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Willow's Tara
24th November 2005, 3:47 AM
Hey guys, I thought I give you a preview of a story I was planning, of course it won't be here until 8 weeks later (when I come back to school) or if i get the net. Anyway it just a preview and it might be a trainer fic but it does have Pokemon, witches, supernatural powers etc.

Preview: The Fire Goddess
Hot was something metaphorically when one checks out the same/opposite gender. But this girl was literally hot, she had fire power, fire could surrod her in her long dress that had black markings with fire on it. she had dark red hair with pale skin, she had freckles along her body and face.
She could walk through fire and come out untouched, because her blood was fire, she is fire. Her green eyes reflect in the fiery of fire. She could not kiss for one could be scorched. She could not touch cold water as she will die.
She trained fire Pokemon, one Electric Pokemon to keep the water away from her.
But She is only 17 years old and she must find the one made of Electricty, Water and Ice to stop a evil Trainer who making his way to the Elite four by beating the Gym Leaders. she starts her journey, unknowing her so does The Water Goddess, The Lighting Goddess and The Ice Goddess, all unknown to who the other are.

So what do you think? I will start it sometime in the hoildays, dunno how many chapters I could have by the time I put these up.

24th November 2005, 9:24 PM
It sounds interesting, but something about it rings the cliche bell. I'd suggest reading over other stories with magical power people/gods and godesses so that you can avoid cliches, and with careful work, it could become a good story. I like elemental powers attatched to people. Expecially when they're much more powerful than Pokemon. Of course, making the uber would be horrible, but portraying humans as more capable in battle than Pokemon (expecially starter Pokemon) is really appealing to me, for some reason.