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Yami Ryu
21st November 2005, 9:27 PM
Just a crappy one shot, as I can't focus on my main story atm.

Rated PG-13/R

- - -

•So this is how I'm going to die?•

Blood dripped from the persons arms, ran freely from wounds on his back; portals of escape from the body the red liquid of life willing took without hesitation. And if one could see into the man's body, they would see it was also leaking into places it shouldn't. But still, he fought on, strove to try and get up.

•.. does my life mean nothing anymore?•

Wearily, he raised his head, one eye forced to remain shut from the dried coating of blackened blood over the eyelids, while the other was barely able to open enough for him to see, thanks to the angry blackish swelling around it, denoting the symptoms of a ‘black eye’. Panting for breath, the man was slowly able to get onto his knees, just able to brace himself with his arms so he wouldn't fall over. Again.

•Did anything I do even matter?•

A cough wracked his body, almost causing the heavily injured man to topple over once more onto the blood soaked ground, while his coughing fit seemed to help add to the redness puddling around him. But the man seemed oblivious to the pain, and to how badly he was bleeding.

His pale blue and amythist colored armor and clothing was already stained beyond recovery, and his hair was lost in a covering of blood, his own or not, it didn't matter to him as finally, with the aid of his weapon; a sword, the man- no, warrior, finally stood back up.

•.. yes... yes it matters. For every moment I stand, is another moment the watcher has to get to Ho Oh, to warn the god he is in danger. To wake him up.•

His thoughts were interupted once more. Not by another coughing fit, but by a charging man from the darkness. He knew nought how many still lay in the ebony viel his eyes couldn't pierce. As he didn't know if his two brothers in arms were even still alive. Or if they'd fallen and he was the last.

With what little strength the man had left, he jerked the sword out of the stained red floor, the wood was ruined too, like his clothing, and hair most likely. But that was the last thing, if ever, on his mind.

He and his brothers had earned their status as guardians of Ho Oh for their talents in the battle field. Sai, the youngest, had been like a thunder cloud. Silent and dangerous, never letting his opponents know where he would strike next.

His second brother, and the eldest- Tei, was like a volcano. You never knew when he would erupt, but anything in his radious, when he did, was in danger of being struck down. Even his own brothers.

Then there was himself. The middle aged brother. He held no name, having long forgotten what his mother had once called him, and never decided to choose a name for himself, like the others. So people had just started to call him The Wind, for his fighting style, unlike his brothers, was smoothe and flowing. And if it wasn't for the fact he fought, most would say he was dancing.

But even the wind can fail.

He never saw the arrow that struck him down, but he felt it pierce his side. Gasping for breath, he faltered, and it was enough for the enemy he was fighting to finish him off, sending him crashing to the ground.

•... I have failed you ... Ho Oh. .. my brothers .. I soon join you..•

Everything slowly started to fade to black as his good eye shut; and it felt like his soul was bleeding out of his body.

He never saw how Ho Oh, having awoken in a rage at being attacked and betrayed by these humans, set fire to his own building. Torching the tower to the ground. Or how the mighty bird of life and death struck down the humans that had attacked the ones still loyal to him. The ones that had killed for something they should have realised would never be theirs, in life or death.

And he never saw, how after the last one burned away in the near holy like fire, how himself and the bodies of his brothers were the only ones untouched.

The phoenix let out a low croon as his head bowed slightly. The golden crest flattening against ruby red feathers while his eyes took in the sight of the three fallen warriors. He let out another low cry that was answered a few minutes later, by his sister of the seas. Ho Oh raised his head up, emerald, opal and ruby colored wings flashing as he let them flare open a bit, golden beak gaping as he called out again.

The cry of his sister once more answered his, and he hadn't mis heard the first time. Blinking, and swishing a bronze and gold fan of a tail slightly, the phoenix turned his gaze once more onto the fallen fighters. And with a awesome cry, pushed himself up into the air with a jump provided from powerfull legs, and suspended himself there with massive beats of his wings. Looking for all the world a giant gem shaped like a pokemon. And outside of Ho Oh's flapping wings, it was quiet.

Then the bird threw his head back, then down; beak a gape and a stream of fire spewing from it that hurtled downwards. Striking the ground and rolling outwards in a wall of flame, engulfing everything in its path. But more importantly, the three warriors.

As Ho Oh finally cut the attack, and the orange and blue flames died out, the bird slowly let himself come to a landing on the scorched earth. Where the three brothers had lain, now three statues of wierd cat like beasts stood. One, was tinted red. Another, tinted yellow, and a third tinted blue.

Then, opening his beak a final time, the pokemon god said in a raspy voice, in human tounge no less, “When one holding a heart of pure comes onto you. And no malice or hidden intent lays within. You will be freed of your curse of non death, and once more shall you run across the lands.”

And with that, Ho Oh once more took off into the air. Unlike his sister, he believed the day would come.... sooner or later.

~ End

20th February 2011, 11:03 AM
That.... Was.... Great!!!
The best story about this topic ever!!
How ho-oh ;250; turned the tree warriors into the three beasts! ;243; ;244; ;245;
I loved the story, would recommend anyone to read it

Yours, truly