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24th November 2005, 5:02 AM
Okay Seven years after Rukario`s latest apperence, a Squirtle named Squirty lived in Poketown, a town where humans didn`t exist. Squirty was an odd Squirtle, as he had odd markings on his body. Odd as it may seem, Squirty killed a human once. After being attacked by several humans, the only way they would stop attacking him is to kill one of their own. Now, Pokemon that fear its power are hunting him in large groups. An alien attack is going on. An evil force is sealing the hearts of Pokemon. And the Legendaries are awakening. The only way to survive is to [gasp] kill them all. Squirty`s past is very mysterious.

Chapter 1: A.V.P. [Alien vs. Pokemon]

"Shadow. Why does that name haunt me. And the vision. Why does that image of a Squirtle in hell haunt me?" said Squirty. A cloud of black and red darkness floats over Poketown. "The pathetic humans must of started this," said Squirty, "I`ll kill them all!" yelled the furious Pokemon. "Squirty, do not hate the humans, for they are all dead," said a mysterious voice, "Kill all the Pokemon and we shall tell you you`re past." "Well if they know my past I guess I have no choice," said Squirty. He then dashed to the town. After collecting a gun and a knive, he went into Poketown. He met up with Zanny, a very weird Mudkip. She always had a rench. The oddest thing about her is she`s green. "Let`s kill these aliens!" she yelled. "I`ll kill all. And then I`ll kill you." said Squirty. Squirty`s anger grew up so muck in side him that he killed Zanny. He then killed many aliens and humans. He was hated by all. At Goldenrod City, which was almost entirely destroed by aliens, he met up with his best friend, Zutox, a green and orange Totodile.