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Pinecone Tortoise
25th November 2005, 7:37 AM
Since Christmas is coming around, I thought I'd start this thread as a sort of cross between Christmas cards and general kind comments. Here is a space for folks to comment on fellow writers and reviewers in thanks or congratulations for their activities on the forums.

Everyone knows how nice it is to get a glowing review. Here's a spot to give someone else those warm fuzzies without having to read through fics you don't want to.

Has someone left a special review on your fic, or a kept reviewing time and time again?

Were people kind to you as a newbie or have you seen someone sticking up/helping a newbie?

Has a story you've read really cheered you up on a bad day or made you laugh when you were feeling down?

Have people on this forum been true friends to you?

Here's you chance to repay some of that. Here, I'll start.

To my reviewers, you welcomed me onto these forums as a newbie and made me feel at home. My fic was my first here, but you encouraged me all the same with warm words and friendly comments. You not only eased me into a place at Serebii, but keep helping me to become a better writer.

lilbluecorsola: You are truly a considerate person. All newbies lucky enough to receive your reviews should feel thankful. Your gentle coaxing and deliberately softened guidance shows a real thoughtfulness for the young writer putting themselves and their writing out for the first time. Thankyou.

Sike Saner: Such a glowing reviewer and brilliant writer. There have been moments in Communication that were just priceless and came at exactly the right moment. Thankyou for that. People often underrate the value of humour and I'm so glad you're not one of them. Congratulations on your placings in the Summer Awards! Great to see that your hard work has been recognised. Thankyou also for your consistent reviewing. It means a lot to have a writer like you putting so much effort into reading my fic.

Quacka(Quackerdrill): For being both a talented writer and reviewer, I thankyou. Like Sike, I chanced upon Tangled Up at an opportune moment and it really cheered me up. What's more, you keep reviewing. Whilst one-off reviewers are nice to boost the review count, the sort that keep coming back mean a lot more, because you get to know them better and you can tell that you haven't scared them away. ^^ Thankyou.

Negrek: For that mamoth review you fitted in to your seemingly endless list of fics to review, a very big thankyou. Who needs a Spellchecker when they have a Negrek? Seriously though, I won't subject you to such a raw read again. Even though you had doubts about my fic, you still managed to be kind and find something nice to say about it. ^^ For your enormous effort, the time it took and the considerate way you went about it, thankyou!

Ash_Junior: One of my first and recurring reviewers. Thankyou for the time you spent reading my fic and leaving such glowing reviews. Thankyou for being so enthusiastic about it and for not judging me cause I used canon characters. ^^ For returning in spite of my fic, thanks!

Saffire Persian: For joining the collection of recurring reviewers and being so kind about my writing, thanks! And for agreeing with me that Zigzagoon are both awesome and huggable. ^^ ;263; Your reviews pick out bits in my story that I hoped people would, which gives me warm fuzzies. Thankyou so much for that.

BenJS: For coming out of the silent reader closet and reviewing, thankyou. I'd only been hoping for something along the lines of 'Hi. I read this.', but you actually left me a review! ^^ Thanks.

Ex_Kyogre: For being such a perky and friendly person, thanks. Almost whenever I log on, a new message from you is sitting in my inbox, waiting to be read. ^^ It's so nice to be remembered amongst what looks to be a very long and growing list of your friends. Thankyou.

Scrap: Even if your style is too dark for my tastes, the threads you start on the Author's Cafe are fascinating and original. Food for thought indeed. From pokecurrency to science stereotypes, you provoke thoughtful and considered discussion about details of the pokemon world that most people would pass by. Thankyou for spawning such interesting topics!

To all of you, thankyou. If I've missed people out (which I almost certainly have), please forgive me.

Hopefully, you folks will have seen the type of cheer we can spread here. It's the festive season, let's get festive! This is just my attempt to add something positive to the forums. A little help, please?

Pinecone Tortoise.
;204; ;324;

25th November 2005, 8:03 AM
For me:

Saber: You gave such encouraging words, ya' know. Very Kind person, really. Love her funny reviews. It lightens up my mood in writing.

Dilasc: He was the only reviewer of my preview, considering I'm a veteran. Anyway, he gave a kind review and some tips on description, which I'm not really good at.

Felix the Mutant Pikachu: His reviews are funny and helped me a lot like Saber. I really need to add some comedy into my fics, and he's one who helped me.

Shiny Flygon: His words helped me alot, even though he joined here later than me. He gave encouraging advice.

The Chesire Cat: Chesire's review to me was good, telling me what I needed to improve in what areas. Love the review.

Typhlogirl: She introduced me to comedy and helped me a lot. Love her reviews.

25th November 2005, 8:21 AM
SigCMugen-One of the best fanfic writing friends a fanfic writer has ever had. He helped me alot while I was doing my first non-scripted fanfic. He is also the best reviewer who reviewed my fanfic.

If it weren't for him, my fanfic would've been more screwed than ignored.

25th November 2005, 8:37 AM
How I admire you so
Your writing makes me bust a spleen laughing
My evil clone, my fellow hobo
Makes me nosebleed *SPLUT* with a comment on Jolie
The Devil wears Prada
And NADs go with GEER!

Saber, you've always been an inspiration to me and you never fail to cheer me up. ^^

Serpent Syra: Somersaulting magnificent crimson dragons of stupedous brilliance in the glowing skies of golden brilliance above a emerald field of *head explodes* I can't keep up with your prose, dammit. XD You're a good person and your descriptions never cease to leave me dumbfounded.


Sike Saner: I'd make you a Christmas tree with Glailes and Miror B plushies hanging from it, but I'm too lazy. XD

I LOVE YOU ALL! *skips away*


25th November 2005, 9:15 AM

*HUGS INFINETLY!* See, I love you so much I can't even SPELL!

Scrap: You inspire me to do greater things and be myself. You tell me about the world I and tell you about the world and thus we form a Paras-Mushroom SYMBIOSIS! One day, when Ima millionaire and you're a millionaire, we hook up, ja?

^ Luff you dear. From teh bottom of my heart. Best EVIL TWIN AND HOBO AND BOX FIEND AND JOLIE FETISHIST EVAR! *hugs*

Shiny Flygon: Thanks for your input, always and forever! You deserve a lot of credit for your weird adn hilarious ways! *hugs*

Kawaiiest.Combusken: For your hilarious ways, your lusting after my pants, :P, and overall awesomeness. You always manage to put a smile on my face, and a bit of jealousy in my guy friend's heart. xP (He's kinda po'ed bout the pants thing. xPPPPPPP;;) I luff you forever, and thanks for being, literally, insane.

Sike: Nads. (That means I idolize you above all, dear. You have this uncanny ability to be....well.....awesome. Funny and serious at the same time, completely insane and fun to be around. Thanks so much.)

I win.


Saffire: To you, dear. Thank you for listening to my crazy talk, and most definetly being a spark in my life. You bring me happiness with your words and acts. Luff to you, forever.

Chesire: *HUGZ* To you, darling. TEH KYUTE ONE! ^.^ May you find happiness in the holiday season, because you definetly deserve it. For what it matters, you are a great lighthouse in my dark sea of a mind, and for that, I thank you endlessly. Always a guiding light, always a saint. Thanks, dear. *hugs*

Sapphire: ^_______________^ You too, dear, with your incredible enthusiasm and tenacity. I admire it completely. You have been with me since the begining, nearly, and for that I am thankful. I have watched you grow and blossom from what you once were, a cocoon to a butterfly. Now all that is left for you to soar with the winds.

*hugs* Luff.


LUFF! And maybe more peeps will be thanked when I remember them. xP

25th November 2005, 2:14 PM
Here is my lot...

Shiny Flygon! My first reviewer, who gave me nice advice which encouraged me to write more, improve my writing, and even insert and interesting plot twist that I had not thought of before. Also for creating a great RP, which I can't wait to start again, and just being plain friendly. *Hugs*

GoldenHouho! Also for reviewing my fic, and just for being really friendly. Thanks! *Hugs*

Chesire Cat! For creating a great fanfiction, (Pokemon Existo) and for the nice review you gave me. Thanks lots! *Hugs*

Klaus! For writing the semi hippy story, that gave me quite a few laughs, for reviewing my fic and also notifying me when her next chapter went up. Thankies! *Hugs*

I am sure there is more, but that is all I can think of for the moment. :)

25th November 2005, 2:49 PM
I would like to take this chance to thank everybody on these boards, whether you have read and reviewed my works or not. Does not matter to me. This greeting goes out to everyone who has derived some form of joy or contentment from this place, and special thanks go out to everyone who has read my works. I do not really care if you are a closet reader or a reviewer. To all my reviewers, my heartfelt thanks, and I do not care if you posted just to critique or praise; I do not really care if you post a single line or four paragraphs, because the fact is that you took the effort to say something.

To all those whose stories I fell off the pace for, I will be back from next week onwards, and I will put that right, so thanks to you all for putting out marvellous works of fiction to stretch the imagination. To those who haved joked, debated or argued with me in the past, thanks goes out to you all as well, as I learnt a bit with each interaction.

And to everyone who thinks he/she has been forgotten, thanks to you as well. Hope I covered everybody.

Elemental Charizam
25th November 2005, 5:44 PM
I'm going to be really cheap and just say I'd like to offer thanks and a happy yule time to all on the boards!.... (with some sxceptions) ;)

Oh, all right, I'll edit them in here later :P

25th November 2005, 7:23 PM
=} Oh, Piney, you are very welcome. I'm glad I could be of help. (^.^)

I would like to give thanks to all my reviewers, but out of those, I especially wish to thank Chibi Pika and billy5772. Those two were always there for me during my humble beginnings, reviewing every One-Shot I wrote and encouraging me to keep writing. You guys are the best. 8) Thanks.

I would also like to thank every member on this Forum that ever helped inspire me, whether it be through their own fanfictions or simply by their words.

I thank LilyPichu, for inadvertently giving me the inspiration to start writing Fanfics in the first place, and also for inspiring me to write an entire series based off of her fics.

Thank you, Breezy, for never failing to put a smile on my face with your comedic writing.

I give warm thanks to Lady Myuu, who came to me when I was feeling down about my work and spoke to me kindly. She is one of the nicest people I have ever met. Thank you.

And of course, I thank a number of writers for writing fantastic fics that helped me improve my own writing. Thank you, Serpent Syra, Scrap, Burnt Flower, +Chaos Blade+, The Chesire Cat, and so many others. Thank you all.

25th November 2005, 7:57 PM
Happy Holidays, everyone! (http://i2.photobucket.com/albums/y3/Scrapdreams/XMAS.png)

+Chaos Blade+
25th November 2005, 8:00 PM
Serpent Syra, my friendly rival, who stole my twin from me, you bastard, whose words of wisdom, kindness, and respect led me to the pinnacle of my Fan Fiction career. *Scoffs* I don’t think so.

Breezy, a girl who assisted me a bit with comedic remarks and tons of ‘kudos’ to my first true Fan Fiction on Serebii.net, who helped me pay attention to my dialogue and scenes of emotion; and by the way…cong-rats to-your-twin up with Syra. That was hard to say. LaTeR dAyZ!!

Scrap – Knowing you for only a while, it’s as if I knew you forever. Your fics in this world have helped me reach the top of my career as a potential author and novelist in the real world. Thanks a lot. *unexpected hug* *smug look* Go Team Hobo!

Drayano – the first to review Life of a Trainer, the first to introduce me to the world of Serebeth, the first to really show me what the forum world had to offer. He’s still at my side, still talking Pokémon, life, and fics.

Elemental Charizam – like Drayano, you were the first to review Life of a Trainer. You showed me the many mistakes I haven’t found in my novels.

Tale – yet another faithful reader and friend to the end. You have aided me in my darkest hours and welcomed me back into Serebeth when I came as +Chaos Blade+

HellKorn – another person who helped me reach the top in his own ‘unique’ way. You helped me with harsh criticism than anything, along with cheers and kudos to some of my works, if not all.

FlamingRuby – you were the third in the Kanto Trio to review Life of a Trainer. You showed me many things in my plotline that was greatly important in many aspects of Fiction writing.

Indigo – A good friend lost. You have shown me countless things. Like how a simple poster in the Anime Section grew to become a forum-renowned member of Serebeth. I thank you, and wish you all the best in your goals and aspirations in life.

Burnt Flower – Mi amiga de Suramérica, you have helped me achieve my fullest potential by backing me up [yes, this may sound cliché] 110 percent! My goad, you helped me rejuvenate my spark of writing again.

Dragonfree – you were the first person to harshly criticize Life of a Trainer. Yes, I acted immature to your review, yet I have learned from it, and matured to become this new author born into a new world.

And finally, I especially want to thank the first friend I met here – lilbluecorsola. I’d like to thank her by giving her this enchanting necklace made by the finest Clamperl pearls and shiny Corsola horns. It’s an item worth having forever, as our friendship will last twice as long….Thanks for everything.

25th November 2005, 8:08 PM
I'm surprised to have actually gotten hanks. I have to honestly wondr why anyone would want to waste their time on me, since I'm not exactly a great person in any way, but whatever.

Anyway, I have one being who I absolutely must thank. I must thank him with all my heart and my soul, for the demons of hell would ise against me if I nary did not thank this being. One so deserving, so worthy... I think some of you can already guess the twisted choice I'm making.

DeNtEnE !cE: sugar free Or rather, as I like to call him, Dementine Arse: brain free

Yes Dementene. You will forever live in infamy in my heart, like a malignant cancer or tumor. If you're still stalking the boards from your ban, know that any time you wish, jerk, you may suck my balls. Yes, thanks to you, my popularity has been boosted by about 3.5%, but it sadly did not garner me any new readers. Damn you folks! If you really want to pity me, you'd read my work to make me feel better.

*Ahem* Anyways. Dementene, as I put my hand to my *** right now, I absolute, positively must salute you. Your sexist remarks will forever leave you worthy of the arse kicking your name demands that you receive. All in all, you are useless, sexist, and you probably have no life or friends, but you warm my heart. After all, not everyone has an exciting life... I sadly know the truths o loneliness... but that won't stop me from making you wish you were either dead or begging for it.

In closing. Thanks you Dementene Arse! Thank you for helping me realize how much more life sucks, and that it'd be about two percent better if you were dead. Honestly though, I wanted you to write MORE of that story. Maybe I would have gotten Pity reads for Dust to Deceit (go on people, go pity read it!) Godspeed Dementene! For you will always be remembered for a Buffet that actually WILL last a lifetime... in my signature.

Chibi Pika
25th November 2005, 8:12 PM
*Crashes into thread on giant mystic Lugia plushy, knocking everyone over.*
Whee! I love that thing! *shrinks plushy and runs forward to name peoples.*


Charsel: The most ego-inducing reveiwer ever. Period. Sometimes when I feel like anything I've ever written is crap, I go through the back pages of my thread and read his reviews to get myself on track. Also a good friend.

indigestable_wad: The reader who has been at my thread for the longest time, always reading consistently and offering two cents whenever I've got a question and one of the best plot-hole catchers, always helping me seek out those random lines that don't make sense or contradict other parts. Also has read all of my one-shots, too

lilbluecorsola: Your one-shots pwn mine and you know it. Also a loyal one-shot reveiwer of mine, I love seeing your comments, as well as I love seeing a one-shot of yours (and always end up running off to read it.) I've gotten so much inspiration from your wonderful pieces.

Umbrazard: Also a good friend and a consistent reviewer, you've always loved my fic and shown it, but have always been able to add a touch of criticism to help me improve.

Also in the most ego-inducing category: Sike Saner, Burnt Flower, Scrap, Brian Powell, Elemental Charizam

My favorite writers and inspirers: Lilbluecorsola, LilyPichu, Scrap, Serpent Syra,

And thanks also to all of my consistent readers, closet or not, and all of the wonderful writers out there.


Medical Meccanica
25th November 2005, 8:16 PM
Anyone who reviews one of my storys deserves my undying respect. I never get reviews, and when I do it usually takes forever just for one.

Also, to LilBlueCorsola, who inspired me to write stuff.

25th November 2005, 10:00 PM
Well, I may not celebrate Christmas, being Jewish and all, but our Lighting Designer/Stage Manager (for our play), Jer Pinchy, says that being open-minded and wishing others happy dayz on their holidayz is always a nice thing to do. (This coming from a guy with a four-year-old grudge.) I love to think he has a point; he's a smart man who can use chicken wire and paper to make an entire set.
Er, moving on...nobody mentions Psychic? You people make puppies cry at night. :(
But I have special mentions for a few people here:

Lady Myuu: Not only a terrific writer, but an amazing friend, from what I've seen with her and Ren. A very caring person with the lighthearted personality of Mew. RPing with you and reviewing your work has been a pleasure (even if I still have to read the last two chapters XD). A wonderful person who's creativity and ability to portray characters so well will take her far!

lilbluecorsola: A really sweet person, you are. You're writing is amazing, and I always look forward to reading your wonderfuly emotional writing. I dearly hope you put up another One-Shot, as they're a personal favourite of mine.

Typhlogirl: A very charming, funny person who can brighten anyone's day with her humor. A terrific writer who can go from serious Rebellions to comedic Electric Legendaries with ADHD. Also one of the few people who can pull off scripting expertly!

Renegade: I have trouble believing that your characters used to be Mary-Sues; you're writing is just so amazing. I love enjoy reading things you write, from fics to RPGs to reviews to just normal, everyday posts. It's always great to see someone else try to bring down Serebii's n00b population, and the way you do it is so satisfying. You seem like a really great person who is rarely recognised-you have so much potential!

Scrap: I always used to love reviewing with you. We were some team until that day. Always loved reading your hilarious reviews-you really inspired me to be the harsh, honest reviewer I am, and for this I thank you (though many may not!) Your horror fics are truely amazing, even if I've only read a few of your One-Shots. I know you'll go far.

PsiUmbreon: Ah, my Modly friend, a good writer who rarely gets the credit he deserves. You're a great person, even if you worship the Tape and not the Jam. You're a good writer, though you need to practice more on hooking your readers (like me. stupid short attention span). You are a wonderful person who is feared by the n00bs and is Bladyslakystanian, so HUZZAH AND MERRY CHRISTMAS!

SigCMugen: You're really a great writer with a lot of potential. I may not show it, but I love reading your fics and find them very original. Also a wonderful spriter and a good friend. Oh, and I know where you live. The Jam sees all.

purple_drake: An amazing writer who will some day make it big, you're one of my favourite long-distance friends. You're very talented, being witty, wise, intelligent and so sweet. Reviewing, writing, PRing and n00b busting has been a pleasure to do with you (ok, maybe not RPing YET, but when it does start, it will be great to do it with you).

mayonayz: I know you'll never get to reading this message, but you're a good friend who deserves to be anowleged, even if you refuse to put any of your wonderful works up. The Jam looks down on you and smiles as Chad continues on his never ending search for chips. Sparkles is on a camel serenading Simmy with Kligon drinking somgs and Alan broke another sword playing his electric guitar. Oh, and happy Chanukah/Chrsitmas/whatever those First Nations dudes celebrated in Canada before Shakespeare came along with his addictions and stole from the orphans who ruined the play.

Chesh: I'm terribly sorry nobody here can spell your name right. Anyways, I hope you have a wonderful Christmas in the HellHole. You need a bottle of good cheer after what happened. I hope you know that I will always be there for you and am always behind you every step of the way. Whatever you choose to do in life, I'm with you 100%, even if the distance between us seems immense.
Here's to an amazing friend, brilliant writer, awesome artist and overly fun guy. *raises glass* Here's to you, twin!

To all the writers, reviewers and other readers: thank you for making the forum what it is today. The FanFiction Forum has changed over the time I have been here, and though I miss the good old Golden Days of this forum, the Newbies here have really made things wonderful.
Oh, and because of the sudden n00b migration, I advise that you keep a wary eye out: we're being flooded by idiots at the moment, so help to bring down their population would be much appreciated.

*raises glass* Drink with me, not to days gone by, but to the merry days that are to come! Not to those pretty and witty girls, but to all the talented writers of Serebii!


25th November 2005, 10:31 PM
Oh my gosh I'm honored people actually think I'm nice, well I'll just make my list:

KatieKitten: She's just nice, and I thank her reviewing my fics(which one though, or was it both? Stupid short term memory loss!)

Psychic: Only really had her review once, but she's also in the soon to be restarted RP Metamorphic Battles(Where's your new sign up, we're waiting on you?). And she certainly tried to help me with metal Virus, which was a foray into a writing style I was new to.

Billy5772: The first person to review a single fic of mine, and with his loyal help in NL, NH, I never would be as decent as I am today.

Felix_The_Mutant_Pikachu: It's just nice knowing you've got friends more insane than you, who are always ready to help you, and write such amazing fanfics.

Golden Houou: A loyal reader if I ever met one. Also a great member to MB.

Saber: She wrote the fic that trumps Harry Potter, and is just such a nice yet fun person all rolled into one, and a great reviewer, I send her many thanks!

Lone_Wolf816: Though i may rarely see them, they were one of my most loyal readers, who always supported my fics when I needed them, happy holidays to you wherever you may be!

X Kazemon: Again, a loyal reader of NL, NH, a great writer and an all round nice person(sorta:D). Hope she enjoys life.

Ice Scyther: A new EL reviewer, but one I'm pleased to have. Decent writer to.

Ledian_X: Has numerous original ideas, rated my fic nicely, and well they're just nice.

DD35_D: Again, a loyal reviewer, and one I'm pleased to have.

All my AAML reviewers: Too many to count, but my Christmas present to all you is my Christmas fic! Though it probably won't be finished till NEXT Christmas, I'm glad you're all still reading.

Hidden Mew: A very nice person, who reviews my fics without a second thought. S/he is a great person.

Mysteria Pearl: You stand out of my AAML reviewers, for sheer loyalty and eagerness. Plus, with a little more help, you're fic too will shine in the AAML crown.

Burnt Flower: Really just a thanks, but thanks for reviewing my AAML at the beginning, it helped me improve a lot.

WaterTrainer234(sp?): Another loyal reviewer to EL. Thanks and happy holidays.

Shiny_Deoxys: A great writer, reviewer and all round nice person. Wherever you are I hope your enjoying life.

SigCMugen: Great writer and reviewer, nice person, great spriter. Overall a great person.

Sapphire: A nice person, who takes advice well and eagerly improves. I can't remember if she reviewed any of my fics though?

Snoring Frog: Ah, though s/he simply reviewed my fics to sve there's, they still kept reading and for that I am grateful.

And anyone, or anything that has rad and reviewed any of my fics or one-shots, I remove my feathered hat, and tip it to all of you. You truly are the nicest people, with the exception of Chary888, and who I owe a lot too. And should I ever tell you to bite my Shiny Flygon (censored), I won't be serious. You rule, you really do. I tip my hat once more. (CENSORED!) the Rainbow Wing fell off, where is it, where is it? Phew, found it. Woops, might've revealed which of my characters I look like, well later and happy holidays! With a twinkle of my (censored) and a flick of my crest, I leave you all for now to continue my quest!

26th November 2005, 5:53 AM
SF, I reviewed one of your one-shots. Anyway, more people to thank.

Chronicles Death/Fallen Chronicles: He helped me a lot with my work, giving me good advice. I loved his reviews, and he is a happy go lucky person, who doesn't flame people, but help people nicely and politely.

26th November 2005, 5:58 AM
I'd also like to give a hearty mention to all the possible rising authors such as Dawnstar and DragonFire2 and many, many others, for it's new talents like you that keep this forum such a busy and active place for all authors to meet. Keep the new talent coming! 8D

26th November 2005, 6:38 AM
Hmm, well...

First, a thanks to Scrap, Sike Saner, and The Pinecone Tortoise for being the writers of the three most enjoyable 'fics on this board that I can't get anywhere else. Keep it up, guys (and gals. Or are all of you gals? *knows not*).

Then of course we have Act for pwning stuff (like badfic) and for keeping things interesting. Also for your excellent writing, of course, and for your honesty. Hope to see you around here again sometime soon...

And Serpent Syra, for leaving nice reviews and being accepting.

Let's not forget Billy5772 for not minding if my beta work takes months (chapter eight done by Sunday! I promise!) and for taking my comments into consideration. And generally being a nice guy.

Dragonfree, for making sure that the boards have their daily dose of sanity and levelheadedness.

And of course, all of my awesome reviewers, and all of the other awesome reviewers on the forums, whether or not you've had a look at my story.

Pinecone Tortoise
27th November 2005, 1:03 AM
Ah yes. Few more peoples to thank

Topaz: who will probably not see this message cause she doesn't visit these forums much now, but has always given comments of the utmost praise (whether deserved or not) and never failed to boost my confidence. A most generous person, brandishing offers of reviews, websites and fanart at every encounter. Also wrote some of the most entertaining fics you'll find out there and encouraged her reviewers to hop on the bandwagon of fan fan writing. Thanks and congratulations for her many awards - Topaz!

Obsidian Blade: Another friend who has both encouraged my writing and put up with my erratic MSN babbles. Also was kind enough to put both my dA icons in her dA sig. ^^ Thanks Obby/Sevielle/whatever you want to call yourself! It's little things like adding the sig tag that mean a lot. (As evidenced by the Summer Fiction Awards, OB is the writer of many a brilliant fanfiction which have brought much enjoyment and should be thanked for!) Thanks and congratulations!

PS: Thanks to A_J, Sike and Quackerdrill who mentioned me in the Best Authors thread (now closed) ^^ It means a lot to me, you guys! Thankyou!


27th November 2005, 5:33 AM
Oops, forgot to thank Burnt Flower for nominating me in the Summer Fanfiction Awards. I was a little weirded out because I don't... really... know you... *cough* But it was gratifying nonetheless! Thanks!

27th November 2005, 6:24 AM

Typhlogirl's christmas list of ETERNAL MIGHT! (No doubt I'm going to forget people, so I'll edit later!)

Sike Saner: Who gave me my first uber big review, making me dance around the room like the sped I am. ^_^ She is always a quick to review, and is always really nice too. Plus, she is an inspirational writer, and really cares about stuff, and is always ready to help me. ^___^ HOORAY FOR POKECENTRICNESS!

Klaus: Teh sick minded psycho. ^_^ THAT'S A COMPLIMENT. Klaus always makes me laugh with that crazy fic of his. He's been with my fics since like...they were posted. (Wow, how dramatic of me! -_-) Plus, he was the first person to ever review one of my fanfics and for that, I am eternally grateful. Kudos to you Klaus! Now give me Maxie cookies. XDDDD

Psychic: Basically, an awesome person. If you want a good, honest review, go to her. I have to mention her just for writing 'The Mutations', which is one of my all time favourite fics on this site. I am still waiting for her to update, *winkwinknudgenudge* but it will be worth it! My fellow Brian Jacques obsessee, and fellow Chrysalids reader! YOU RULE PSYCHIC! ^__^

Zerodius: For writing Rejected. She is one of the most unappreciated authors on the site, but her fic like...blew my mind. It was, and still is, amazing. A very serious person, but very interesting to talk to. I take my santa hat off to you, Zerodius!

xXSapphireXx: Cuz she was one of my first readers, and is a really sweet person. I can always count on her to review. *gives lots of presents* Keep your fics going strong Sapphire!

Hidden Mew: Who is really sweet and a great reviewer. She always reviews, always, which is awesome, cuz I love her reviews! ^_^

xXSaberXx: Who has like...AN AWESOME FIC. Seriously. She's like...mangaged to fuse all the genres into one big masterpiecey thing. Plus, everytime I read her posts I giggle. CUZ SHE'S SO RANDOM AND FUNNY! PLus, she's planned out her ENTIRE FIC. EVERY SINGLE CHAPTER. Which, in my rather 'special' books, is feckin AMAZING! Good work Saber! ^_^

Plus basically everyone who reads my fics, I love you all! *cries* Or not. *stops crying* ^_^ And everyone who's fics I read, for putting up with my infuriating late reviewing. THANKYOU!

Argh, I know I've forgotten people, but I just can't remember! >_< I'll post more when I remember, k?



27th November 2005, 6:50 AM
Ahhh, I'm already getting that warm holiday feeling... *sighs* Anyways, I also have some people that I have to thank and wish well:

Piney (Pinecone Tortoise): Such a nice person! But really, a great writer, artist, and an overall good friend. I thank ya for suporting my writing, helping out, and just for being awesome. And for being a good sport with the whole nickname dealie. (Your name is just so long to type! XD)

Scrap: As pure inspiration, nothing less. I strive to emulate the elequency that is your writing, how impossible it may be. ^_^

Billy 5772: For being an IM buddy and an overall great person, with all your ideas and schemes... good times, good times. XD Also for supporting my fics from early on- without the dedication, I wouldn't be still here writing. Big thanks! (My DS still pwns your PSP!!) ^_^

Saber: For being so... crazily eccentric and surprising me with a compliment on my writing! Holy Miltank! If any compliment should be given, it should be for your perseverence and work on the immense labor of love that is Pokemon Revelation: Cross of Fates. My works cannot equal the crazy amount of work that must go into that!

And a shout out to everyone who has reviewed my writing: That means indigestible wad, Billy 5772, Breezy, purple drake, Sike Saner, mindripper, Kuitsuku, Brian Powell, Act, SnoringFrog, Wondrous Sableye, Kijuna, and Negrek. Without y'all, my fics would have all imploded at the bottom of the lake. Um, allegedly. >_<;

Is there anyone I have forgotten? *thinks* Oh yes:

EVERYBODY. That means you, person who is randomly stalking the fanfiction forums in lack of anything concrete to do. That means you, RP'er who looks at fanfictions for fun. And that means you, random guest who stumbled upon this thread with only gathering Poke-news from Serebii.net on your mind. Why do I thank you all? Because you might be the next great author here. You may be the next great reviewer. Or you may just be the next great supporter, one who will stand by others no matter what. I wish great hopes for the future, that we keep getting great people like the ones above that just add to the family of Serebii. So if you don't see your name here or in any of the above posts, just know that we all really thank you for contributing to this great community. ^_^

Well, warm wishes to the lot of you, whatever holidays you celebrate, and keep up the astounding good work!

P.S. What a brilliant thread idea, Piney!

27th November 2005, 7:01 AM
YAY! IT's Christmas! *Maxie in Elf costume* HEHEHE.

Typhlogirl: AWWWW! I LOVE HER TO BITS. She is always ready to review my fics and is in love with my characters. She always makes me feel good with her reviews. She entertain's we with her fics and even let me be in her Talk Show. She even loves my Maxie Cookes. They are my own special recipe. I give you 100 Maxie cookies!

Sike Saner She always rates my characters and came up with the phrase "A Maxie Moment" I hope she know that I love her to bits as well and we both have a strange things with bubbles. I give 100 Maxie Cookies!

Wes Wes, Wes, Wes. He's the one with the Turkey War. He always makes me laugh with his fics and always has a nice comment about my fic. I thank you Wes for your fic in which you've spilt hours in. I give you 100 Maxie Cookies!

Diva1 ( NOW La Carlotta) Why, she is so nice. I'm glad we became friends. She always rushes over to reiveiw my fic. We have the same taste in fics, movies and both think Veruca Salt is a nut and the Gloops are cannibals. I love her to bits.

xXSaberXx I would love to give a large shout out to my mentor who without I wouldn't have improved with my grammer skills. I give you a big ol' hug and a Maxie Plush with 100 Maxie Cookies! I would also like to thank her for spending time in her fic for the entertainment of others. And, she is also as twisted minded as me. We both think alot. LOL. I love her to Bits. 100 Maxie Cookies!

Katie Kitten Oh MY GOSH. SHe is one of the nicest the come to my fic. I would like to thank her for making her reviews so nice and complemental. I'm glad be became friends. I lover her to bits. 100 Maxie Cookies!

Ledian_X My non pokefic friend. I'd like to give him a shout out for noticing what I do to established characters. And i'd like to thank him for
taking time on his fic for our entertainment.

GoldenHo-oh To the person who is always comparing to me. DOn't do that we all have different writing styles. Anyway, I love to bits. 100 Maxie Cookies.

Anyone who has read my fics or sent me a PM. I want to thank you and give you all Maxie Cookies. Happy Holiday!

As always, be kind to the mime.

27th November 2005, 2:44 PM
It's early, but who cares?


I am in a christmassy mood today... :)

Sike Saner
27th November 2005, 9:54 PM
I WILL forget someone. Guaranteed. So, watch this space, because if you're not on here and should ought to be, you might be later with a nice edit or two to mask my shameful absentmindedness.

xXSaberXx: A joint keeper of the Perpetual Fountain of Geer. Hugs unto you for THE REASON (which is dutifully ensuring to never let me live down NADS), for making me die laughing, multiple times (and probably being the one responsible for resurrecting me each time so you can just go and do it again, I JUST KNOW IT), and for being a faithful, dual-purpose source/outlet for insanity. And thank you for adoring my typos. HIAL...I mean, HAIL! ^^;

Scrap: For THE REASON, for being a fellow lover of Sableye. Also a joint keeper of the Perpetual Fountain of Geer. Speedy, reliable provider of my fanfic banners, and nice as hell to boot. I shower thee with love and typos!!!

Saffire Persian: Again THE REASON (the witness to the original "NADS" incident, actually); for the delightful gifts of music, for being uber-nice, for occasional tech support, and for throwing a brick at me that one time. And you'll do it again, won't you?

PsiUmbreon: For being a fellow Sonic fan and for making me laugh my a** off on MANY an occasion. *puts on Ice Cap Zone act 1 theme in your honor*

Typhlogirl: TPR continues to kick my butt with its drama, enjoyable characters, and tastyrific Pok&#233;centricity. PokeTalk continues to positively slay me. And YOU continue to be an ever-fun, ever, kind presence wherever our paths cross. Kudos.

Burnt Flower: Ah, yes. You, who appreciates the ones who lurk in the shadows as much as I do. You, who knows a good lyric when you see one - hell, who knows from the good tunes, period. You, I still suspect, are my doppelganger. Only you kick more a** than I do. ^^

Klaus: For giving me a whole new appreciation, liking, and mild fear of Maxie. *gives cookies*

Pinecone Tortoise, and mindripper: For pwning me as an author. 'Nuff said.

And everyone who has ever reviewed my stuff (whom I haven't already mentioned, that is); expect a LOT of edits to this part as I gradually recall all the names:

Elemental Charizam, Alseides, FlamingRuby, Serpent Syra, Dark Latios, Wes, SigCMugen, metal_chimaera, Infinite Master Sceptile, intergalactic platypus, Vortex, ~*Commander Blizzard*~, GoldenHouou, SnoringFrog, Brian Powell, Mighty Hyena, Odem General, Dream Breaker, MewMan, Banov, Olyon, Meta Kyogre, GoldenNoctowl77, kaizer63, Chaos Absol, Flying Tropius, EvilKeckleon, and Cs32... Something tells me that is still not everyone; I just know it.

Finally...YOU. Whoever you are, if you're reading this, regardless of whether I know you or not, KUDOS AND ABUNDANT JOY UNTO YOU. ^___________^

27th November 2005, 10:01 PM
You're forgetting ABDUNDANT amounts of NADS in GEER for everyone. *passes out cups* Joy, joy to the world. XD

28th November 2005, 1:23 AM
^Instead of Eggnog, WE HAVE GEER. :D

Thankies to ye kind people for mentioning me. :O luff.


1. Typhlogirl: ;-; Dear....I love you. Humor=You and You>The world. You make me laugh even when I am on my period! And that is a hard thing to do! *hugs* I love your lateness in general. It makes me feel happy to see you come running in outta nowhere goin', DARNIT DARNIT! :3 Merry Holidays to ya! *hugs*

2. Klaus: YOU TOO DEAR! The things you write...YEESH! Undeniable Bob Sagat comedy. xP Yanno, Bob Sagat makes a good swear word too. Just go around yelling it........BOB SAGAT! Try it some time. Love it.

:3 Hugs to you for being awesome and Happy holidays!

3. QUACKERDRILL! In all of seven heavenes and hells I CAN NEVER SPELL YOUR NAME RIGHT! Dear! Forgive me! *hugs* I love you and your reviews. And your writing IS GOOD. *smacks* :3 Forever onto you, joy joy joy! ( I was gunna say, BOYS BOYS BOYS but you ARE a boy. x3;;; *dance*)



28th November 2005, 1:28 AM
Forgot to thank some people.


IceKing: The Wonderful IceKing has helped me tons on my fics and I'd like to thank him a lot. Too bad I was busy. Anyways, love his reviews.


Sequoia: She has helped me a lot in my fics, making sure I cannot stop. Anyways, she gives comments and encourages me to improve and write more in her reviews.

SneakyFella: OMG! *Glomps* Sorry I forgot you. You helped me tons in my fics, anyways, you were one of the first few friends I had and I can always count on you to review.

Now, I'm still forgetting people. *Goes to check the reviewers of her favorite list*

Eternal Daydreamer
28th November 2005, 2:25 AM
I know I might miss someone but I'll just post again if I did.

Klaus: He always mentions us little people. BTW, I had my name changed. Klaus is quite a humble person, really. A true blue gentleman. Kind of like Bert in Mary Poppins. *lopside grin* And he's also one of the people I spill out ideas of stories to.
Cl@mmysh@z@m!: A bit of a brute, bluntly (No offense) . But he helped me trim down my ego, unknowingly. He was my first "critical" reviewer, to put it nicely.
~♥Artemis♥~: A true friend and quite helpful with my ideas, along with Klaus. I like our chats and he can be a critic when he wants to be.

28th November 2005, 3:45 AM
Negrek: I love your reviews. They always seem to make me laugh when I realize how stupid some of my mistakes were. You've really helped me alot with my fic, with my writing overall, and with my reviewing (even though I have given up on that for now).

Act: Same as Negrek, I loved your review. You were somewhat harsh, which was great. Right off the bat you expressed your dislike for a pokemon used in my fic, and you ended up giving me a 3.5/10. Loved it. Made me want to rewrite the whole thing over again so that I could make it better. And the small bit of your writng I was able to read was amazing.

Serpent Syra: Your one-shots and description are amazing. It was after reading a few of your one-shots that I longed to write one of my own. Your writing is simply amazing; it inspires me to try and step up my game and make my own better. Your vocabulary never ceases to amaze me, and the elegance of your writing is beautiful, and even though I don't care for fantasy, I love your work.

Scrap, Sike Saner, purple drake: All of you are amzing writers. PD, your fic was the first I ever read on Serebii, and it's what made me join so that I could review it. Scrap, the one-shots of yours that I have read were great, as is SIN. Sike, Communication is amazing, and a nice change of pace from the darkness of Scrap's work sometimes.

Burnt Flower: Another writer with an amazing vocabulary. Oftentimes I found myself rereading a paragraph of Two of a Kind and simple saying, "Wow." Great work.

EDIT: Breezy: love your comedy. I haven't been able to read much of it, but I love what I've seen.

mindripper: You tried to abandon a fic yet it lived anyways. Your work is astounding. T & T is one of the most well-writen fics I've read in my time here.

28th November 2005, 3:52 AM
Here's the lot I would thank for.

Faerie: For being a great reviewer and helping me in my fic.

Dark Latias: For being my first reviewer.

Quackerdrill: For withstanding my rant about Neopets, even though he dosen't play it;

And the entire Neopets fan club for listening to my rant as well!

Merry X'mas to all of SPPF, and beyond!

28th November 2005, 4:18 AM
O-M-F00king-G. You all MAKE KITTY SQUEAL LIKE PIG with such nice comments for each other! ;-; Christmas is a loverly holiday, in'n't it? (and don't think you can't call me by any of the kitty names just because it changed!)

Psychic: My dear, you were the one who discovered me. Without you, the insanity would not have grown to the extent of surpassing my brain and taking it out on the world outside. You were there for me when no other was, and I was THE FIRST AND ONLY N00B YOU EVER LIKED. Imagine that! A year already and Demen's Day is coming nearer, as is Christmas (Happy Hannukah! *misspelled maybe :S*). Without you and Dragonfree, I wouldn't beh writing! You must promise me that you will be there on December 2nd for me, in our time of remembrance and anniversary, and to mourn the loss of a really terribly sort, and to celebrate our mad health. After all...it is His holiday, from us to him, not only as just an anniversary. Until our time of vengeance comes, He will lie in his grave in vain. I loved Him so much, and when His heart turned to gold, you and mayo were the first to see Him glow. Now the glow has faded, we are empty, especially I, without Him, and the pain will never go away. *raises glass* To the true King of Dreamland, Archaion Rex, friends, family, insanity, and most important of all...each other. I love ya, Psychic ;-; *hugs fiercely*

Dragonfree: Just know, Miss Italicised-name-person, that you were the first person's work (or post, for that matter) that I ever read here on SPPf, and that I appreciate and love your work as an author, moderator, and a person. Of course, you scare the hell out of me because your name is all prettified like that, but I suppose that demands my respect for you in a different way. You won me over with your fantastic writing, and though we've never talked personally, and as many of the old newbies and new ones look up to you, you were a great inspiration, Mistress ^_^

Scrap: You. YOU YOU YOU!!! *points vigorously* YOU are good artist! Thank you so much for creating the banner for "Exsisto" (I promise I'll poot it on the front page 'cause of the one I did!) and applying to be friend of teh crazed beast that is Cheshire. Yusyus, I'm still reading "Sin," but know that your writing is completely befuddling when compared to mine, and that your horror would make Stephen King eat his dirty trousers ;-; And you used a picture of ME in your Chrissy-mass pic! ;-; YOU are a very good person, my dear, and I hope YOU have a fantastic Christmas full of beer and hobos!

xXSaberXx: *hugz* You came along with the Scrap package (apparently not sold seperately XD). After reading your PR: CoF, I realized through your spectacular writing what sort of hilarious, maddening, and shweet person you are, even when my eyes were burning out of their sockets from over-chapterization x_X Again, like Scrap, I haven't known you very long, but I can tell that we will be great friends come the future and more opportunities to get to know one another. Vulcan-ness *splits fingers* Live long and...stuff. Luff, darling ^_^

indigestible_wad: You probably don't even remember who I am, or know for that matter, but I remember when you posted in my first fic ever on the forums, "The Pokemon Detective." I've seen you around giving advice to readers and going to random forums to post, but through the strange occurrences of me seeing your posts, I respect you as a fellow member. Merry Christmas, or whatever you celebrate, my friend.

katiekitten: OMGZ! THANK YOU! *HUGZ* Katie, you are one of the nicest people I've met on the forums, and a brill author for your first start on SPPf. You are SO welcome for the review, my dear! It's my job after all, but it gets personal when people actually mention and thank you for criticizing or helping you to become a better author. Always know that I'm here when you need advice, and you're welcome to be one of my friends among those on SPPf! ^_^

And now, teh ones I can only make one-liners for: lilbluecorsola (you are a great reviewer and newbie defender, though we see on different pages), xXSapphireXx (you're welcome for the review), +Chaos Blade+ (I'm honored to be mentioned as a great author by you), and ALL my reviewers, and ALL the authors/closet readers/reviewers in the FF section ;-;

SPANKS, and Hap-pay Holidays! ^.^

28th November 2005, 4:42 AM
^Thankies dear. *hugs* ^.^ NOT SOLD SEPERATLY! LAWL.

AND LAST BUT NOT LEAST....I have one last person to thank!


Dear, your fiction has lived on in my heart for it's ability to make me think and say, HEY, that REALLY DOES HAPPEN! Such a refreshing thing to read. I luff you forever for making it, and also after-betaing my fiction. Thank you, dear. It means more to me than you know, though after the betaing you'll prolly NEVER WANNA SEE THE FIC AGAIN! To you, my luff, MUCH LUFF! You are the kindest person I know, all the other peeps are just way too crazy! xDDDD heehee. I promise that when I write more Lance, I'll make him awesome, just for you!


Luff, dear.

28th November 2005, 5:38 AM
*Searches lists of fave reviewers* And I got thanked four times? Woohoo! Seriously, I thought I would got thanked zero times.

ANYWAYS, time to move on with the reviewing stuff list:

Who was on the list again?



BREEZY! She is a wonderful author on SPPF, and I love Cherry. *Snags a Cherry Plushie* Anyways, I love her work, and she likes to lie to me in a way.

Chesh, I'll review your work soon. And Dilasc, I forgot to review! Ack! Also forgot to review Scrap's Sin! Oh no, I really must start reading. Anyways, some more peeps again:

Who was it?

Ah, it's ....

X Kazemon/Shiny Latios/Xeno Lugia: She has too many names! She helped me with my Digimon Fic, and I love her work.

Hunter/Hunting Guard: He was like an elder brother in a way. he helped me with my work through his reviews.

Now, *Goes to check List of Favorite Reviewers*

Mysteria Pearl
30th November 2005, 12:58 AM
wow! I just found this thread and it's really sweet! nd I'm so honored that I'm mentioned!

Anyway, I have so many people thant I'm thankful for!

All of my buddies- Angela, gladdecease, Kei, Water Spirit, Laura_Satokasu, MistyMix89 WaterTrainer243, and Revenge.

You all are so wonderful and so supportive! When I'm feeling down, you're always around :D

To all of my reviewers- dragontamer99, Deo (deoxysmaster8000), Carina, Hypershell, Sugarfairy, MistyMix89, Misty_Aquamaster, Mindripper, Sweet May, Mistygurl, Skitty, Nylf, Felix_the_Mutant_Pikachu and gladdecease. (Hope I didn't forget anyone)

So wonderful! I can't thank you guys enough for all the encouragement and constructive criticizm! You're all such wonderful reviewers! I can't thank you enough! *Thankful tears running down face* And you've been so patitent with me and my bussiness.

thank you!

~Mysteria Pearl~

30th November 2005, 1:40 AM
FullmetalPikachu, Deoxys Ribonuke, Umbreon_Lover, G-Unit, Blaziken77, Hydronus, Meta-Master, Gutsman, Kei, Hikari_blaze, and my best reviewer SigCMugen.

Thanks for reviewing my fanfic.

30th November 2005, 8:36 PM
Just re-checked my list, have a couple of people to add:

Lady Barbara: A one time reviewer of my AAML, she gave me some good advice that really helped, plus she did it encouragingly.

Saya: They are another of my one time reviewers who started me off, though with EL. They helped me turn a reasonable start to a great fic.

Saffire Persian: Once more, one time reviewer who helped me improve, again with EL. Again helped, and I never answered your question, the ice cube had melted by the time momma Flygon reached shore, before the cold had killed her before it had fully melted, so she was washed ashore dead. Thanks, and you'll be pleased to hear I took your advice to heart, I wouldn't mind having EL get rated by you again so I can really know how much I've improved. Same for Saya.

Those people I just wanted to mention, as though I got a lot of crits, I wouldn't be a reasonable writer without them. Thanks, and happy holidays.

Oh, Mysteria Pearl, you put down both my names. I was Shiny Flygon, I changed my name to Nylf.

2nd December 2005, 12:55 AM
Perhaps for the holidays, I shall. ^^

Psychic: She sure knows how to kick a n00by fic with those long, detailed, and crit-filled reviews. She is very knowledgable on writing, IMO and probably yours, because she can criticize just about anything that others may find almost perfect. A reviewer that basically can be of great help to anybody. *applause*

katiekitten: I find her very kind and outgoing because reivews a lot, I'm serious. She came to reivew my fic and gave me friendly encouragement, which, through the fogs of crit, I greatly appreciate. Thank you, Katiekitten. *applause*

Kaizer63: Very strict in the doings of criticizing one's fic, and puts VERY intelligent reviews. Always has something to say, be it a compliment, advice, or...um...something that shows knowledge about writing. Also reviewed a couple of my fics, so thank you! *applause*

Skitty: She has something positive to say about everything I write. Great for boosting confidence, although she never overdoes it. Reviewed the majority of my fics. Thank you! *applause*

And here are some people I remember who were kind enough to read my work and give me a review (excluding the mentions above):

Sike Saner, Snoring Frog, Encyclopika, Horn Drill, Aipika, deoxysmaster8000, MayShuufan, Hotaru, .:Eimi-Chan:., and many more. I can't remember all of you, but you all hold a special place in my heart. thank you. ^^


Pinecone Tortoise
12th December 2005, 7:08 AM
Yet another thankyou.

Stellarwind: For consistently putting up with my random MSN rants throughout the year and my lack of knowledge about almost everything. Stellarwind, you've always been there to talk to when I was up late with assignments and such and were so kind when I butchered teh anthro pic's nose in your competition. ><;; Sorry 'bout that. Anyway, just a general huge thanks for being a great friend. THANKYOU. Oh, and thanks for treating mine eyes to those lovely sprites of yours. Such talent is a pleasure to look at. ^^ And as I've said so often before now, it's great to have you finally on the forums.


Brian Random
13th December 2005, 11:17 AM
For the upcoming holidays, I will thank the following people and wish them happy holidays. Please note that I may forget a few people… or maybe a lot…

Firstly, I like to thank those whose fics put a smile on my face, whether they put up a new story, a new chapter or a response post…
Water Spirit, Sike Saner, Pokeplayer984, Chibi Pika, Mindripper, Gladdecease, Purple_Drake, Breezy, Zeldafan20, Dilasc, ‘The old’ Indigo, WaterBlaster (she’s gone too *sob*), Dragonfree, Lady Myuu, Ledian_X, Wes and others. If you’re upset that your name’s not up here, I did say ‘others’!

Secondly, I’d like to thank people who reviewed my fics:
Dark_Charizard: He doesn’t leave long reviews for PI but took the time to review since I placed my very first chapter!

FlamingRuby: When Jerry the Pichu came out in the third TR One-Shot, she said that she loved him and encouraged me to do more one-shots with not just with TR but with him because he’s mischievous and funny as HECK! She also gave me some ideas for my upcoming one-shots, thanks FR.

Sike Saner: Her first review was on another TR One-Shot ‘Feelin’ Lucky, Pinks?’ She highlighted her favourite moments and that inspired me to do more. *Thinks of more pie moments*

Very few people left some pretty long reviews for the PI series (it doesn’t get much reviews), which helped me improve my main fic. Thanks, you guys, highly appreciated…
Chibi Pika, Cs32, Dragonfire, Overwhelming_Latias (gone), Crystal Milotic (gone), Mindripper, Ledian_X and Housyasei-san.

Others that also gave me reviews not just for PI but my One-Shots as well, most of you gave me short but encouraging reviews, some were long yet helpful, and a couple of you guys are so nice and sweet you make me wanna blush:
Master of Legends (FKA Blaziken1234), SSW, Sike Saner, Giga Groudon (gone), Stormcloud_72 (gone), gary_the_charizard (gone), Arand, xXSapphireXx, Pokeplayer984, Water Spirit, WaterBlaster, Supernerd, Nekusugi, SSW, Wes, Jirachiman876, Seijiro Mafune, SnoringFrog, sk0rp10n, Kidodi-Sempai, Katiekitten, IceKing, ShinnyMeowth, Felix_the_mutant_Pikachu, Metallic Mantis and the guys who reviewed my shipping one-shots.

Thirdly, I’d to thank those who nominated me and voted for me for the past two awards. And for also helping me win the best comedy One-Shot award two times in a row.

Fourthly, I’d like to thank Zypher Flare for helping me and everyone else out for putting our completed fics and one-shots in the completed fics forum so that they will never be forgotten.

Last but not least I’d like to thank those closet readers who take the time to read my fics and the fics of my author buddies. I’m talking about those who take breaks from their online gaming, pretending to do their homework, downloading free music, I can go on and on! But judging by this post, I’ve taken a whole page on MS Word. And to show all of you how thankful I am, I got a present (or treat if you will) for each and every one of you, members and non-members, closet readers or nom-closet readers.

Comedy One-Shot starring TR: Christmas Costume Calamity! (http://serebiiforums.com/showthread.php?t=97036)
AAML One-Shot: All I Want For Christmas Is You (http://serebiiforums.com/showthread.php?p=2424937#post2424937)
AAMayL One-Shot: Lady In Red (http://serebiiforums.com/showthread.php?t=97037)

13th December 2005, 11:29 AM
Master of Legends (FKA Blaziken1234), SSW, Sike Saner, Giga Groudon (gone), Stormcloud_72 (gone), gary_the_charizard (gone), Arand, xXSapphireXx, Pokeplayer984, Water Spirit, WaterBlaster, Supernerd, Nekusugi, SSW, Wes, Jirachiman876, Seijiro Mafune, SnoringFrog, sk0rp10n, xXSapphireXx, Kidodi-Sempai, Katiekitten, IceKing, ShinnyMeowth, Felix_the_mutant_Pikachu, Metallic Mantis and the guys who reviewed my shipping one-shots.

Brain, you're such a dear. I got mentioned twice... and these few days, I'm so busy I forgot to review your fics. But I still read them.


Brain Powell For being such a dear. I love your fics, and got so busy to review. Sorry...

13th December 2005, 11:35 AM
for me:

ice syther: you truley have been kind and considerate when reviewing my fic. i truley do appreciate it!

Blingin G: an amazing reviewer. thanx so much. if it wasn't for you, my fic wouldn't be what it is today!!!

thanx to anybody else who's reviewed my fic but i haven't commented on. they are the main reviewers.

Guitar dude bill
13th December 2005, 9:17 PM
TY to pisces. I've got a few
Pisces: For being one of the only three that like my reviews
Dragonfree: For giving me a second chance. Although I want it closed now
Spallding: Being another one that likes my reviews
Dark scizor (Can't remember the numbers): Another one that likes my reviews
This isn't really to do with fan-fiction alot but it has a bit
The thread owner pincecone tortoise: For being nice over PM. I liked that discussion we had.
PS. Thanks for the PM Pisces

13th December 2005, 9:43 PM
Thanks to everyone who has reviewed my fic! I really appreciate the kind words from:

Brian Powell
Sike Saner
Saffire Persian
Power Shot
Lady Barbara
The Big Al
The Burnt Shadow

And the many more people who have yet to give me reviews. But, I know they will sometime. Because of you and people not on the site, the story continues. I'm also thankful to the couple people out there drawing my heroes. Thanks again, guys and girls!


13th December 2005, 9:56 PM
I have more! O.o

Ratiasu. A thankyou for thanking me. *Has happy feeling* It feells very nice to know that someone likes my reviews... *Hugs*

Tale For creating the Fanfiction Club in the first club, and for giving me a very nice review for my fic! Thankies! *Hugs*

Nagi Souichiro For actually wanting to be my twin. Thankies! *Hugs*

Shiny Mightyena For reading my fic and enjoying it! Thankies! *Hugs*

Everyone! For being there. *Hugs and passes out cookies*

13th December 2005, 10:13 PM
*puts hands on hips* I'm disappointed in some of you. I reviewed your fics and what do I get? NO THANKS! XD Just kidding...

xXSapphireXx-->Dear, you don't know how much I'm thanking you. You are a truly amazing fic writer (even though I gave you some tips from time to time and mainly helped improve you :D), and the best RPGer I could ask to RP with. *huggles* And you like everything I like...

Nylf-->Aw, you're another one of the best RPers around. Sorry if I kissed Flamon...he's just...kinda cute :D but I hope we can work that out. I'm a Shiny Flygon fan forever (I've always liked them, believe it or not. Such mysterious creatures). I hope I RP with you a lot.

mindripper-->For reviewing my fic even when it must have been boring :P and telling me how to improve.

Typhlogirl-->For making her first RP, my RP :D and introducing me to what really is comedy, not just some stupid BF interview. Also for cheering me up when I was down and always being there for me. She's one of the best!

Xeno Metal Knuckles-->Really, I didn't forget you! My boyfriend about a month or two and running. All my friends say "Ooh, it could be a raper, be careful." but I know so much better. Thanks for the Action Replay ^; although I can't find the all shinies code and I don't care if my game is warped :) Hope I can find you in PA when you come!

Yoru Ryu-->Like Typholgirl, introducing me to comedy. I'll always be reading your fic! And I want to learn how to make dolls like you :P they're so good! I especially like your comic (the one with Rui seeing 'dead people')

Renegade-->For being a very loyal reviewer.

Psychic-->You too! One of the best reviewers around, and taught me that I definitely, definitely need more description ^^; but in a funny way

pisces-->For...kinda listening when I reviewed your fic. You renewed my Steelix obsession! LOL...really! *gasps* you didn't put me in your thanks list XD

Ivymoonrose-->For all kinds of things. Also for helping me when I was stuck on Ham Ham Heartbreak and taking the time to help me through it...though I still need some help ^^

Scrap-->Your works are amazing...I long to be like you ^^

ybur angel (on PokeCommunity)-->For RPing with me and putting up with my somewhat strange style of RPing

legendaryrider-->For reviewng my fics, even though his posts were almost completely unreadable...^^;

DJDisneyRaver (though he probably has a different name now)-->For RPing in my first ever RP and putting up with me ^^; also when Xeno and I first started showing affection in the RP you put up with it and didn't even go "Eww..."

um...the guy who's obsessed with Blaziken that I made a banner for-->I didn't mean to forget your name ^^;; it's just been so long since I've seen you. Thanks for putting up with my wacky RPing

Dragonfree-->For being a friend.

PsiUmbreon-->For approving my clubs and being my friend, even though I don't approve of his being an athiest ^^; but we can't let a little religious issues get between us, right?

blueray-->For RPing and being a friend with me.

Tamer Dragon-->For introducing me to RPing, because hers was the first RP I joined. It's still running ^^;

Power Shot-->For RPing and being a friend. Your originality is amazing, dude! *makes peace sign like a surfer would*

Xeno Metal Knuckles-->Again. For introducing me to Code Lyoko, and helping me understand it as well as helping me understand Digimon further. And once more, for the Action Replay. I have a Mawile lv. 100 in my Ruby, and caught the Poochyena that was chasing Prof. Birch (so basically that's my starter). I had bad eggs in my other one ^^;

Psychic-->Again. For being there for me.

Zerodius-->For writing such truly great works of fiction.

X.A.N.A.-->Even though I've PMed him and he never PMed me back, he is still a fan of Code Lyoko and I think all fans should be thanked for caring enough about a show like CodeLyoko. It really is interesting, watch it! PLEASE!

Emerald Latias/Dark Latias/Swellow-->For teaching me how to make trainer cards, sprites, etc. and taking the time from your busy schedule to tell me how to make them (I guess it musta been annoying ^^;)

lilbluecorsola-->For making such awesome fics, and encouraging me to work on my own legendary one-shot series. (Wouldn't ya know, I'm still working on them! ^^)

Coral...something...-->Sorry...you were one of the first in my Latios and Latias club. Which got closed *stomps foot* but thanks for being such a friend.

Tezza-->For bringing me into the Wings of Council, and writing such a truly amazing fic as that. Topaz still fascinates me, and I name all my Cyndaquil Fury ^^

Dark Latios-->I didn;t forget ya! My friend from down south, who of course told me Texas isn't all giddy-up horsey and cowboy hats. Making me sure that they were just as civilized as us in little ol' New Jersey. Same goes out to Sapphire in Singapore, and Dark Latias in Canada (where believe it or not, it doesn't snow all the time and police don't go running by pencil museums like the Fairly Oddparents said)

all the mods and admins here-->For keeping us in line and making sure we weren't disrespectful.

RaZoR LeAf-->Even though you are a mod I'm giving ya special thanks. For telling me the sig rules and calming me down when I got ticked. For making sure that we were always safe.

≈*Virulent Tsunami*≈
13th December 2005, 10:37 PM
Mentioned once :o. There's a first. Much obliged, Sike.

I have no specific holidays wishes, other than the loyal readers of Hoenn's Legacy:

Anybody and everybody reading this message deserves a happy holiday filled with joy, love, bliss, and *insert synonym for happiness here*, because Christmas should not be confined to any couple of people.

And to all my readers, I thank you all. Without you, I would have no motive to write Hoenn's Legacy. Specifically, I'd like to thank Charizard722, Sike Saner, fhqwhgads, ~Skywing Knight Joshua~, Missingno. Master, and shining-Celebi, for reading and reviewing for the entire story or darn near it. I greatly appreciate all my other readers, but the six above are my most loyal and helpful readers. Regardless, I wish all of my readers, past and present, the best of Christmases.

The 8th Champion

Saffire Persian
14th December 2005, 2:17 AM
So many people I need to thank, yet, I don't think my thanks are enough... or good enough.. but meh, here we go.

Sike Saner: To the Goddess of Pokemon POVs, and hilariously funny typos and GEER! NADS! *cough* Anyway, thanks for being such an awesome person, writer, and everything else, as well as being fun as heck to talk to! Thanks for the reviews, too, they're much appreciated.

Saber & Scrap : (I swear, you look for one, and you find both.) Thanks to both of you for bringing your fiction to this community; Scrap, for bringing Sin and her many one-shots..many of which I need to read, as well for all the haunting goodness in Sin; Saber, for your hilarious story that never ceases to brighten up my day and making me laugh - oh, for your patience, too, at my slowness in reviewing.

Ash_Junior: For being the one who can write a rough draft that, though being so much in need of revision, honestly made a very entertaining (Even if I had a major headache and a 'what the heck just happened' kind of look afterward.. I shall never forget the sticks moment.. nor when somehow, a Beedrill beat Mew (I believe it was), and Old!Tyco's limitless stupitity...

Oh yeah.. and for the awesome Lorelei in Hell Hath no Fury, and Giovanni in Operation: Celebi (I SWEAR I'll leave a review sometime)... Also for being fun to RP with, as well as being the master at getting RPs out.. you make one feel guilty, here.

Negrek: For not hesitating to point out the downsides and problems in my stories - I can't thank you enough for all the help you lent me in that. I really needed it, and it's nice to hear an honest review. Thanks for bringing us the Ninetales' Curse, though you have had yet to update it as of late...

Serpent Syra: For bringing us all those lovely one-shots that are so descriptive that it's rather inspiring - and for that Delcatty, too.

Insincerus (AKA The Cheshire Cat): For your supporting review and Pokemon Existo - never has a Bulbasaur falling out of the sky been so pleasing.

Whit19: For being patient for my lack of beta'ing speed the past time around.. I'm surprised you haven't come at me with some sort of demonic sword yet.

Billy5772: I realize it's been awhile, but thanks so much for your help and crit. for With the Wind at My Back.

Pinecone Tortoise: For COUNT - The Voyage. Such a fun read - and enough Gary to keep me satisfied for a long time, as well for the very awesome Alakazam that never ceases to amaze me.

Katiekatten: For the lovely banner I'm in love with, and for being one of the nicest reviewers I've run into.

Nirarekdan: For sharing my obsession with Persian and felines. 'nuff said.

Nylf: For reviewing WTWAMB even though you never got anything in return except one lousy review.

BenJS, mindripper, Typlogirl, Ledian_X, Hidden Mew, Riaf, Chaos Absol, SnoringFrog, and Ratiasu: For your reviews and/or stories that I have very much enjoyed.

Wandering Rhythmical Phoenix
14th December 2005, 4:01 AM
I need to thank

Mimori Kiryu For Editing the early chapters, and sticking with me through the planing stages

Lord Deoxys for letting me bounce Ideas off of him, and helping me with the little battle sceans i put at the end of my Siggy

Butchimatic For being my first Reviewer

Hunter For being my first Loyal reader

Mindripper for reviewing and showing me his great writing style.

And the Closet readers who made my little count go to 326 with 21 posts.

14th December 2005, 6:10 AM
NOT Iceking for being such a drama queen (ouch, irony) over AIM.

NOT Floating Flames for pandering to aforementioned drama queen.

I'd like to spread the holiday cheer to:

Burnt Flower: The reason I'm still at serebii. Thanks for reviewing my first fic and my second, BF! And thanks to you for writing the horror one-shots that worked with other great serebii works to influence my own style.

Scrap: For being awesome. You put a smile on my face with that last one-shot, which is unusual as often times you're works put a horrified look there. Thank you also for reviewing W.A. and now for reading tDoS. You've continued to be extremely helpful and inspiring.

Breezy: Thanks for letting us include you in tDoS and thanks for being the model laid-back writer that you are.

Purple Drake: Thanks for reviewing and thanks for letting us include you in the fic. Very encouraging with your criticism, you are. I appreciate you.

QUACKERDRILL: No it's not.

Saffire Persian: Thanks for reviewing for me. I enjoyed what i read of your fic and am looking forward to picking up some more of your work during this upcoming WINTER BREAK.

lilblue corsola: Where are you? Thanks for mentioning me and thanks for writing one-shots which have inspired me to add more emotion into my fics. You helped me consistantly throughout Worlds Away and I appreciate every last review.

Negrek: Thank you so much for beta-ing my new fic and for reading my last one. You've been a reliable and extremely helpful reviewer, and I'm glad that I PMed you that first time for a review. Thanks for all your help!

And thanks to anyone who mentioned me in their card. My heart is warmed.

The list is incomplete, but it's late! Be back ltr.