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25th November 2005, 2:33 AM
hello and welcome to my new banner shop :D this time i draw the scene!


here's a little form:
character discription (has to be verrrryyy specific) :
what they are doing:

also i am now hiring people so if ur good with computer art and u wanna join...just tell me k?

i leave to request away!

25th November 2005, 2:42 AM
character:May[from pokemon]
character discription (has to be verrrryyy specific) :Umm,wel if you don't know I'll tell you
background:A basic pink contrast
what they are doing:Winking

25th November 2005, 2:52 AM
characters: Hamner and Zen
character discription (has to be verrrryyy specific) : Hamner is a catlike creature with black wings made of fur, black paws, and the rest of the colouring is the second picture in my sig.
Zen is a black cat with green/blue eyes, she has a yin yang on her forhead, her chin and chest are white
what they are doing: Looking at each other... like in your example... except not human...

I could join... i don't usually have time to do much but i'm really good at oekaki's :Þ

25th November 2005, 3:02 AM
http://i18.photobucket.com/albums/b115/Crescent_beam/banner.png here ya go Torchic23
Edit: http://i18.photobucket.com/albums/b115/Crescent_beam/ZenandHammer.png sry i dint see ur requests Hammer but here u go i hope u like it

25th November 2005, 10:40 PM
King Mickey http://www.khinsider.com/images/kh2_box_cover.gif Use the Mouse in the Robes at the top.

Vivi Orunitia http://www.khinsider.com/images/v-jump1120.jpg Use the Black Mage with the Monster Hat at the top.