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I decided to write a table of contents that way you don't have to scroll down to find the chapter.
Chapter 1- Beginnings- A Typical Day at School (below)
Chapter 2- Double Journey (http://www.serebiiforums.com/showpost.php?p=2388867&postcount=2)
Chapter 3- An Unfair Advantage
Chapter 4- It's the Viridian Forest!
Chapter 5- First Gym Battle!
Chapter 6- Fight for the Boulder Badge!
Chapter 7- A New Companion!
Chapter 8- Mt Moon and the Legend of the Stones
Chapter 9- An Unexpected Hero
Chapter 10- Fight for the Cascade Badge!

Rated T for humor, mild language.
Disclaimer: You will find that in this fic the majority of the characters are my own original ones. You’ll see what I mean eventually. You will also see a bunch of characters from Pokemon, and I do not own any of them. Oh, yeah, and if my OCs have any likeness to a real person (who I don’t personally know), it’s completely coincidence.

Chapter 1 : Beginnings- A Typical Day of School

Mike Masterson sighs and puts his head down on the lunch table. The cafeteria is loud with the talk and laughter of many 5th graders. Being in the lowest grade in middle school sucks. Mike is done eating and is waiting for recess to start. His good friend James Bonder pokes his shoulder.

“Hey, Mike, what’s wrong?” James inquires.

“Oh, nothing,” Mike sighs. “Just kinda bored.”

“Aren’t we all?” James replies sullenly.

Mike sits up and watches the other kids in the lunchroom. He watches the “popular kids”; Mike has never had any interest in being popular. He and his friends are not popular. They’re generally hated and made fun of. He sees a couple kiss.

“So stupid,” Mike mutters. “We’re only in 5th grade.…”

“What are you talking about?” James asks.

“That guy and his girlfriend,” Mike replies, pointing at the couple. “I mean, 8th grade is one thing.…”

“When I have a girlfriend, it won’t be until high school,” says James.

“Whoa, whoa, wait, wait. Did James Bonder just say 'I have' and 'girlfriend' in the same sentence? Not possible. That sentence doesn’t make sense.”

A kid name Ben Levitz sits at their table. He’s new... kind of. He was kicked out of his old school for going crazy and attacking his teachers. Kids know who he is. Mike and Levitz are kind of friends. They barely know each other. Levitz enjoys making fun of James and not being friends with him.

“Shut up, Ben,” James says angrily.

Levitz laughs. “Why?” He suddenly glares at James. “I’ll ****ing kill you.”

Mike shakes his head. “Levitz, you’re amazing.”

“What are you talking about!” James cries. “He’s gonna-”

Suddenly, the lunch aid lady person calls out, “It’s time for recess! Single file!”

Everyone frantically runs to the door in a very non-single-file fashion. A few kids who don’t like being outside in January stay inside, including Levitz. Mike and James make it outside.

“Hmm... I guess Levitz didn’t wanna come out,” Mike says thoughtfully.

“Whatever,” James says, obviously uninterested. “Let’s play a game!”

“Yeah?” says Mike. “Like what? Like the kind of **** you, me, and Geoff did in elementary school?”

Geoff Ng (pronounced “Ang”. Yes, he’s Chinese.) is an old friend of Mike's and James's. In elementary school, the three were inseparable. However, they became separable when Geoff had to go to the Catholic private school for middle school. Geoff is Mike's best friend, but they haven’t talked in a pretty long time.

“Well, let’s play Pokemon,” James says brightly. “We don’t have the Game Boy version...” He points to the group of kids surrounding another kid playing Red Version on his Game Boy Pocket. “...so we can play our own version.”

Mike shakes his head. “Sounds stupid, but... okay.”

They proceed to pretend they are in the Pokemon League. Mike uses Blastoise; James uses Venusaur. They go through the tournament and beat all the other Trainers in the League. They now have to go against each other.

“Ready?” says Mike.

“Yeah!” James replies excitedly. “Go Venusaur!” He pretends to throw a Pokeball.

Mike smiles. “Hm. This is gonna be easy. Go Fearow!”

“What! That’s not fair! You have to use Blastoise!”

“Who says? Now go, use Fly! Then use Drill P-”

Suddenly, everything freezes. No one and nothing is moving. There’s no sound. Mike starts to freak out. Then, there’s a sudden WOOSH! Everything goes black, then everything starts spinning and Mike suddenly takes off into the air. His surroundings are now completely unrecognizable as he hurtles through the air, screaming but not hearing his screams in the whoosh of sound.

(I’m gonna die, I’m gonna die, I’m gonna die, I’m gonna die, I’m gonna-) Mike thinks to himself. (A/N- Anything in ( ) is a thought.) Mike's thoughts are interrupted; everything goes black again.

(Oh god, I am dead.)

Actually, he isn’t dead. The trip just ended, that’s all.

“I have a feeling I’m not dead, and my trip just ended, that’s all,” Mike says to himself. “But trip to where?”

He suddenly hit something very hard face-first. At first he thinks it’s an invisible wall. Then, his sight and smell and kick in. He realized he actually hit the ground, or a ground anyway, because he’s definitely not on Earth anymore.

Mike groaned. “Oh God... this must be what being trashed feels like. Huge headache, can’t stand up... ooohh...”

Despite the fact he is battling some sort of hangover-like symptoms, he is able to struggle up to his feet- and he nearly falls back down again when he sees his surroundings.

“Wha-what the...!”

Nothing is the same. Nothing looks... real. It’s all... animated. The grass, the trees, the fat person laying face-first a few yards away...

“Wait, what! Is that... Chris?”

Zac runs over to the still figure. He tries with all his might to roll Chris onto his back, but like I said, he is fat. However, Chris groans and rolls over. They look at each other’s face and jump away, yelling.

“What the hell is going on!” Zac yells. “We’re animated! We have big eyes, big hair, small mouths...! What is this called again?”

“Um, uh... ooh, ooh!” Chris says as the answer comes to him. “It’s... anime! We are anime characters now! COOL!”

“Nooo, not cool. How are we gonna get home, moron?”

“Who cares!” Chris replies angrily. “I hate home anyway...”

Mike sighs and looks around. To his right, there is a big grassy slope going up. He can’t see what’s beyond it. To his left, there seems to be a large body of water. He runs over there, James puffing along behind. He looks into the water, at his reflection. He gasps. His huge, blue eyes go even wider as he touches his face over and over again. It feels like skin, but looks so... unreal. He ruffles his brown hair. It’s still the same, just bigger-looking and a little spiky. James also looks at his reflection in amazement. His hair is yellow blonde instead of dirty blonde. Unlike Mike’s, it is flat and combed, the long bangs almost reaching his hazel eyes. It is unnaturally shiny in the front. A nearby fisherman watches in confusion with a very strange look on his face that says “what the hell are these guys on?” Suddenly, he is interrupted by a tug on his pole. He immediately pulls his catch out of the water. This catches Mike’s and James’s attention. They gasp as realization dawns on their faces. The fish that was just pulled out... is a Goldeen!

“We’re in the Pokemon World!” James and Mike exclaim together. (A/N: They're just excited to be here)

The fisherman watches the kids run off in amazement as he throws the Goldeen back in. The two friends run to the grassy slope. All the way up until they reach the top of the hill. They look down and gasp. Laid out before them is a town, a rather small-looking town, but a town nonetheless. James is breathless.

“Which town do you think this is?” James says, eyes wild with excitement.

“I dunno...” Mike replies. “Let’s go find out!”

Without hesitating, the two kids run down the steep hill. Mike falls and rolls the rest of the way down while James laughs his *** off.

Mike is out of breath. “Look... a sign...”

“It says... ‘Welcome to Pallet Town’...” James reads, also out of breath. Mike and James both gasp in excitement.

“Pallet Town!” Mike exclaimed. “Home of Ash Ketchum!”

“Come on!” James said excitedly. “Let’s see if we can find him!”

“All right!” Mike agrees.

The two boys run into town with the most excited looks on their faces. Residents working on their yards look up and stare at them as they run past. James and Mike just gave them big anime-type smiles and waved at the residents. An elderly man looks out his window as they pass by.

“Hmmm... who are these kids? Friends of the Pokemon Champion, perhaps...?”

23rd November 2005, 10:13 PM
Mike and James are running through the town. However, they soon realize how strange they look, running for no apparent reason, so they slow to a walk.

“Hey, you see that big building over there?” Mike suddenly asks.

“Yeah,” James replies thoughtfully. “What do you think it is?”

“Um... the biggest building in the town... How the hell am I supposed to know?”

“Well, let’s go see,” says James, glaring at Mike for the rude comment.

They turn around and head toward the big building. It is very big and white. Behind it there is a huge fenced-off area with really green grass, a good number of trees, and even a few ponds. There are several Pokemon there. Some are eating, some are playing, and some are just resting. There aren’t any Pokemon in the ponds. Maybe it’s because it’s cold. The two boys just stand there in amazement for a while until a man walks out of the building. He walks up to them.

“Hi there,” he says. “Can I help you boys?”

Mike and James jump in surprise. They turn to face the man. Zac places him in his mid-50s. He has messy gray hair and a slightly lined face. His skin is relatively tanned from being outside often. He is wearing what appears to be a large white lab coat.

“Um...” Mike says slowly. “We were just looking... at the Pokemon...”

The man laughs. “Yes, I noticed. Are you new here?”

“Yeah... kind of...” James replies, scratching his head.

The man holds out his hand. “Well, my name is Professor Oak.”

Mike shakes Oak’s hand. “Hey, yeah, I know who you are!”

Oak chuckles. “I get that a lot.”

While they’re talking, Oak is sizing up the two boys. He can tell they are definitely not from around here. In fact, they act as if Pokemon is something completely new to them.

“Hey, uh, boys, where do you live, if you don’t mind me asking?”

“Um, well...” Mike says doubtfully. “You’ve probably never heard of it.”

“Try me,” Oak replies kindly.

“Okay... um... New Jersey?”

Oak thinks for a second. “Nope, never heard of it.”

“Well, it’s really hard to explain,” James says, “but we don’t belong here.”

“Huh? You don’t belong where?”

“This... this whole world,” James struggles to explain. “I don’t know how to explain it, because I don’t even know the reason myself, but we’re stranded here with no way to get home.”

“Oh, my god...” Oak gasps. “Well, what do you kids plan on doing?”

Mike and James look at each other. Chris shrugs. “I guess we are going to go on a journey. We need to find a way home.”

“A journey, eh?” Oak says thoughtfully. “Well...” Oak knows that these two boys cannot go out into the world unprepared. They have no Pokemon, nor any knowledge on how to catch one. They have no food, no supplies... (There has to be something I can do...) “Listen, why don’t you kids come inside my lab for a minute?” “Okay,” Mike answers, a little surprised.

Mike and James follow Oak, wondering what he wants with them. Oak leads them into the entry hall and into the lab. A few scientists in white coats are seen working on one thing or another. The main room is comfortable and relaxing. It is Oak’s own study room, and this is also where he stores all the Pokemon he takes care of and the Pokeball transporter. There are big bookcases with lots of shelves packed with hundreds of books. Mike looks around in amazement; he has never even dreamed of this ever happening to him...

“Well, here we are,” Oak says, smiling. “Why don’t you kids take a seat?”

Mike and James do so. They hear Oak mumbling to himself.

“Well, you two can’t go out into the world on your own. It is too dangerous. What you need are Pokemon. Now today happens to be one of the days three kids from Pallet come here and choose which Pokemon they want to start their journey with. The choices are-”

“Bulbasaur, Squirtle, and Charmander,” James finishes for him. “We know.”

“How do you guys know that?” Oak inquires, very confused.

“Well...” Mike explains. “Where we come from, Pokemon is very popular. It is a hit TV series and a really good video game. The main character is Ash Ketchum...”

“Ah!” Oak says cheerfully. “Pallet’s own Pokemon Master, Ash Ketchum! He is the winner of the Kanto and Hoenn Leagues. In about a month, the Johto League starts again, and Ash wouldn’t miss it for the world!”

“Um... okay,” James says, not caring too much about Ash’s plans for the future.

“Oh, yeah!” Oak exclaims. “I’m getting off track here! Sorry about that. So, anyway, I have made my decision. The kids will be extremely unhappy, but you two need these...”

Oak looks into Mike’s eyes... in a non-homosexual way, of course. (Hmmm... he has that same look in his eyes as Ash... This kid is fated to do great things! He could catch up to Ash one day!) “All right, you two; the time has come to choose!”

“What!” Mike exclaims, springing up from his seat. “You mean it?”

Oak grins. “Of course. Like I said, you can’t go out there alone.”

“But...” James says uncertainly. “What about the kids who are supposed to choose?”

“Well, they will be disappointed, but I’m sure they’ll understand. I can help them catch their own Pokemon.”

“Oh, those poor kids,” Mike says sadly. “I wouldn’t want to deprive them of this, their lifelong dream, but... I WANT SQUIRTLE! GIVE ME SQUIRTLE!”

“Uh, calm down, you look like an idiot,” James says indignantly. He politely clears his throat. “I WANT BULBASAUR! UUUH... PLEASE!”

“Okay, okay!” Oak laughs. “You kids sure are excited... Here you go! Take good care of them. Remember, treat them with the love and respect they deserve, and-”

“Yeah, yeah, we get it,” Mike interrupts impatiently.

“Sorry he’s so rude, Professor...” James sighs.

“Hahaha,” Oak laughs again. “No big deal. Oh, yeah, one more thing...” Oak walks to a big desk. There are three small unopened boxes. He takes two and hands them to Mike and James. They open them. “Your very own Pokedexes. They will really help you, trust me. Just turn them on so they can recognize you as their owners. And... that’s it.”

“Um, we don’t have any money... or food,” Mike says, frowning.

“Hmmm... good point,” Oak replies thoughtfully. “Well, listen-” He goes into a side room and comes out with two shiny, golden rocks. “-sell these. The first town you will go to is Viridian City. Sell these at the store and that should give you a good start. Also, make sure you battle for money; it’s the way all Trainers keep money in their pockets. Okay? And here, 6 Pokeballs for each of you... Make sure to catch your own, okay? And listen... good luck. Here is my card.” He hands them a business card. “If you ever need help, do NOT hesitate to call. All right? Also, if I find any information on how to get you kids back home, I’ll get in touch with you ASAP.”

“Wow... we sure are lucky to have met you, Professor!” Mike says happily. “Thank you SO much!”

“No problem! Oh, yeah, and if you happen to see Ash in your travels... say hi to him for me, okay?”

“Okay, we will,” James promises. “Bye!”

Oak watches as the kids leave. An aid walks up to him. “So you think those kids will be all right?” Oak doesn’t respond. “...Hello? Sir?”

“Huh, wha-?” Oak seems to snap out of a reverie. “Oh, sorry! I guess I was a little lost in thought there. Yeah, they’ll be all right. In fact, they will become great Trainers.”

The aid shakes her head. “It’s amazing how you can tell someone is gonna be great just by looking at them.”

Oak chuckles. “I know, isn’t it great?”

As the aid walks away, Oak looks out the window. (Good luck, you two. Be careful. Ash, you better watch yourself. You could end up facing your first defeat in 3 years...)

Yeah, that’s it for this chapter. There will be action next chapter, I promise. Make sure you review! Have a happy thanksgiving everybody!!!

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Chapter 3 – First Battle!

Mike and James are walking down the main path of Pallet Town, heading for the road that leads to Viridian City. “Hmmm...” says Mike. “Did Oak say anything about how long the trip will be?” “No, I don’t think so,” James replies. “It probably won’t be that long.”

Mike takes out his Pokedex yet again and looks at the time... yet again. “It’s 9 o’clock,” he says anxiously. “This is when those kids are supposed to go to Oak’s and pick their Pokemon.”

“Don’t worry,” James replies. “He said they’re nice kids, and they’ll understand. Why are you so worried?”

“I dunno...” Mike says slowly. “I mean, think about it. How would you feel if you’ve been looking forward to this day since you were, like, 4 or 5 years old, and suddenly, these two complete strangers just walk in town and completely ruin it for you? I’d be pretty damn upset, myself...”

“I guess...” says James obviously not as upset as Mike is. “You know, I’ve never seen this side of you before. I’ve never seen you care about someone’s feelings so much! I mean, look at our positions. We’re stranded here. We have no way of getting home, and no way to protect ourselves. I mean, what was Oak supposed to do? Just ignore us? I don’t think so.”

They both stay silent for a good while. Zac looks at the time again. Ten after. He sighs.

Suddenly, someone behind them shouts. James and Mike stop and turn. They can make out three figures running full speed towards them.

“You don’t think...?” James gasps.

Mike bows his head. His eyes become hidden in shadow. “I knew it,” he mutters. “They’re angry.”

They stand and wait for the three kids to catch up to them. After about a minute, they finally do. Two of the kids go down on their knees, trying to regain their breath. The kid in front stays standing, glaring at Zac and Chris, sweating and breathing very heavily.

“You... two... give us the... Pokemon... NOW!” James looks at the kid yelling at them and the two on their knees behind him. The two kids behind him are a boy and a girl. They both are redheads. They have very neat hair, freckles, and blue eyes. They look like twins. The one yelling at them has wild green hair, and a lot of it. It looks like it hasn’t been brushed in ages. His brown eyes are filled with anger.

“Those Pokemon belong to us. Hand them over!” At this point, the two kids behind him get up and start glaring at Mike and James along with their companion. “We are meant to have those Pokemon! Professor Oak told us 6 years ago! They are meant for us!”

“Um... well... you see...” James fumbles with his words trying to figure out what to say.

“Look,” Mike suddenly cuts in. James gives Mike a surprised look. He still has his head bowed. “I understand where you’re coming from, but...” Suddenly, Mike's head snaps up. He looks at the green-haired kid with an almost angry look on his face. “...these Pokemon are ours! Oak chose to give them to us. We need them! We’re stranded, and-”

“I don’t wanna hear it!” the kid practically screams. “I don’t care if the Professor suddenly decided to change his mind when he woke up this morning! He made a promise, and if he doesn’t intend to keep that promise, I’ll keep it for him!”

Mike shakes his head. “Well, then... we have a problem here, don’t we?” He stops for a second. “So, you gonna tell us your names, or not?”

“I’m Frank, and these twins behind me are Dylan and Dalyla. Yours?”

“I’m Mike, the fat one’s James.” “HEY!” “Calm down, it’s just a joke...”

“Well, Mike,” Frank declares, “if you won’t give them to us, we’ll take them from you!”

“Yeah?” Mike rolls up his sleeves. “I’d like to see you try!”

“Hey, uh, guys,” James cuts in tentatively. “We don’t need to settle this by fighting, do we?”

“GRRRR. What’s wrong with you, James?” Mike growls. “What the hell are we supposed to do? Flip a coin?”

“No, you idiot,” James retorts. “Remember where we are now? We settle things with Pokemon battles!”

Frank is now thoroughly confused. “All right... um... if you guys are done, can we get this thing started?”

“Yah, you’ll be goin’ against me,” Mike declares. “One on one, I guess?”

Frank chuckles. “In most cases, yes. I would normally have only one Pokemon, my Charmander. But this is a special case.” He smirks. He lifts his jacket up a little to reveal two Pokeballs attached to his belt. Mike's eyes go wide. “How did you-!”

“Forget it,” Frank interrupts. “Your two Pokemon versus my two Pokemon. First, I’ll send out my Charmander!” The boy throws a Pokeball. It opens, and in a flash of red light, a Charmander comes out of it. The Ball flies back to its owner’s hand. Mike's heart leaps. This is the first time he has ever seen a real live Pokemon so up close!

“Mike, you got this one?” James takes a step back, eyes wild with fear, and gulps. “Um... y-you sure about this?” “Yeah,” Mike replies. “Go on. I wanna go against his second one.”

Mike, visibly shaking, steps forward and takes out his sole Pokeball with his trembling left hand. (All right, this is it,) Chris thinks to himself grimly. “Go, Bulbasaur!” He throws the Ball. Bulbasaur comes out. “Bulba, Bulbasaur!” it says. It turns around and looks at James, its new Trainer. It has a look of determination on its face; it’s ready to fight. “All right... Bulbasaur, use Tackle!”

The battle starts. Charmander takes the hit and grunts in pain. “Scratch attack!” Charmander spins around and hits Bulbasaur with all its might. Bulbasaur skids back about a foot, its eyes closed tight in pain. It shakes it off and glares at its opponent. Charmander is coming in for another attack. “Bulbasaur, dodge and use Growl!” Bulbasaur sidesteps just in time and growls menacingly at Charmander. It sweatdrops and takes a step back. “Good! Now use Tackle!” Bulbasaur throws his entire bodyweight into Charmander’s chest, causing it to go flying. Bulbasaur lands on its feet and Charmander hits the ground hard and rolls a few feet. It gets up, battered and bruised. “Show that goddamn stupid plant! Scratch!” Bulbasaur takes the hit. It doesn’t seem to hurt him as much as before. (Good,) James thinks smugly. (I don’t know how, but Growl really does lower the opponent’s Attack.) “Go, Tackle!” “Tail Whip!” Bulbasaur charges in for another full-body Tackle, but Charmander hits it away with its fire-tipped tail. Bulbasaur isn’t really hurt, but the attack puts its guard down. “Scratch!” Bulbasaur takes the hit again. It hurts more this time. Now, both Pokemon are battered and worn out. “Charmander! Finish this, our first battle! SCRATCH ATTAAAAAACK!” “Charmander!” the Pokemon cries before flinging itself at Bulbasaur with its paw raised. “Bulbasaur, stand your ground!” Mike's eyes go wide. “What are you doing!” “Trust me...” James says quietly.

Charmander is getting closer...

Bulbasaur’s face is getting grimmer...

Charmander raises its paw higher, eyes going wider as it sees the end of the battle...


BOOM. Right in the gut. Charmander yells out in pain and goes flying. Bulbasaur just threw his entire weight into Charmander’s stomach. Charmander hits the ground hard and doesn’t get up. “It’s over...” Mike mutters, almost disbelievingly.

“No, Charmander!” Frank lowers his head in defeat. Dalyla starts to sob.

“Hey, it’s all right,” Dylan says soothingly. “He still has his backup! She won’t fail.” Dalyla wipes the tears out of her eyes, looks up at her twin brother, and nods. Dylan scowls and clenches his fist. “That Bulbasaur was gonna be mine. Clobber this kid good, got it, Frank?”

Frank returns his Charmander and nods. “Don’t worry... I will.” A big grin suddenly splits his face. A slightly crazy grin. “A mere Squirtle can’t beat her.” He takes his second Pokeball and looks down at it. “Give up now, Mike! Spare your Squirtle a horrible, painful first defeat!”

James congratulates his Bulbasaur and returns it. He looks grimly at Zac. “Do your best.”

Mike smirks. “This kid is so stupid. He won’t beat me. No way.” He takes out his Pokeball. He looks down at it in wonder. (Is this real? Am I really a... Pokemon Trainer?) He takes a deep breath and releases it. “All right, Squirtle, let’s show this guy! COME ON OUT!” He throws the Ball. Squirtle comes out in a flash of red light. Mike catches his Pokeball, his mind completely numb.

(This feeling... it’s amazing! The thrill of just releasing my Squirtle... It’s like nothing I’ve ever felt!)

Squirtle looks up at its Trainer. Its face is full of curiosity as it sums up its Trainer in a glance. Mike looks back at it. He smiles. A small grin creeps onto Squirtle’s face. (It’s like a human. It seems more like a human to me than a... a creature.) Suddenly, both of their thoughts are interrupted as Frank laughs.

“Are you ready! This is it!” He throws his Pokeball. “GO... PIDGEOT!”

Mike's, James's and Squirtle’s eyes go wide in disbelief... and terror. Dylan and Dalyla smirk. Frank gives the biggest grin humanly possible... well, as humanly possible in anime, which is freakin’ huge. Sure enough, the red light subsides to reveal a full-grown Pidgeot.

(Th-that’s the fully evolved form of Pidgey!) Mike thinks in horror. (How is that possible? He’s only been a Trainer for, like, a half hour!)

Frank laughs at the expression on his opponent’s face. “What’s the matter, huh? You look like you’ve seen a ghost!” He laughs even harder.

For some reason, Mike feels a shiver run down his spine when Frank says “ghost”. (What was that? Forget it... I gotta concentrate on this battle!) Mike finds he’s sweating in the January air. He wipes the sweat off his brow. “I wouldn’t be laughing... if I were you!”

Frank just keeps on laughing. “Yeah? Is that so? Do something about it, then!” Mike just glares at him. “No? You’re not gonna do anything? Fine, then. Pidgeot, Gust attack!

The second round begins. Squirtle gets picked up by the Gust and thrown a few yards. It gets up, grimacing. (Oh, no! The poor guy’s already hurt! This isn’t fair!) “Squirtle, hang in there! Let’s get in there with a Tackle!” Pidgeot takes it like it’s nothing. “Ha! Mike, you fool! Pidgeot, Wing Attack!” “Roll out of the way!” Squirtle does so. “Tail Whip!” Squirtle hits Pidgeot from behind with a Tail Whip. “Great, now Tackle!” Bam, right in the wings. Pidgeot stumbles forward a couple steps, eyes shut in pain. “Geot, geot!” she screeches. (Ha, this isn’t about level at all!) Mike thinks with glee. (It’s all about strategy and skill. Of course, a high level helps a lot, but we’ll develop that in time.) “You like gettin’ your *** kicked by a completely newbie Lvl.5 Squirtle? Ha! Jackass!”

A vein pops out in Frank’s forehead and starts throbbing. “I suggest you shut your mouth... You still have no idea what you’re up against!” “Oh, is that so?” “Yeah, it is! Pidgeot, Fly!”

Mike gets serious again. He frowns up at Pidgeot. (Damn, this is bad...) He looks at Squirtle, and judging by the look on its face, it’s thinking the same thing he is. “Now, Pidgeot, come down! Hit Squirtle with all your might!” “Squirtle, dive to your left!” It does so. Pidgeot hits the ground, and before the dust clears, she springs right into Squirtle’s face. Squirtle just about pisses itself. “WING ATTACK!” BAM! Squirtle goes flying into a tree. It gets up... barely. “Now, Pidgeot, finish it with Sky Attack!” Pidgeot starts to glow. “Quick, Squirtle, hit her with Tackle!” Squirtle does so. Pidgeot winces and stumbles back a few steps. “HA, HA! YOU’RE TOO LATE! IT’S NOT ENOUGH! FINISH IT, PIDGEOT!” “Jeez, man, calm the hell down, will ya?” Squirtle runs and hides behind a tree. Pidgeot soars into the air, and as quick as lightning, strikes the tree. The tree trunk smashes into pieces. The tree hits the ground.

“SQUIRTLE!” Mike cries out.

Squirtle comes out from behind the leaves unscathed. It was able to roll out of the way just in time. “Yeah! Great job, buddy!” Pidgeot flies back a little bit to her original position from when the battle started. Squirtle runs to the same spot on its side of the field. It’s out of breath. Pidgeot nibbles at her wings trying to get some dirt off of them. It seems to coo to itself. “Well, Mike, got any last words?”

“Yeah. I do.


Frank laughs again. “You truly are pathetic. Determined, I’ll give you that... but pathetic.” He smirks. “It’s time to end this. Really end this. Pidgeot... TAKE DOWN!”

Mike's eyes go wide in shock again. (How is this possible? Gust, Wing Attack, Fly, Sky Attack, and Take Down... That’s five moves! I could have sworn it was four!) “You’re cheating!” “Oh, yeah, is that so?” “Yeah! Pokemon can only have four moves!” “Ha! Shows what you know! Where have you been? It’s been five for about two years now!”

Mike frowns heavily. (Damn, I can’t believe it.)

Frank scowls at Pidgeot. “Well, what are you waiting for? Take Down! Now!” Pidgeot glances back at her Trainer. She ruffles her feathers indignantly. She braces her legs, but before she can start the attack, Squirtle freaks out and runs to its Trainer, hiding behind his legs. It peeks around his legs, looking at Pidgeot with a terrified look on its face. “Hey, what’s the big id-” Mike stops himself as he looks down at his poor Pokemon. His eyes and his voice soften. “Hey, buddy, it’s okay. We can do this together, right?” It firmly shakes its head. “Squirtle, Squirtle,” it says in a shaky voice.

“Gah, I don’t have time for this! Pidgeot, plow the Trainer over if you have to! Just FINISH THIS BATTLE! Take Down, go!”

Pidgeot squawks its compliance. She braces herself... and takes off. Mike's eyes go wide in shock. (No...!)

He stays in front of his Pokemon. He crosses his arms in front of him in an X formation, closes his eyes tight, and turns his head away. Squirtle looks up at his Trainer, standing there to protect it, then looks at the charging Pidgeot. Its little face goes serious and it jumps out in front of Mike. It goes into its shell in front of Mike's chest. Mike opens his eyes and instinctively grabs the shell. Pidgeot hits the shell, hard. Squirtle’s shell rams hard into Mike's chest. He yells out in pain and goes flying back a couple yards, but he never lets go of the shell. He lands hard on his back. He doesn’t get up.

“Mike!’ James cries out. He runs up to him and his Squirtle. Mike opens an eye. Squirtle comes out of its shell and looks into its Trainer’s eyes. Its battered face breaks into a smile. Mike smiles back. James kneels down beside them.

“Oh, god, this is so touching, it makes me sick.”

Chris glares at Frank. “Have you no heart?” “Yes, I do! Enough to realize how devastated my two best friends are, enough to win back the Pokemon that rightfully belong to them! Grrrr... AAAH! I’m getting sick of this! This has gone on long enough! Pidgeot, Take Down!”

James scrambles out of the way. Squirtle forces itself out of his Trainer’s hands and jumps up into the air to intercept Pidgeot; except this time, it doesn’t go into its shell.

It uses Bubble.

James's mind goes numb once again. (I-I don’t believe it! Doesn’t a Pokemon need to finish a battle before it levels up and learns a new move? And even if that’s not true, how the hell did Squirtle learn something new in the middle of its FIRST battle?)

The Bubble doesn’t hurt Pidgeot much, but it stops her dead in her tracks. She falls a few inches back down to the ground. “Tackle!” Bam. Another hit. Pidgeot stumbles back. However, she is still only barely hurt, while Squirtle can barely move.

“Amazing! I can’t believe that Squirtle learned Bubble so fast!” Frank looks back at Dalyla. “See how amazing that Squirtle is? It’ll be rightfully yours again in just a couple minutes, okay?” “Yeah,” Dalyla replies happily, nodding her head. Frank smiles, then turns back to the battle and glares at Squirtle. “That’s it... Let’s see your precious Bubble stop another Sky Attack!”

Pidgeot nods, fully understanding. She starts glowing. She soars into the sky...

James gasps. Mike scowls, not knowing what else he can do. Squirtle just gives a tired, battle-worn smile, knowing the end has finally come...

“No! Stop!”

Pidgeot stops glowing and freezes in midair, looking behind her to see the source of the voice. The three kids from Pallet look back, too. Mike, James and Squirtle look past their opponents to see who it is, too.

It’s none other than Professor Oak. He reaches the kids. He doubles over, trying to regain his breath. “Stop... this nonsense... Frank... That Squirtle... can barely... defend itself... It was low of you to use... your brother’s... Pidgeot like that!”

“It’s not just his,” Franks mutters sulkily. “It’s mine, too.”

“I know,” says Oak. “I know you and that Pidgeot grew up together, but don’t forget it was your older brother who found her and saved her life.”

Mike gasps in understanding. (So that's how he got that Pidgeot!)

Dylan looks at Oak angrily. “But, Professor, it’s not fair! When we were six, we swore to take the three Pokemon and get the Badges together when we were finally old enough. We swore it! And you promised to help fulfill that dream! That Bulbasaur is supposed to be mine, and that Squirtle belongs to my sister!”

Oak shakes his head. “Why do you kids doubt me like this? You should know I always have good reasons for doing things. I know this seems crazy to you, but... these kids are from a different world. They have no home, at least not here, and they are stranded here, probably for a very long time. They had no money, no supplies, no Pokemon to protect themselves with... I had to do it. I’m sorry, kids, but life goes on. I can help you two twins catch your first Pokemon. Frank, I am proud that you tried so hard to help your best friends, but you did more harm than good.” Oak gives a warm smile. “But, hey, everyone makes mistakes.”

Frank shakes his head. “Th-they even tried to explain what happened to them, why they got our... I mean, the Pokemon... instead of us.” Frank turns back to James. “I am so sorry.” Mike is shocked about this sudden change in his opponent.

“It’s okay.” Everyone looks at James’s smiling face. “Like the Professor said, everyone makes mistakes sometimes.” “Yeah,” Mike agrees. “Just never make such a big one again.”

Everyone laughs, even Frank. “What?” says Mike. “I mean it.” James sighs and hits Mike upside the head. “You’re dumb.” “I’ll let that one slide...” Mike mutters dangerously, rubbing the sore spot on his head. Squirtle runs up to Mike . It looks up at him and smiles again. “Squirtle, Squirtle!” it says cheerfully. Suddenly, it passes out. “Squirtle!” James cries out.

“Don’t worry,” Oak says calmly. “It just passed out from exhaustion, nothing more. Nothing a little visit to the Pokemon Center won’t fix.” Mike nods and returns his Squirtle back to its Pokeball.

“Oh, yeah,” Mike says thoughtfully. “Professor, what are our Pokemon’s genders?” “Hmmm... ah, yes. Squitle is a boy, and Bulbasaur is a girl.” He looks at Frank. “And Charmander is female as well.” “Thanks,” says Frank.

Everyone is silent for a moment. Frank speaks up. “Professor, I’m not going on the journey.” “What!” the twins cry out. “Not just yet, anyway,” Frank adds. “I obviously have a lot to learn. I really lost it back there. My understanding of... well, life, is very limited... I guess. I’m gonna stay with Professor Oak for a while and learn new stuff from him. Here.” He throws a Pokeball to Dylan. “Take my Charmander. She doesn’t really know me as her Trainer yet, so she should listen to you.”

“I’m proud of you, Frank,” Oak says happily. “Okay, I’m sick of this,” Mike declares. “Let’s go, James. Thanks for the battle, Frank.”

Frank blinks in confusion. “You’re... welcome... I guess...” Mike sighs and shakes his head at James again. “You’re unbelievable...”

“Goodbye, you two,” Oak says cheerfully. “Good luck with your journey, and don’t forget to catch as many Pokemon as you can on the way!”

“We won’t,” Mike replies. “Bye, everyone!”

“I hope we can meet again!” James calls over his shoulder as he and Chris start walking away. “I’ll beat you; badly, too!”

Frank, Oak, and the twins call back their farewells.

Mike sighs happily and looks down at his belt where the Pokeball containing his Squirtle is attached. (Sleep well, little guy...) “You know, James, a guy could really get used to living here.”

“Living here, huh?” James replies slyly. “We haven’t even been here a whole day.”

“Not the point,” Mike says shortly. “I’m just saying... looking for a way home isn’t going to be as bad as we thought it would be.”

Whew, that was a long one. Well... pretty long. Did ya like it? Please review!

26th February 2006, 12:58 PM
I really liked that story please keep going with it it is a great chang then from the same game based stories.

27th February 2006, 9:48 PM
Sorry for the long delay... got sidetracked.

Chapter 4- It’s the Viridian Forest!

“Wow... I can’t believe it’s almost nighttime already!” James says.

“How could it possibly have come as a surprise?” Mike says angrily. “I feel like I’ve been walking for two days! No **** it’s getting dark by now!” James laughs.

“Aren’t you *****y?”

It was nearly 10A.M. when Mike and James left Frank and the others. It is now 5:45 P.M., and since it’s January, nightfall is descending upon them already. The road to Viridian City has been quite long. It probably would not have been so long if they hadn’t stopped several times to take breaks. They are just not used to traveling like this yet. They saw a lot of Pokemon, but they couldn’t catch any; Squirtle and Bulbasaur were worn out from their first battle.

The events of that battle keep replaying in Mike’s mind. Every time he thinks about it, shivers go down his spine. (Man, I can’t wait until my next battle! Squirtle and I... will be invincible! We’ll be the best there is!) Suddenly, thoughts of home pop up in his mind. His teachers... his parents... even his neighbors... (They must all be so worried about me. But, I... I don’t want to go home. I want to stay here... I want to become the best! If we ever DO find a way home... would I even take it?)

Mike is so lost in his thoughts, he doesn’t notice the sign.

Viridian City Up Ahead

“Yeah, we’re almost there!” James exclaims happily. “Finally! It’s already past 6:15!”

Mike suddenly snaps back to reality. “Oh, what, huh? We’re... almost there? Great!”

About 15 minutes later, the city comes into view. They shout their joy, and they somehow scrape up enough energy to run the rest of the way. When they reach the city entrance, they stop for a minute to regain their breath, realizing running wasn’t the best thing to do. After they are able to walk again, they walk into the city.

Even though it’s nighttime, there are lots of people on the roads. They’re all laughing, having a good time. Some are shopping, some are eating, and some are just hanging around. James and Mike search for a Pokemon Center. They find a sign pointing them in the right direction, and they finally make the first stop of their journey.

Inside the Center are big, comfy couches and chairs. Mike falls heavily into a very puffy armchair. He closes his eyes, grins, and gives a happy sigh.

“Aaaaah, I’ve been waiting for this all day. This is great!”

He puts his feet up on a stool. James shakes his head.

“Hey, we have to take care of our Pokemon, remember?”

So, James and Mike meet the first of many Nurse Joys they’ll encounter in their adventures. After healing their Pokemon, they get a comfy little room in the back of the Center where traveling Trainers can crash for a night whenever needed. There are two wooden bunk beds. Mike practically flings himself onto the bottom bunk of one of the beds.

“Don’t get too comfortable,” James says.

"What now?" asked Mike. He started to groan like a little kid.

“We still have stuff to do . We have to sell the nuggets Oak gave us, then we have to buy some food.”

Mike grumbles at first, but then reluctantly gets up and says, “Yeah, I’m freakin’ starving, let’s go.”

They go to the Pokemart and sell their two golden Nuggets to the wide-eyed sales clerk. They buy Pokemon-related supplies there, too, along with two big, sturdy backpacks to put it all in. They go to a food shop and buy food supplies there. They also go to one of those general stores that sell everything, like a Wal-Mart or something, and buy clothes and hygienic necessities. Then, they go to an inexpensive buffet and pig out.

Finally, after all that, the two boys walk back to the Center half asleep. They waste no time in getting to their rooms and falling asleep.

Morning comes. Mike sits up in bed, stretches with a huge yawn, and rubs his eyes so he can open them. He blinks and looks around- and freezes. In the middle of the room, fast asleep, are Squirtle and Bulbasaur. Mike, face frozen in shock, turns his head to look at James. (He must have let them out last night or something... he must have!) He gets out of bed to go to the bathroom, trying not to wake anybody up. However, Squirtle yawns and gets up. He looks at Mike and smiles. Mike gives a wan smile back. Squirtle’s movements have woken up Bulbasaur as well.

“Bulba, bulbasaur.” She walks over to James’s bed and jumps up onto his sleeping form. James wakes up with a yell of surprise.

“Mike!” James exclaims angrily. “Why did you release them?”

“What are you talking about?” Mike retorts. “You are the one who released them some time last night!”

“I did not!”

“Well, you had to have done it because I know I haven’t taken them out since we first arrived here.”

“Same with me,” James replies indignantly. “Don’t go blaming stuff on other people.”

“Ha! Look who's talking!”

Suddenly, it hits them.

Their Pokemon got out on their own.

Mike sees Squirtle’s empty Pokeball lying on the floor next to Zac’s bed. He picks it up.

“Squirtle... return.”

Before the beam of red light can come out to claim the Pokemon, Squirtle uses Bubble on Mike's hand. He drops it.

“Ow, that kinda hurts...” Mike mumbles, rubbing his hand and giving Squirtle an injured look. James tries the same, but Bulbasaur tackles him to the ground and licks his face.

“Okay, okay!” James laughs hysterically, his face being tickled. “I get the point!”

He gets up. He and Mike look at each other, shake their heads, and sigh.

Mike and James make their way out of the Pokemon Center, Squirtle and Bulbasaur trailing along behind them. People reading the paper and sipping coffee stare at them. Mike is aware of the staring and goes slightly red. When they leave the building, he spins around to face the Pokemon.

“So how about gettin’ in the Balls, huh? You see how those people stared at us?”

The two Pokemon just stare at him blankly. James shrugs and keeps walking. Squirtle and Bulbasaur walk past Mike and follow him. Mike jogs to catch up to them. “Hey, wait for me!”

They go back to that buffet and eat breakfast there. They look at their Pokemon who are eyeing the human food hungrily. Mike gives them each a pancake. Everyone loves pancakes. James looks at Mike.

“We should get them some Pokemon food, huh?”

“Yeah, that would be good,” Mike agrees. They finish up their meal and head back to the Center to collect their things and move out.

When they walk past Nurse Joy, she giggles. “Hm? What’s so funny?” Mike asks Nurse Joy.

She points to their Pokemon. “Looks like you’ve got the Ash Ketchum syndrome.”

“Huh?” James says, confused.

“Well, Ash is a world-famous Pokemon Master, and out of all his Pokemon, Pikachu is especially famous because ever since Ash owned him, he has almost never been in a Pokeball. It’s rare, but when Trainers get Pokemon who do the same, it’s commonly called the Ash Ketchum syndrome. It’s funny because, well, you two are traveling together, right?”

“Yeeeaaah...” Mike says.

“Well, the fact that both of your Pokemon have the Ash Ketchum syndrome is such a coincidence, it’s funny,” Nurse Joy explains with a big grin on her face. “I mean, while it’s rare, a single Trainer with a Pokemon like that is not unheard of, but two of them is. That’s why people stare at you when you walk past!” She giggles again.

Mike goes red again. “Well, uh, I’m glad to hear we’re so special... I guess. Hey, listen, do you know where we can get Pokemon food?”

“Oh, good timing! We just got a new shipment this morning...” She ducks behind the counter and brings out two boxes of Pokemon food labeled, 'Brock’s Perfect PokePellets – Brock’s world-famous recipe... in a pellet!'

There is a picture of the maker’s smiling face on the front. Brock looks exactly the same as he did from the anime Mike and James used to watch... before they started living in it.

“I always wondered...”Mike mutters to himself. "Are those eyes open, or-”

“Let’s go!” James declares, interrupting Mike's thoughts about Brock’s eyes (which are perfectly understandable.)

“Wait,” Mike says. “These are free?”

“Usually, no, but I will make a special case for you guys,” Nurse Joy says, smiling warmly at them.

“Thanks a lot!” Mike calls to her as James drags him to the door.

As they walk through the city, James pulls out the map they bought last night and looks at it. “Well, next is Viridian Forest, in case you didn’t know...”

“Yeah, that’s gonna be a *****,” Mike groans.

They walk past a large building. It’s the 8th Gym, home of the Earth Badge. It seems to be closed, as usual. Mike and James stay silent as they walk by it. (Are we ever gonna make it that far?) Mike thinks to himself.

They reach the other side of the city. They go onto a road leaving Viridian City and heading towards Viridian Forest. It’s about a half hour walk to the Forest. Soon, a small building comes into their sight, and behind it looms the big, dark Forest. As they approach it, they notice a Trainer battling a wild Ratatta. They stop for a sec and watch. The Trainer appears to be a young boy. His Weedle uses Poison Sting again, and the Trainer throws his Pokeball at it. The Pokemon goes into it in a flash of red light, and the ball starts to wiggle.

Wiggle, wiggle, wiggle, wiggle... The Ball stops shaking and glowing, and it emits a satisfying humming sound. The boy just caught a Ratatta.

“WaHOOO!” he shouts, jumping for joy. He returns his Weedle and walks to the building with a big smile on his face.

“You know...”Mike says slowly, looking at James, “we need to do the same. We need to battle a few wild Pokemon. We can catch some, build up a little team for the Forest... Plus, Squirtle and Bulbasaur can get some training.”

James nods enthusiastically. “Okay!”

They walk around in the taller grass, looking around for Pokemon. A Pidgey hears them coming and starts to fly away. “That’s mine!” James calls out.

“Fine,” Mike mumbles as James and Bulbasaur start chasing the Pidgey. “I want a different Flying type anyway.”

Squirtle tugs Mike’s leg and points to a Ratatta near a tree that’s very close by. “All right, then,” Mike says. “Squirtle, use Tackle!”

The Ratatta looks up from its acorn and scurries up the tree. It looks down at its pursuers and gives an angry “Rrrrrrrratatta!”

Mike growls. “Squirtle, Bubble attack!”

Squirtle starts shooting bubbles at Ratatta. It jumps onto another branch, avoiding the attack. However, the Bubble attack does hit something... It hits a Spearow’s nest. It comes flying out of it with a very ******-off look on its face. “Ah, here’s my Flying type!”

Mike declares happily. The Ratatta jumps off the tree and runs away. Mike takes no notice.

"Speeeaaarow!” the bird Pokemon screeches. It dives down at Mike, taking him by surprise.

It uses Peck on his head. “OOWWWW!” he cries out. "Squirtle, take care of this!”

Squirtle looks at Spearow angrily. He uses Bubble. Spearow dodges and attempts a Peck on Squirtle as well. He dodges and before Spearow can go back into the air, he crushes it with a Tackle attack. Spearow starts to get up, but Squirtle uses Bubble. This time, the attack hits its intended target. Squirtle hits it with another Tackle.

“Great job!” Mike says. He feels something in his eye and rubs it. He looks at his hand; it’s blood trickling down his forehead from the Peck attack. He shakes his head.

“I got it from here... Go, Pokeball!” He throws it rather hard at Spearow’s head. The Pokemon goes into the Ball.

Mike’s heart starts pounding as the Ball starts wiggling, even though he knows Squirtle did a perfect job weakening it. The Pokeball calms down and makes the telltale humming sound.

“Yay!” Mike shouts excitedly. “Good job, Squirtle!”

He picks up his new Spearow’s Pokeball. He looks all around him, question marks popping up over his and Squirtle’s heads as they look for James and Bulbasaur. They finally spot them. They are battling a Pidgey.

Mike sweat-drops. “Are you kidding? They’re still fighting that thing?” His attention is diverted by another Ratatta.

“Hey, Squirtle, let’s catch this thing, too, okay?” Squirtle nods. He charges the Ratatta and attempts to hit it with Tackle, but the Ratatta dodges it and hits him with an attack so fast, Mike barely saw it happen. (Quick Attack!) he thinks to himself. (This Ratatta is a little advanced...) It uses Quick Attack again. Squirtle falls down. He winces as he gets up. Mike notices that its tail twitches every time it attacks. It twitches again.

“Use Tail Whip... now!” It works. Squirtle stops the attack with Tail Whip.

“Now, use Bubble, then Tackle!” Squirtle does so, hitting his opponent with everything he’s got. “Go, Pokeball!”

It works. Mike catches a Ratatta. The grin on his face is huge. (This is easy! For now, anyway...)

At this point, James and Bulbasaur catch up with Mike and Squirtle. Chris has a Pokeball in his hand and a triumphant smile on his face.

“What took you so long?” Mike says in an annoyed tone of voice.

“Well, we made the first Pidgey “faint” by accident, and apparently that means you can’t catch it. Then we accidentally did the same to a Ratatta. But we finally caught this Pidgey! How about you?” Mike closes his eyes and grins an arrogant grin.

“Heh, we got a Spearow and a Ratatta on our first try!”

James frowns. “Whatever. Hey... what happened to you? You’re bleeding!”

“I’m fine,” Mike says.

“The Spearow I caught pecked me in the head. It’ll stop bleeding soon.”

“All right,” James sighs, not completely convinced he’s okay. “Let’s just go in the Forest now.”

“Fine by me,” Mike agrees.

They enter the little rest house. There is a little Pokemon healing center (how convenient!) They put their Pokeballs on the healing-table-thingy and turn it on. When the machine indicates their Pokemon are at full health, they start to head out.

“Hey, what about Squirtle and Bulbasaur?” James says suddenly.

Mike looks at the Pokemon. “You guys tired out yet?” They both firmly shake their heads. James looks at Mike.

“There you have it,” he says in a matter-of-fact tone. James sighs and they walk to the entrance of the Forest.

However, they are stopped by a couple of guards with brown uniforms dragging a woman into the building. She is sobbing hysterically.

“My son! He’s lost... my son is in there! LET ME GO!”

“Ma’am, please calm down!” a guard yells over her sobs. “We have Officer Jenny and three guards looking for him! It’ll be fine!”

“An Officer Jenny and three guards?” Mike mumbles uncertainly. “I don’t think that’s enough people to search the entire Viridian Forest for a little boy...”

When the guards finally drag her out of the way of the doorway, Mike, James, and their Pokemon walk past them and into the Forest, looking at the sobbing mother sadly.

James puts his hands on his hips. “All right,” he says with a big sigh. “Which way are we goin’?”

Mike looks at the different trails leading into the Forest. “Let’s go on the far right one.”

James nods and they begin their trip into the Forest.

It’s been about 45 minutes. Mike has managed to catch a Weedle and James now owns a Caterpie. Whenever they meet other Bug types, they make short work of them with their bird Pokemon.

“This is driving me nuts!” James exclaims suddenly.

“Do we have any idea where we’re going?”

Mike simply shakes his head. “Nope.”

James looks at him angrily. “HOW CAN YOU BE SO CALM?”

“What’s the point of getting worked up?”

Suddenly, they run into a young Trainer. She looks at them and smiles.

“Hey, do either one of you want to battle me? I wanna test out my new Bug Pokemon!”

(Ugh,) Mike thinks to himself, (another Bug Catcher.) “James, you take this one.”

“Okay,” James complies, taking a step forward.

“You ready?”

“You bet!” the girl says excitedly. “Go, Kakuna!”

As James battles the Bug Catcher, Mike sits down. He becomes lost in thought again. He thinks about the 8th Gym in Viridian City. (Will I ever make it that far? I think I have the ability, but what if I’m held back? What if we find a way home? Knowing James, he would rather go home than stay here. What would I do then? Stay here by myself?) He shakes his head. (I don’t belong here... I don’t belong in the Pokemon World. What would people think of me if I got into the Pokemon League and they all found out about where I’m from? I might be hated for it...)

So, as you can see, Mike likes to think about certain things all the time. If confronted with a somewhat troubling problem like this, he could go on thinking about it all day, not caring about what else is going on. It actually gets annoying for the people around him sometimes.

James brings him back to reality. “Hey, I won. I got some money... 80 pokedollars.”

Mike stands up. “Cool. Let’s go.”

They actually end up searching for another hour. “Is the Forest that big, or are we just lost?” James moans.

Mike’s stomach growls.

“I’m hungry,” he states. “It’s food time.”

They sit down and have a nice lunch of chicken and rice. Squirtle and Bulbasaur eat some PokePellets. They clean up and continue their search for the exit.

After another half hour, Mike gets an idea.

“Hey, I know! Let’s use your Pidgey to fly over the Forest and look for the exit! It can guide us there!”

“Okay,” James agrees enthusiastically. He releases Pidgey.

“Find an exit for us, Pidgey!” Pidgey nods and flies up above the trees. Soon enough, the group is following Pidgey to the exit.

(A/N- Yes, I know, “why did it take them about two hours to realize this?” They’re slow sometimes, okay:P)

Suddenly, they hear a scream.

“What was that?” James says, startled. Mike sighs.

“How much you wanna bet it’s that kid who’s lost?” James frowns in confusion.

“Wha- Oh! That kid! Hey, I know; let’s go help him!”

Water starts flowing out of Mike’s eyes. (A/N- I can’t really call it “tears”, I mean, they draw it like two rivers coming out of their eyes. :P)

“But it took us forever to get this far!”

Squirtle and Bulbasaur are already running in the direction they heard the scream.

“Well, there you have it,”James states happily, and he runs off with them. Mike just stands there.

“I’ll, uh, wait here. To make sure... we don’t lose our way... or something...”

James, Squirtle, and Bulbasaur hear the scream again.

“We’re getting closer!” James pants. They crash through some more bushes... and find a little boy surrounded by Beedrill. Chris counts seven of them. One stings him. He screams again. He sees Chris and the Pokemon.

“Help!” he cries out.

Four of the Beedrill turn around and attack Squirtle and Bulbasaur. Squirtle uses Bubble on one, Bulbasaur uses Leech Seed on another, and they dodge the other two. Bulbasaur uses Leech Seed on another, and another. All three of them fall to the ground, stuck in the small vines that sprouted from the seeds. They glow and Bulbasaur glows; the plants are healing her. The other one attacks again. James’s Pidgey comes out from the sky and intercepts with a Tackle. The other three come at them now. James's eyes go wide in fear.

A Spearow comes in and uses Peck a couple times on one. A Ratatta comes dashing in and uses Quick Attack on a few of them. Mike comes running in.

After a few minutes of battling, the only Beedrill that hasn’t fainted runs away. However, the only remaining Pokemon on the other side is Bulbasaur because the Leech Seeds were keeping her alive. A Bug Catcher runs into the scene.

“What the hell happened here!”

Mike looks at the Bug Catcher. “Hey, take this kid back to the rest house at the entrance, okay? His mother’s looking for him.”

“All right,” the Trainer says, awed. “What’re your names?”

James starts to walk away with his Squirtle in his arms.

“Doesn’t matter. We don’t want recognition. Just get him to his mother.”

The boy suddenly calls out, “Thanks guys! I’ll never forget you!"

Mike and James are able to find where they were before. They walk along the path. They see a door to another rest house. Beyond it lies open field. They go into the building and collapse onto very comfortable chairs.

“It’s... about time...” Mike pants.

James gets up after a couple minutes. “Your Pokemon, please. I’ll go heal them at the healing station.”

Mike puts Squirtle in his Pokeball and hand over his four Pokeballs to James. Mike puts those and his two Pokeballs on the station. After they are healed, Squirtle breaks out of the Pokeball again and looks at Mike angrily.

“What?” Mike says innocently. “You needed to be healed.”

Squirtle uses Bubble on his face. “Ow!”

The smile on Squirtle’s face seems to say, “We’re even now.”

James laughs at him. They all sit down, and after about 10 minutes, they fall asleep...

Wow, another long one. Many thanks to Demy and Amethyst DarkWarrior Jorro

Next Chapter: Pewter City at Last! 1st Gym Battle

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Oh yeh Mike and James finaly make it thoguth the forest and they catch some new pkm along the way, way cool, i want more chapters chant: Morrrrrre captersssss. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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11th April 2006, 12:18 AM
Yeah. I just haven't had the time to.

Next chapter should be up soon

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Chapter 5- Pewter City at Last! 1st Gym Battle

“Um, excuse me? Excuse me? Are... you awake? Hello?”

Mike's eyes start twitching when the woman starts poking him, trying to wake him up. “Wha-what is it? Where am I?” He opens his eyes, looks around, and jumps to his feet. “Where is everyone? Are we the only ones in here?”

Mike, James, and their Pokémon fell asleep in the rest house at the end of the Viridian Forest. It is nighttime now, and they are the only ones in the rest house, except for this one lady waking them up.

“Yes,” the lady says. “I think this place has been empty for some time now... It’s past midnight!”

“Oh, JEEZ!” Mike exclaims. James and the Pokémon wake up. “What’s going on?” James mumbles, rubbing his eyes.

“It’s past midnight, that's what’s going on!” Mike replies rather loudly.

“Okay, okay, no need to shout,” James says exasperatedly. “Let’s just pick up our stuff and-” He suddenly stops talking. His mouth is hanging open and his eyes are extremely wide in shock.

“What’s wrong?” Mike and the lady ask at the same time.

“O-our stuff...” James whispers. “It’s... it’s... it’s...”

“GONE!” Mike screams. “Someone must have taken it!”

“Well, someone did run past me while I was walking here...” the lady says slowly. “That wasn’t very long ago. If you start running to Pewter City now-” She stops talking, for they are already out the door.

“I... can’t... believe... this is... happening... to us!” Mike pants as he and the others run as fast as they can to Pewter City. Mike is holding Squirtle because the poor little turtle can’t keep up with everyone else.

“Yeah... This is... some day... we’re having,” James agrees sarcastically.

They run for a little while more. James quickly starts to fall behind. He stops and doubles over, trying to regain breath.

“Mike... keep going... I’ll be-” He suddenly realizes that Mike never stopped in the first place. Bulbasaur is still with him though.

“Hey...” Mike says, patting his Pokémon fondly on the head. “Thanks... for staying... to keep me company...”

(If fatso can’t keep up,) Mike thinks as he’s running, (I’ll just go back to pick him up later.) “Gah! This is insane!” he suddenly cries out, startling Squirtle. “We’ll never catch up!” As he’s running, he curses himself for not buying a Pokéball belt. His Pokémon are in his now-stolen bag. Suddenly, he hears a siren behind him. He looks over his shoulder without slowing down. It’s a motorcycle. It catches up to him. He still doesn’t stop running, so the driver just rides along beside him. It’s an Officer Jenny.

“Hey,” she yells over the siren. “Is it your bag that was stolen?”

“Yes!” Mike yells back. “Who sent you?”

“The woman who woke you up,” she replies. “Hop on!”

He does so, and they speed off into the night.

“Hey, wait a minute!” Mike yells. “Did you pass a fat kid?”

“Hey, that’s mean!” Officer Jenny yells back over her shoulder. “Isn’t he your friend?”

“Yeah, but it doesn’t take away the fact he’s fat.” Officer Jenny thinks about that for a second. (...Well, I guess you can’t argue with logic)

“Anyway,” Mike yells, “did you pass him?”

“Yeah. I asked him if he wanted to come with me, and he told me to catch up to you and give you a ride. He’ll be waiting.” Mike nods. (Good. It’s really dark out here... I hope he’ll be okay.)


The police scanner suddenly kicks on. Its owner wakes up. He listens with a frown.

“We have a potential thief headed north on Route 2 from Viridian Forest to Pewter City. Two young Trainers are missing their belongings. A woman saw a mysterious man run past, wearing all black. I repeat, suspect is headed toward Pewter City and-” He turns the scanner off. “Interesting,” he mumbles to himself. He picks up a Pokéball, throws on his brown trench coat, and leaves the building.

He walks to a back road very rarely used by the public. It runs through most of the city. He waits there for a while. Then, he suddenly hears someone running towards him. There is no light here, so it is way too dark to see who it is. The man sighs and gets up, walking calming to intercept the incoming person. (Gotta make sure it's who I'm looking for...) “Stop!” he bellows. “Who are you?”

“Get out of the way!” the running man says gruffly. He pulls out a knife. The trench coat man’s eyes widen. “I see...” He jumps out of the way to avoid the knife. The mysterious man keeps on running. (Yep, that’s the thief, alright...) “GO, ONIX!”

He throws the Pokéball hard so it lands in front of the running thief. His Onix comes out directly in front of the fleeing criminal. It works. The thief yells out in fear as Onix roars at him and blocks his way. He turns and starts to run the other way, but Onix’s owner is blocking that way, too.

“Where do you think you're going?”

“That’s the place!” Officer Jenny calls over her shoulder. “Directly ahead of us is Pewter City!”

Mike can see the lights of the city. There aren’t many since it’s so late, but it’s still obvious.

“Good!” Mike responds. “Let’s get that thief!”

The motorcycle roars into town, siren blaring. They keep going down the main road, a few passersby watching them and wondering what’s going on.

After a little while, they reach a large group of people blocking the road. They are all standing in a circle and cheering at whatever is in the middle of the circle. Some people in the crowd notice Zac and Officer Jenny running towards them and make a path accordingly.

There are two men in the middle. One has black hair, dark skin, and really small eyes. He’s wearing a brown trench coat and blue jeans. He’s standing next to a man dressed in all black. His hands are tied up and he seems very dazed and confused. His face is bleeding in a few different spots, mostly from the nose. It looks like he got beat up- bad.

What’s laying next to them is what catches Mike’s interest. His eyes go very wide. There are three all-too-familiar bags there; two big backpacks and one really large carrying bag.

“Our stuff!” he exclaims. He runs over to the bags. He quickly goes through his and takes out three occupied Pokéballs. “Thank God...” he mutters.

Officer Jenny walks over to the man in the brown trench coat. She smiles warmly as she shakes his hand. “Thanks, Brock,” she says gratefully. “You’ve done it again. Great job!”

“No problem,” Brock replies happily. “Now... WILL YOU GO OUT WITH ME?” Jenny ignores him.

Mike looks up at Brock. “Really? The Brock? Awesome! Thanks so much!” Jenny gets the thief off his feet and basically drags him out of the crowd. Mike glares at him. “Loser!” he shouts. Brock and the crowd laugh.

After a little while, the crowd disperses. Another Officer Jenny takes a motorcycle out to go retrieve James. Brock sighs as she rides away.

“Isn’t she beautiful?” he says to no one in particular. Mike laughs. Brock looks at him. “So, kid, what brings you here?”

“Well,” Mike replies, “I’m actually here to challenge you.” Brock smiles. “I thought so. Oh, and uh... your name?”

“I’m Mike Masterson, nice to meet you.” They start walking to Brock’s Gym.

After they talk a little while, Zac looks at him. “Hey, do you know a place where me and my friend can sleep?” Now that the adrenaline rush has worn off, Zac realizes he is very tired.

“Well, you could crash at my place.”

“Really?” Mike says excitedly. “That is so cool!”

Brock smiles. “So I guess you accept the invitation?”

“Uh... well... YES!” Mike says with a big grin.

“Good,” Brock replies. He takes out a cell phone. “I’ll call Officer Jenny to tell her where to drop your friend off.”


When Mike wakes up, he sees that James is asleep in the bed across the room. Squirtle and Bulbasaur are still fast asleep. He gets up and stretches. He looks out the window. It’s a beautiful day.

(Well, today is the big day! The day I finally have my first Gym battle!) He looks at Squirtle and Bulbasaur. (It should be easy for both me and Chris. Squirtle knows Bubble, and Bulbasaur knows Vine Whip. Those moves alone should be enough to finish off Brock’s Pokémon.) He smells something very good. (Breakfast!)

He runs out of his room and goes upstairs to the kitchen. Brock is cooking and two of his sisters are helping. All his other siblings and his father are sitting at the table talking loudly and anticipating another great breakfast. French toast, pancakes, bacon, eggs, taylor ham, home-style potatos, omelets, various kinds of tofu... he has it all. Mike is in heaven.

By the time breakfast is done, James and the Pokémon are waiting along with Mike and Brock’s family. After Brock officially introduces the guests to his family, they start eating.

“This is great!” Mike says through a very thick mouthful of a taylor ham, bacon, egg, and cheese sandwich. He swallows.

“Truly the best artery-clogging meal I’ve ever had! Thanks so much, Brock!”

James agrees, although he doesn’t say so while there is omelet is in his mouth.

“So, Brock,” says Mike in a conversational tone. “I didn’t know you were a crime fighter.”

“Crime fighter?” Brock chuckles. “I don’t think so. I just help take out the trash sometimes, you know? It’s my way of contributing to the community, I guess.” Mike laughs with a very full mouth. James glares at him.

“Wow,” Mike says after choking down his food, “that’s one hell of a way to do community service.”

“Yeah, I guess so,” Brock agrees with a smile. He takes a bite out of his tofu. “So... tell us about yourselves. Where are you from?”

Mike and James exchange worried glances. (Should we tell them?) Mike ponders. James very subtly shakes his head.

Mike looks at Brock. “We’re from, uh, Pallet Town. Professor Oak gave us these two.”

He points to the two Pokémon eating PokéPellets on the floor.

“Cool!” Brock says. Then he shakes his head. “Professor Oak’s Pokémon seem to have a problem with being in Pokéballs, don’t they? Ash’s Pikachu was given to him by Oak, and he never goes in his Ball.”

Mike puts his arms behind his head and chuckles with a sheepish grin. “Yeah, I guess so. Oak's a really nice guy, though.”

After they all finish eating and cleaning up, Mike and James go to their room to prepare for their first Gym battle. They don’t have much to do to prepare. When they’re done, they sit down and stay silent for a while. Mike heaves a big sigh. “Well, are you ready for this, James?”

“Y-yeah, I guess,” is the nervous response.

Mike keeps himself from grinning. (He’s scared out of his wits! Well, I’m pretty nervous, too, but thank God I’m not that nervous.)

They get up and leave without another word, Pokémon trailing along behind them. They go upstairs. They walk down the main hall...

And they enter the Gym’s Pokémon arena.

The place is obviously Rock type-oriented. The field itself is made of rock, and boulders, big and small, are scattered all around it. Brock’s entire family has come to watch the two matches. The first match will be James vs. Brock, and then Mike vs. Brock.

They wait for a few minutes. These few minutes feel like a few eternities. Then, Brock slowly walks onto the field, his trench coat on.

“Are you ready? Who’s first?”

James gulps and steps forward. His hands are slightly trembling. (He was like this in his first battle, too,) Mike notes dryly. (I hope he won’t be like this for every important battle he has.)

Brock grins. “Very good. I’ll explain the rules. It’s very simple. Since you two are beginners, you will each be allowed to use all your Pokémon against my two Pokémon. Okay? Now, to business.”

He grabs his trench coat and literally throws it off, revealing the same clothing Mike remembers from the anime.

(A/N- I’m talking about his old outfit, not his outfit in Hoenn. Yeah.)

Apparently, this action marks the beginning of the battle, for the referee calls out, “Start the battle!” as soon as the trench coat hits the floor.

Mike’s face splits into a wide grin. (Let’s see how James does under pressure.)


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11th April 2006, 12:38 PM
So you have been a bit busy that is ok. well at least chapter five is up and it was great. can't wait to read ch 6.


11th April 2006, 9:31 PM
Thanks Demy. It should be up within a couple of weeks. As long as I don't have too many things to do.

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23rd April 2006, 2:30 AM
Chapter 6- Fight for the Boulderbadge! The Problem with Rock-Types

“All right, who’s first?” Brock asked.

James steps forward, swallowing hard. (I can do this... I can do this... no need to be nervous.)

Brock explains the rules. “Since you two are beginners, you can use all of your Pokémon against my two Pokémon. We’re both allowed to switch out. Now, to business.” He throws off his brown trench coat, signifying the start of the battle.

James can’t help but look over his shoulder to look at Mike.

He’s grinning. (What the **** is he smiling for?)

Brock interrupts his thoughts by releasing his Pokémon, Geodude.

“Geo, geodude,” it says.

(Well, my only real choice here is Bulbasaur. She’s my only Pokémon that actually stands a chance!) “Bulbasaur, go!”

Bulbasaur runs onto the arena scowling. “Bulba, bulbasaur!” she says.

Brock smiles. “Geodude, Tackle!”

“Dodge and use Vine Whip!” James cried in response. Bulbasaur carries out both commands perfectly. Geodude has already taken a large amount of damage.

“Hang in there, Geodude! Use Rock Tomb!”

Geodude hits the ground hard with both fists. The ground around Bulbasaur starts shaking. Her eyes go wide. “Bulba-!”

Rock juts out of the ground all around her and closes her in, crushing her.

“BULBASAUR!” she cries out in pain.

The rock crumbles away, leaving Bulbasaur cut up and bleeding. She’s out of breath. She turns to look at James, nodding her head.

James grins. “Good. GO! USE VINE WHIP!”

Geodude dodges it and comes in to go for another Tackle. Bulbasaur jumps into the air to avoid it.

“Now! Slam Geodude into the ground with Vine Whip!” It works.

She hits her opponent so hard with her vines, the ground under Geodude actually caves in slightly. Brock’s facial expression is that of shock. (Th-that’s amazing! I’ve never seen such a strong Bulbasaur, especially at such a low level!)

“Geodude is unable to battle! Bulbasaur wins!”

Brock shakes his head and gives a grim smile.

“That was great, James. Return, Geodude.” He returns his Pokémon and takes out a second Pokéball.

“Now, let’s see you do the same to THIS one! Go, Onix!”

When Onix comes out, it roars at its opponents and glares at them. James and Bulbasaur both quiver in fear. James's face goes serious again.

“Let’s go, Bulbasaur. Start with a Leech Seed.”

“No! Onix, use Rock Throw to block the seed!”

Bulbasaur shoots a seed out of the plant on her back at Onix. Onix uses its huge tail to scoop up some big rocks and it throws them at Bulbasaur, effectively knocking the seed away.

“Bulbasaur, dodge!”

Bulbasaur gets out of the rocks’ way just in time. However, Onix is already following up with a Tackle. It sends Bulbasaur flying back really far... right at James.

“Hey,hey,HEY! AAAH!” James cries out. He catches Bulbasaur and falls on his ***. Mike’s eyes pop out of his head. (WOW! That knocked down even James! That’s amazing...)

Bulbasaur jumps out of her Trainer’s arms and back into the arena. Brock smiles.

“Good. Onix, use Tackle!”

Bulbasaur easily dodges... but that’s what Brock was planning.

Onix quickly turns so its tail is very close to Bulbasaur. “Use Bind!” It wraps its tail around the poor Pokémon and squeezes. Once again, Bulbasaur is getting crushed.

“B-b-b-bu-bulba...!” she manages to choke out.

“Now, Onix, fling her away and use Rock Throw!” Bulbasaur goes flying again and Onix’s Rock Throw is quickly catching up. She is able to hit the rocks with Vine Whip, causing them to break or go off course. She lands on all fours, then collapses.

“NO!” James cries. “Bulbasaur!”

Suddenly, small green vines sprout on Onix’s body and wrap around it. Onix starts glowing, and then Bulbasaur does, too. Bulbasaur slowly gets up.

Comprehension dawns on Brock’s face. (Ah! She must have launched the seed right after Onix threw her! All on her own, too... That is what separates great Pokémon from just good Pokémon.)

Onix glares at Bulbasaur. She just grins. “Great job, Bulbasaur!” James yells happily. “Now, use Vine Whip!”

For the first time, Onix is the one that looks scared. He roars in fear right before getting hit right in the face by a Vine Whip. Onix falls to the ground, eyes replaced by swirls. Bulbasaur has knocked her opponent out.

“Onix is unable to battle. Bulbasaur wins! The winner of the Pewter Gym match is James from Pallet Town!”

Mike winces when he hears “Pallet Town”, but he cheers nonetheless. Bulbasaur gives a weak grin. James picks her up. She winces in pain and closes her eyes.

Brock grins as he returns Onix. “Great job, James! Here is your Boulderbadge. That was truly a great match!” James takes the badge with a huge grin.

Mike pats him on the back. “Congrats, man, but if you do that gay victory **** Ash does when he gets a badge, I’ll freakin’ kill-”

“How do you know about that?” Brock interrupts curiously.

James sweat-drops. “Uuuh... TV! Yeah, there was this... documentary, and it showed him doing it! Yeah!”

Brock rubs his chin thoughtfully. “Huh. Documentary, eh? I’ll have to check it out.”

James grins sheepishly and rubs the back of his head. “Um, uh heh heh. Yeah, you’d like it.”

Brock smiles. “Come on, let’s go to the Pokémon Center. Then we can get on with our battle, Mike!”

Mike nods happily and grins an arrogant grin. “Fine by me. Let’s go!”

Forty-five minutes later, everyone is back in the Pewter Gym arena.

James and Bulbasaur look a lot more relaxed now that their battle is over with. James is admiring his shiny new Badge. Bulbasaur is smiling up at her happy Trainer. Mike’s smile is grim. (Wish I could be happy like them... Well, very soon, I’ll be joinin’ them! In record time, probably, too!) And with that thought firmly placed in his mind, he and Squirtle step forward.

“Let’s go,” Mike said.

Brock grins. “Heh.” He throws off his trench coat like he did before his match against Chris.

“Brock of the Pewter Gym vs. Mike from Pallet Town! Match, start!” the ref calls.

Brock throws his Pokéball. Geodude comes out once again. “Geo, geodude!” it says. It looks determined not to lose again. Mike looks down and smiles. “Well, here it goes... GO, SPEAROW!”

Everyone gasps: the crowd (or, actually, Brock’s family), Brock, James, Bulbasaur, Squirtle, the ref, and even Spearow. It squawks in fright when it sees Geodude and looks back at Mike with a “What the hell are you trying to do, get me killed?” expression on its face.

Brock doesn’t question, or even wonder at, Mike’s motives. He simply starts giving commands. “Geodude, charge in and use Tackle!”

“Dodge, Spearow!” Spearow takes flight. Spearow ***** one eye towards the floating rock that’s determined to kick its ***.

“Use Peck!” Spearow sweat-drops, but charges in anyway. It hits Geodude with its beak. It freezes in that position. Its eyes start tearing. Then, after a few seconds, it jumps away from Geodude, crying out in pain and tenderly holding its beak with its wings. Some of the younger members of Brock’s family laugh and point at Spearow. This gets the bird angry. It Pecks Geodude over and over and over again. Geodude closes its eyes in pain and tries to fend off the annoying bird with its short arms. Mike raises his eyebrows. (This... is the most ridiculous battle I’ve ever seen...) At this point, James and Bulbasaur are rolling on the floor laughing with tears in their eyes.

Brock is trying his hardest to keep from laughing. “G-Geodude,” he stutters from his effort, “use T-Tackle!”

Everyone stops laughing when the battle picks up again. Spearow is hit pretty hard and falls to the floor.

“Geodude, use Rock T-”

“Spearow, return.”

Brock stops in mid-sentence and just stares at Mike as he returns his Spearow. Geodude quickly stops its attack. “Now, Squirtle, care to finish this for me?” Squirtle grins and nods. He charges in.

“Use Bubble!” Mike cries. Geodude is hit and badly hurt. It is obviously angry as it realizes the trun out of this battle is going to be very similar to the one against Bulbasaur. “Geodude, use Rock Tomb!”

“Quick, roll!” Squirtle rolls right when the rocks come up and close in on the spot he was standing just a second ago. “Finish it, Squirtle!” He uses Bubble again. Geodude falls down, eyes replaced with swirls.

“Geodude is no longer able to battle. Squirtle wins!”

“Good job,” Mike smiles.

“Come back for now.”

Question marks pop up over Squirtle’s head, but he obeys. He walks back to his Trainer’s side.

“Go, Onix!” Brock yells. Onix comes out once again with a mighty roar. Mike takes out another Pokéball.

“Good luck, my friend... GO, WEEDLE!” Everyone in the gym (except Mike) fall down anime-style.

Brock gets up and shrugs. “Everyone has different tactics, and I respect that.” (This kid is smart. He’s starting out the battles with his weak Pokémon so they can grow stronger quicker. Very smart! However, I’m not gonna give him a break for being intelligent...) “Onix, use Rock Throw!”

Weedle freaks out and runs in random directions, somehow avoiding all the rocks. “Great job!” Mike grins. “Now use String Shot!" Weedle looks like it would rather do anything else but use String Shot on this Onix. It obeys its Trainer’s orders, though. It starts to wrap Onix’s large body with the strong silk that makes up the String Shot, but with a roar, Onix breaks it before it starts to take effect. Weedle jumps up into the air and squeals in fright.

Brock laughs."Onix, use Bind on the poor thing.”

It tries to wrap its tail around the worm, but Weedle frantically scrambles over its tail.

“Ha!” Mike says triumphantly, as if he just won the battle. “Weedle is too small and quick to get caught by Bind! Use Poison Sting now!”

Onix sweat-drops as its opponent tries to sting it. Of course, Onix didn’t feel a thing. It hits the worm with Tackle. Weedle is still up, barely. Onix rushes in with another Tackle attack... and that’s when it happens.

Mike and James witness their first Pokémon evolution.

Weedle starts to glow, and in a beautiful show of white light, it starts to grow bigger. Weedle’s silhouette completely changes shape. When the light clears, a Kakuna is standing where Weedle was a few moments ago.

Onix Tackles it anyway. Kakuna, with a much higher HP level now, survives the attack... once again, barely. Mike smiles. “Return, Kakuna. Great job.” Mike sighs happily. (That was among the most beautiful things I have ever seen...) He looks at James, who is just standing there in awe. Zac turns his gaze to Squirtle. “Let’s finish this, buddy.”

“Squirtle!” the turtle says happily and enters the battlefield.

“Onix, use Rock Throw!" Squirtle dodges the rocks with some difficulty and counters with a Bubble attack. Onix roars as the Water attack hits it.

“Onix, use Tackle!” Squirtle runs out of the way. Onix turns its head around to look at the Squirtle it just flew past. It brings its tail around and swings it hard at the turtle. Squirtle yelps in alarm and jumps up to avoid the huge stone tail. Onix then roars triumphantly and smacks Squirtle back to the ground with its tail. He hits the rock floor hard. “Great, Onix, now use Bind!” Onix gets up and wraps its tail around Squirtle. He struggles, but it’s no use.

“Sorry I have to do this, Mike!” Brock calls across the battlefield. “But I don’t plan on losing twice on the same day!” He clears his throat. “Onix, use Crush!”

“Crush?” Mike mumbles to himself. “What the ****-?”

Onix brings its head high up into the air, lets go of Squirtle, and before he can run, Onix crushes him into the ground with its head.

“SQUIRTLE!” Mike cries. He glares at Brock. “What cheap-*** move was that? I’ve never even heard of it!”

Brock raises an eyebrow. “Uh, you’ve never heard of OMs before?”

Mike shakes his head.

“Well,” says Brock slowly, not understanding why Mike doesn’t know, “it stands for Original Move. About a year ago, a new Pokémon battling law was passed. Any Trainer can make up their own Pokémon move and have it patented. However, you have to list every single Pokémon that can use it. Every single one.”

“That’s it?” Mike scoffs. “No big deal.”

Brock laughs. “No, it’s very hard. Think about it! There are nearly 400 Pokémon in the world-”

“What?” James exclaims. “I thought there were just 150! Or 151, if you include Mew...”

Brock shakes his head. “You two aren’t from Pallet, are you?”

Mike growls. “We’ll tell you everything after this battle. Let’s go!”

The time they took talking allowed Squirtle to recover from the heavy blow. He’s beaten up pretty bad, but he has a determined look on his face.

“Very well, then. Onix use Rock Throw!” Squirtle is barely able to dodge the rocks, but he is unable to avoid Onix when it uses Bind again.

“This is it! Onix, use Crush!”

Onix raises its head. It starts flying down toward Squirtle...

Squirtle shoots a steady stream of water out of his mouth at Onix’s face. Onix howls in pain and throws its head back. Squirtle just learned another move in the middle of battle: Water Gun.

Brock gasps. (No! It’s all over now...) Mike cheers. “Yeah, Squirtle! You show ‘em! You’re the best! Now, finish with another Water Gun!”

The stream of water hits Onix right in the middle of its huge body. It roars one last time before collapsing to the ground. Its eyes turn into swirls.

“Onix is no longer able to battle! Squirtle wins! The winner of the Pewter Gym match is Mike from Pallet!”

Mike gives a grim smile. “No, not from Pallet, but... I won!” He and Squirtle cheer happily. Squirtle suddenly gets dizzy. He falls down on his butt, looking dazed. Brock returns Onix and smiles.

“Your Squirtle is worn out. It did such a great job. Congratulations! Looks like I’m gonna have to give another Badge today...” He reaches into one of his pockets and takes out a shiny Boulderbadge. Mike takes it with glee. Everyone cheers, even Brock’s family. Brock smiles again and pats Mike on the back.

“Good job. Now, why don’t I go make some lunch and you two can tell me all about where you’re from.” Mike sighs. “Okay, we’ll tell you.”

Brock shakes his head. “I don’t get it.”

Mike shrugs. “Well, just know we’re from a different world.”

“Actually, more like a different universe,” Mike points out.

“Whatever,” Mike said dismissively.

Brock stares at them for a couple seconds, then gets up and starts clearing the table. Mike, wanting to change the subject, pats his stomach and smiles.

“That was a great lunch, Brock. Thanks a lot!”

“No problem,” Brock replied.

“You want us to help you with the dishes?” James asked politely.

“No, thanks,” Brock replies. “I’m sure you guys wanna be on your way now... Not too far from here is Mt. Moon. It’ll take you the rest of the day to get there. Go well prepared. The Route between Pewter City and Mt. Moon is a very popular place for Trainers to hang around and battle. Don’t ask me why, that’s just the way it is. There’ll be a Pokémon Center right before Mt. Moon, so you can crash there before you go in.”

Mike smiles. “Yay! Another night we can avoid setting up camp to sleep!”

Brock chuckles. “Trust me, you’ll be doing a lot of that soon enough.”

They’re all quiet for awhile as Brock cleans the dishes. “So, uh, I guess we’ll go now...” Mike says.

Brock nods. “It was nice meeting you two. You are two of the toughest Trainers I’ve ever faced here at the Gym, and I really mean that.” James grins. “Thanks. Well, see you later...”

As Mike, James, and their Pokémon leave the Gym, Brock and his whole family come out to say goodbye one last time. “BYE!” all the kids yell. Brock smiles and waves. When the new Trainers go out of eyeshot, they all go back in the Gym. Brock goes downstairs and sits in an armchair in the living room. He sits there for a good while, lost in thought. He frowns. (How can they be from a different world? They said Oak would try to find out more for them... I wonder if Oak has found out anything yet? Well, only one way to find out...)

With a grunt, Brock gets up from the chair and walks to the video-phone to give Oak a call and see if he can find out more about this mysterious “Real World”...

Next chapter there's a new character AND there's something about him that will be so... freakin' hilarious! G2G!

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Chapter 7 – The Crazy Trainer!

“Is that all, sir?”

“Yeah, I think that’ll be enough for the trip to Cerulean City. What do you think, James?”

James nods. “Probably, yeah.”

The clerk rings up the items. “That’ll be six thousand pokedollars.”

Mike gives a low whistle. “Wow, that’s a chunk out of our budget... Whatever! We’ll just win it all back, and then some, by beatin’ the **** out of every Trainer we can on the road to Mt. Moon!”

James shook his head. “Remember, we can’t go crazy there. We’ll use up all our healing items and stuff by the time we reach Mt. Moon... Brock said there will be a Pokémon Center there, but he didn’t say anything about a Mart...”

“Yeah, yeah,” says Mike, waving it off. “Look how much I care. Oh, wait... I don't!” They take their merchandise and leave the Mart.

James sighs and looks at Mike. “You are truly hopeless, Mike... Carefree is one thing, but being completely reckless to the point of endangering our lives is another!”

“Endangering our lives?” Mike snickers. “I don’t think so, dough boy. You’re overreactin’ a bit.”

James sighs again. “You’re gonna get us killed one day... you freak.”


Mike chased James down the road. James sprints as fast as he can with tears in his eyes, Mike right behind him growling angrily. Squirtle and Bulbasaur keep up with them while laughing. People stare at them as the pass.

Mike hits James on the head. They stop running and continue on at a normal pace. James rubs his head. “Ow. Why did you have to hit so hard?”

Mike pushes up his right sleeve and flexes his arm dangerously. “You wanna know what getting hit hard really feels like?”

“Uh, heh heh, no thanks.”

The sun was shining brightly and the skies were clear as they reach the gate leading out of Pewter City. A sign tells them the route they’re about to follow will lead them to Mt. Moon.

Mike takes a deep breath and releases it. “You ready, guys?”

James and the Pokémon nod, and they all walk out of Pewter.

There are fences around the paths on the route to Mt. Moon. The group reaches a corner. They can’t see what’s beyond the corner because of a fence there. As soon as they turn the corner, something very fast collides into Mike... hard.

Mike yells out in pain as he and the kid who just ran into him go flying and hit the ground. James and the Pokémon whirl around and run to Mike and the kid.

“Are you two all right?” Mike asked uncertainly. A Pikachu also comes running around the corner. It sees the kid on the ground and stops dead in its tracks. It ***** its head curiously as it looks at the kid’s face.


Mike slowly gets up, rubbing his head. “Ow, the ground sure is a painful thing to hit your head on...”

He looks down at the kid. He has curly blond hair, a red puffy jacket with a yellow t-shirt, and blue jeans. His eyes are still closed.

Mike raises an eyebrow. "Do you think he’s o-"

He’s interrupted by the boy suddenly opening his hazel eyes and yelling incoherently. He springs up and looks around him. Then he looks at Mike. He freezes and stares. Pikachu looks at Squirtle and does the same.

“Do I know you?” Mike asked in an annoyed tone of voice. (Wait... he seems familiar...) “No, really, do I know you?” he repeats in a truly curious tone of voice.

“Uhh... Hi! I’m Dan, and I’m nine and half years old!”

“Dan...?” Mike said slowly. He suddenly remembers. “Oh, Dan! Dan Corona! James, this kid lives down the street from me! Or least, he did when we were still in the reality...”

James chuckled. “Hee hee... Corona. That sounds reminds me of Corona Beer.”

“Beer?” Dan said, confused. “No thanks. I would love to have a bottle of Coca-Cola though.”

Mike looks at him like he’s weird... which he is.

“Uh, Dan, do you remember who I am?”

Dan grins. “You must be the ice cream man!”

Mike shakes his head. “No. I’m Mike.”

Mike positively squeals with delight. “Oh, Mike!” He runs up and hugs him. He only just reaches Mike’s chest. He is only six, after all. Mike gently pushes him off.

"Dan, please... Someone might see that and think strange things.”

“Ooookay,” Dan said happily and lets go.

The Pikachu is still staring at Squirtle. Squirtle waves a very small arm right in front of Pikachu’s face. It doesn’t respond; it just keeps staring in the same spot Squirtle was standing just a few seconds ago. Squirtle gives Mike a confused look. Mike shrugged in response.

“So, uh, Dan, two questions: how did you get here, and is that Pikachu yours?”

“Well, I think this Pikachu is mine,” Dan responded thoughtfully. “I went into this really big forest, with lots of trees and stuff, and this Pikachu just started followin’ me. And I dunno how I got here. Everything was all swirly, then all black, then all... cartoony.”

“Same with us,” said James. “What town were you teleported to?”

“That one,” Dan answered, pointing behind him toward Pewter City.

“Okay, that’s great,” said Mike. “Now, why the hell did you run into me?”

Dan shrugged, “I really like running. Ridiculously fast is the best kind of running, too!”

Everyone (except Pikachu) falls down anime-style.

“I fought Brock,” Dan said out of the blue.

James raises an eyebrow. “Aren’t you a bit young?”

“That’s what he told me, but I didn’t shut up until he let me battle him.”

Dan giggles, “Anyway... I lost. The ref said it was forty-five seconds. Is that fast?”

Everyone except Pikachu falls down anime-style again.

“He told me to get a Mankey or something like that.”

Mike raises his eyebrows. "Did he, now? Why would he want to help you?” Dan shrugged. “Beats me. Ooh, I know! Why don’t you guys help me catch a Mankey? Brock said I can get one in that big forest with lots of trees and stuff.”

Mike sighed. “It’s called the Viridian Forest, and just so you know, all forests have lots of trees. At least, all healthy forest have lots of trees. Anyway, that’s beside point.”

He looked at James. “You wanna help him?”

“It’s up to you,” James sighs. (Like he cares about my opinion, anyway...)

Mike grins. “All right, let’s go!”

Dan cheers happily. Pikachu snaps out of its reverie and cheers along with its Trainer.



“Hey, I think I found one!” Mike yelled excitedly.

“G-g-good,” James says through chattering teeth. “I’m s-s-so c-c-cold.”

“Oh, get over it,” said Mike.

Although, he has to admit it IS pretty damn cold. It is near the end of January, and the wind is blowing pretty hard. Dan, however, seems completely unfazed by the brutal weather. He suddenly appears at Mike’s side. He was completely out of sight just a second ago.

“Where did you-! How did you-! ... Never mind.” Mike points up to a nearby tree. “I saw one moving around in the branches up there.”

Dan rubs his chin thoughtfully, nods in understanding, and throws a rock at the branches.

“WHAT ARE YOU DOING?” Mike yells. “Mankey are easy to piss off! It’s gonna attack us now! Viciously attack us!”

Nothing happens.

Dan picks up a handful of rocks and throws them at the branches.

This time something happens. The Mankey that Mike spotted a few minutes ago jumped out of the tree, yelling incoherently. It lands on Squirtle, pinning him to the ground. The Mankey then proceeds to punch Squirtle in the face over and over again.

“Here’s my chance!” Dan says excitedly as Mike watches in utter horror.

“Pikachu, go do something that’ll cause pain to the Mankey!”

Pikachu nods. Mike screams. “NO! Don’t do it! My Squir-”

It’s too late.

“Piiii-kaaa-CHUUU!” The electric mouse uses Thundershock on the Mankey... and Squirtle.

Mankey stops pummeling the now-charred Squirtle and turns its head to glare angrily at Pikachu. The little mouse glares right back and snarls at the savage monkey thing. James raises an eyebrow. (Cheeky little thing. Now it’s gonna get its *** kicked. I can’t let that happen; it’s just too damn cute!)

“Go, Pidgey!” James throws the Pokéball and his Pidgey comes out. “See that Mankey? Use Gust on it!”

It is lucky coincidence that Pikachu decides to use Thundershock at the same time. The Gust, which is super effective against Mankey, and the Thundershock are enough to finish Mankey. Mankey still hasn’t “fainted” though.

Dan runs up to it really close, drops an empty Pokéball on its head, and runs away from it as the Ball opens up and captures it.

Mike looked at Dan questioningly.

“Um, two things: one, where the hell did you get Pokéballs, and two, why the hell did you catch it like that?”

“Brock gave me 5 Pokéballs, and I can’t throw very well. I did not want to miss.”

James returns his Pidgey with a “Good job” and shakes his head. “You are one weird kid.”

“Yeah, but I have a Mankey now! Now I’m gonna go beat Brock for sure!”

He starts marching away. Mike grabs him by the back of his shirt and pulls him back.

“Not yet. You gotta bring it to a Center, then train it. It needs to learn at least one Fighting-type move before you challenge Brock again. I think the first Fighting thing it learns is... Low Kick. I’ll help you train.”

“Yay! Let’s go to McDonalds now!” Dan cried cheerfully. “Um, there are no McDonalds places here...” Mike says slowly.


Dan takes his Mankey to the Pewter Pokémon Center. Mike’s Squirtle accompanies Mankey for treatment.

After they do that, they leave Pewter City and walk to an open area where they can train.

“Okay, Dan, are you ready?” says Mike, afraid of what he is subjecting himself to.

“Release your Mankey. No, Mankey is not in that rock. N-no, he’s definitely not in that orange... There you go! Now, push the little button on the front to bring it to its full size. No, there’s no button the top of it. I said the fr- No! Slamming it on the ground isn’t gonna- STEPPING ON IT ISN’T HELPING EITHER! Good, you pressed the button. It’s big now, see? Now throw it to release it. ... Are you kidding me? You threw an empty one? Grrr... now pick it up and put it back in your bag. Good. Now take out the Ball with the Mankey in it. Are you sure that’s the one? Good. Now push the button and throw it. ... Okay, Dan, I’m not even gonna ask how you got my Spearow’s Ball. Return my Spearow by pressing the button. Good. Now GIVE IT BACK!”

So, yeah. Dan is not a quick learner.

They struggle on through the basics. Eventually, they have a decent battle going on between Kakuna and Mankey. Kakuna defeated it the first three times, but Mankey was brought back with Potions each time and he kept coming for more. The fourth time, it got used to Kakuna’a fighting style and it defeated the Bug.

“Good! James, come here. This is a good opportunity to train your Caterpie and get it to evolve.” Mike returns his Kakuna and steps away. James takes his place and sends out Caterpie.

Caterpie gets its *** handed to it twice. The third battle, it evolves and immediately uses Harden. Mankey hurts its hand. Metapod then proceeded to Tackle its opponent to death.

Now Mankey has had at least one round against every Pokémon (except Squirtle and Bulbasaur). It finally learns Low Kick. It also knows Scratch, Focus Energy, and Fury Swipes.

Mike looks at his Pokédex. It’s already 6:00 PM. “All right,” he sighed. “Let’s go take a break, and at 7:00 you’ll have your rematch.”

“Yay!” Dan cheers. “I have a craving for jelly beans! Let’s get some!”

Everyone falls down anime-style.


“Well, well, well, I didn’t expect to see you guys again so soon.”

Mike and James shrug. “Well, we didn’t expect to run into this one,” Mike replied, pointing at Dan. “He, too, is from that other world we were telling you about.”

Brock is very surprised to hear this. “Oh, wow! No wonder he looked so confused when I first met him.”

Mike sighs. “No, he’s just like that all the time.” Dan starts to repeatedly walk into a wall and call out “Strudel!” every time he hits the wall. Mike scratches his head. “Although, he wasn’t really that strange in our home world. I mean, he was hyperactive and all, but he wasn’t nuts like this. The trip here must have screwed up his brain somehow...”

So, after Dan finishes the muffin James gave him to distract him from the wall, the battle starts. Brock throws off his trench coat and releases Geodude. Dan releases Mankey.

“Challenger Dan Corona from an alternate universe versus Pewter Gym Leader Brock,” the ref calls out. “Begin the match!”

The battle that Mike and James proceed to witness is jaw-droppingly short.

Mankey comes in on Geodude like a rabid possum and uses Fury Swipes again and again on its face. Geodude is finally able to push Mankey off. Mankey then hits him with a Low Kick.

“Geodude is no longer able to battle! Mankey wins!”

Mankey attacks the ref and bites his arm.

After Mankey is forcibly pulled off the ref, the match continues.

Brock releases Onix.

“Use... uh... Focus... Energy! Yeah, that one!” Dan calls.

“Use Rock Throw, Onix!” The lithe and agile Mankey easily dodges the rocks. The Focus Energy has Mankey all riled up. It starts screeching.

“Low Kick!”

Mankey starts charging before Dan could even finish yelling the attack name. It kicks Onix exceptionally hard in the lower body region. This causes Onix to fall down. Mankey then follows up with another powerful Low Kick right to the face. Onix’s head slides a few feet back from the impact. It doesn’t move again.

Since Mankey knocked the ref out earlier, no one announces Dan’s victory. However, it’s pretty damn obvious to everyone that he has won.

Dan and Brock return their Pokémon, and Brock gives him a Boulderbadge. He wipes a tear out of his eye. “I had to give three of those in one day... I don’t normally lose like this...” He smiled. “You guys are exceptionally strong. Keep up the good work.”


The group eats dinner with Brock and his family again. They had to tie Dan to his chair to keep him from starting a heavy, ceramic plate fight, but besides that, the dinner goes very well. Brock insists that they sleep there again, so they do.

Dan is bouncing all over his bed. “I wanna play, let’s play, let’s eat CANDY, sugar is good, we can play all night, we can never go to sleep, we can stay up forever and live on jelly beans, we can-” He falls asleep in midair and falls back down onto his bed, snoring.

James is staring at Dan in horror. “If he’s gonna travel with us, we have to do something about the craziness...”

Mike chuckles. “I guess. I’m sure we’ll learn to live with it.”

They turn out the lights and crawl sleepily into bed.

“You know, James,” Mike said after a while, “Dan has serious potential.”

“For being the most insane person in the world? This world and our world?”

“No, for being a great Trainer. It took us a while to get him started, but look at how well he and Mankey did against Brock today. He didn’t have any troubles at all! And we did.”

James sighs. “Whatever. Great Trainer or not, he needs to learn how to calm down...” James started snoring.

Mike looks up at the ceiling. (I can’t wait to go against all those Trainers tomorrow. Brock said there’ll be tons of ‘em on the way to Mt. Moon! I can’t wait...)

Mike finally joins the others and falls fast asleep.

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Okay, well this chapter was okay but i still have some concerns about your description, try and add more of it.

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Overal you are improving, but I would suggest to you that you make your characters teams more original than other fics by using pokemon that are not commonly used in fics eg. Bellsprout, Electabuzz, Murkrow etc but it is your decision so you can have whatever pokemon you like.

You seem to like comedy so add your type of comedy to this fic to make it interesting.

One more question are there going to be any Hoenn and Johto pokemon in this fic?

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Yes. But, I am going to have to write the chapter first. YES! I made it to my second page already. It's true. I really do like comedy. So, the next chapter is going to be HILARIOUS, because of Dan! It will get a lot crazier from now on, so relax and go with the flow.

Anyway, thanks for the reply!

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I love the way Dan says things randely.
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Here it is... The next chapter.

Chapter 8 – Onward to Mt. Moon! The Legend of the Stones

“Go, Spearow!” cried Mike.

“Go, Metapod!” yelled James.

“Go do some stuff, Pikachu!” Dan shouted.

This is how the majority of the day goes. It seems that Brock wasn’t kidding when he said the road to Mt. Moon is a popular place for Trainers to hang around and battle, and many of those Trainers are eager to challenge everyone they see. Mike, James, and Dan often split up to battle challengers. They win every time, but their Pokémon are often needing potions, especially Dan's Pokémon since he only has two...

Nothing extraordinary happens, unless you consider Metapod and Kakuna both evolving “extraordinary.” Mike’s Kakuna evolves first. He is battling some young boy and his Ekans.

“Kakuna, use String Shot!” Ekans dodges and uses Wrap. Kakuna repeatedly uses Poison Sting until Ekans finally lets go. Ekans uses Leer to weaken Kakuna and then uses Wrap again. It squeezes tight. It seems that Kakuna is about to “faint”, but then it starts glowing...

Dan suddenly appears at Mike's side. “Hi.”

Mike nearly jumps out of his skin. “Wha-! I thought you were in the middle of a battle!”

“I was, but I won,” Mike replies simply. “I came to see the pretty light. Oooh, pretty liiiight!”

Kakuna’s body is now a bright white light. The light grows bigger and changes shape. The light fades to reveal a Beedrill.

“Coooool!” Dan said.

Beedrill easily shakes the Ekans off. It spreads its wings and buzzes into the air.

“Yay!” Mike cheers. “Now, use Fury Attack!” Beedrill flies at Ekans and repeatedly stabs it with its long, needle-like arms. Ekans has been finished off. The young Trainer returns it.

“Awesome Beedrill you got there!” the kid congratulates Mike. Mike grins and returns Beedrill. “Thanks.”

Soon after, James’s Metapod evolves. He is battling a young girl’s Jigglypuff. Metapod uses Tackle, but Jigglypuff dodges and responds with a Double Slap. Metapod quickly uses Harden to reduce the damage. Metapod then hits its opponent with a strong Tackle. Jigglypuff almost falls, regains its balance, and then starts to use Sing.

“Gah, no!” James yells. “Uuh... I got it! Use String Shot to cover its mouth!”

“Her!” the girl Trainer says indignantly.

“Her mouth! Jeez...”

It works, and just in time, too; Metapod was starting to get sleepy. Metapod then uses Tackle. Jigglypuff can’t respond quickly enough because of the String Shot, so Metapod finishes her with another Tackle. Jigglypuff doesn’t get up.

“All right, I win!” James cheers. The girl pours and returns her Jigglypuff. James is about to do the same with Metapod, but the Bug Pokémon starts glowing. Like Kakuna, it becomes a bright light, changes shape, and fades away to reveal its evolved form, Butterfree. “Freeeee!” it calls in its distinctly shrill voice. It flutters into the air and glitter falls from its wings.

“Oooh, what a cute Butterfree!” the girl squeals. “Th-thanks,” James replies, somewhat dumbstruck. (Mike – “No, he’s just dumb.”) James returns his new Butterfree.

He walks up to Mike and smiles. “Come on, let’s go.”

Mike and Dan start to walk away, but then they realize that James and Pikachu are nowhere in sight. They walk by a tree while trying to find their missing companions.

Dan and Pikachu jump out of the tree. Pikachu lands on Squirtle, knocking him down, and Dan lands on Mike, knocking him down.

“OOWWW!” Mike yells in pain. He throws the laughing Dan off his back and gets up.

“What the **** is your problem?” he yells angrily.

“Hey, watch your mouth!” James cautions angrily. “He’s just a little kid.”

“Holy ****, Mike,” Dan said. “Why the **** are you so goddamn ****** off? Jesus Christ...”

He and Pikachu continue walking down the road... or actually happily skipping down the road.

Mike and James exchange very confused- and very scared- looks.


It is nearly dark when they reach the large Pokémon Center in front of Mt. Moon. After they give their Pokémon a much-needed rest, Mike asked Nurse Joy about a room for them to sleep in.

Nurse Joy laughed. “I’m sorry, but go behind the Center and see how many other Trainers wanted rooms. We only have so many rooms! Once again, I apologize.” The group leaves to see how many people are behind the Center.

There are at least twenty tents and little campfires.

The group silently walks back into the Center and they give Nurse Joy blank looks. “I told you,” she laughed.

“Are-are all of those people planning to go into Mt. Moon?” Mike asked, dumbstruck.

"Heavens, no!” Joy replies. “As I am sure you have seen, the Route to Mt. Moon is a very popular place for greenhorn Trainers to battle. It is a great way for people to train before they go on the 2nd Badge.”

“So... don’t they need to go through Mt. Moon to get to Cerulean City?” James asked confusedly.

“No,” Joy replies slowly. “Didn’t you guys get HMs for Fly when you started?”

“Um, no,” Mike replies. “Why? Were we supposed to have?”

“Well, most new Trainers these days get an HM of their choice when they start their journey. It’s kind of like a traditional parting gift.”

“Well... we’re a different case,” said James.

“I see,” says Joy. “Well, anyway, most choose Fly since it’s so convenient, and as a result, most just Fly over Mt. Moon. Mt. Moon has always been a notoriously difficult place for greenhorn Trainers to have to get through.”

James looks crestfallen, but Mike just grins. “Thanks for the info,” he says, and he leads the group out of the Center.

They set up camp and cook dinner. As they eat their rice and beef, James speaks up. “It kinda sucks we have to go through Mt. Moon when nearly no one else has to.”

“Yeah, whatever,” Mike replied, obviously not caring.

“Well...” James presses on, “Don’t you think it’s just a tad bit unfair we didn’t get to start with an HM like everyone else?”

“Yeah, I guess.” Mike remains nonchalant.

“I LOVE KENTUCKY-FRIED FROG LEG OF RABBIT!” Dan suddenly cries out. Mike and James, trying to learn to ignore him, do just that.

A kind Trainer walks up to them tentatively. “I’m sorry,” he says, “but I couldn’t help overhearing what you were saying. Would you... like to borrow one of my HMs? I have Fly and Cut...”

Mike's face immediately lights up. “Can we use both?” he asks. “You forgot ‘please’,” James grumbles, more to himself than Mike. He is trying to give up on teaching Mike manners.

The Trainer smiled. “Sure.” He hands the disk-shaped machines to Mike. Mike releases Spearow. “James, take out your Pidgey.”

They use HM Fly on the two Bird Pokémon and HM Cut on Bulbasaur. “Thanks a lot,” Mike said and he returns the HMs.

“No problem,” the Trainer replies with a smile. He walks away.

“Wow, Mike,” James said sarcastically. “You said thanks. What’s with the sudden manners?”

Mike throws a rock at James, “Don’t test me.”

“Okay, okay, I’m sorry,” said James somewhat angrily.

“Anyway... are we gonna Fly over Mt. Moon or what?”

“How can we, *******?” Mike replied as if the answer is extremely obvious... which it is. “How the hell are two small Bird Pokémon supposed to carry three people over a mountain? Never mind Squirtle, Bulbasaur, and Pikachu.”

“Good point,” Chris mumbled.

Mike grinned, “Besides, we’re not pussies. Even if we could Fly over, I wouldn’t allow it. We’re gonna be much better Trainers if we go through there! All these wimps want the easy way out... HA! Let’s see how far they get in the Pokémon League!”

“Whatever,” James sighed, rolling his eyes.

(He doesn’t get it, does he?) James thought to himself. (All these Trainers stick around here and battle each other for a few days to get the same training benefit as going through Mt. Moon without having to go through the difficulty of navigating the huge cave. Whatever... Our Birds can’t get us over the mountain, anyway...)

(James is so stupid,) Mike thought to himself. (Battling here for a few days will train the Pokémon enough to replace the experience gained in Mt. Moon, but it does nothing to help the Trainers. We’ll come out stronger than all these pussy Trainers!)

(I wonder...) Dan thinks to himself, (has anyone made chicken-flavored Jell-O yet? They should!)

(A/N – I do not own Jell-O ™.)


Mike, James, Dan, and their Pokémon stare into the mouth of the cave known as Mt. Moon.

James swallows hard. “We’re going? In there?”

“Yep,” Mike nodded. James takes a deep breath. “Okay, I’m ready.”

“For the bacon, the sweet bacon!” Dan cheered as they run in.

After about a minute, they stop running in the cave. It’s not because it’s dark; it’s not very dark in the cave for some reason. It’s because of all the wild Pokémon around. They continue walking at a more leisurely pace, trying not to disturb the Pokémon.

“Now, in case you guys haven’t noticed yet,” Mike breaks the silence, “we’ve been following a path. It’s hard to see, but there is a path, and I bet it leads us to the exit. We can catch wild Pokémon or whatever, but do not leave this path.” Mike and James look at Andrew. “Got it?” they say in unison.

Dan sweatdropped. “Yeah, I got it.”

They do end up catching Pokémon. Mike catches a Geodude and James caught a Paras. They turn to see Dan and Pikachu chasing a Zubat. They follow it deep into the cave... very far away from the path.

“DAN!” Mike bellowed. “Get back here!”

No response. He and James can still hear his giggling. However, it’s fading fast as he and Pikachu keep on running. Mike growls angrily. “James... stay here. Squirtle and I are gonna go chase a couple of idiots.”

And just like that, James and Bulbasaur are left alone on the path. James looked at his faithful Pokémon. “Man, why do we keep getting ditched like this?” “Bulba...” Bulbasaur agrees sullenly.


Mike and Squirtle run in the general direction where Dan was running to. Eventually, they start hearing his laughter again. The laughter guides them in the right direction. They catch up with Dan. The boy and his Pikachu lose sight of the Zubat and stop to look at Mike and Squirtle. Mike is doubled over, trying to regain his breath.

“You... my friend... are... an idiot...”

“Thanks!” Dan said with a big, cheerful smile. He turns around a spots a ladder leading down a dark hole. He and Pikachu run over to it, excited.

“Oooh, cool ladder! Come on, Pikachu!” The two start climbing down the ladder.

“Dan!” Mike yelled, but it’s obviously no use. The kid is oblivious, completely oblivious.

Zac releases his Beedrill before descending the ladder. “When Andrew is in sight, use String Shot to wrap up his legs, okay?” Beedrill buzzes affirmatively and flies down the hole. Zac and Squirtle soon join it at the bottom of the ladder. It is quite a bit darker here.

“Dan, I’m gonna kill you!” Mike called into the darkness, frustrated. “Squirtle, stay close. I don’t wanna have to look for even more friends down here...”

“Squirtle, Squirtle!” he said affirmatively.

Suddenly, he hears someone... or something... moving very close to him. He and his two Pokémon turn in the direction they heard the noise. “Dan?”

Mike stutters in spite of himself. He doesn’t want to show he’s afraid. It doesn’t matter that there is no one there to see him afraid; it’s the principle of the thing.

The moving suddenly stops. “Who’s there?” a gruff voice that definitely doesn’t belong to Dan inquires suspiciously.

“Well, hi, there!” Dan said cheerfully. He showed up with a lit torch in his right hand.

“Wha-! How-! How did you-?” Dan giggled at Mike’s stuttering. “I found it. I lit it using a lighter I didn’t have a couple minutes ago. Plot holes rule!”

Dan’s light illuminates the man Mike heard a few moments ago. It’s a full-grown man. He looks like he’s in his thirties. He has messy, dirty blond hair and stubble all over his chin and along his jaw line. He looks very tall to Mike, about 6’3”. He’s wearing a white lab coat. Well, it would be white if the dirt on it wasn’t thick enough to write your name in it with your fingertip. “Who are you?”

“I’m... a scientist,” he said shortly as if trying to avoid the topic. “Listen, kid, have you seen a Moon Stone around here?”

“Oh, you mean the thing that makes certain Pokémon evolve, like Clefairy! Why are you looking for it, mister?”

“None of your business!” the man snapped. “Well, if you see one, tell me. I need one.”

He starts to walk away, but Mike calls after him. “Hey, wait! Why do ya need it? Tell me!” The scientist stops and growls in annoyance.

He whirls around to glare at Mike angrily. “Why should I tell you?”

“Well...” Mike hinted, “I don’t really feel like helping you. Catch my drift?”

The stranger rolls his eyes. “Fine, whatever.” (He’s just a kid, anyway...) he thinks to himself. He’s still not happy about it.

“Do you know anything about the evolutionary stones?”

“Yeah,” Mike answered eagerly. “The Moon Stone, Leaf Stone, Fire Stone, Water Stone, and Thunder Stone! They all make certain Pokémon evolve.”

“You forgot Sun Stone,” the man points out.

“Oh... uh... yeah, sorry.” Mike doesn’t want to have to explain where he comes from to this stranger. Besides, he seems untrustworthy...

“Well, the Stones have another point, see?” the man continued. “Not many people know this... If you put them all together, they summon the ultimate Pokémon. Legend has it that’s why they were created in the first place. If I can summon the ultimate Pokémon... well, we scientists would understand a lot more about Pokémon.” (That’s the usual excuse... I’m sure the kid will fall for it.)

The man thought right. Mike’s eyes widen in amazement. “Oh, that’s so cool! Yeah, I’ll help you. Me and Dan will get right on it!”

“Good,” the man said. He points in the opposite direction of where the ladder they came down is located. “On the other side of this little cavern, there’s a ladder that’ll bring you to a different part of Mt. Moon. Look around there, okay? I’m gonna go down the ladder over there... even further down...”

And with that, the man walked away. Mike takes the torch out of Dan’s hand. He holds it out in front of him in the direction the man indicated. He takes a deep breath.

“Squirtle, Beedrill, Dan, Pikachu... let’s go find a Moon Stone!”

The plot thickens! What will happen to Mike and Dan? If the stranger really is not a scientist, then who is he? And what will James and Bulbasaur end up doing? Find out all this and more in the next chapter... An Unexpected Hero!

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OMFG!!! it was soooo awsome!!! i loved it!! i like how mike gets all the strong pokemon!!

6th May 2006, 10:41 PM
I know. That's because in James' eyes in the story. Mike is all bossy, and as you can tell from reading he has no manners and is never polite. (Only once in a blue moon)

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The plot is getting intresting The Pokmeon Master keep going.

what do I want more chapters when do I want then NOW !!!!!!

Demy ;-)

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lol. that statement was funny, hilarious! Anyway, you may have to wait a bit. I'm not going to be on the computer the next couple of days. I will be busy as a beaver. I have a lot of homework, tests, and parties. Not also that, I have the next chapter started. I'll let you know when I will finish. But, I will come on here from time to time to check progress. Okay?

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Sweet I am glad you liked my last statement fummy, hilarious! well I know what homework, tests etc are all about no worries or complaints from me ^_-


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I feel so happy that people are reading my fic! It makes me smile! :D

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Sorry it took me a very long time. But, I was busy. Now, I am back! And ready for action!

Chapter 9 – Dan In Trouble! An Unexpected Hero

Mike uses Dan’s torch to throw light in the direction the “scientist” directed. The two boys and their Pokémon make their way to the ladder. They climb up cautiously in the dark. When they reach the top, they find themselves in a pretty large cavern. It’s not nearly as dark as the little cavern they just climbed out of. Mike looks around and sighs.

“It would’ve been nice if he told us what a Moon Stone looks like,” he complains. He turns to look at Dan... to find he isn’t there.

“I can’t believe it,” Mike muttered.

He starts walking around the cavern looking for Dan. He tells Beedrill and Squirtle to split up and help. Within two minutes, Dan pounces out from behind a rock and tackles Beedrill to the ground. It buzzes loudly in pain as it tries to get Dan off it.

“DAN!” Mike bellows.

“Get off my Beedrill, NOW!” Dan obeyed, laughing.

“Now, Beedrill, use String-” Mike doesn’t need to finish his command. Dan is already getting wrapped up in the glistening white string shooting out of Beedrill’s mouth.

Dan starts to cry as Mike drags him along the cave floor.

“Well, you shouldn’t be so freakin’ hyper!” Mike yelled. Dan ignores him and keeps on crying.

Mike, Squirtle, and Pikachu comb the cavern for weird-looking rocks while Beedrill guards Dan to make sure he doesn’t escape. After what seems like forever, Mike and the Pokémon search the entire cavern and come out empty-handed. Mike sighs.

“All right, let’s go into the next area... There’s another ladder behind that rock over there.”

They search that cavern, and another one after that. They find a bunch of wild Pokémon, but no different-looking stones. In the third cavern, however, they run into somebody. It’s another man wearing a white lab coat. He looks distressed.

“Hi, what’s the matter?” Mike said while walking up to him from behind.
The man nearly jumps through the rocky ceiling. He turns and looks wildly at the strange group. He eyes the Pokémon and the tied-up Dan, who is no longer crying but snoring pretty loudly.

“Wh-who are you? How did you get here?”

“I’m Mike, and this Dan,” Mike said, pointing at the tied-up boy he’s dragging. “Another scientist asked to help him find a Moon Stone. Are you looking for one, too?”

The man looked confused. “Well, yeah, but... what do you mean by ‘another scientist’? I’m the only one here.”

Mike shook his head. “Nope, another guy told us he’s a scientist and he needs to find a Moon Stone to create the ultimate Pokémon and use it for scientific-”

“WHAT!” the scientist exclaims, interrupting Mike. “No, kid, this is not good. That wasn’t a scientist; he was just pretending!”

He shook his head. “There’s been a gang of anonymous criminals trying to find a Moon Stone. It seems they already have all the other evolutionary stones. I mean, I highly doubt there is an “ultimate Pokémon” formed by the Stones. But still... they are criminals...”

“How come they haven’t been caught yet?” Mike asked.

“Well... they aren’t technically criminals,” the man admits sheepishly. “But in my book, anyone pretending to be scientists for whatever reason is up to no good.” Mike shrugs.

“I can understand that.” He suddenly feels embarrassed. (I can’t believe I fell for that... I’ll be sure to be more careful around strangers from now on. I don’t wanna get tricked like this ever again...)

“Well, listen,” Mike said, “why don’t I keep looking for this Moon Stone? I’ll give it to you instead if I find it. And then, can you help me and my friends get out of this cave?”

“It’s a deal,” the scientist agrees, shaking Mike’s hand. “I’ll finish searching this cavern... You and your friends go into the next place and- Hey, wait. Where’s that kid?”

Mike looks at the spot Dan was laying a few seconds ago. His bindings are laying on the floor. They aren’t cut or anything; it looks like Dan somehow struggled out of the rope without anyone noticing. The Pokémon look just as confused as Mike and the scientist. Mike cracks his knuckles. “When I find that kid...” He takes a deep breath and calms down. The scientist points to yet another ladder. “Check down there,” he said. “I’ll stay here.”

At that moment, a very loud sound like an explosion reaches their ears and the whole cavern shakes. A lot of dust and loose pebbles fall from the ceiling. Mike returns his Beedrill and starts running toward the ladder, Squirtle and Pikachu tailing close behind. (That explosion... it came from down there!) Mike thinks to himself in panic.

Bulbasaur has just defeated another angry Geodude. “Man,” James mutters to himself, “what’s up with all the Geodude here? They all attack us as soon as they see us!”

That’s when they hear the explosion. It sounds like it came from far underneath the cave. The explosion sounds so distant, but both James and Bulbasaur felt a tremor from it.

“Holy crap...” James said in amazement. “I wonder if Mike and/or Dan had anything to do with that... Actually, I really wouldn’t be surprised if they caused it...”

Bulbasaur sweat-drops and mumbles in agreement. James looks down at her.

“Hey, you wanna go look for them? They might need our help.” Bulbasaur firmly shakes her head.

“Bulba!” she declares. James can only guess what she is saying. He nods his head.

“Yeah, you’re right; we might get lost. I’m sure Mike is fine, and I’m sure he’s making sure Dan is fine, too.”
Bulbasaur gives James a look that seems to say, “I don’t know about Dan...”

An amazing sight reaches Mike’s eyes when he reaches the bottom of the ladder. The wall to his left has a huge, smoking hole in it. The rough edges are charred. It looks like that wall has just been introduced to dynamite, and it doesn’t seem like the two got along very well; the wall looks like it’s about to collapse.

Mike spots Dan sitting Indian-style in the middle of the cavern, facing in the opposite direction of the blasted wall. He’s looking at a Pokéball gleefully.

Mike walks up to him and taps him on the shoulder. He whirls his head around and gives Mike a wide grin. “Hi! I just caught a Zubat! All on my own, too! Well, actually, Mankey helped me. I love my Mankey.”

Mike looks from Dan to the wall and back to Dan again. “What did you do?” he inquires with a weary sigh. A truly confused expression crosses the eccentric boy’s face.

“Huh? What are you talking about?” “Um... the wall that just exploded,” Mike said. “What did you do to it?”

“What exploded wall?” Dan asks innocently. Mike can tell he is not playing around; he really has no idea what just happened.

Mike sighs. “Look behind me.” Mike steps to the side so Dan can see what Mike was standing in front of a second ago. Dan’s eyes widen. “Wow! The wall esplode!” Mike sighs again.

“Yes, Dan, the wall explode. Now, do you have any idea what happened?”

Dan shakes his head. With a smile, he shrinks his Zubat’s Pokéball, puts it in his backpack, and stands up to stand next to Mike and stare at the wall with him. Without even saying anything, Dan starts to walk into the room beyond the blasted wall.

“Hey, Dan, wait up!” Mike calls after him. He, Squirtle, and Pikachu run to catch up to Dan.

“Hey, Bulbasaur!” James calls. “I think Paras has found something!”
Bulbasaur runs over to where James and his new Paras are standing. Paras is looking at a somewhat concealed ladder and hissing excitedly. Bulbasaur smiles and approaches the ladder. James returns Paras and walks up to the ladder, too.

“Hmmm... Well, this is the direction Mike and Dan ran off in... Maybe we should try going down this ladder.” James looks down the ladder. His eyes go small, his forehead turns blue, and he jumps away from the ladder trembling in fright.

“D-d-d-d-dark! S-s-s-so dark!” Bulbasaur sighed and tried to push James towards the hole, but James is so busy being scared and fat, he doesn’t even notice. She then Vine Whipped him in the ***, causing him to yelp in pain and fall down the ladder hole. Bulbasaur laughs at her master’s scream of terror and leaps down after him.

“Dan! Hurry! I saw feet on the top of that ladder!”

Mike, Dan, and their two Pokémon sprint across the cavern towards the ladder. Mike knows he just saw feet disappear at the top of that ladder, and Pikachu seems to agree with him; its ears are twitching in the direction of the ladder.

When Mike and Dan make it to the top of the ladder, they quickly turn their heads to take in the entire room. No one is there. Question marks pop up over Mike’s head as he looks around. “Wow... they’re fast...” Dan sighs.

“If only I had some choc-chip cookies...”

Mike looks at him. “Choc-chip? How come you can’t say ‘chocolate chip’ like a normal person?”

Dan shakes his head. “Normal person?” he said. “No, that’s not possible. Let’s look for shiny rocks now.”

Dan walks up to a wall of the cavern and starts running his had over it, squinting at it as he walks along it. Mike just stands there and watches him, trying to think of what to do next...

It all seems to happen in slow motion. The wall Dan is searching explodes from the other side... The rocks come tumbling down... When the dust clears, Dan and Pikachu are nowhere in sight.

“DAN!” Mike screams. He and Squirtle run over to the huge pile of rocks and start heaving rocks off to the side. “No... he’s buried in there... He’s gonna die...!”

His muttering is interrupted by a pair of sinister chuckles. Mike looks up. On the other side of the wall, looking at them through the newly made hole, are two men. One of them Mike recognizes...
“Hey! You’re that guy who told us about the ultimate Pokémon! The scientist was right; you are a criminal!”

The man laughed even louder at this. “I can’t believe you thought otherwise! It’s not smart to trust strangers, kid...” He and his accomplice both laugh loudly at this. Squirtle squeals in delight. He just found Dan’s head. His eyes are closed, he’s bleeding, and he’s not moving. Mike helps Squirtle uncover Pikachu laying near him.

Mike loses control. He has never truly snapped before in his life. He charges at the laughing ******* in front of him. They are both surprised when he tackles him to the ground; neither of them expected him to be strong enough. Not only that, Mike is sitting on his chest now, pinning him to the ground, and is repeatedly punching him in the face.

A third man comes down a ladder on the criminals’ side of the wall. He’s holding a bright white stone and a small duffle bag. “I found it!” he yells.
The second man pulls Mike off the first man and throws him into a wall. Mike is hurt now, and he is too dazed to get up. He watches everything happen as if he is watching from a different world...

Squirtle screams and runs up to the criminals. He uses a strong Water Gun to blast the second man away. The first one runs up to him and kicks him. He, too, hits the wall and doesn’t get up. He releases a strange Pokémon Mike has never seen before. It is a dog. It’s pure black and has bright white, long, and sharp teeth. It’s barking loudly at Mike and Squirtle, making sure they don’t get up. Mike isn’t watching the dog, though...

The third man eagerly dumps the contents of the duffle bag onto the ground. They are different-colored stones, and most have a design of some type on them. Mike recognizes them as the complete set of evolutionary stones. He drops the Moon Stone onto the pile.

After a few agonizingly long seconds, the pile starts to glow...
Suddenly, a white ball comes flying out of nowhere. It is rolling on the ground so fast, rocks are flying up behind it. It plows over the pile of rocks, scattering them everywhere and stopping the process. It hits the dog solidly in the face. The dog goes flying and copies Mike and Squirtle by ramming into the wall and not getting up. The ball stops rolling.
It’s a Jigglypuff.

And it’s not just any Jigglypuff. It takes out a microphone and glares at the criminals. It raises the mike to its lips and opens its mouth...

“Jiiiigalyyy puuuuuf, jigaaalyyy-” (A/N – It’s singing. Get it :D )

“No!” Mike yells. He quickly presses his hands against his ears as hard as he can. He is surprised to find out that it works. He watches as everyone around him falls asleep. Jigglypuff lowers the mike and looks around. Mike waits for it to puff up and reveal the marker tip on the mike...
However, it does no such thing. It looks around happily. Mike slowly gets up. Jigglypuff greets him cheerfully.

“So... you saved us... You stopped those criminals... Thank you so much...” “Jigglypuff!” it responds with a big smile.
A loud sound and a flash of light startle both Mike and Jigglypuff. A Pokémon was just released. It’s a Graveler. It uses Rock Throw on Jigglypuff. Jigglypuff gets crushed under the rocks. It struggles to get the rocks off, but the balloon Pokémon is just too weak.
Graveler slowly starts to approach Jigglypuff. It has a sinister grin on its face...

A jet of water hits Graveler square in its side and sends it flying back. Mike turns his head to see Squirtle. He is barely able to stand, and he looks hurt, but he’s glaring defiantly at Graveler. Before Mike can even congratulate his Pokémon, something else starts happening...
The third man, who released the Graveler, is putting all the stones back together. At the same time, his two companion are getting up. They’re smiling evilly.

“Looks like you all failed,” said the first man with a smirk. The third man puts the Leaf Stone into the pile, and the stones start to glow again...

The rocks are once again interrupted. This time, the sound of a gunshot causes everyone to jump, and the bullet hits the pile, causing some of the rocks to go flying out of it. Mike turns to look through the hole that was blasted in the wall earlier. Standing in it is a scientist with a revolver in his hand. It’s the same guy that told Mike about the criminal. Mike’s eyes go wide in shock.

“The name is Mark,” he declares. He takes out a wallet and flips it open, revealing a large silver badge with an ornate “K” on it. “I’m an agent of the Kanto Militia, and you three are under arrest.”

“What!” everyone cries. Mike is shocked that there is a such thing as a military force in the world of Pokémon; the three criminals are shocked that they just got arrested.

“What for?” they protest loudly. “We’re just looking for a Moon Stone, we’re just collectors...”

“Oh,” Agent Mark sneers. “First, you’re scientists, and now you’re collectors. Is that how it goes?” He chuckles darkly. “No... you’re under arrest for disturbing the Pokémon wildlife of this cave. Plus, I have a feeling you don’t have a license for using explosives, do you?” The criminals growl in defeat.

After Agent Mark searches them and binds their hands with handcuffs, he turns toward the rock beneath which Dan and Pikachu are buried. He wordlessly starts lifting rocks off the pile. Mike tries to help, but his head hurts too much from being thrown into a stone cave wall.
Very soon, however, a group of construction workers and paramedics rush to the scene. The workers clear all the rock necessary for the paramedics to extract the boy and his Pokémon from the rubble. A big, black man among the construction workers walk over to Mike and shakes his hand.

“The name’s Dartagnan Lewis,” he said in a very quiet and deep voice. It’s hard to distinguish his features in the darkness, but he is definitely a very, very big man, and most of it is from sheer muscle. (A/N – Pronounced Dartanian, in case you didn’t realize that. You know, the full name for Dart. Yeah.)

“I’m Mike Masterson,” Mike said.

“Thanks for coming down to help Dan.”

“No problem,” Dartagnan replies quietly. Mike gets the feeling he is a very soft spoken person despite his intimidating hugeness.

As the paramedics work together to get Dan and Pikachu up the ladder, James and Bulbasaur run towards Mike and Squirtle. “What happened?” James asks in shock. Mike sighs wearily and sits down, rubbing his head. “Long story. I’ll tell you later on tonight.”

Dartagnan kneels down beside Mike and looks intently into his eyes. Mike starts to feel uncomfortable, and then... “You have a concussion. Come on; let’s get you up that ladder.”

James watches in shock as Dartagnan helps Mike up the ladder and out of sight. Pretty soon, it’s just James, Bulbasaur, and Agent Mark standing in the cavern. Agent Mark is putting the evolutionary stones in individual baggies. James watches.

“You know,” Mark speaks up suddenly, “that friend of yours... Masterson... he would be a great asset to the Kanto Militia when after he’s grown up a bit.”

James snorted derisively.

“Mike? I don’t think so. He’s pretty lazy, and he wouldn’t want to follow orders...”

“Who said he’d be the kind to be following orders?” the agent replies quietly. James stares at him in disbelief. “A commanding officer? Pardon me, but what could possibly make you think that?”

The agent sighed and walked over to sit next to James. “I watched him. I didn’t intervene right away. I wanted to see what he was capable of... He takes action immediately and he has a natural knack for fighting. We’re running out of men, and he could be the perfect soldier.”

James stands up and starts to walk away. Bulbasaur follows him. “So you want to recruit him? Sorry, sir, but I don’t think so. Mike has no place in the military and he never will. We’re just trying to find a way home... We’re not heroes or anything.”

James and Bulbasaur disappear up the ladder. Agent Mark looks down at his feet and sighs. “No... but he’s hero material...”

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Wow!! pretty darn cool chappie!!

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Thanks porygon2lover.

I forgot! Next chapter talks about Cerulean City and Misty the gym leader and somebody you may know...

11th June 2006, 4:10 AM
yessssssssss after a long time off you are noe on board again.

Sweet chapter. like this bit

“What for?” they protest loudly. “We’re just looking for a Moon Stone, we’re just collectors...”


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this totally ROCKS!!!! I just started reading it today, Dan is cool, reminds me of one of my friends. Id love to see more off this and it eventually ending up at the league.

and plus if your accepting character requests please can i be in it. Im called Lewis Griffiths and id like to have an Umbreon only

EDIT: I've read quite a few fan fics on this site but non have really had that flair about em. but this is cool, it reminds you of the first anime episodes.

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Thanks Diddy, and you to Demy.

I'm thinking of putting the next one up soon.

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hope you put it on soon! i wanna know what happens when they get out of mt. moon

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Chapter 10 – A Celebrity in Cerulean! Fight for the Cascadebadge!

Note: I have changed Dartagnan’s name to Dartanian. Well, it is the same name, but spelled differently. And I know Dartanian is not a real name. I know the real way to spell it is D’Artagnan, but I started making this when I was much younger and I had not known that. And now, just for the hell of it, I am keeping it Dartanian.

“W-w-what? Are you kidding me? He wanted me to join the military? Hahahaha!” Mike laughs.

James joins in. “Yeah, I know. I mean, we’re just kids! How could he possibly see that you would be a ‘great asset to the Kanto Militia’? I mean, honestly!”

Mike and James laugh some more. They are in the waiting room of the Cerulean ER. When Dartanian and the paramedics led Mike and James to the end of Mt. Moon, they found ambulances waiting to for them. Dan was rushed to the ER, and Pikachu was rushed to intensive care in the Cerulean Pokémon Center.

It is getting dark outside. Mike suddenly remembers what town they are in... (Cerulean City!) he thinks excitedly.

(This is where I’m gonna get my second Badge!) He frowns.

(We’re gonna have to wait for tomorrow... Damn those ****in’ crooks. If they hadn’t hurt Pikachu and Dan... Well, then again, if we didn’t get a ride in the ambulance, we would still be walking here.)

He gives a silent, sheepish chuckle. (I’m glad they’re okay, though. I don’t know what I would’ve done if Dan died...)

The doctor walks into the waiting room and smiles warmly at Mike and James who are both holding their sleeping Pokémon.

“You can come and see him now.”

When they walk into Dan’s room, he is not in his bed. The doctor looks around, question marks popping up over his head, as Mike and James sweat-drop in exasperation.

“Oi, what’s with this TV?”

They look up to see Dan crouching down on top of the TV up on the shelf in front of the bed. He’s hanging upside down off the top of the TV now, feet hooked onto the back of it, staring directly into the screen and tapping it. The doctor jumps five feet in the air and yells in shock. He sprints over and drags the laughing Dan back to his bed. Mike and James exchange sad smiles; Dan is perfectly fine.

They get a closer look at him. He has a bandage around his head. His face is spotted with numerous cuts and bruises. The doctor looks at him and shakes his head. “It’s a miracle that none of his bones broke... His shoulder somehow got dislocated, though, so watch that. And he definitely seems to have hurt his left knee cap; he can’t walk on it without limping.” Mike nods, but quickly stops as this hurts his head very much. The doctor raises an eyebrow at him.

“And you, boy... I let you sit out there with James. Now it is time for you to get some bed rest, too. Concussions should always be taken seriously, no matter how minor they are.”

Mike grumbles his consent. He walks over to the bed next to Dan’s and flings the curtain around him so he can get dressed. James and the doctor walk out.
After about a minute, Mike flings the curtain open again and heavily sits down on his bed. He turns on his TV. Dan stops jumping on his bed and pouts heavily at him.

“Hey, no fair! My TV doesn’t work!”

“Yeah, I noticed,” Mike mutters, switching through the TV stations. He stops when he sees Professor Oak. His eyes widen as he realizes that he’s talking about him and James.

“...and they told me how strange this world was to them. They said it’s like a... a cartoon. I can’t possibly imagine what they mean when they describe this other world they come from...”

“Well,” his interviewer says, “as we all know, scientists are doing extensive research about this alleged Real World, as they like to call it now. Masterson and Bonder aren’t the only ones. Two boys and a girl appeared in Pewter, and a bunch of other kids appeared in a bunch of different cities. About 35 of them appeared in Goldenrod City. How crazy is that, eh, folks?” He chuckles.

“Yes, well,” Oak says sternly, “I think this is very sad. All these people are trying to find a way back home. Think of how distressed their families and friends must be! I believe it is our duty as scientists to put all our work into finding these poor people a way back home. Now, the scientists in Cinnabar are doing the most work, of course, and they already have a general idea as to what to do. They figure that they were all flung into this World, the Pokémon World, by means of a natural-”

At that moment, Mike’s viewing is interrupted by a brick going through the poor, unsuspecting TV screen.

“WHAT THE HELL?” he yells. Dan grins.

“Sorry. I like throwing bricks.” “Wh-where the hell did you get one?”

Mike splutters in fury.

“I dunno,” Dan replies with a shrug. He then lies down in his bed and promptly falls asleep. Muttering various curse words under his breath, Mike follows his lead, and after a while, he finally falls asleep, too.

After a lot of arguing, Mike convinces the doctor that the brick was purely an accident. After that, Mike is discharged from the hospital. As he, James, and their Pokémon walk out, blinking heavily in the bright morning sun, Mike suddenly stops.

“I get the feeling we’re forgetting something...”

James chuckles. “I know. The doctor says he needs to stay in the hospital for one more day.”

“Great,” Mike grumbles. “Well, do you think we should wait for him to go challenge Misty?”

“Nah,” James replies.

“We can take him to the Gym tomorrow so he can get his Badge, too.”

“You’re talking as if all three of us are gonna win...” “Well, we will, won’t we?” James says.

It’s more of a matter-of-fact statement than a question. Mike inwardly shrugs; James does have a point. They aren’t going to lose.

“So,” says James after a bit of walking in silence, “should we head over to the Gym now?”

“No way, food time!” Mike says eagerly. “I haven’t had anything to eat in ages! Breakfast time!”

He runs to a diner. James admits that he’s pretty hungry, too. He struggles to catch up with Mike. “Wait up!”

Mike, James, and their Pokémon walk out of the diner. Mike rubs his stomach blissfully.

“Aaaah, much better.” He burps loudly. James cringes but keeps his mouth shut. There’s no point in telling Mike off for poor manners; he just doesn’t care. Well, he doesn’t care most of the time.

They walk around Cerulean City for a bit. Despite the fact it is close to February, the weather is pretty nice. Mike stretches and yawns happily. He looks around with a confident smile on his face.

“You ready for that Gym match now, James?”

“I’ve been ready for some time now,” James points out.

“Shut up!” Mike replies cheerfully. “And let’s go!”

With the help of a few signs, they find the Cerulean Gym. It is much bigger than the Pewter Gym. When Mike and James walk in, they immediately see why. The entrance hall is lined with mini indoor swimming pools. There are a few swimmers doing laps. Some are having Water Pokémon battles. Some of the Trainers wave to Mike and James, and a whole lot of girls squeal “Oh, kawaii!” when they see Mike’s Squirtle. Squirtle turns a little red in embarrassment and gives the girls a sheepish grin. As a result, Mike, James, and their Pokémon make a mad dash toward the big doors that open up into the next room so the girls giving chase won’t suffocate Squirtle with their affection. And I mean literally suffocate.

They fling the doors open and close them behind them to make sure the girls don’t follow. Mike then looks around the well-lit room they just ran into.
It has one gigantic pool in the middle with two small yellow platforms on each end and one big red one in the center. There’s a high-dive board as well. The huge room has bleachers on one side. It seems that entertainment is sometimes provided for the public here.

There is only one person in the entire room. A little man with graying hair seems to be tending to the pool with a very large net. He’s grumbling about an automated filtering system. It looks to Mike like the pool’s cleaning system is broken and this man is now manually removing extra dirt and debris from the pool. “Uh, hi,” says Mike.

The man jumps about 5 feet into the air. He wildly turns his head and stares at the visitors with huge eyes. “What the hell! Misty didn’t say anything about Trainers coming!”

At that moment, Misty walks into the room. She smiles. “Sorry, Joe, I didn’t get up here to tell you in time. I was taking a shower.”

The man grumbled. “I’m not even in my referee clothes...” “Oh, who cares?” Misty says dismissively.

At this point she turns to look at Mike and James. She places a hand on her hip and smiles. Mike can’t help but see how much more... grown up she is than he remembers her from the anime in the Real World. She’s wearing a small, red belly shirt and short blue jean shorts. These clothes do much to show off her very well developed body, and Mike admits it’s a big improvement. Also, around her neck hangs a beautiful sapphire necklace. Her hair is different, too. It’s not tied up at all and it’s much longer. It reaches the middle of her back.

“Uh,” Mike says, “how old are you?”

James hits him in the head as she yells, “YOU NEVER ASK A LADY THAT QUESTION!”

“Aw, come on, Misty, he wants to know! You want me to tell him?”
Misty’s face freezes in shock. Her eyes go wide in disbelief. She slowly turns her head to look at the speaker who just walked in from the same door she did.

“What are you doing here?” she yells at Ash Ketchum in disbelief.

Mike gapes at him. He, too, is older. He’s wearing nothing but blue swimming trunks with Pokéball patterns on it and a white beach towel draped over his shoulders. His body is more well built than Mike would have thought. Then again, Ash was just a somewhat scrawny kid in the anime. It makes sense that, after all his traveling, his body would become more muscular. Mike suppresses a laugh as he imagines Ash trying to lift weights and having no idea what he’s doing. Mike notices his Pikachu standing at his heel.
Ash frowns slightly at Misty and tilts his head to the side.

“I live here with you now, remember?”

She sighs exasperatedly. “Yes, I know you live here, but the press doesn’t!

At least not yet, and I would like to keep it that way for as long as possible!”
He pouts. “What? These kids don’t look like members of the press to me.”

“Yeah, but they’ll go talking about how they met the famous Ash, you know that! Grrrr!”

Mike and James just watch the argument. When it stops with Misty seething with anger and Ash smiling a somewhat cocky smile, Mike clears his throat.

“So, uh, when can we battle, Misty?”

She turns on her heel and points a quivering finger at the two boys. “And you,” she says in a dangerous tone of voice,” you better not breathe a word about this, understand? I don’t want the press and the paparazzi swarming my Gym!”

Ash scratches his head with an uncomfortable expression on his face. “I think
you’re overreacting a bit, babe... These two won’t say anything. Right?”

He turns his smiling face towards Mike and James. James immediately responds. “Of course we won’t say anything! It must be tough being the Pokémon Master, huh?”

Ash sighs and sits down on the edge of the pool, idly kicking his feet in the water. Pikachu jumps onto his shoulder. “Yeah, and I’m not even the World Pokémon Master yet. I still have to win the Johto League. Imagine how my life would be if I was that famous! I would be the second Master in history to be the Champion of every League in the world!” He grins.

“But it’s all worth it! Dealing with the press is such a small price to pay for living out your dream!”

Misty sighs in defeat and walks over to Ash. “Well... good morning, sleepy head,” she says in a completely calm voice. She bends down and kisses him on the lips. “You looking to go for a swim?”

“Yep,” he replies happily.

“Okay,” she says warmly. “When I’m done with these two, I’ll go down and meet you, get changed, and we can swim. Joe just finished cleaning the pool.” Joe grumbles again.

“So, I’ll see you later?” she says sweetly.

Ash looks at his girlfriend incredulously. “What are you, nuts? I’m staying and watching this! I haven’t seen one of your Gym battles in a long time, babe! Now that they know I’m here, what’s the harm in me staying and watching?”

“Fine,” she sighs.

“Go watch.” She points to the bleachers. Ash nods and he and Pikachu sit in the back row of the bleachers. “Good luck!” he calls out to Mike and James.

“Pika, pika!” Pikachu calls out encouragingly.

Mike and James look at each other. “I didn’t know they were going out,” Mike whispers. “Me neither,” replies James.

“This World is very different from the Pokémon World we got to know back home.”

“I guess it’s just the future,” Mike whispers. “Makes sense, huh?”

“Ahem,” Misty interrupts them. She smiles sweetly as they turn to look at her. “Which one of you is first?”

“I am!” Mike says in a challenging tone of voice. “Very good,” she says happily. “Shall we?”

Mike and Squirtle walk over to a yellow platform with much determination in their stride. Misty stations herself on the platform opposite her opponent.

“Okay, you ready to hear the rules?” she calls across the pool. Mike nods. “All right, here they are,” she says. “They’re very simple. Since you two are beginners...”

She pauses. “Um... you are beginners, right?”

Mike nods again.

“Okay, good,” she says happily. “Anyway, since you’re a beginner, I can only use two Pokémon and you can use all of your Pokémon. Got it? Also, we’re both allowed to switch out in the middle of battle.” “All right!” Mike replies. “Let’s go!”

Misty takes out a Pokéball and with a little twirl, she throws it into the water. “Come on out, Staryu!” Staryu appears in the water and the Pokéball flies back into Misty’s hand.

“Go, Beedrill!” Mike yells in response. It comes out and hovers over the water, the buzzing sound of its wings very loud.

Misty turns blue. “EEEP! Bug, Bug, Bug! Icky Bug! I hate yucky, creepy Bug Pokémon! I’m going to have to finish this quickly! Staryu, Water Pulse!”
Staryu jumps up into the air. A strange wave of water shoots out of its top point, the same way it uses Water Gun. Beedrill dodges the attack.

“Use Focus Energy, Beedrill!” Mike calls out as Staryu drops back into the water. Beedrill visibly tenses up, its buzzing becoming louder and angrier.
“Now use Fury Attack!” It charges at the Staryu. It starts making rapid stabs at Staryu, but Staryu sways from side to side in the water, dodging Beedrill’s arms.

“Use Water Gun to knock Beedrill away!” Staryu points the tip of its top edge at Beedrill and shoots a stream of water at it. The Water Gun hits Beedrill, causing it to go flying back a little. It stays in the air, however. The Water Gun didn’t hurt it that much.

“Use Poison Sting!” Beedrill charges once more. It thrusts its rear end at Staryu, trying to sting it, but Staryu simply goes underwater.
“Now use Rapid Spin!” Misty cries.

There’s no response. Beedrill looks around, confused. Then, suddenly, Staryu leaps out of the water behind Beedrill, spinning so fast it just looks like a yellowish blur. It hits Beedrill in the back. It injures one of its wings. It falls into the water and flails helplessly. Staryu then proceeds to Tackle it in the water a few times. Beedrill manages to hit Staryu once with Poison Sting before fainting. Mike notices this, but Misty does not.

“Beedrill is unable to battle!” cries Joes the ref. “Staryu wins!”
Mike returns his Beedrill. He takes out another Pokéball and throws it.

“Go, Spearow!” Spearow comes out, flies over to the red platform in the center of the pool, and sits on it, cleaning its wings. Misty sweat-drops.

“Uh, lazy bird you’ve got there.” Mike shrugs. “Yeah, I guess.” Misty smirks.

“Use Water Pulse, Staryu!” Spearow jumps up into the air to avoid the wave of water. It then resumes cleaning its wings with a bored expression on its face. Mike suppresses a grin. (I love the attitude that Bird has...)

“Fine,” says Misty. “Let’s see you dodge this! Swift attack!”

Staryu points its top edge at Spearow and numerous yellow starts shoot out of it. “Use Fly!”

Spearow flies into the air, causing the Swift attack to miss. “Now, attack!” Mike yells. Spearow comes hurtling down at Staryu. The attack is successful; however, Spearow dives right into the water in the process. Its head breaks the surface, but it cannot get out. Spearow still seems bored. Misty grins somewhat wickedly.

“It’s over now! Use Tackle, Staryu!” Staryu comes hurtling thorough the water straight at Spearow. Spearow turns its head to face it...

“Use Leer!” Spearow squawks and glares at Staryu with red, gleaming eyes. Staryu stops dead in its tracks.

“Hya!” Staryu gives its strange call. The voice sounds nervous.

“Now use Fury Attack!” Spearow struggles in the water to get close to Staryu, and then unleashes a large number of rapid, painful pecks on it.

“Staryu, jump out of the water onto the center platform!”
This is what Mike has been waiting for.

“Quick, Spearow, grab on!”

Staryu jumps out of the water with Spearow clinging tightly to it with its long, sharp claws. It lets go of Staryu in midair and takes flight once more. It lands on Mike’s platform and starts shaking and nibbling at its wings to get the water off.

“Staryu, Water Pulse! ... Staryu?” Staryu doesn’t move. It looks shaky standing on the platform. It collapses and doesn’t get back up.

“Ha!” says Mike.

“It’s about time! The poison finally got to it!”

“No!” Misty shouts. “Jump into the water, Staryu, quick!” But it’s too late; Staryu has fainted.

“Staryu is unable to battle! Spearow wins!”
Spearow squawks arrogantly before Mike returns it. Misty sadly returns her Starmie.

“That’s it!” she says. “Time for Starmie to come out! Go, Starmie!” She throws a Pokéball into the water and Starmie appears. Mike looks down at his faithful Squirtle.

“You ready?” Squirtle curtly nods. He steps forward, scowling at Starmie.
“Nice Squirtle you got there!” Ash calls from the bleachers admiringly. Mike and Squirtle both smile.

“It won’t win!” Misty declares defiantly. “Starmie, use Swift!”

The stars hit Squirtle. He stumbles a bit on the platform, but he takes the pain. “Jump into the water, Squirtle, and lets start this battle!” says Mike. Squirtle jumps in with a small splash. Misty laughs.

“Not a good move! Starmie, Tackle!”

Starmie charges at Squirtle at a much faster speed than Staryu. Squirtle dodges just in time.

“Use Tackle, Squirtle!” Before Starmie can respond, Squirtle Tackles it from behind.

“Starmie, Recover.”

Starmie glows briefly as it healed itself. Mike growls. “Great...” he mutters.
“Starmie, use Water Pulse!” Squirtle goes under to dodge it. “Use Tail Whip!” Mike shouts.

Squirtle comes out of the water directly in front of Starmie and hits it with his tail. The force pushes Starmie away from Squirtle, but the attack doesn’t really do any damage.

However, it does weaken Starmie’s defenses... “Use Tail Whip again!” “Use Tackle!” Misty cries.

Before Squirtle can finish swinging his tail, Starmie hits him with a solid and powerful Tackle attack. Squirtle goes flying back quite a bit in the water. “Again!” Misty cries gleefully.

“Use Bubble, Squirtle!” The barrage of bubbles slows Starmie down so Squirtle can dodge and retaliate. He does so by going underwater and using Tail Whip twice. “Now use Tackle, Squirtle!”

As expected, Starmie dodges, but this time Squirtle grabs onto him from under the water. Suddenly, Starmie disappears as Squirtle pulls it down beneath the water. Misty laughs again.

“Does your Squirtle have a death wish? It has no chance against a Starmie underwater!”

It’s hard to tell what’s going on because they are down so deep. The water keeps rippling, so Mike guesses that they are dealing each other blow after blow underwater. Suddenly, the water starts to glow. A bright white light emanates from the bottom of the pool. When it fades, Starmie suddenly flies out of the water and into the air. Close behind it is an angry Wartortle.

“YES!” Mike shouts.

"My Squirtle evolved!”

“It still doesn’t matter,” says Misty. “Starmie, use Recover!”
Starmie glows and heals itself before it falls back down into the water. Wartortle follows it in. Mike strains to think. (Starmie was weakened by those Tail Whips. I had Squirtle do that before it evolved so Starmie can be finished in one hit... but the only physical move Wartortle knows right now is Tackle, and that’s not strong enough to finish a Starmie in one hit. I have to think outside the box here...) And then it hits him.
“Wartortle!” he shouts so Wartortle can hear him underwater. “Swim to one of the pool’s walls!”

Wartortle rises close to the surface so Mike can see him and he swims to Mike’s side of the pool. Starmie follows. “Now face the wall and use Withdraw!” Wartortle goes into its shell and the shell glows a bit to signify that it has become temporarily stronger. Starmie is getting closer...
“Starmie, use Tackle!”

“Water Gun!” Mike shouts in response.

A stream of water shoots out of the shell’s opening for Wartortle’s head. The stream hits the underwater wall, causing Wartortle to propel himself like a torpedo straight at the charging Starmie. With a very strange, muffled-sounding cracking noise, they collide underwater. Wartortle pops back out of its shell and jumps out of the water to join Mike on the yellow platform. Starmie, motionless, slowly floats up to the surface, front side facing up. The big, glowing jewel in the middle is cracked.

“Starmie!” Misty cries in anguish. Mike’s smile falters.
“Starmie is unable to battle! Wartortle wins! The winner of this Cerulean Gym match is Mike Masterson from...! Uh... Where are you from?” Mike hesitates, and then remembers the interview he saw on TV last night.
“The Real World.”

Misty returned her Starmie as she looks at Mike in shock. “Y-you’re one of them? One of those poor kids who’re stranded here?”

“Yeah...” said Mike. “My God,” she whispers. “I’m sorry you’re stuck here. Is there anything we can do for you?” “Nope,” Mike declines. “We’ll do just fine by ourselves. We’re just traveling Pokémon Trainers, nothing more. When Oak and the other scientists figure out a way for us to get back home, then I’ll worry about the Real World. For now, I would like to be treated the same as all the other Trainers in this World.”

Ash walked down from the bleachers. He shakes Mike’s hand. “That was a great battle, Mike. That Withdraw-Water Gun combination... That was amazing! I never would have thought of that.” Mike blushes slightly.

“Thanks,” he mumbles.

“Yeah, speaking of which,” Misty says, “I need to get Starmie to a Pokémon Center right away. The faster I get Starmie’s jewel fixed, the sooner we can battle, James.” James nods. “Sounds good.”

After firmly telling Ash to stay in the Gym, then kissing him, Misty leaves to get her Pokémon healed. Pikachu, Wartortle, and Bulbasaur chase each other around the huge room as Mike and Ash sit next to each other on the edge of the front row of the bleachers. James is sitting on the same yellow platform Mike just battled on. He’s looking at his Pokédex in silence.

“So, how do you like it here?” Ash asks. “How do you like the Pokémon World?” Mike grins enthusiastically in response. “I love it here! The Real World is soooo boring compared to this place! Traveling the world, having adventures... this is the life!”

Ash laughs. “I wholeheartedly agree with you. There’s nothing better than traveling with your Pokémon and your friends, huh?” Mike shakes his head happily. “Nope!”

They end up talking about different kinds of Pokémon. Mike is surprised to hear that there are many, many more than just 150.

“There are... about 386, I believe,” Ash said, “if you include the legendaries.”
When Misty walks in, Ash is describing some of his favorite non-Kanto Pokémon.

“Okay!” she declares. Everyone stops what they’re doing and go quiet as they look at her. Bulbasaur immediately runs to join James on the platform. Misty walks to the platform opposite James's platform. James stands up and pockets his Pokédex.

Misty points at him and Bulbasaur. “You two ready? Let’s go!”

14th June 2006, 4:20 AM
that was a great chapter, loved it how there both saw Ash and Misty fighting.


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Ash and Misty eh!! i knew it!! but any way another great chapter, hope dan gets out of hospital ok and james gets his badge

14th June 2006, 3:44 PM
Actually, out of all the chapters, I think this one was the best one I written. All because Dan threw a brick at the TV. Anyway, next chappie, James and Dan get their badge and they find a friend upon departing Cerulean. And no, it's not the rival! Then they go to the lighthouse and weird things happen there.

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keep it comin YankeeFan2

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It was really awsome!!

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Who wants to submit a character for chapter 12? The next two chapters, they are going to be at Nugget Bridge battling trainers.


a. They must have a first and last name
b. Description: color of hair and eyes, type of clothing. Personality: don't care, as long as its funny
c. Pokemon: no level. But up to six Pokemon.

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this is really good.Kep going with it.

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Anyway, the next couple of weeks are going to be... BUSY, due to personal reasons and the 4th of July. So, the next update should be done after everything slides down the way it should be.

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Next chapter, enjoy!

Chapter 11 – Farewell, Cerulean City! Mike’s Powerful New Pokémon

James has a much easier time battling Misty. After all, he has Bulbasaur, and as we all know, Grass kills Water. James knows that Bulbasaur must be at a very similar level as Squirtle was when he evolved. As a result, James uses her against both of Misty’s Pokémon, eager to see her evolve into an Ivysaur.
However, the evolution never comes. Bulbasaur beats Staryu with a few well-placed Vine Whips. She doesn’t evolve. Her battle against Starmie is a little more exciting. Since Starmie keeps diving underwater to avoid Bulbasaur’s Vine Whip, James comes up with a clever plan.

“Bulbasaur, jump from this platform to the center one and use Sleep Powder as you go!”

With a running leap, Bulbasaur jumps from James’s yellow platform to the red one in the center of the pool. Sparkling blue powder falls off her back as she leaps over the water. The powder settles on the surface of the water. Starmie breaks the surface to attack, but it soon falls asleep when it comes into contact with the Sleep Powder. Bulbasaur then finishes it with a couple of Vine Whips.

Bulbasaur beats both her opponents by herself and James gets his Badge, but she still hasn’t evolved.

“Don’t worry,” Ash tells James after the battle. “Most of my strongest Pokémon have never even evolved past the first stage! My Bulbasaur is one of them.”

“Yeah...” says James, feeling a little better.

“That’s right,” Mike says. “So stop crying like a freakin’ baby.”

James scowls at Mike.

Ash can’t help but laugh. “You two are an interesting pair,” he says. “You’re both strong, too. I look forward to seeing you two in the Pokémon League.”

“If we make it that far,” James mutters.

“James, stop being stupid!” Mike says fiercely. “We are gonna make it that far!”

After their little conversation with Ash, Mike and James leave the Gym with the promise of returning tomorrow.

James blinks in the strong sunlight when they walk out. He sighs as they walk to the hospital. “I’m glad we both won,” he says.

“Of course we did,” Mike replies.

“Dan will, too.” James laughs.

“Yeah,” he says, “I can’t wait to see Ash and Misty’s reaction to him.”

“They’ll probably just give him blank stares, just like everyone else’s reaction to him,” Mike says, shrugging.

They stayed with Dan in the hospital all day long. They play random board games and watch movies on the new TV, which has been installed as a replacement for the one that got ruined by a brick. To Dan’s great delight, Mike goes to a buffet to get dinner and brings back chicken nuggets, which apparently is Dan’s favorite food. Finally, night time comes, and after refusing Dan’s demands for candy, Mike and James go to the Cerulean Pokémon Center to crash for the night.

The next day proves to be just as nice as the one before it. James wakes up to see sunlight streaming through the windows of their room. After he wakes up Mike and the Pokémon, they all head over to the hospital to pick up Dan.

“Just... try your best to keep a close eye on him,” the doctor tells Mike and James at the front door of the hospital. He gives Dan a nervous sideways glance as he repeatedly tries to leave the hospital by walking through the glass doors.

"We always do," James assures the doctor.

“Does he even know the glass is there?” the doctor whispers anxiously.

“Probably not,” says Mike cheerfully. “Thanks for everything, Doctor, and stop worrying about him; he’s made a full recovery, trust me.”

And with that, the three Trainers leave the hospital to find a place to eat.
After a rather exhausting breakfast that involves restraining Dan from gluing his pancakes to his face with syrup, the group makes their way to Misty’s Gym.

Ash and Misty are both waiting for them. Misty doesn’t look too happy. It seems that she has tried to keep Ash from showing himself again and failed. She sighs and walks to her side of the pool.

“Come on, Dan, let’s go.”

Dan hops over to his platform on one leg. His Pikachu tries to do the same, falls down several times, then finally runs to join its Trainer on the yellow platform.

“Hey, isn’t he a bit young?” Ash calls down from the stands.

Misty gives Dan a shrewd look. “Yeah, he’s definitely not 10 years old, is he?”

Mike gets down from the bleachers and walks over to Misty.

“No, but he has already earned his first Badge. That technically means he has been given permission to be in the League, right?”

“I suppose...” Misty says slowly. “All right, if he has a Badge then he must already be a registered Trainer. Okay, let’s start the battle!”

Mike walks back to the stands to rejoin James and Ash. He’s thinking about Misty’s words. (Hmmm... Is Dan really a registered Trainer? Did Brock register him or something? I guess we’ll find out when we reach the Pokémon League...)

Dan’s second Gym battle isn’t nearly as short as his first, but it is still pretty damn quick. Following Mike’s advice, he lets Zubat fight Staryu for a little at the beginning of the battle. He then uses Mankey to finish Staryu off. When Misty brings Starmie out, Dan’s Pikachu makes short work of it. Starmie is actually able to land a Water Pulse and a Rapid Spin on Pikachu before Pikachu finishes it off.

In a matter of minutes, Dan is dancing around the gigantic room with his Cascadebadge. Mike, James, Ash, and Misty watch in silence for a little while.
The group actually ends up staying with Ash and Misty for a good few hours. They eat lunch while Mike and James tell them about the Real World. Ash and Misty in turn tell them about the Pokémon World. Mike and James learn about the four major continents: Kanto, Johto, Hoenn, and Kantohto. After Mike and James finish laughing at the name.

“Kantohto”, Ash says, “My guess is that they ran out of good continent names, so they just took the names ‘Kanto’ and ‘Johto’ and put them together. Lazy *******s...”

Everyone laughs at this.

Around 2:00 PM, the group says their final goodbyes to Ash and Misty.

“We’ll definitely meet again!” Ash calls out the front door as the group leaves. “I can’t wait to battle you guys at-!” Misty takes him by the ear and yanks him away from the doorway, firmly scolding him for nearly exposing himself to the public. Mike laughs, waves goodbye one last time, and the group finally leaves Cerulean City.

They reach a bridge. James reads the sign. “Nugget Bridge,” he reads out loud.

Dan suddenly perks up... even more than usual. “What, nuggets? Chicken nuggets? I love nuggets of the chicken!” he yells.

He sprints onto the bridge and jumps around happily. “Dan!” Mike says sharply. “Stop being stupid!”

Dan, however, doesn’t stop as they walk down the bridge. By the time they reach the end of it, Mike is ready to wrap his hands around Dan’s neck and kill him. His violent urges are interrupted, however, by something very solid hitting him in the back... hard.

He goes flying and hits the ground face first. “Jigglypuff!” he hears a squeaky, angry voice say.

“Oh my god, it’s so cute!” James exclaims, eyes sparkling.

“Cute?” Mike growls as he slowly gets up.

“Cute? Uh-uh... not cute. Dead; it’s dead!”

Mike turns around and gives the Jigglypuff that just rammed him in the back a death glare. Jigglypuff squeals in terror and hides behind James. James glares at Mike.

“How dare you scare it!”

“Fine!” snaps Mike. “If you like it so much, James, why not let it join our little group?” He says this in a very ominous tone of voice. James gulps. Mike looks at Wartortle. “Wartortle, use Water Gun!”

Wartortle attacks Jigglypuff. The battle starts.
Jigglypuff dodges the water and starts spinning really fast. It launches its spinning body at Wartortle who can’t possibly get out of the way in time. He goes flying into a nearby tree.

“Wartortle!” Mike cries.

He glares at Jigglypuff, and Jigglypuff glares back as it pulls out a microphone. Then, Mike’s eyes slowly go wide in recognition...

“You’re the Jigglypuff that saved us in Mt. Moon!”

Jigglypuff nods and puts the microphone to its lips, obviously preparing to sing. However, a strong stream of water sends it flying a few yards. Mike turns to see Wartortle limping his way back to his Trainer. That Rollout attack hit him pretty damn hard, but he’s still ready to get his revenge on Jigglypuff.

Jigglypuff’s body seems to inflate as it glares angrily at Wartortle. Then it returns to its normal size and charges at Wartortle with surprising speed. Before Wartortle can even do anything, he gets hit a good number of times by Jigglypuff’s Double Slap. Wartortle somehow manages to get up again. Jigglypuff looks surprised, then smiles admiringly at Wartortle. Obviously, the balloon Pokémon wasn’t expecting Wartortle to get up after a second attack. It is now clear to Mike that Jigglypuff is at a much higher level than Wartortle. (Why is it following me around...?) Mike wonders in agitation. (Maybe it wants to join us...) Wartortle suddenly lunges at Jigglypuff and uses Bite for the first time. Jigglypuff yelps in pain and doesn’t respond right away. Wartortle takes his chance and uses Tackle. Jigglypuff’s light body goes flying into the air. Wartortle follows up with a Water Gun. Jigglypuff gets hit in midair. It hits the ground, looking battered and bruised. Mike takes out a Pokéball. James gasps in surprise.

“Go, Pokéball!”

In a flash of red light, the Pokéball captures Jigglypuff. It shakes a few times, but Jigglypuff doesn’t escape.

Mike cheers and picks up the Pokéball. However, when he picks it up, it breaks open. Jigglypuff appears at his feet. It smiles up at him fondly.

"Jigglypuff!" it says happily as if it's greeting Mike.

“Wait...” Mike says slowly. “You... let me catch you?”

Jigglypuff nods.

Mike smiles at James. “Looks like it wanted to join us after all.”

They make their way back to Cerulean so Mike can heal Wartortle and Jigglypuff at the Pokémon Center. James complains about not having any really cute Pokémon like Jigglypuff, Mike calls James gay, James yells at Mike for calling him that, and the group leaves Cerulean City again.

As they cross Nugget Bridge again, Mike grins to himself. (With Pokémon like Wartortle and Jigglypuff, no one will have a chance of stopping me from becoming the undefeated Pokémon Champion!)

Next Chapter: a battle from a trainer (yes the trainer i got from pm) and they meet Bill.

Mawile XD
17th July 2006, 11:13 PM
Heh, good story. I like each character's personality, and how they argue. I also like how you made Ash and Misty a couple. :D

-Mawile XD

18th July 2006, 4:40 AM
Thank you Mawile XD. I am pretty happy that you liked my story.

18th July 2006, 2:41 PM
That Jigglypuff was finily caught by Mike not by Ash.
Jigglypuff liked Ash orgnical.


19th July 2006, 9:54 PM
You know I didn't know that. I thought it was just there because it was a nice addition and just sang for many reasons. But, that was my opinion, no one doesn't need to be offended by it. (I hope)

20th July 2006, 4:53 AM
I was just saying that Ash has so many oppertunes to caught that Jigglypuff thats all.


20th July 2006, 9:55 PM
Oh, okay. I have officially writer's block. Because after the next chapter, they go back to Cerulean to get to Vermillion. Then they have a battle, then I was thinking of doing the SS Anne thingy. But, I don't know what to do because after gym battle 3, they can go to all kinds of places across Kanto, it makes me wonder what should I do, i know it's kind of random, but when I play like FireRed, I would usually either go to Saffron or Celadon, but where should I go first before anything? This is kind of a random question, but I need an opinion from you guys.

21st July 2006, 2:08 PM
Saffron or Celadon which badge is Sharia at ?.
Maybe they coule run into more of TR other them Jeses and James..

Umm, like me have a think about it and I will Pm you asap. When I get more ideas I don't want other people seeing all of the ideas I give you.