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21st November 2005, 10:46 PM
Authors Note: (i'm not speaking here, it's the story, i will always speak as the main character, not me, please reply already people, lol)


Oh, hello there, I did not notice your presence. But then again, below to me you exist, therefore to notice you is to feed the fodder Rattata. All is well though, little one. I do not mind the presence of those who don't suddenly rush to accuse me of being a demonic creation. For you see, if that of my creation was demonic, then the madly questing scientists would be of demonic spawn. But they are not madly demonic, for they are truly beyond most human. They search for answers hidden from all knowing, and quest towards that never done. And as you can plainly tell, I am a fine creation myself. It is of bad luck they did not believe this so. It is why I sit among the heaps of rubble of man's shelter creatings.

Hold on a moment, you must not understand me well. That accepts with me, for you see, I am not one of the below 'man'. Neither am I the abovely 'woman'. Nor with the race of the senseful 'man' or bitter 'woman'. My species isn't truly clear to the madly scientist man, but to a young woman it is certain. They have called me the 'delcatty'. The abovely small woman gave me the call of Dalisha. Sensible, I accept it. But others of the man's below in mind, as for some reason they think us though we are their battlers since they are weak, are named 'Pokemon'. We of that race distaste in the name.

Human are what I call the man and woman. We are all Pokemon, not just us who they tame and gander upon. Back to my speaking, the Pokemon all are not liking to Human. My species is truly the Memuuraw, but my calling by the Human is allowed. Other Pokemon spy me oddly. For you see, Pokemon have been bred to be all in same. All have a standard color, as Human call it, but we call it Moon color, such as my species has fur of gold satin and darkened lavender. Then there are the oddlings, those who take the other gene that often represented their Sun color.

Moon colors used to roam on one continent, and Sun upon another. But the largest continent of Moon crashed into Sun after millions of years passage. Most of Sun Pokemon faced their demise, but some lived on. When they bred, sometimes their offspring bore the color of Sun. But the gene was not dominant, therefore Human believe it rare. Nothing of difference is between those of Sun and those of Moon. Sometimes Sun are smaller or larger than Moon, and adapted for different abilities, for they gene also contains the past genes for surviving on the peculiar terrain of Sun. But Sun is now near lost. It drifted off as a small island named Eclipse.

Back at a time, Pokemon told Human words, such as Sun and Moon. We did not tell them of what they meant. Human is such a confusing creature, for it just used it for what it felt. Well, I have yet again gone adrift, below Human, or should I say to the abovely woman if you are out there, or possibly the sensible man. Ways apart, I am not Sun or Moon. For you see, the human created me. I am imperfect to them. I am not with those of Pokemon. I am number twelve of a set, made from human creation to the desired specifications of another of the human. My fur is lemon-tinged grey, alongside dull forest green, and also my eyes are of precious orange coloration. But my species has Sun and Moon different from me.

I am odd. And to the humans, I am imperfect. They judge by a speck of run-off from my eye that formed a spot near my left eye. Yes, I understand left and right, and the way of mirror. But humans, and no, I shall no longer capitalize human or speak as if human is plural as well, thought my trait as a failure. I ended up here in a box, thrown from a lab afar and having to find my way out with my small lovely claws. But I anger. Humans do not like me, so I distrust them. Only small woman humans shall earn my trust for now.

Ahh, so you kept on reading my tale after all? Tell me, what are the meanings of Moon and Sun to us? What humans created me? What is my number? Don't think I'm not watching you. If you think you shall allow your eyes wander from my tale, leave, NOW. You are a disgrace to humans, as if they could be any less worth. I pity those who did truly read and listen, my eyes give power to you. Well, I've rambled enough for today. May Memuuraw Dalisha of I scrounge for some food and shelter under a human creating for time. Then, if you are wise, human, you may follow my travels.

Sincerest Speakings to you, Human...

--- Dalisha (http://img269.imageshack.us/img269/3299/dalisha1ry.png)

P.S. Human, this is but the first page of my speakings. A prologue to my story. I hope you understand me, note the hasty details of my speaking. Ok, Human, that is all. Good Speakings to you, Human.

P.P.S. One last scratch to you all. If you are simple of wisdom...or not too smart, you may need help with getting what my writings say...do not worry, I shall make it simple as time goes on.

22nd November 2005, 3:10 AM



That's all I have to say. Oh wait, I'll say it again.


How the hell did you come up with that unique way of having the Delcatty speak like that? My brain'd have twisted itself into a pretzel if I tried something that elaborate. It was so different, I had to keep reading. I love how you efffectively broke the fourth wall without making it awkward, as it's part of a first-person narrative. XP

The entire Sun and Moon premise was fascinating, if not a tad confusing, but I'm sure the story explains that as it goes on. ^^ I also liked that phrase where Dalisha describes her imperfection as being a "speck of runoff" from her eye, which made for a interesing image. Also, you're using Delcatty, which is a really UU Pokemon, so kudos for that.

I can't say much more, for this is only the prologue, but there's only one typo-- you're missing the 'e' from scrounge.

Otherwise...that's a simply incredible style of writing I've never seen before. Brava.

Sike Saner
22nd November 2005, 4:01 AM

Quite possibly, this is the best characterization of a Pokémon ever, showing high intelligence in the character while avoiding humanizing the character. (I don't think I'll ever get the hang of that myself. ^_^;; Oh, well.) And I don't know quite how you did it, but there's just something distinctly...feline about the language used here. Like I would be reminded of a cat by the speaker here even if I didn't know the speaker was a Delcatty. It all just fits, and it is immensely intriguing. I'll be sticking with this one for sure.

22nd November 2005, 1:10 PM
Dawnstar: Oi, now I must speak like a human, lol. Anyways, that is what you get from a girl who has read a book about cats, a well-written one at that. I...well, it's not hard to guess that I can write well about cats, seeing that I own 8 of them, and have owned about 15 in my lifetime. In fact, my cat Thomas is behind me right now.

If a cat understood the concepts of English and could speak it, imagine this: Would you be it's owner, or would you be it's pet? Look at the sly stare from a cat's eyes, they have a cunning eye and a curious paw. And an innocent way to them as well.

Anyways, that explains how I spoke. Cats seem quite cunning, if given the skill to understand as a human does. So their native tongue would speak quite confusingly.

Anyways, Moon is one continent, Sun another. After millions of years, plates of earth shifted them over each other. Sun was the smallest continent, and Moon as large as to fit all continents and more from nowadays in the Pokemon world upon it. Because they are afar, they do both have many Pokemon species, and legends on Sun were also colored differently, because their terrain was different, and they had begun to evolve their seperate way from those on Moon. But when the continents crashed, the small Sun was crushed by Moon, and the Pokemon there were few to escape. But Their genes sometimes showed up by chance in breedings. Legendary shinies came because the legends of Sun all escaped.

And that explains it. If you wish to comment to Dalisha, please speak to her. I wasn't hoping to speak myself, lol, since I am Dalisha in character...


Dalisha: *yawns and stretches* Must I awaken to speak to Human, or are you all but questioners of a different type? All well, I must forage for new livings, Human took notice to me. Dalisha off.

P.S. If you were unable to comprehend the click of my name, maybe you should, it shows my form.

22nd November 2005, 2:44 PM
*Bows down to dawnstar*

Finally, you have shed light during the dark ages of SPPF's fanfiction section. Before this for about 2 weeks now people have only start ******** fics, BUT THIS IS BEAUTIFUL. I loved the delcatty thing. I would have a headache if i tried that. The sun and moon thing was confusing but you cleared that up. Overall it was awesome and thank you. You have given me hope for the fics of SPPF. :)

22nd November 2005, 4:40 PM
Thank you Dalisha for gracing us with your presence. *bows* :)

The story so far is well written, and very intriguing. I like your explanations for the shiny Pokemon, with the sun and the moon continents. :)

I am definently enjoying this, so I'll stick around. *Pulls up bean bag and sits on it*

22nd November 2005, 6:46 PM
Dalisha: I located a nice perch for now, scraps of morsels left by Human I found in shade of a shelter shall do me well for current time. Or for those small and less complex of cranium, I found some leftovers in a trash bin behind a Human dwelling. I shall tell of how I came to be here next, then I will tell of present. Good day, below Human and abovely Human.

Dawnstar: I am yet again waiting for my very good friend to get on, so...*runs off to write*

I never imagined people would like the story so much. Unlike my other fics, which only got a few fans and I didn't have any point of writing more in. Ok, off to write some more.