

"Pikachu stands at four calls." Treecko continued. "Play passes to Torchic."

"I got a 3 too!" Torchic cried when she saw her card. She started calling in rapid succession. "Higher...Lower...Stand."

"Torchic stands at two calls." Treecko reported. "Now...I call...Lower." He winced as he drew an Ace. "Bust...you guys win three to two."

"YAAAAYYY!!!!" Pikachu led the cheers as he, Torchic and Mudkip collected the pot, but the celebrations were cut short by a bell ringing. Red lights flashed through the whole base as a siren begin wailing. The pandemonium meant one thing: a mission!

21st November 2005, 4:00 AM
Nice stuff, FR! Can't wait to see more!


21st November 2005, 4:07 AM

Each mission will be split up into multiple parts.

Ichimaru Gin
23rd November 2005, 3:21 AM
It was great...I liked it a lot and I'm sure I'll follow this fic...
However I saw a couple of errors:

1.On the third paragraph, you misspelled appreciate, you spelled it appriciate
2.I don't know if this is right, but I heard somewhere that you should spell out numbers instead of putting the number itself,

Like when you said,
"A 3 of hearts were dealt to him", you should write "A three of hearts were dealt to him."

I think it looks better like that.

But anyways, it's a great fic and I'll definitely wait for the nest chapters!

23rd November 2005, 3:33 AM

The full episode is now up!