View Full Version : hurarrrrr lets celebrate im here woo hoo!

25th November 2005, 9:24 PM
quick intro to myself
age 18
intrest: thrash/death/goth/punk/heavy/industrial metal music is my life
i play guitar and im dam good
just got emrald ive played every pkmn game for the gb+gba
so errrrr hello!!!!

25th November 2005, 9:41 PM
Welcome to the forums! Enjoy yourself here. If you follow the rules like you're supposed to, then you'll grow REALLY attached to this place! Oooh, you're a guitarist? Guitarists are so cool, I wish I could hear you play. Well, if you need any help, just PM people and ask them for help, okay? ^^

25th November 2005, 9:48 PM
well cheers
ive been recordin a few bits when i get em on the web i'll be shur to hook u up so u can i play mostly thrash but i got some other stange goth things and a couple jokey bits to amuse my self!