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Kagome Higurashi
24th November 2005, 11:10 PM
what pet peeves do you have for fanbases of a shipping? an example would be always proclaiming they're right.

24th November 2005, 11:21 PM
^That, and not treating it as fandom. They treat as if it's going to happen (it may, who knows) no matter what, and no one can tell them otherwise. Annoys me. O_o

24th November 2005, 11:25 PM
I think you both pretty much covered any pet peeves I'd have for a fanbase...well except one. Taking characters completely out of character in romance fanfictions. Like in the Edge x Rydia pairing, Edge is portrayed the complete opposite of how he really is in 100% of fanfics. He goes from being rude, arrogant, rash, and womanizing, to being prince charming. Also, Rydia becomes completely devoid of personality...

Thats just an example though >.>

25th November 2005, 1:29 AM
Cockiness, arrogance, whatever you want to call it. It really gets on my nerves when people are all "d0de my ship is beda dan urz". Especially because of "Mine's better because it has hints and yours doesn't haha".

People only supporting ships because they're canon really bothers me too, then thinking people who support fanon are lower than they are. And saying a ship is canon when it isn't ticks me off too.

Not all that fond of bragging either.

Lil Brother
25th November 2005, 1:40 AM
Ships that make no sense what-so-ever. Mewtwo X Giovanni, anyone? :O

intergalactic platypus
25th November 2005, 2:12 AM
ugh i REALLY hate when supporters of a ship with little to no evidence start proclaiming its totally canon and giving ridiculous reasons, and they back it up by trying to disprove every hint real or imagined for a more probable ship (palletshippers are particularly guilty to my experience. they even once proclaimed to me that ashs crush on garys sister in the manga was total proof tht he was displacing his affection for gary onto his sister and was OBVIOUSLY attracted to him)

25th November 2005, 2:25 AM
Fortunately, I can't say that the fanbase of ANY ship is incredibly bad, at least not here..

All the above points I can agree with..

I don't like when people begin to brag and become arrogant..As for what is canon and what 'hints' exist... People are perfectly entitled to their opinion - they just have to realise that not everybody is going to agree with them.. and that EVERY ship has it's flaws (particualry in the case of pokemon)

Perhaps it annoys me when shippers have double standards - It happens, I just can't think of any examples right now

There's also nothing wrong with believing in your ship and that it is going to happen. There are many cases though, where it would bode well for the shipper to view their ship with objective eyes, and realise that when they make an assumption, it is just that - an assumption

heh, sorry if I went off-topic, I have a tendency to do that sometimes

Valkyrie X
27th November 2005, 9:37 AM
The thing that annoys me most is when someone thinks the littlest things between two people are hints when they really aren't. For example, if a person says something like "OMGZ Misty LOOKED at Ash, its LOVE!!!<33333", then...yeah. I think y'all get my point. >_>


Revolutionary Destiny
27th November 2005, 5:09 PM
Everything already mentioned are my pet peeves when it comes to the shipping fanbase. Another thing is when you say something true that goes against their ship and they call you a liar. An example would be:

Rabid Shipper: OMG! teh pOkeship is can0N!! Misty's song proves it!!!!1111

Mature Shipper: Um, you do know that Misty's Song was made by America, not by Japan and is just dub-added?

Rabid Shipper: n0 its not!!!!111 you'r3 a liar!!!!!1111

Mature Shipper: -__-;

And what Alto Mare Warrioress said about every single thing between characters being a "hint." That's annoying too.

Lady Barbara
27th November 2005, 5:26 PM
I think most of my pet peeves have already been posted, but I'll reiterate:

1. Taking every single interaction between characters as proof of 'love.' Both Pok&#233; and Palletshippers are guilty of this.
2. There is nothing wrong with debating about the canonicity of your ship versus someone else's, but the debate should stick to the anime canon and not degenerate into a series of ad hominem attacks.
3. Rabid shippers tend to write the worst fanfiction, in my opinion.
4. People who don't get how you can support Pok&#233;shipping and another ship (for example, Altoshipping). You can support as many ships as you want.
5. Fanon ships are just as supportable as canon ships and are sometimes more fun to write about.
6. People who claim to have created a ship (when there's no proof to back this up) and complain whenever someone else doesn't give them credit.
7. People who refuse to acknowledge that a ship is canon even when the series creators say it is and when the characters in the anime are clearly in a relationship.
8. People who flame fanfic authors simply because their preferred ship wasn't written about. This has happened far too often on Fanfiction.net, and it's one of the reasons I don't go there much anymore.

27th November 2005, 9:29 PM
Another thing I remember...

There's nothing wrong with being critical of another rival ship. and believe that it isin't going to happen. It's gets annoying however, when such shippers fail to realise that their ship isin't so perfect either - all you need is the right perspective.

27th November 2005, 9:33 PM
These are probably my main annoyances. All of the following 'you's are generic. [/covering own behind]

- Snobbery/elitism. I don't have a problem with people thinking that certain ships are more likely to happen than others (obviously :D), because, while open-mindedness is all very well and good, it usually IS fairly clear who's going to end up with who in canon. But people acting as though their ships are better than others hacks me off. The worst offenders that I've seen are slashers who look down on het shippers, smug anti-Pokeshippers who generalise all AAML-ers as a bunch of idiots, and Harry/Hermione fen who think they're morally superior to OBHWF-ers.

- Character bashing. It is not necessary to portray May as a man-stealing **** in order to justify Ash falling for Misty, or vice versa. Similarly, Drew is not going to turn into a wife-beater just so that May can run crying to Ash. And, most importantly of all, please do not turn every single canon female into an evil b*tch so that your male characters of choice can end up together. (Why is it always girls who do this?)

- Refusing to admit the obvious. I've been in a few fandoms where the canon source contained one or more 'obvious' pairings - e.g. Takato/Jeri (Digimon Tamers) or Ron/Hermione (Harry Potter) - and every time, there were always large, vocal factions who shouted down anyone who pointed out the obviousness of those ships (usually consisting of people who didn't like said ships). And then the pairings were verified, either by future canon or an author statement, and all the dissenters were made to look very silly. Hah.

27th November 2005, 9:43 PM
Oh yeah, I can't STAND when canon shippers whine when there's some obstacle in the way, when we all know it's not really in the way.

Shut UP already, your ship is canon. What more do you want?

People still believing Harry and Hermione are going to get together in the final book is also getting really tiresome.

intergalactic platypus
27th November 2005, 10:10 PM
ugh what i REALLY hate is people who say that theyre ship not happening means the story sucks. like i have a lot of respect for cloud strife, but (s)he proclaims that harry/hermoine not happening makes j.k rowling a bad writer, or those pokeshippers who say that pokeshipping no longer being as prominent in the show makes the show suck now. honestly, your couple doesnt have to happen for it to be good unless its an actual romance story

28th November 2005, 6:26 AM
Character bashing. It is not necessary to portray May as a man-stealing **** in order to justify Ash falling for Misty, or vice versa. Similarly, Drew is not going to turn into a wife-beater just so that May can run crying to Ash. And, most importantly of all, please do not turn every single canon female into an evil b*tch so that your male characters of choice can end up together. (Why is it always girls who do this?)

Oh god, don't get me started. Have you ever been to the Sonic the Hedgehog section at ff.net? There are Shadow/Amy supporters who like that shipping so bad they'll go so far as to make Sonic an evil maniacal villian just to make it work. Liking a shipping is one thing, but we don't need OOC crap like that.

29th November 2005, 12:03 AM
My pet peeves are mainly people claiming ships are canon for stupid reasons, unless it's obvious that they're joking around. (Hint: Any time I say one of my ships is canon for a stupid reason, chances are I'm joking.) I also hate when people try to force their ships on other people, and bash people with different views.

29th November 2005, 2:26 AM
My pet peeves are totally out of character fics. And when people are just hyper little immature leet loveing fangirls/boys. I can't even go to the Phantom section of fanfic.net because it makes me sad.

29th November 2005, 2:51 AM
A peeve of mine is having a n00b shipper, who just happens to like your favorite ship. They run around th web giving your favorite ship a bad name, which is degrading to all the rest of the members of that ship.

~Pokeshipper~, anyone?

Another is when you get all exicted about somthing happening related to your ship, and in your excitment, you hurriedly post about it. Then every flammer anti-shipper in the universe comes cracking down with a big STFU. okay, so you were a little off. If your ship was on the verge of being true, wouldn't you be excited?

29th November 2005, 5:55 AM
Oh yeah...

People using the excuse "Since the ship is canon the shippers have the right to be rabid" reallllly annoys me too.

And OOC fanfiction.

1st December 2005, 5:49 AM
A peeve of mine is having a n00b shipper, who just happens to like your favorite ship. They run around th web giving your favorite ship a bad name, which is degrading to all the rest of the members of that ship.

Unfortunately, that happens too often... and worse off it brings down the the reputation of the fans.

People who often annoy me the are those who claim 'canon' even though nothing has happened. Ship bashing annoys me even more.


1st December 2005, 8:13 AM
Definantly =/

What I really hate is generization of any ship. Also that there are several n00bs out there that MAKE the reputation to generalize it. I hate it when Pokeshippers will walk into a discussion and an anti will be 'Oh God here is another Pokeshipper. A a moron that defys the laws of grammer with an IQ lower thanthe room temperature -_-' ' However their are several that do this but reason being is because basically it's got a bigger fan base so along with more people there are more n00bs. (I will not go into detail here) I use P-ship as an example not because I'm trying to defend it (although I would if was bashed) but it is the one with the worst reputation.

People who bash, I cannot stand this. People who think 'oMg th3y lyk SO disrupt3d the CanOn3ss of m3h fAve couple so they n33d t0 d13!!11!!eleven' This can apply for any ship.

People who use what they believe are anti-hints as support for there ship. For example if Advanceshipping was proved wrong then Pokeshipping does not instantly become canon. And

And I hate people who ship just to get a person out of the way. Some people cannot stand two people together because it destroys your fave ship so you ship that person with some random just so they get their claws of the person. (I know several Ron/Luna shippers who only like the ship because they hate Ron/Hermione)

Many people claim their ship is canon (not naming anyone since...well I don't really know anyone in particular) and it's just not. Some people ship from no hints what so ever and that can get annoying but not when they admit to it. If they ship something with no hints and say 'OmG it's lyk so canon!!111!!' and if someone tells them it's not they respond "G0 away you m3ani3 head I so h4t3 you cuz' you d3ny teh true love of meh sh1p!' And even when a ship if proved right the opposite shippers think that their ship is still right even if it's not canon. Because it;s the 'right' ship and now everything suddenly suck because it's not canon.

And people who are anti because a ship is canon =/ Also with people who ship because it's canon. Don't jsut follow a crowd either, I hate it how people will never be an individual if someone paid then -_-'

And I actually like a lot of people ^_^ But this makes me seem like a hateful person =/ Ahh well.

Wolf Goddess
2nd December 2005, 12:23 AM
Morons fall under several categories. The worst kind is the kind that can't spell, tries to be elite, and bashes any ship that doesn't agree with theirs. I hate it when shippers think because a ship is canon you have to like it. (The whole "delusional" fiasco in Harry Potter is a great example) Scapegoat ships suck. Alot. Just because you don't want a character with a character doesn't mean you need to support a ship that pawns them off. And people who bash characters just because they interfere with their ship make me sick.

Mimori Kiryu
2nd December 2005, 12:27 AM
~Pokeshipper~, nuff said.

And what everyone else said too.

2nd December 2005, 12:28 AM
I have a really bad pet peeve.

You know those people with usernames like ashandmisty4ever and mistyrules and pokeshipper4life? >__> Those kind of fans of ANY ship annoy the living HELL OUTTA ME. I'm sure Ash and Misty would feel degraded if they knew somehow people like you with NO ABILITIES TO SPELL OR TYPE PROPERLY supported them together. 'For' is spelled 'F-O-R', not 4. Capitalization and punctuation are your friends, and using chatspeak and shortcuts like 'ur' and 'ppl' makes you look like a ****ing moron.

Some 'shippers (mostly Pokeshippers and Contestshippers are the culprits in this case) really need to crack open a dictionary or an English book.

2nd December 2005, 1:49 AM
I kinda dislike the idea of shipping in general, especially in Pokemon, since romance has never ever played a crucial role in the show. Ever.

I dislike shipping because I feel it causes too much E-drama in general, and what's the point in pairing up fictional characters anyway? What are the chances that the characters will get together? and even if you do, what do you get out of it? Nothing, that's what.

I beleive that shipping is just wish fufillment by lonely people.

then again, I don't understand why people are obsessed with romance, sometimes to the point that they pair up fictional characters.

anyway, I also dislike people who write shipping fanfics which one of the characters of the fic is comepletely out of character because it's actually a Mary Sue/Gary Stu in disguise

10th December 2005, 6:14 PM
I hate it when people claim a ship is canon when it really isn't. Some good examples of this would be various Pokeshippers and Leon X Claire (Resident Evil) supporters. Those who bash a character just because he or she interfers with their ship also piss me off. Can't forget about those nitwits who say that you should only support canon couples. Man, do they make my blood boil.

Roses Ablaze
10th December 2005, 8:52 PM
It kinda annoys me when certain characters who are involved in well-known ships can't have a major role in fanfiction unless s/he is paired with someone. I'm specifically refering to the Shitennou from Sailor Moon - their friendship with Endymion is much more emphasized in the manga, not to mention more clearly canon, yet there is a grand total of ONE fanfiction out there among hundreds that doesn't portray them as "pairing objects" as the authors of that one fanfiction put it. However, I know that there are perfectly independantly likeable characters out there that don't seem to exist unless they have a romantic partner. Seriously, how many non-shippy Misty fanfics are there out there?