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Yuugis Black Magician
25th November 2005, 6:35 PM
Like the title suggest, where exactly do you finally see you FF being ended? Lately I've been thinking of going on and on like a JoJo-style story, with at one point the main character of TOP: ATP being followed all the way to his death. Most FF's usualy only tell the story of the characters childhood, but the plans for Daichi's story are now planned up to his sixth year of journey. I was just thinking, of what things would be like if I kept the story running up ot his being say, forty, and what kind of adventures he could have. I mean heck, I've already got 203 or so chapter titles written out. It might be fun to see what kind of mischef he would get into as a middle-aged Trainer/Detective/Agent.

I made this thread for writers to share ideas as to how much of their characters' lifes the want to share, so don't be shy, and have fun.

25th November 2005, 6:58 PM
Well, Mark will realize that Pokémon training is not his sport and quit at the end of The Quest for the Legends. I can't really continue after that, as his life won't be very interesting.

+Chaos Blade+
25th November 2005, 7:04 PM
I see my Bloody Turmoil fic ending around Chapter VL [Forty-Five] of Book IV of the Quartet, when the Rebellion never ceased for years, and Thatcher's destiny to save his peoples and control his Zelfelgor inner soul is fulfilled, or something of the sort. I'm still trying to work out the kinks.

Eternal Daydreamer
25th November 2005, 7:22 PM
Well, my two humor stories are gonna follow their movies well. That's a givin. But Not So Sensational.... Surprises. Lot's more violence and a nasty surprise for Kylee and Katrina. Hyde's going to feel the pain for what he did in chapter 1. And Mason's Arcanine Mace is going to show his perverted side... That's about all I'm giving out for Not So Sensational...

25th November 2005, 7:24 PM

I hate gushingly happy endings, but I also don't like endings where everyone dies, so I like to keep it at a "we're okay but also not okay" vibe, like The Empire Strikes Back.

There will be deaths and loss, but in the end, there's also a lot of good that resulted. There will also be a scene of betrayal resulting in the death of a major character.

Chibi Pika
25th November 2005, 7:32 PM
Well...*ponders very heavily what to say.* There will be death, that much is certain, and everything will be pretty much in shambles so it will mostly involve the rebuilding of the Pokemon world, although...there is one thing I've been concidering doing that would completly change the Pokemon world forever...but I am still contemplating whether to do it...

Lol, that was rather vague and barely worthy of a spoil tag. Go ahead, LC readers, highlight it, you won't learn anything. :D


25th November 2005, 7:37 PM
Emerald Lands: It continues till Drake and Suila are in their mid twenties, and married. Nylf decides the time is right to take them to the Cave Of Destiny, where they discover their first son is destined to save the world from a power greater than either Ho-oh, Rayquaza, Groudon, Kyogre or Deoxys, and he would, and he will need to never know either Suila or Drake as his parents till he is in his late teens. Naturally they are upset, but they have come to understand that the world must be protected. About a year later, Drake and Nylf take their first 'sons', since Nylf's is simply a clone of his Flygon form, Shiny coating and all, and leave them in the Whirlwind Plains in Astra, where the Sacred Four find them, and the boy is holding a small card, reading "Rick"... Thus leaving a cliffhanger ending which will lead nicely to it's sequel, New Lands, New Heroes

The 31 Day Promise: I really pity you if you hadn't guessed the most of it, but basically romantic kiss scene, emotional goodbye and new icon of Pokeshipping, with Ash saying goodbye to Misty again, but swearing no matter what he'll come back, and sealing it with a kiss.

That's the gist of it.

25th November 2005, 7:44 PM
Highlight if you dare..

I see my current story ending with the wedding of Mateo and Aquita. I'll have a nice lavish ceremony on Aquarius. I'll show a typical Aquan wedding and mention there will be a wedding on Earth but not show it.
At the reception, M'anta will propose to Jenna and Aquita will get on stage to sing. Kevin and Angela are fast dancing and then she starts singing a slow dance song.
Afterwards, we'll have a game and fade to black. But, there'll be more n an epliologue that will set up a sequel HAHAHAHAHA.

Also, the people on the left in my sig will become Starbolts as the others become Agents of S.T.A.R. Whitefox lets the Starbolts operate out of the Dastara base and move the core Agents to DC.

But, that chapter won't be out for a bit.


25th November 2005, 8:19 PM
Okay peoples. You want to know about Dust to Deceit's ending? Well then. Read if you dare.

If you want to know the ending, you might want to wait until I'm at LEAST ten percent done. Dust to Deceit will be long... maybe thousands of chapters long if I can keep interested in it and not give up this time. There will be legendary clashes, many trials, romance, and battles with trainers to leave you on the edge of your seat. Kertonmel is after all, a rugged place far away from the Japan that Pokemon regions replicate. It is, after all, Mongolia at its basis. As far as the story. You will find that the Kertonmel Pokemon league is not the end. After that, the land of Rayik awaits, and then Thrialand, and beyond! Legends, and adventure, where the imporatance of egg breeding and training really show in this story. Wher lust and sexuality are a form of expression, and not so naughty, where revenge and redemption run rampant, and all in all, nothing is more important than friends and family. After all is said and done though, Phil isn't going to win in the endm I must say, and neither will Jimmy or Gina.

Medical Meccanica
25th November 2005, 8:41 PM
I've been thinking about the last few sentances of my MR fic... and I came up with this (major spoilers, if you care) -
Datonare turned towards his rival. He stared at Tobita, who was obviously in great pain. What was the point? Nobody dies in these battles. They take them out of the ring as soon as they can't see it.
He could try to kill Tobita, but that would be pointless. He would be punished. Punished by the man he had reluctantly agreed to serve. To fight for. A fight with no point, fueled by the humans' greed and lust for violence. He looked at Tobita again. The Hare was in pain, blood spilling from the cuts on his shoulder. Datonare looked at the pain in his eyes, and realized that he was not the only one going through pain. All the monsters had been enslaved for the entertainment of the humans. He should not be fighting for himself, but helping all of monsterkind.
"Datonare, use bite!", the chubby man behind him yelled again. Datonare took one look toward him, and with teeth bared, charged toward the thin woman standing behind Tobita.

that's a lot more than a few O.O

25th November 2005, 11:04 PM
Ho-hum. I've already written the ending chapters for both Clouded Sky and The Ninetales' Curse, so there's really not much to speculate. They end on a similar note involving the ghosts and their evil plans. They're both very open-ended as I'm still not sure if I'll want to resurrect any of the characters later on. People complained about the ending to The Ninetales' Curse because it seemed so unresolved, but that is mainly because the story continues in the final fanfic of the quartet-like thing.

Ryano Ra
26th November 2005, 12:25 AM
For those who plan on reading my chaptered fantasy story, Sky, in the future, PLEASE DO NOT READ. However, it probably doesn't make a difference between this is only the basic ending, and it will be drastically changed constantly as I continue writing more and more chapters. But it might stay the same. YOU'VE BEEN WARNED.

Sky will end in a magical way. Heaven and Hell will continue to have their battle forever, until they destroy all of Galabonia, and the main character will be apart of Havigma (new name for Heaven in the story) and the story will end with him facing Entei, Raikou, and Suicune. It's going to be a bit of a saddening chapter because I won't be explaining the battle, but one of his Pokemon disappears suddenly, and two minor characters are savagely beaten and devoured by an Exploud. The war will begin at the end of the last chapter, and that's where I plan to it. Though, the ending will be constantly tweaked up, so it's due to drastically change in the future.

Really, my main character's journey to join the ranks of Heaven is explained in this story, along with the struggles and fights and adventuring and battling that comes along the way. I do not plan on finishing his life in another story, telling more about him. I want to leave the path open for many views, whether people will think if he'll survive or not. I try not to go for cliffhangers, because that demands for sequels, and I do not like them. >> But yes, his life will be shaped into a warrior's, basically.

26th November 2005, 5:54 AM
Oh well Semi-hippies i don't think will end. Because i've got some chapter names for the Kanto series and the hoenn series and then whichever way the wind blows. I'll have new characters Kris will leave and be replaced by Brenden but she will come back

Friends of legends end will be.um very interesting but it still have 20 chapters to go.

As always, be kind to the mime.

Wandering Rhythmical Phoenix
26th November 2005, 6:00 AM
I can say, I dont want to see Ties Bound By Battle ending, but i can garentee it will have a tragic ending. and have it ending there. But it wont be too tragic. A Cliff hanger tragic

26th November 2005, 10:04 AM
I see mine ending relatively soon. As it's not something I think I could keep going. I was hoping to have about 10 chapters, whcih means I'm actually almost half way through...

If you read it, the ending will be rather obvious... it's more the trip than the end point that matters.

26th November 2005, 1:14 PM
I was going to write what I planned for the rest of the story, but that was taking too long. Please please PLEASE, if you want to be forever mystified by "Guilty by Design", DO NOT highlight. But I will never reach the end of the story anyhow, so you probably should. It's full of... EMOTION!!!

This will take too long to explain, but Champ will eventually become one of my made-up Pokemon, a Hitmonarch (he becomes one, doesn't evolve into one... they are ancestors of the Hitmon). He feels "correct" in this form, yet still feels unfulfilled for he is alone (at this point he escapes from Rick, but like I said, explaining what leads up to this will take waaay too long).
Eventually, Champ does officially confront Rick, in that our young hitmon finally realizes how horrible this man has been to him. At the point where the story begins (the yellow eyes watching the house, the door knob is turning),Champ sees Rebecca burst out, carrying something bundled in a towel. Rick follows her, yelling, and then grabs her by the wrist. Being a voyeur to what's going on, Champ sees himself, and he also realizes that Rebecca was not someone to despise but she was very much like himself. In an instant, Champ leaps from his hiding place, runs over to the stunned Rick, and attacks him.
During the scuffle, it seems Champ has the advantage. He is a powerful Pokemon fuming with the rage he had built up all his life. Just as he is about to deliver "the final blow", Rick manages to get a hold on a knife and deeply stabs Champ. Champ knows this is a fatal wound, so he quickly turns around and runs off. He eventually blacks out.
Champ has an unusual dream just then. He is back in his regular Hitmonchan self, and he is viewing a funeral. One of the people turns around... it's Rick. Rick approaches Champ but looks sullen. He kneels down to the Hitmonchan's level and apologizes for all he's done to have ruined Champ's life, and explains how much remorse and guilt he feels, and how he's a worthless excuse for a human being. Rick apologizes to Champ one more time, hugs him, and then walks into an open grave.
It is the next morning. Champ awakens to something poking him. It's a baby Tyrogue, a shiny, and he later finds out it was the Pokemon Rebecca was trying to rescue from her father the night before. She and Champ had stopped history from repeating itself. Of course, Champ is wondering how he survived that stabby wound.
Fae the Meowth, repeating her role as surrogate mother to the Tyrogue, explains to Champ that Rick was the one who found Champ nearly dying, and actually delivered the dying Hitmonarch to the breeding center Rebecca works at (and used as a sanctuary to escape from her father). He never said a word, but they find out later he committed suicide.
I soppose at this point Rebecca comes in, and she and Champ share a nonverbal understanding moment-type thing. Feeling better, he then rises up and decides to live out his days in the wilderness. Before he goes, Devin (the breeding center owner) tell Champ to relax... he catches the Pokemon in a Pokeball, then releases him. This way, no other human can capture Champ, if he were ever found. Champ then takes on last look at the breeding center, Fae, Rebecca, knods at the shiny Tyrogue who he knows will have a much better life than him, and then runs into the woods... never to be seen again...


26th November 2005, 1:48 PM
Well, if I ever manage to actually get out the last chapters of my fanfic, I'll probably have it as (The Ring of SPPF) Brandon and his squad escape from 'Halo' successfully, but leaving many deaths at the same time, and escape just before the ring is activated because of the releasing of the flood. They head, in their pelican, to the bright light noticable in deep space, or otherwise, the game's exit. After they enter through it, Brandon gets separated and he is found on his chair back at his house, several moments before his mother gets home. He looks at his monitor and stares at the icon on his desktop, labelled 'Project MasterFlood', and then renames it to 'Project Halo'. but then again, I'm only into the second chapter, so it could change.

27th November 2005, 1:58 AM
As far as Love and Loyalty, I have a very specific idea for how it's going to end. DO NOT read the spoiler unless you're never going to read Love and Loyalty, don't care if the end is spoiled or if you suffer from short-term memory loss.

In the last chapter of Love and Loyalty, both of the Teams are going to have obtained their respective Orbs (Blue for Team Magma, Red for Aqua) and are attempting to awaken the two Legendaries. Umi has the Red Orb, and who else but Rosoku is ordered to kill her. *rolls eyes* Of course. So that's another reason why the story's called Love and Loyalty.

I'm sorry, but I can't bring myself to say anything else. ;__; Spoiling stuff just isn't my style.

EDIT: Okay, about the epilouge. This isn't much of a spoiler, but meh:

The Epilouge takes place about 13 years after the chaptered section of the story, and the first sentence depicts Rosoku and Umi's child speaking as if he had been telling the story and had just finished. It's really cute, actually. ^__^

27th November 2005, 9:04 AM
I don't want to spoil too much the endings for my three main fics... but I'll still give some vague details about the endings if people are interested...

Rejected: The main character will eventually defeat the final enemy and save the world... altought this final enemy may not be the one people are thinking about at first. Also, while the story's ending is quite final, seemingly leaving no room for sequels, I might do alternate endings and variations of the story... and while the main, actual storyline is a final ending, the variations will leave room for sequels... and as such, there will be such a thing as Rejected 2.

Undying: Altought the story is a lot more cheerful and less dark than Rejected, it's ending will be extremely tragic and irronic. Not nearly bad enough as in some japanese anime series... but let's just say that the victory of Cherlie over the final enemy will leave a sour, very sour taste in her mouth... You have been warned.

Beginning of the End (not on this board, URL included below): The mysteries behind Kirby's visions as well as the REAL origin and the original purpose of the Star Warriors are revealed. Kirby unseals the Crystal Sword and get a shot at doing the impossible: destroying the incarnation of everyone's negative feelings and memories, the dreaded angelic monstruosity know as 02. Altought Popstar will be saved, I will not reveal the outcome of the final confrontation here.


NOTE: Beginning of the End as well as the early chapters of Rejected and Undying were written WITHOUT the use of a spellcheck program and may contain mistakes by the bucketload. I assure you however that the text remain perfectly readable and that there are no/very few actual errors in the structure of the sentances.

All three stories are not completed and are updated once in a while.

Yami Ryu
27th November 2005, 10:13 AM
Well for my current fic; Quest to become a Dragon Trainer; Angel vs Team Magma!?, it goes something like this. So if you are going to read it, please don't read the spoiler, it'll most likely ruin the story for you;

Angel, having finally managed through hard work and determination, not to mention luck in some battles, earns all eight badges. She's mostly put all of the 'Magma crap' as she's dubbed it behind her, as it seems after the Silph Co catastrophe, Maxie disappeared, and everything was safe. Taking on Embront's offer of training at his gym after he was defeated, Angel heads back to Cinnabar, thinking she's just in for some vacation time and maybe getting Caim, her still cowardly Gyarados to fight now, before the Indigo Battle a month or so from now.
But all isn't fine, as Maxie isn't as gone as everyone thought, nor with him Team Magma. Even more insane than when she faced off against him for what seemed a final time, the madman has lost it in his quest to ressurect the 'Land God' aka Groudon. And only moments after Angel makes it to the Fire Gym, Maxie sets off his devistating plan....
And causes the volcano that makes up most of Cinnabar to erupt.
In the chaos, death and destruction that follows, Angel almost looses her life to the magma as she tries to save someone unable to escape; only to find herself tricked into endangering herself. Mandy now sees the full insanity of what he's gotten himself into, and tries to pull himself from the hole he threw his soul into without hesitation, it seems.
Angel is saved though, but is badly injured, though it doesn't stop there for her, as in his last moments in life... Maxie has unleashed a god amongst pokemon... and not even an ocean can stop it...

27th November 2005, 3:26 PM
Phoenix? I know exactly how it will end. And I am not going to tell you. :P Ok, I will. Not the whole thing, mind, but just a little hint...

It will end where it began, with a new generation. That is all I will tell you.

Not even worth a spoil, but I don't use those much... I don't want to give the story away. It will be a surprise... :D

When Phoenix ends, it will leave enough room for a sequel, but I don't think I will create one.

The Burnt Shadow
27th November 2005, 7:03 PM
To anyone who doesn't really like spoilers or anyone who ever read and liked my fic please don't read this...

In the end Shade fights against the Dark Lord Seth who is actually the Druid f Doom who killed his parents a long time ago. He also discovers that she has taken over Reyna's body and won't release herself from Renya's body. As they fight on Shade tries to get to the magical orb where he could end all of the Black Rayquaza evil but will have to sacrifice himself. He is getting really badly defeated and his Blaziken, Aerodactyl and Absol won't be able to handle much any more, but despite them losing they continue to fight to end this. Soon both pokemon on each sides have fainted, due to an attack. Shade slowly trudges to the orb but Marik then comes and punches him away. When all hope looks like has faded, Marik stabs the orb with his arm and sacrifices himself to save the world. After the explosion Shade asks Marik why he did this. Marik weakly says that he has caused nothing but pain and suffering to the world and wanted to make a difference, he wanted to avenge Sandara and give a better place for his brother Blake. Later Blake, Yami, Razor and Umi come in to see if everything was all right. They find Shade holding Razor in his arms. Reyna weakly gts up and apologizes for what she has done. Shade accepts her apology and replies it wasn't her fault. Soon Odium walks in and carries Marik away. Odium says that Marik is now accepted to where he's going. Soon Odium releases an energy of light and purifies the world destroying all black magic and chaotic genesis technology. Odium then lifts Marik's body up and slowly enters a gate of light...

Sike Saner
27th November 2005, 9:15 PM
Where do I see my current fanfic ending? Directly on the heels of the next one, that's where. Communication follows Solonn right up through the events of The Origin of Storms, and ends where his role in that story ends, at the scene of a certain, rather unpleasant, previously-unseen (from this angle, anyway) event that took place in the Hope Institute. The next story will thereby serve as a sequel to both of the fics before it.

28th November 2005, 1:00 AM
Not sure where to start from. Meh, here goes.

Ash confronts Amber in the Tin Tower, and a final "Meeting of the Minds" takes place between them. Ash is taken many years ago into the past when a war is taking place between the continents of Kanto and Johto, and sees the pain and sadness the people had to endure. He fights back, and just when both members are exhausted, Mew and Mewtwo make their entrance, each giving their charges their own life energy with which to fight with. Ash manages to win(Of course). Amber then leaves and disappears into Ho-Oh's fire, and what happens to her afterwards is not revealed. (Yet.)

After that, the Tower starts to collapse due to the Fire, but Ash is protected by Ho-Oh's magic, and finds himself standing amongst the smoldering ruins. Misty arrives, as does May with Brendan and Max. Misty tells Ash that Gary had come with his Blastoise and helped her escape from the burning Tower by supporting it while she ran to safety. Ash is shocked, his heart already heavy with the deaths of Mew(his mother) and Amber. He takes off on his Charizard, headed towards Pallet Town.

The final chapter basically has Ash lying on the hill near his hometown, the same one he stood on at the beginning of the story, as he gazes across the charred remains of the houses. He is visited by his Aunt Ceres, who appears pretty much out of nowhere, and they talk about Life and Death. After she leaves, Ash watches as a flock of Butterfree rise from underneath the hill, seemingly from the ruins themselves. Then he sees a Metapod nearby, the same Caterpie he saw near the start of the story. He thinks about how heroes always have to win, and villians must always lose, how goodness is celebrated in both life and death, and evil in neither.

Misty finds him on the hill at last, and they sit together, not talking much, accepting each other. Ash then sees a Butterfree fly away from the group and approach the Metapod, apparently trying to coax it to evolve and come with them. After a while, the Metapod finally relents, and cracks open to reveal a frail Butterfree, too weak to fly. The first Butterfree carries it on its back though, and flies up towards the sun. Once warm, the second Butterfree spreads its wings and is able to fly. The two fly close together, spiraling with each other, as if each were suspended in air by the other, demonstrating that always there is a way for those in darkness to find light, so long as they have someone to show them the way...

Kyle of Pallet
2nd December 2005, 1:07 AM
I can't show how the series will end, but I can show the ending of Twin Witches.

Lets just say Kyle faces his greatest fear, Ganon's return. But Zelda is saved in time, but then Aghanim enters the Poke'Mon word and heads out to kill Cassandra. A Meteor hits Agate Village, opening a portal to the Sacred Realm, as all hell breaks loose. Kyle and friends then head to Orre to stop Aghanim in Revelation of Zelda.

Night Avenger
3rd December 2005, 9:47 PM
The Lone, Lone Pok&#233;mon Ranch will end like this*:
Jack wins the Jaken League and Rosie returns to her Gym. They get separated but, twelve years later, they find each other at the SS. Anne, they get married and have two children. The story finishes as Jack (now the father) tell's his son and daughter a story, his story of love and frienship.

*Don't read this if you wanna read the fic. :D