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25th November 2005, 7:57 PM
I am working on a Digimon RPG at the moment, called Digimon Warrior X Revolution. The overall concept is simple, I'm making the plot, but the basic is:

In the Digital World, a plague is sweeping across it's many lands. Simply known as X, it has the capability to delete Digimon who do not possess the X-Antibody within them. Those Digimon who do will either be unaffected, or gain the ability to transform into a stronger X-Version of themselves, often offering new Digivolves to replace those who's higher forms lack the X-Antibody in their Fractal Code. But this problem is proving two vigourous, as some Digimon are determined to defy X, and are draining the Fractal Code out of the X Digimon in order to last out the plague. Though the Digimon are not always evil, as certain Digimon of Light believe they must stay as well, and they themselves have turned on other Digimon in order to survive. The balance is being broken, and only one force could fix it, but they are going to need help. The Digidestined, though the Digimon who are draining the X Code are being assissted by X Digimon as well. And of course, Light and Darkness's balance has been broken, so there is no definition, and some of the destined Digimon have trouble fighting those they one called allies. So six new Digimon have been called in. Known simply as the 'Renegades', they are Digimon who have never aligned themselves truly. Their Rookies are mysteries, but their Megas are known as Phoenixdramon, Vegiedramon, Hydramon, Hadesdramon, Titandramon and Coatldramon. They are all grouped under the crest of Faith, and they all can be divided into trios, Phoenixdramon, Hydramon and Vegiedramon forming the trio who the Digimon always saw as naturally Light aligned, and Hadesdramon, Coatldramon and Titandramon, who the Digimon alwayssaw as being biased to Darkness. The trios are simple, as they can unite to form the true 'Renegades'. Known as Palidindramon and ChaosPalidindramon, they are the most infamous warriors in the Digital World, with powers equalling, maybe even surpassing the Digi-Gods. They never once have taken sides, merely watching and picking fights. They posses the X-Antibody, and they themselves remain unchanged, but their power is binded. Until all six pieces of the crest of Faith, which is significally larger than other crests, appearing as a tablet rather than a chip, are untied, the DNA can not take place. And as only each of the six can touch their piece of the crest, they must accompany the Digidestined, much to most of the Renegades dismay, as second partners. Eventually the Digital World will b saved, but this is a whole new journey. There is no longer Good and Evil in the Digital World, simply survival. Can you handle the harshest journey that the Digital World may ever see?

The reasons the Rookies are unknown, is because I still need to create Coatldramon, Titandramon and Hadesdramon's digivolutions, as well as polish up Vegiedramon and Hydramon's Rookies +. Now the problem I'm having is that I don't have a scanner, so if this RPG is allowed when finished, I need to know if the audience of Digimon RPG's will be OK with simply descriptions of one of their required parts to the sign-up, which will roughly be as follows:

History: (Optional)
Crest: (Choices will be Courage & Light, Friendship & Darkness, Love & Sincerity, Reliability & Kindness, Knowledge & (Own crest here), Hope & (own crest here)) Understandably if you want an original crest you must also have either Hope or Knowledge in this RP. Faith cannot be used as an original crest or Crest choice.
Digimon: (Pick a Digimon with an X Form preferably, but if you wouldn't I will be reasonable and see your choice, overly powerful Digimon like Lucemon, Vemmon or Arkademon will not be allowed, certain Digimon, namely Dorumon and Ryudamon-I think that's right- are also allowed as they're X generation Digimon without an X form)
Digimon X: If you do pick a Digimon with an X form, you must then post it's X form's stats and Digivolves, and the set up will be the usual.
Renegade: Simply which of the Rookies you pick as your partner, understand that other than Kessymon, Phoenixdramon's Rookie, they won't be thrilled to be with you, and they only Digivolve when you have Faith in them to do the right thing. they're Digivolutions and attacks will be posted in the first Sign-Up post.
Piece of the Crest: Basically Red, Blue, Green, Black, Yellow or Brown, this is the part of the crest your Renegade is tied to. They are as follows:

Red = Phoenixdramon
Blue = Hydramon
Green = Vegiedramon
Black = Hadesdramon
Yellow = Titandramon
Brown = Coatldramon

The Digimon section will be as follows, with a personal example:



Name: Botamon
Gender: Male
Attacks: Bubble Blow(self explanatory)


Name: Koromon
Gender: Male
Attacks: Bubble Blow(self explanatory)


Name: Agumon
Gender: Male
Attacks: Pepper Breath(Fire ball), Claw Attack(self explanatory)


Name: Greymon
Gender: Male
Attacks: Nova Blast(Huge Fire Ball), Great Horn(He hits you with his horns), Fire Wall(self explanatory)


Name: MetalGreymon
Gender: Male
Attacks: Giga Blaster(shoots organic missiles at you), Giga Scissor Claw(fires the robotic claw at you), Mega Claw(same as Giga Scissor Claw, or may just swipe you with either claw, depends)


Name: WarGreymon
Gender: Male
Attacks: Terra Force(Energy blast, a really big one!), Mega Claw(he punches you or he spins around and slices you to pieces), Mega Tornado(Basically a more powerful version of the second version of Mega Claw), Nova Force( I really don't know, but for purposes sake an energy explosion, a really big one at that)

(Optional, depends on Digimon, or if appropiate Digimon are used)

Mega II

Name: Omnimon
Digivolution Method: (Either DNA or Mode Change) DNA
(If you selected DNA)DNA of: WarGreymon and MetalGarurumon
Gender: Male
Attacks: Transendent Sword(He slices you with a sword stored in the WarGreymon arm's mouth), Supreme Cannon(Shoots you with a cannon stored in the MetalGarurmon arm's mouth)

Digimon X:(Only fill in if Digimon has an X form)

Rookie: (We''l skip baby and In-training here, as it's usually shared or not used)

Name: Agumon X
Gender: Male
Attacks: Baby Burner(Fire Ball)


Name: Greymon X
Gender: Male
Attacks: Mega Burst(Fire Ball)


Name: MetalGreymon X
Gender: Male
Appearance: http://www.thedigitalfantasy.com/digitalempire/digidex/mn/MetalGreymonX.gif
Attacks: Trident Arm 9.9(He slashes you with his arm)


Name: WarGreymon X
Gender: Male
Appearance: http://www.thedigitalfantasy.com/digitalempire/digidex/wx/WarGreymonX.gif
Attacks: Poseidon Force(Energy blast), Gaia Force(Energy Blast no doubt as well)

(Again, optional if requirements are met)

Mega II

Name: Omnimon X
DNA of(I checked, there's no made changes to reach Mega II): WarGreymon X and MetalGarurmon X
Gender: Male
Appearance: http://www.thedigitalfantasy.com/digitalempire/digidex/op/OmnimonX.gif
Attacks: All Delete(Massive Energy Blast)

Renegade: Kessymon
Gender: Male
Personality: Free spirited, he loves company and doesn't mind working as a team. Very blunt, and often gets on Ifritmon's nerves. The irony is Kessymon and Ifritmon share an alternative DNA to the Palidin's, called ArchPhoenixmon, but they never use it as they hate each other. One reason the Palidin's have trouble working together is that Kessymon and Ifritmon share contradicting personalities.

Basically all you need to do is post which Renegade you pick, as all the description and Attack description whatever I will have set up. Though you need to add personality and gender. This is what I've got so far, and I want to make sure it's OK for the fact you need to use MY fake Digimon in order to participate before I finish it off.

Uchiha Obito
25th November 2005, 8:03 PM
it looks very good, but a moderator has to see it and see if the giulines are good enough.