View Full Version : SRS-Sapphire and Ruby Snapshots-NOW OPEN

23rd November 2005, 10:26 PM
Requests are:

Hello! I'm pikaform! I make snapshots of Ruby,Sapphire, and Emerald. Not just any snapshots, very confusing snapshots like the one below-
Ahh! Anyway, if you want one you have to fill out a request form! Dur!

Send me a message filling out the form below-

Request Form

Boy or girl character:

What pose do you want you character in?:
examples:fishing,swimming,surfing,flying,watering with the wailmer pail,riding his/her bike,running, or standing still.

What city/place do you want you character to be in?:
ex:dewford, mauville,(lets just say any city),inside a house, battle frontier,underwater,uhm..anything like that..also, I have almost very route in the game.

What objects do you want there to be?:
ex:table,refrigerator,tree,window,flowers,bench,fo untain,umbrella,bed(anything you can imagine pretty much) I can even do the snorlax in your way of something!

What pokemon(sprites) do you want in the picture:
(you don't have to have any) I downloaded every sprite the pokemon company has used, so I really don't care which one you pick.

Do you want the pokemon to be shiney?
(only if you picked one)
Here is an example of one I made-Remember! They're not supposed to make any since!:
Pose:wailmer pail,surfing
Place: Mirage Island
Object(s):umbrella(blue), table, pkmn center
Sprites: caterpie
Shiney?: Yes
See? They meke no since. Anyway, send me a message(don't post or I might not reply-this only applies to request forms! Any other comments I gladly reply to!)