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21st November 2005, 5:02 PM
Instead of what most authors do, I will not post a preview of the epilogue, as that will be covered in a one-shot. Yup, the epilogue in a one-shot.

Basically, this fic will be a mish-mash of a lot of styles, and a lot of sources, as well as inspirations. Will not be horror, but will be realistic enough, unlike my previous works. This one is no fairy tale, nor is it a rhetoric about choice or all that, but a gritty, dirty tale of classic revenge.

The main character is a bronzed specimen by the name of Astor, and as a child his family, as well as his fellow villagers have been fleeing from the wave of inquisition a despotical corporation is sending across the land. This particular corporation has developed a new strain of technology which enabled them to rise to power very quickly, and in that world, they set the rules. It is their way, or the highway. Astor's family and friends just happen to have chosen the "highway", and they make one last stand. The results leave one very red indeed.

Astor has since grown up, revenge seething beneath a calm facade. Together with his trusty Pokemon, which will be revealed later, he sets off to even the score, Kill Bill style. Unlike most heroes, this dude has no qualms playing the anti-hero, and does so better than most. Equally willing to sell-out a friend for survival as he is willing to gouge another's eye out, he does what he has to in order to reach the finishing line. Oh, and he has a particular knack for catchphrases as well. Religion will play a role in this one, and those astute enough will see Christian, Jewish, Egyptian and Babylonian mythology playing a role in this fiction.

One by one, man by man, Astor tricks, stabs, blindsides, betrays, gouges, bites, kicks and plunders his way up the hierarchy of the same corporation which stole his life away. Along the way, he will meet people, make friends, lose friends, and learn a lot about himself in the process. Unlike most other trainers who sit back and observe an honourable battle involving Pokemon, Astor will have no qualms about chopping off a few Pokemon toes here and there if he can, as long as he stays alive in the process, of course. Both the Pokemon and the trainer will be involved in battle, as is only realistic. I have an dea as to how the work will turn out, but expect a journey from one wonderous place to another, from verdant fields to putrid quagmires, and expect many hitherto unseen Pokemon and other monstrosities. I will drop Easter Eggs from time to time, and you will see odes to movies, celebrities and parodies all rolled into a single work. From the Texas Chainsaw Massacre to Kill Bill to American Beauty to even Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron, you will see references.

Description will be as heavy as you can reasonably expect from a fic, and battles will blow fish out of the water. Every place, every person, every pokemon and every action will be fleshed out, and paced by some high-octane action, all revolving around a very human protagonist, who would not behave any differently from what we would do in his place. Street-wise and vengeful, and yet distinctly human, with more failings than unrequited successes, Astor and his Pokemon will hit these boards next month, and I hope for some suggestions or critique.

And "Yes, there will be blood".

21st November 2005, 9:11 PM
You know what I think about gore and pokemon, and that they do not mix. However, I like the fact that your hero seems like a pretty damn interesting character who pretty much acts like a normal person would, and anti-heroes are in vogue, right?

As for movie throwaways, I caught Saw2 just in time to recognise "Yes, there will be blood". Good subtlety there.

Do be careful, for the grander your intentions, the harder the fall. I will have this fic on my list when it is released. I wonder how you will go about translating poetry to an action fic. We will see. Oh, and nice title. Pretty much the only thing which brought me in here. Not a run-of-the-mill title.