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Wandering Rhythmical Phoenix
26th November 2005, 2:24 AM
As of 12:11 AM on Today, Saturday December 31, 2005, I announce the close of Project Ties Bound By Battle...

~The writer
David, WRP

Rated PG-13 for (fantasy) violence and cussing.
Chapter 1: In this post
Chapter 2:Yuki, Sera, and the Gorgeous Maiden Sapphire:
Do Battle Against those who seek to Control the Powers!! (http://www.serebiiforums.com/showthread.php?p=2402064#post2402064)
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Chapter 4: Rock Hard Gym Contest (http://www.serebiiforums.com/showthread.php?p=2410884#post2410884)
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Chapter 11: Articuno’s Hell and the Test of the Frozen Girl’s Heart (http://www.serebiiforums.com/showthread.php?p=2522633#post2522633)
Chapter 12: Slateport and the Starry Heavens Contest
~Arc 2~

Ties Bound By Battle:
Chapter 1:
Let’s Go Yuki and Sera!!
Go Forward to Destiny, Pokemon, And Power!!!

“WAKE UP, COME ON SERA, WAKE UP, AND GET OUT HERE!” A young boy yelled, pounding on a door. It was the only noise that morning, except for the cries of Pokemon outside of the town’s borders. “I’M NOT WAITING FOREVER!!” The door flew open, and sent the boy flying from the porch. “Darn it, Sera. I will say this though, nice bushes.”

“Because I know your not a pervert, I’ll take it you mean the shrubbery.”

“Who thinks I’m a pervert? I’ll smash their face in.”

“Relax.” She smiled, patting the boy on the head, “I know why you’re here, and today’s that day. Come on, Baka-san!”

“YUKI! FOR THE LAST TIME MY NAME IS YUKI!” The two didn’t look at each other for the rest of the walk.

They stepped to the front gates of Professor Birch’s lab. Yuki jiggled the doorknob, the door opened slowly and the two walked into the unlit lab. Sera felt for the light switch, flipped it on, and the lab was lit with florescent glow. Yuki’s eyes traveled down, where the saw the body of an Aid lying, almost dead on the ground.

The two stormed, screaming from the Laboratory, and outside the town boundaries with out thinking. They stopped only after they were under a tree. “Good,” she stopped to take a breather. “What was that?” Sera finally gasped.

“I don’t know, but who would want to attack an assistant?”

“MIGHT!!” A voice, gruff and malevolent called out.

“Sera, was… Was that you?” Yuki asked, looking around, becoming more freaked by the second.

“I was about to ask you the same question…” Sera said, walking closer to Yuki. That’s when they heard the growl behind them.

A golden Mightyena stood near the two kids, a hungry look in its eyes, blood on its snout.

“Sera!!” Yuki yelled, slipping into his friend’s arms. The Golden beast leapt at them as Sera tightened her grip on her friend.

“Onix, Go, Iron Tail!” A commanding female voice yelled out. The stone-gray Pokemon appeared in front of the Pokemonles children. The golden Mightyena was sent flying, and was then engulfed in the light of a pokeball. “A shining Pokemon. Lucky me.” she said walking over to Yuki and Sera. "He fainted." She said looking at Yuki, "Then he won’t mind that I'll take this." She smiled, lifting the hat from his head. “Let’s go Onix, He's waiting for us."

Sera looked down at her friend. “Aren’t boys supposed to be the strong ones?”


Yuki opened his eyes several hours later, under the florescent lights of the laboratory. “My hat… WHERE’S MY HAT!!!”

“Baka-san is awake.” Sera smiled walking into the room. “Gave me quite a scare, passing out like that.”

“Sh… Shut up.” He said, landing back on the tile floors. “My point is, where’s my hat?”

“That girl took it, the one who saved us.” She said, walking over to him “Besides, I always wondered why you hid such a nice shade of amber hair under that stupid hat.” She said, moving her fingers through it.

“I don’t like my hair color, I don’t know why, it just seems like bad things are going happen when people can see my hair.” He swatted her hand away from his hair.

“Then just shave it.” The professor laughed, walking into the room. “I want to thank you two again, if you hadn’t run screaming, no one would have found my assistant, and he would have died of blood loss. I have to think of someway to repay you.”

“POKEMON!!!” Yuki yelled, getting up and looking at the professor. “Today’s the day, we passed our tests, we can get our pokemon, you promised us!”

"Yuki lacks the ability, but he IS right sir, we officially get our trainer licenses today.”

“I was hoping you two had forgotten.” He said, pulling two trainer cards from his pocket. “Congratulations, welcome to the world of Pokemon.”

The two kids looked at each other and smiled. “Now, where are our pokemon? You can’t say we've joined the world of Pokemon until we get our pokemon.”

The professor emptied his bag onto the table Yuki was laying on minutes before. Pushing aside the papers, notebooks, and other objects, three pokeballs emerged. “Torchic, Mudkip, Treecko, take your pick. But be careful, once you pick, you cannot go back.”

“Good thing too. I’d hate to screw up this early. Oh well, let’s see where these choices lead us, Sera.” Yuki said, reaching his hand for Mudkip’s pokeball. “I can’t go back now. But I promised I wouldn’t anyway. Let’s go!”


Chapter 2 Preview: Yuki and Sera make it to the Petalburg Forest, only to find it crawling with strangely dressed people. The trainers capture the celebrated first Pokemon, and to Sera’s dismay, Yuki buys a Magikarp. Oh well, all trainers make mistakes…

Next time on Ties bound by Battle:
Chapter Two:
Yuki, Sera, and the Gorgeous Maiden Sapphire:
Do battle against those who seek to control the powers!!

Enemies this early in your journey can’t be a good idea…
Yuki, why’d you make Sera so mad????
There you have it, The first installment of Ties Bound by battle. It’s a small, maybe slow start, but it gets better, not your typical Ruby/Sapphire/Emerald event!!
If you havent guessed This is the world of Pokemon, but not as we know it.
In this time, there are children born who have the power to summon and control the legendary Pokemon, called 'gods' by those in the world.
These children, called 'Chosen Ones' are both revered and feared by those around them because of the great power that they hold.

Story: Written by: Myself
Editing: ♥~Mimori Kiryu~♥

26th November 2005, 5:44 AM
GOOD: Great length, suspending.
BAD: Average level description. A bit cliched in the end of the chapter.

OVERALL: Will this be just another badge-earning journey in Hoenn?
SCORE: 8.4 out of 10.

Luke Groundwalker
26th November 2005, 6:58 AM
It's a slow start, but it's still cool none the less: 8/10

(I know it's weird for me to review another person's fan-fic because I haven't really gained any cred as being a writer on here, but let me assure you that I am a writer and it's one of my passions in life.)

Wandering Rhythmical Phoenix
26th November 2005, 4:32 PM
The second part of a saga that shows no soon end. I hope you enjoy the further rivals that appear, they will be important before long. Have you figured out Yuki and Sera's secrets yet? Look back at the comments at the end of CH1 for clues.
P.S. I prefer the names 'Aqua-dan' and 'Magama-Dan' better then Team ----- It just sounds cooler.
Story: Written by: Myself
Editing: ♥~Mimori Kiryu~♥

Mimori Kiryu
27th November 2005, 1:22 AM
As always, I love this story, WRP. Keep it up. (my editing skills need work -_-')

Luke Groundwalker
27th November 2005, 1:27 AM
I could help edit the story BTW. :'(

And nice chapter WRP, it looks like it's going to turn out well. I like (And people may disagree with me.) the length and the story is more descriptive and well done in this chapter. I like the chracters too.


Wandering Rhythmical Phoenix
27th November 2005, 2:58 AM
Here it is. Yuki’s first rival, and, from his personality, the first big hindrance, Yuuki. My friend was worried that Hyper Beam, Fire Blast, and Blizzard would get used a lot in the early chapters , but you can all rest assured that they wont show up again for a long time. I cant promise that for Yuuki, Yurizuie, and Stacy. They could show up as early as oh say… next chapter maybe? And for those of you who didn’t understand Yuki and Yuuki’s exchange at the start of there battle : Yuki is Japanese for ‘Snow’, Yuuki is Japanese for ‘Courage’ Hence the lines.
Also, if anyone was confused by the fact that Ralts appeared and disappeared on Dragonite’s head, it was Teleport.
I hope you didn’t mind the length, but I felt the appearance of someone who will get to play such a major role requires a major intro. Nine Pages to be exact ^^;. Credits:
Story: Written by: Myself
Editing: ♥~Mimori Kiryu~♥

Wandering Rhythmical Phoenix
28th November 2005, 12:25 AM
Ties Bound by Battle
Chapter 4:
Rock Hard Gym Contest

Yuki looked slightly scared, but there was a flame in his eyes as he stood in front of the gym. “Are you ready to take the first step toward becoming a master Yuki?” Sapphire asked.

He slammed open the doors and yelled out “GYM LEADER, I WANT TO BATTLE YOU!!”

There was silence, the dark gym seemed abandoned. The lights flipped on and a dull stone gray room was illuminated. “I wondered how long it would take you to get here.” A girl in a blue school uniform said. “I knew you were a trainer from the minute I saw you.”

“You, you’re that girl who told us about the city, Roxanne!!”

“Good, I thought I’d have to tell you that. Now, you’re here because you want this.” She held up a gray badge. “You want the stone badge.”

Both trainers grabbed pokeballs. “Ralts, show her what were made of!!”
“Geodude lets do this.” The female said, in a tone that said she didn’t care what her opponent did, she was confident she would win.

Both Pokemon appeared on the field. “Ralts, show them Psybeam!” The small Pokemon glowed blue for a moment, then a rainbow colored beam shot from her horn. Geodude was pushed back, out of the border of the arena. The referee shot up after Sapphire kicked him in the ribs.

“Umm... Geodude has been pushed from the arena, according to the laws of this gym; Geodude is not able to continue to battle!” Sapphire concluded, seeing how she was forced into being the judge since the battle had started so abruptly.

Roxanne grunted as she returned the stone Pokemon. “Remind me to change that rule. Go, Nosepass!” The pokeball opened and from it came a rock Pokemon with an orange beak. It zoomed over to Ralts, and lifted up its plate-like ‘wings’ to surround Ralts. “Self-Destruct.” The Pokemon glowed orange, light shot from its body, and an explosion that shook the building.

When the smoke cleared, Sera had come closer to Yuki, Sapphire had hidden behind Onix for protection, and both Pokemon lay on the ground, charred and KOed. ‘She’s willing to destroy her own Pokemon just to stop mine?’ He asked himself as the Pokemon returned to there pokeballs. ‘She might just be more talented than Yuuki. Yuuki… that… grrr… what about him makes me so angry, like I’m staring down a form of pure evil, but so relaxed, like I’m in the arms of a big brother, at the same time? Damn, I don’t have time to think about that now; I have to win… so maybe Taillow?’ Yuki thought. He reached for Taillow’s pokeball. A piece of paper that was sticking out of his pocket fell out when he hit it. He bent over and picked it up. ‘A type chart.’ He looked across it. ‘Rock…’ he found it and ran down the list. ‘Flying… Taillow would be knocked out almost as soon as I sent it out.’ His eyes darted across the list. ‘But steel type Pokemon… an attack like what Steven taught me!’

Roxanne whistled and broke Yuki’s thought pattern. “Are you going to spend any more time thinking? I want to get on with this.”

Yuki nodded. “It’s your funeral. GO TAILLOW!”

“Geodude lets do it.” The two pokeballs hit each other in mid air and the Pokemon spilled out in front of each other. Sapphire was about to open her mouth when Roxanne opened hers. “It’s not the same Geodude, that pokeball is over there, on the ground. This is a different one. Now, Geodude, rock blast!” The Pokemon curled into a ball and launched itself at Taillow.

“Now let’s see if what Steven taught me pans out. Taillow, Steel wing!”

Sapphire looked on and smiled. “So Steven DID teach him something useful after all.” She said quietly. “Let’s see how he uses this knowledge.”

The two Pokemon hit each other with equal force, sending each other back, and out of the arena boundaries. “So Yuki, I guess this is the last Pokemon. Let’s go…”

“Marshtomp, Lets finish this!”


Marshtomp emerged; ready to fight what ever came its way. The imposing boulder Golem stood before the trainer and his Marshtomp. “Marshtomp, jump on Golem and use water gun!” Marshtomp leapt up and shot several jets of water before landing on golem and firing off another one on top of the Pokemon, each missing its mark.

“You’ve become delusional; you’re not even aiming anymore, just surrender! Golem, Rollout!” The boulder Pokemon closed its legs and arms in, it began to roll, Marshtomp on top of it. The two-legged fish had no choice but to run with the pattern, like a circus clown on a ball. “Look at that, I’ve reduced your Pokemon to a common street performer, and besides that, Marshtomp have very bad balance, he’ll fall off any second now!”

Marshtomp began to flail about, his arm-fins flapping. “Well, that’s enough taking from Steven’s book. It’s time to use something from Yuuki’s book.” He looked around the room at the puddles of water that had been formed by Marshtomp. “Surf attack!” The water swirled together; Marshtomp leapt onto it, and guided it onto Golem. The stone Pokemon was sent flying into the air, and crashed into the middle of the arena.

“What the… Can that really happen? Can a newbie defeat Golem with such little effort and planning?”

“Not just Golem, Dragonite too! Now, if you will excuse me...” He said, closing his eyes, “I need a little nap.” He collapsed onto the ground.
Roxanne sighed and turned to Sera. “Here, take this, give it to him when he wakes up.” She tossed the Badge to Sera.


Sera woke up the next morning and saw a rare sight, Yuki still asleep in bed. “Baka-san, hey, Baka-san, wake up, you’ve been asleep for about twelve hours now.”

“I’ll sleep for however long I want, now shut up…” She pulled him up by the front of his hair, and slapped him. “OW! Sera, what the hell?”

“Oh, your awake, imagine that. Here,” She said, holding out the badge, “I was told to give it to you.”

Sapphire pushed the door open. “A little lover’s quarrel? No, don’t answer that. Anyway, I digress, your next destination is Dewford Island, home of a Fighting type gym, so you’re in luck, Ralts and Taillow are all your going to need.” She closed the door, then flung it open again, “But first we need a boat, I’ll get on it.”

Yuki and Sera looked at the door then each other, “O…k…” The two said, slightly confused.

~~~Later, Middle of the afternoon~~~

Yuki, Sera, and Sapphire stood in the shipyard near the Petalburg Forest. Yuki’s eyes sparkled looking at … “The Super S.S. Ship, 200 Nautical Miles an Hour, enough space for 300 people, a pool and movie theater, it’s a Luxury liner in every sense of the word! Sapphire, tell me this is what were riding on! Please tell me! I’ve always wanted to get close to this beauty of engineering; I want to cry just looking at it.”
“Sorry Yuki, there’s no way we could afford to ride that, so were riding with this salty old sea pirate I found, he can get us there in a day.”

They boarded the ship and Yuki ran to get another look at the boat. “Good bye Super S.S. Ship. I’ll ride on you one day!!”

~~Aboard the S.S. Ship~~~

A hardy man laughed as a large lobster like Pokemon crashed into another room. “So there’s no security on a high class ship like this? Then I, Archie, Leader of Aqua-Dan, claim this ship in the name of increasing the size of the ocean. You are all our hostages.”

Hundreds of Aqua-Dan members streamed inside, the Admins followed close behind, and Yurizuie, hanging his head in shame, came in last.

~~~~That night, with our Heroes~~~

Sapphire stepped outside, her PokeNav in hand. She dialed a number and held it to her ear. “Hello, Yuuki? Good to hear your voice, so anyway, this is what happened at the Gym today…” The ship hit a chunk of ice. “No way, the waters not this cold near Dewford. Yuuki, I’ll call you back.” Yuki and Sera emerged from their cabins.

“What’s going on?”

“Ice, witch can mean only one thing…” Sapphire said, biting her lip.


Chapter 5 Preview: After finding the Island of Dewford frozen over, Yuki and Sera are faced with several choices. After a fight about what to do next, the two storm off in opposite directions, angry, and refusing to speak. Will a fight with Regice be what they need to reunite with each other?

Next time on Ties Bound by Battle:
Chapter 5:
Regice and the Frozen Hearts

“I guess I didn’t realize how much I really cared about you before.”
Formulating the first Gym battle was cake compaired to the Yuuki battle. Hope you enjoyed this chapter and look foward to the next

Story: Written by: Myself
Editing: ♥~Mimori Kiryu~♥

29th November 2005, 3:42 PM
Your fic is ok, but it does not stand out in any manner. You do everything fairly competently, but do nothing exceptionally. Your fic does seem a little like a fairytale trainer fic, and you must be careful to avoid that.

I really do not like the appearance of the shiny Mightyena. It just seemed so random, and did not serve any purpose other than to get knocked out by Onix. Not the best light to paint a shiny pokemon in.

Other than that, it was pretty acceptable, although you definitely can improve, especially with your description and the induction of an "oomph" factor. Good luck.

Wandering Rhythmical Phoenix
29th November 2005, 8:03 PM
Ties Bound By Battle:
Chapter 5:
Regice and the Frozen Hearts

A man with red hair sat watching the television, which was on the news. The news caster stood in front of a large boat with the letters S.S. on it. “This is PNN, Pokemon News Network, here to tell you of a breaking news story, the nefarious Aqua-Dan has taken over the luxury liner S. S. Super Ship. Apparently, although several members were armed, they got in with little or no struggle. We are expecting a report from the police at any moment.” The man turned the T.V. off.

“So…” The tall red haired man said in a smooth British accent stood up, he had a red and black outfit with the volcanic magma symbol over his left breast, the outfit fell from his neck to his knees. He sighed and took a breath. “Aqua-Dan beat us to the liner. That’s okay…we don’t have any need for a sea bound vehicle, do we Magma-Dan?”

The room full of people in red outfits moved to attention in unison. “Sir no Sir!”

“And why is that?”

“Because we of Magma-Dan seek to increases the land mass, making it better for both People and Pokemon alike.”

The red haired man began to laugh, until a Stacy burst open the door.

“Maxie, sir, we have reports from Magma-Dan in Dewford, that Regice has been awoken!”

Maxie smiled. “So, why are you still here? Go do something about it.”

~~Meanwhile, aboard the S.S. Ship~~~

Yurizuie stood looking at the thermometer. “Archie sir, the temperature keeps dropping.”

“I know that. Why do you think where out here? It’s where Regice is. When we have Regice, Kyogre will not be a problem. Now, back to work you worthless Admin!”

~~~At Dewford~~~~

Yuki leapt on to the ice, then helped his female companions down. “So, there’s a gym in this snow covered wasteland?”

Sapphire nodded. “But it’s normally a sunny tropical paradise; there is only one thing that can make this happen, Regice, a legendary Pokemon sealed by the ancients.”

“So, it should let up soon?” Yuki asked, slightly impatient.

“No.” Sapphire shook her head, regretly.

“Then let’s just go to Slateport. Let this blow over, and then come back.” Sera headed back for the boat.

“No way.” Yuki protested, the determination in his voice stopping her cold. “We should stay here; people are bound to still be here!”

“Look, I just don’t think it’s a good idea to be here with a legendary Pokemon wandering about.” Sera informed. He turned to face her.

“We might be able to get some good training in.” Yuki pointed out, smirking at her.

“Train, train, train! Agh, that’s all I ever hear from you! Think about our survival for once!” Sera huffed and turned around. Yuki turned the opposite direction and they stormed off, leaving Sapphire with the ship’s captain.

Sapphire sighed. “I guess I should go after them, after all, the only way to make up from a lovers quarrel is to talk to each other. Isn’t that right Steven?”

Steven landed on his Skarmory behind Sapphire. “Of course, after all, we ARE the experts. Now, shall I go after Yuki?”

“No, let’s leave them cool off. Maybe they’ll realize something; after all, they do love each other, even if it is secret.” Steven told her, returning his Skarmory to its pokeball.

“You’re more cold hearted than the Pokemon that has attacked this island.”
Sapphire laughed. “That maybe so, but either way, those two have to realize what it means…” The two 17 year olds looked at each other.

“… To be a tool of the gods.” Steven finished.

A British voice laughed from behind them. “Ah yes, that old ‘Tools of the Gods’ you talk about Sapphire. Don’t you find that to be a small bit out dated? There haven’t been Chosen Ones for decades. Those two are certainly not they, even if there are Chosen Ones any more.” Maxie finished. Stacy stood behind him, smiling, her purple hair blowing in the wind. “Now get out of our way. We have to melt this island, after all, all snow is frozen water, and we don’t want any more of that now do we?”

Sapphire reached to her side. “I’m sorry Maxie; I will have to continue to be a thorn in your side. Go, Blastoise!” Sapphire tossed a pokeball into the snow, from it emerged a large turtle on both legs. It was blue, and had large water cannons on its back. “Maxie, I won’t let you take another step on to this island.”

“Okay, girl, that’s the way you want it, that’s how you’ll get it. Go, Crobat!”

“Steven, go find the kids, I’ll stay here!” Sapphire shouted to him, dodging at attack that Maxie had called.

“Okay, Sapphire” he said, running off in Yuki’s direction.

~~~~With Yuki~~~

Yuki let out a low growl as he continued to walk, kicking snow into the air and on the path in front of him. “Damn her, Damn her, damn her, damn her! She complains too much and talks too much; I wish she’d just go away and leave me alone.” A cigarette butt landed in the snow in front of Yuki.

Yuuki sat on a fallen log on the side of Yuki’s line of sight. “Careful what you wish for kid, it might just come true.”

“You, what are you doing here? Let me guess, you’re the one who woke Regice.” Yuki said, looking over at the boy.

Yuuki stood up and brushed off his pants. “Kid, if I had that kind of power, I would have done it long ago. The truth it, I’m here to find out what caused Regice to awaken, then I will be out of your way… that is, until we battle again.”

Yuki reached to his side and grabbed a pokeball, ready to battle at a moments notice. He would be ready for Yuuki’s attack.

“You are pushing your luck, kid. That Blizzard attack was a one shot, a lucky attack. You’re doing more then tempting fate if you want to try that again.” Yuuki said, pulling another cigarette from his jacket. He flicked the lighter. “The liquid’s frozen.” He shook the lighter, the fluid inside unmoving. “My. This is unexpected. Maybe Regice is telling me to not smoke anymore. Like I give a damn about what that block of ice thinks.” He said throwing the lighter into the snow.

“Listen Yuki. Can you hear it? The hollow cry of a Pokemon that longs for one thing: Its freedom.” Yuuki took a few steps forward, standing shoulder to shoulder with Yuki. He sighed and closed his eyes. “Go to Sera. She needs you.” He walked to the coast line, called Dragonite, and disappeared on the cold ocean.

Yuki looked at the trainer vanishing into the sea. “It’s that feeling again. I felt secure, but also…fear. I don’t get it…I just don’t…” His thinking was broken by a scream that pierced the cold air. “Sera!” He took off.

Steven came up the path, and saw Yuki over the horizon. “Yuki, Sapphire wanted me to…”

“NO TIME!” The boy yelled, running past him with only one thought in his mind. Sera.

~~~~With Sera, after the argument with Yuki~~~~

Sera rubbed her arms in an attempt to keep warm. “Stupid Yuki. It’s his fault where out here, I mean; we wouldn’t be here if he just agreed to let us go.”

She fell into a snow drift. “Damn it. It’s his fault.” She fell to her knees. Cold…it’s so cold.” Tears began to run down her cheeks. “Yuki… even though you annoy the hell out of me…I need your help.” A large shadow over came her. She looked up. Regice, its body acting as a prism, stood before Sera. She let out a cry, and then covered her head with her hands. “Yuki, Yuki HELP!!”

Regice lifted its arm into the air. “TAILLOW, STEEL WING ATTACK!” The small swallow Pokemon zoomed at the Ice-god Pokemon, and sliced the arm with its attack. “Sera, are you okay?” He reached down to her, smiling.

She reached up, not having enough strength to stand, and grabbed Yuki’s hand. “I’m fine, but…but why did you come?”

“Because, I didn’t realize how much I cared about you before. Now…” He said, helping her up, “Let’s do this together!” He winked at her and she smiled.

“Okay, Baka-san. Let’s do this!”

Snow swirled around where Regice’s arm was, and a new one formed.

“LET’S GO, RALTS!” Both trainers threw their pokeballs in front of Regice. Both Ralts were instantly consumed by light. In place of the Ralts were two Kirlia. The Pokemon spun in a circle and touched their hands. They were taller than their pre-evolved form, it had two horns, and Yuki’s kept its blue color.

“Kirlia, Emotion Pokemon, It responds to its trainers emotions, the stronger the emotions, the stronger the pokemon’s power grows. And with the emotions of those two, they should be next to unstoppable.” Sapphire said, from over the mountain. Steven stood behind her, he smiled and nodded.
“Let’s see how they use that power.”

A large sphere appeared in Regice’s hands. It was launched at the dancing psychics. “Kirlia, Reflect!” Both trainers commanded. The Emotion Pokemon glowed as the attack hit them. It was sent flying back at Regice, who was sent tumbling into the ground. The Luxury S.S. Liner crashed into the island as Regice and its snow and ice disappeared.

“Damn, we’re too late. Oh well, let’s teach these kids a lesson.” Archie said, stepping onto the dock of the ship. He was a large man, in a blue outfit. He spoke with a heavy and gruff voice. “Don’t you agree Yurizuie?”

“Sir!” The red haired teen said, leaping onto the beach. “I will defeat you; you’ve robbed me of my Honor again and again. This time, I will strike you down!” He snarled at Yuki with such distaste.

Yuki smiled. “Is that so?”


Chapter 6 Preview: Yuki and Yurizuie face off in a battle that would make the best trainers fear their skill. After a dramatic turn of events, Yuki is forced to face down the leader of Aqua-Dan. But when the pokeballs are released and the battle becomes so fierce, Yuki falls to his knees, screaming of his past.

Ties Bound By Battle:
Chapter 6:
Aqua-Dan, Yuki’s Past, and more of Yuuki’s power
“I was called on for the sake of stopping, no DESTROYING you. Now. I shall deliver the Judgment of the Lightning Bird God.”

Wandering Rhythmical Phoenix
30th November 2005, 7:57 PM
“Damn, we’re too late. Oh well, lets teach these kids a lesson.” Archie said, stepping onto the dock of the ship. He was a large man, in a blue outfit. He spoke with a heavy and gruff voice. “Don’t you agree Yurizuie?”

“Sir!” The red haired teen said, leaping onto the beach. “I will defeat you; you’ve robbed me of my honor again and again. This time, I will strike you down!”

Yuki smiled. “Is that so?”

Ties Bound By Battle:
Chapter 6:
Aqua-Dan, Yuki’s Past, and more of Yuuki’s power

Yurizuie took the bandana off his head. His hair fell over his face. “Now Yuki. I will destroy you!” He tossed a pokeball into the water. “GYARADOS, GO!” From the pokeball erupted a large blue serpent into the raging ocean waters. Its mouth gapped open. “You recognize it don’t you? It’s your Magikarp.”

“Damnit. Okay…” He closed his eyes.

‘Kirlia might be too tired after the fight with Regice, Taillow too, and there is no way that Marshtomp can out swim Gyarados… Damn, I’ll use…’

“TAILLOW!” The small blue Pokemon flew forward. The feathers on its wings were damaged from crashing into the Ice-god Pokemon only minutes before. “Secret Power!” The Pokemon split into several yellow copies that turned blue. As with Dragonite, the copies crashed into the sea serpent and it fell into the ocean. “I thought you were going to make me pay for destroying your honor. I thought yow were going to ‘strike me down’” He said. “BRING IT!”

Gyarados sprang from the ocean and grabbed Taillow in its mouth. Light sprang from the beast’s mouth, followed by a fierce caw. “What is your Pokemon doing?”

“Evolving you idiot. NOW SWELLOW, SHOW THEM AERIAL ACE!”

Gyarados opened his mouth and a large blue bird flew out. It was much larger than the Taillow that was there before. Her wingspan was almost triple than Taillow’s, and it had two large tail feathers. Swellow had come into being. “Gyarados, Ice Beam!” The serpent’s eyes glowed light blue, then ice shot from its gapping mouth and froze Swellow, sending it falling into the sand.

‘DAMN! What now? Ok, let’s think. Kirlia has got to be too tired from the fight with Regice, and there is no way Marshtomp can out swim that dragon. Damnit.’ He closed his eyes and prepared to surrender when a large shadow passed overhead.

“Venusaur, Tyranitar, let’s go, protect Yuki!” Two pokeballs fell from the sky as a large green dinosaur Pokemon, and a large green quadruped pokemon with a flower on its back landed in front of the young trainer. Dragonite swooped overhead and landed in front of the blue serpent, Yuuki on his back. The trainer turned to face the 12-year-old standing behind the green guardians. “Are you ok… you little weakling?” Yuki’s eyes widened at the sudden save, and the comment that had followed.

“I don’t need your help you know, I was managing just fine on my own.”

“Managing to lose. If Sapphire hadn’t called me, you’d likely have been shot.”

“What?” Yuki looked back and saw Sera and Sapphire being held at gunpoint by several Aqua Grunts. “Damn.”

Archie laughed. “So Yuuki, you’re here. Fine, I guess you want to fight me?”

“In hell!” Yuuki said his eyes began to glow yellow. “Bird of the skies, the lightning summoner!”

Maxie and Stacy arrived as Yuuki began to glow yellow. The winds picked up. “Maxie, sir, is he…?”

“He is. I was wrong. There are Chosen Ones in this time, and he is one!”

“ZAPDOS, I CALL ON THEE!” The yellow glow condensed into Yuuki’s outstretched hand.

He lifted it into the sky and the energy shot up. It took the form of a bird, and it began to solidify. The bird had large yellow wings, black on the back. The God had sharp talons and a large beak. It was spiked; like the lightning it controlled. The intimidation giving it a feeling that it could destroy you by looking at it. Its power was so great. Yuuki leapt into the air and landed on Zapdos. In addition to his own voice, a raw crackling voice came out of his mouth.

“I was called on for the sake of stopping, no DESTROYING you. Now. I shall deliver the Judgment of the Lightning Bird God.” Yuuki’s voice became more prominent. “Thunder, Zapdos!” The mighty Pokemon flapped its wings and lightning flew from the spikes at the Aqua-Dan members holding Sapphire and Sera hostage. In the impact, which hit behind them, shocked them enough to make them drop their weapons.

“NOW SERA!” Sapphire yelled, grabbing the head of a nearby grunt. She flipped him into the sand as Sera kicked another in the head. “Yuki, we’re okay! Go on! FIGHT DAMNIT!”

“Okay!!” Yuki said. He turned to Archie, the battle between Zapdos and Gyarados blazing in the corner of his eye. “You! Let’s Go!”

Yuuki turned the young trainer. “You have permission to use my Pokemon as you wish. Tyranitar, Dragonite, and Venusaur are yours to command.”

Archie grabbed a pokeball. “GO, WALREIN!”

Yuki looked at the three Pokemon put in his care. “I guess that’s a water type. Venusaur!” The large green Pokemon lumbered in front of the blue walrus like Pokemon that Archie had called out. “Venusaur, let’s try… Razor Leaf!”

Venusaur lifted the large leaves beneath the red flower, and several small sharp leaves shot out at the Walrein. It was too large, and too slow to move, and the leaves crossed across the Pokemon. Walrein stood its ground in the sand.

Archie laughed another long loud hardy laugh. “It will take more than that to stop me. I am the most powerful trainer from Aqua-Dan.”

“Well duh, if you’re the leader, I would hope you’re the most powerful.”

Yuuki looked down as the serpent Gyarados crashed into the waves. “No, it can’t be…”

“WALERIN, BLIZZARD ATTACK!” Archie said, loading a pistol.

“VENUSAUR, GET IN FRONT OF YUKI!” Yuuki yelled, descending to the ground as Zapdos disappeared into a yellow vapor. Venusaur moved in front of Yuki, as per his master’s commands, as Yuuki stood, arms outstretched, protecting him. “Get behind me. Stay there!” He ordered. Venusaur fell to the ground and returned to its pokeball, no longer able to stand the power of the ice attack. “Damnit.” Yuuki bit his lip, still protecting Yuki.

“And now It’s time,” Archie said, holding the pistol up, “For you to sat good night!” he pulled the trigger. Time stood still as the bullet flew through the wind and the bullet pierced Yuuki’s shoulder. He fell into his young companion’s arms.

“Damnit. That’s the second time that this has happened.” He said, weakly, holding his arm. “Tyranitar, Dragonite… Return.” He screamed, and then fainted.

“No… No…Yuuki, Yuuki. Wake up, come on, don’t die on me here, on this damned beach, because of that damned man.” Yuki said, shaking the fallen teen. “Damnit, damnit, damnit, WAKE UP!” The straps on his backpack broke, light shined from beneath his clothes. He opened his eyes. The green color, and the carefree look, was gone. The whites of his eyes were deep ocean blue, red circles wrapped around his pupils, lines coming from the circle. “You. Archie, am I right?”


“I am going to Kill YOU!” Yuki said, slicing his hand through the air. A blue and black disk sliced the air his hand displaced, and knocked the gin from the man’s hand. “Get down here, and face me like the scum you are.”

Sera watched in horror. “Yuki… This isn’t Yuki. I’ve known Yuki for as long as I can remember…this isn’t him!” She ran forward.

“Sera, stop!” Sapphire tried to stop her, but the young girl ran to the boy, red and blue light streaming from his body, blue lightening occasionally shooting out.

“YUKI!” She yelled, pushing the boy into the sand. “Come back to us! Back to Reality!”

“Se… Sera?” Yuki asked. He blinked, his eyes returned to normal. He passed out.


‘Little brother, get behind me!’

This isn’t real…

‘Big brother, what happened to mommy?’

It can’t be real…

‘He killed her…and I will stop him, just as long as you stay behind me. I will protect you, because you are my little brother.’



Yuki snapped awake. He was lying face up in a hospital bed. “This is real.” He said, looking up. “Then, what was that?” He asked. He looked in the bed next to him. “Oh my god, Yuuki!”

Sera, who was asleep in the corner of the room was startled awake. “Yuki, you’re awake!”

“Yeah, I’m ok, what about Yuuki?”

“He’s fine. In fact, the doctors expected him to wake up before you did.”

“What happened? I don’t remember much after Yuuki got shot.”

Sera lifted up the remote for the TV. She turned it on to the news that had been plying all day. “This is Scheris Adjani, reporting from the location where, early today, several events unfolded that lead to the simultaneous defeats of both Aqua and Magma-Dan. The police and the Island Gym leader, Brawly, are still sorting out the incident. They are also helping the captives that were aboard the S.S. Luxury liner. We hope to bring you more information as it becomes available. We do thought; have information of the trainers that were spotted at the incident. Yuuki, Yuki, Sera, and Sapphire. All four of these children have been taken to the hospital for either minor or severe injuries. This is Scheris Adjani, PNN Dewford news, signing off.”

“I see. So. That’s what happened.” Yuki sighed, leaning back against the backboard of the bed.

“Yuki, they explained nothing in that report. You know what happened. You just don’t want to admit it.”

Yuki sat up. “True. Damn, Sera… were you hurt?”

Sapphire opened the door and threw a backpack onto Yuki’s bead. “Here, your clothes were all but destroyed in the blue lightning event.”

“All but destroyed…” he looked down and saw the location of his blanket and pulled more up around him. “Would you guys mind stepping out so I can get dressed?”

Yuki pulled red armbands on his arm and belted his jeans. He zipped the light green jacket over his red under shirt and tightened his hat that had blown off in the conflict. The girls entered the room. “Well Yuki, what now?” Sera asked.

“The fact I couldn’t hold my own against Yurizuie shows how weak I am. There is an island to the southwest, Trainers Island, named so because it’s a hot spot for trainers and Pokemon. After Yuuki wakes up, we’re on our way to Trainers Island. I will be strong before I face the next gym…”


Chapter 7 Preview: After a sudden storm blows the trainers off course, they wind up on an island that is inhabited by a flourishing culture. When Yuki rescues a young girl, who turns out to be more then that, he finds himself…. getting married?

Ties Bound By Battle
Chapter 7:
The Princess and the Snowflake: Yuki the prince?

“Sera, you realize we are locked in the dungeon and that is a TV screen, right?”
“I know, I had to get it off my chest though…”

Man, this fic is getting no attention. Any way. After this serious chapter, we leared alot here, the next chapter is going to be pure comedy.
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Wandering Rhythmical Phoenix
4th December 2005, 1:55 AM
“The fact I couldn’t hold my own against Yurizuie shows how weak I am. There is an island to the southwest, Trainers Island, named so because it’s a hot spot for trainers and Pokemon. After Yuuki wakes up, we’re on our way to Trainers Island. I will be strong before I face the next gym…”

Ties Bound by Battle
Chapter 7:
The Princess and the Snowflake: Yuki the prince?
Yuki pulled the can of soda from the vending machine on the first floor of the hospital. “So Yuuki still hasn’t woken up? Sapphire said shed come and get us when he did…”

“Guess not.” Sera said, opening her own soda. “Or maybe he is awake, and there just talking about something.”

Yuki took a sip from his soda. “Race you to the room. We can listen in through the door.”

“Baka-san, that is a total invasion of privacy!” She yelled. Yuki raised an eyebrow and smiled. “Last one up buys dinner when we get to Slateport.”

The two kids ran up the steps. “Sera, you know I like pizza dontcha’? Well were eating Pizza in Slateport!”

“Don’t count your Pidgey before they hatch!” Sera said, pushing the boy into the water fountain.

After he recovered, he realized that she was long gone; in fact, she was standing in front of the door. “Crap. So, Italian?”

“You know me so well Baka-san. Now come here, listen.”

The two trainers cracked the door open slightly and looked in. “Damnit. I can’t believe that happened.” Yuuki spat as Sapphire removed his bandages.

“You got in front of the bullet Yuuki, it was your choice. Now hold still, I have to rebandage the wound.”

“So, why do you think he jumped in front of me?” Yuki asked Sera, who was standing next to him.

“Yuki, Sera, if you’re going to listen in on conversations, at least come inside.” Sapphire said, opening the door.

“Well, yeah, we were just about too…” The two laughed, walking to the bed Yuki had lied in not hours before.

“So, Yuuki. Tell me, what was that Zapdos? How did it come out of nowhere like that?” Yuki asked. “And then disappear like it did?”

Yuuki sat still as Sapphire commanded. “I am a Chosen One. More specifically, the Chosen one of the Thunder Bird God, Zapdos.”

“Chosen One?” Yuki asked, rather puzzled.

“Chosen Ones have the power to access the place where the God Pokemon sleep, the ‘Untouchable Side’. Called so because no human can touch it normally. Chosen ones have 3 ways to come into there destiny.” The Chosen sighed. “Sapphire, enlighten them.

“Way number 1, Birth Rights. The chosen runs through the DNA of a family. Way number 2, Voluntary gifts. A chosen can surrender the power to anyone else. Way number 3… Murder or Death.”

“What?!” Sera yelled, standing up.

“If someone Murders a chosen one, they get the ability to summon that god. If the chosen dies in an accident, then the God is assigned randomly to someone.” Sapphire explained. “Alright Yuuki, all bandaged up.”

“Good. I can’t stay in this Damned hospital any longer.” He said, grabbing a new suit from the table beside the bed. He pulled the under shirt on. “I guess you’re going with these kids. I guess I have to come too, after all, I can’t bandage my wound with my arm in this condition.” He said, placing his left hand on his right shoulder. “Now get out, I need to change.”

“That’s the Yuuki I know.” Sapphire laughed, leading the kids out of the room. “Five minutes!” she yelled.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Outside the Pokemon Center~~~~~~

Yuki kicked a stone around with his foot lazily. “I wonder… How do you think that Yuuki got Zapdos?”

“What do you mean?” Sera asked, spinning in tune with her Dustox.

“I mean, do you think he was born with it? Was he given it? Or is he a… you know, murderer?” He asked, his voice getting progressively lower.

“You think that Yuuki could kill?” Sera asked. “He’s a nice guy, not a murder.”

“When did he become a nice guy? Was this before or after he tried to defeat me with Dragonite?”

Sera walked up and slapped him. “He saved your life. That constitutes a nice guy. Idiot.”

Sapphire watched the two from the window. “So, you’re sure you want to come with? Yuki won’t like it. He’ll battle you every chance he gets.” She turned around as Yuuki pulled a cigarette from the carton. “You haven’t stopped yet? The doctors warned you about it, and besides,” The said, taking it from his hand, “You aren’t spose to smoke in a hospital.”

“What Ever. I don’t give a damn about what the doctors, Yuki, or anybody else says about my habits, or about me coming with you goys. I’m coming. End of story.”

Sapphire smirked. “You sound like a little kid.” She turned back to the window. “It glowed.”

“What did? Your necklace?” Yuuki asked, surprise sparking his voice, and making him stand up.

“Yes. After you were shot, Yuki went crazy. First he got all glowy, like he was summoning, but nothing came, it was like a possession. That’s when the necklace started glowing. The Sapphires started glowing that is.”



“With Yuki?”


The room went silent. The two trainers looked at each other. They had found one of them. One of the biggest threats to existence, and he was sitting outside, talking to his friend.

~~~Elsewhere, on a small patch of land Northeast of Dewford~~~

An elderly man sat on top of a large pile of rocks. “Regice.” He said. The ice Pokemon appeared beside him. Its details were clearer in the sun then they were in the dark Dewford sky that day. It was shaped like a pointed pillared, all of its features were. The only thing that you could use to separate it from a normal Ice Block is the line of three dots, and the two dots on either side of the middle dot. “Did you have fun on Dewford?” the god looked down at its arm. “I figured, because you were one of the few gods on this side, you might like to be let out for some fun. But I guess you didn’t.” The man laughed. “Perhaps we can find fun elsewhere! How bout we hit some clubs old buddy?”

The god’s dots glowed as it shook disapprovingly. The Chosen was smiling, and talking to himself as the god disappeared

~~~~~~Back on Dewford~~~~

The four trainers walked to the beach on the east side of the island. When they got there, they sat Steven, lying in the sand. “You forgot me.” He sobbed. “Yuki ran past me, and I got lost. You forgot me.” The silver headed teen sobbed repeatedly until it grew into full-blown tears.

“Oh shut up you big baby.” Sapphire said. She pushed some blonde hair from her eyes. “Besides, if you shut up…” She bent down and whispered into his ear. She kissed him on the lips and stood up. “See ya.” She smiled, walking over Steven.

“What was that all about!?” Yuuki asked, slightly annoyed. “You don’t just go around making out with your ex-boyfriends!”

“Maybe you don’t.” Sapphire laughed.

“ Yuuki has boyfriends?” Sera asked. “But wait, wouldn’t that make him…?”

“Shut up about it already.” Yuki said, removing his hands from his pockets, his voice said he was obliviously annoyed by the fact Yuuki was with them in the first place. “How are we gonna get there anyway?”

“By Dragonite.” Yuuki smiled.

~~~Several moments later~~~

Yuki held to the wings of Dragonite as the orange dragon sliced through the water. “Cant hold on!”

Sera stared at her friend. “Grow up. It’s a matter of balance thing. You don’t seem to have that.”

Sapphire laughed. “Maybe you both need to grow up.” She said, looking at her Pokenav map. “Yuuki, there’s a storm up ahead. We might want to try to avoid it.”

“Too late for that Sapphire.” The boy said, grabbing Dragonite’s antenna to use to steer. “Hold on TIGHT!” He turned sharp, in the winds and sharp waves; they turned over, and fell into the water.

~~~~~ Later~~~~

A small blue and white seagull like Pokemon sat on Yuki’s head as he lay face down in the sand. “That stung.” He said. “I think I got bitten by something… but how did we survive.” He asked, standing up, the small Pokemon still on his head. “We were under water for at least 15 minutes. IT DOESN’T MAKE SCENCE!”

“Wingul!” the Pokemon said, lifting a wing into the air.

Yuki looked up at the Wingull. “That’s new…” He said. “Never had a Pokemon moving in time to my thoughts before.” He went to swipe the Pokemon away, but it stayed. “Oh well, it might be fun to have a thought acting Pokemon around”
The Wingull began dancing.

“If that’s what goes on in your head, I’d hate to see what would happen if you acted it out. By the way, there is Wingull crap on your head.” Yuuki said, leaned against a tree. He had a cigarette in his mouth and a lighter in his hands. The cigarette wasn’t lit; it was too wet to light. “Besides, we were only underwater for a few minutes until Dragonite got us. You don’t remember because you passed out. He got us lost on the storm.”

Sapphire and Sera emerged from the wooded area near the tree Yuuki was against. “Damnit.” Sapphire said. “If it weren’t for the fact that Dustox leaned confusion, we’d have been eaten by all those Muk!”

Dustox, a small purple moth Pokemon with green wings, sat on Sera’s head. It was dazed and tired, much like her trainer. “I think I’m gonna pull a Yuki.” She fell into the sand.

“Well, I guess we’re sleeping here tonight.” Yuuki sighed, letting the cigarette fall to the ground. “Damn.”

~~~~~~~ That night~~~~

Yuki and Sapphire sat awake, the fire burning on the end of its life. “Sapphire, what inspired you to be a trainer?”

Sapphire leaned against the boy. “I haven’t thought of that in awhile. I guess when I was 7; I met this shining gold Pokemon that lead me to its babies. They were cold and hungry. I spent the next few months taking care of them. And this Pokemon here.” She said, holding up the pokeball that contained the shining Mightyena. “Is that mother Pokemon. What about you?”

Yuki was taken aback by the question, “It’s because… I don’t remember. Something happened to me, and I don’t remember. I don’t know if it’s because I don’t want to, or if it was by force, but I want to regain that.” Yuki sighed and stood up. “I’m going for a walk.” The Wingul atop his head lifted its wing, and began moving like it was marching in time to Yuki’s steps.

“Wingul, I don’t get it. I mean, this whole thing, it makes no sense to me.”

“Wingl” The Pokemon said, folding its wings.

Yuki grabbed a pokeball, tapped it against the bird, and caught it with no struggle. He tossed the ball into the air, and Wingull returned to its roost. Yuki sighed. “This sucks.”

A stick broke; the sound of a girl panting was clear among some roars. “Help me!” A young female voice rang. Yuki took off running; he arrived to find a girl cornered by a large bear like Pokemon.

“Swellow, Wingull, Go, Wing Attack!” Swellow popped from its pokeball, and, with Wingull’s help, Smacked the bear Pokemon to the ground. Yuki ran and picked up the girl, taking her to the campsite. “Are you ok?”

The girl looked up to Yuki. “You are… You are my prince.”

Yuki dropped her and leapt back. “I’m your WHAT?”

“So, Yuki’s a prince? You been keeping a secret?” Sapphire laughed.


The night advanced into day, and the five took toward the north, where the girl’s castle was. “So, Miss…”

“Kimono, Princess Kimono.” She said, closing her brown eyes. “And what is the name of my prince?”

Sera was held back by Sapphire, occasionally saying things like ‘Kill’ and ‘Not your prince’.

“Yuki, that’s my name, but I am not your prince.” He said, twitching, “I don’t like you at all.” He gritted his teeth. “Damnit. I’m starting to sound like…” He shot a dirty look at Yuuki. The two boys smiled, leapt to the center of the path, and grabbed Pokeballs.


“STOP THIS, BOTH OF YOU NOW!” Sera and Sapphire both yelled, grabbing their respective male’s collar, “We don’t have time for this.”

“That’s right, you don’t” Kimono said, snapping her fingers. Several armored men, equipped with spears came from the bushes, and rounded the four trainers into a circle. “Let’s take them to the Castle. Throw those three in the dungeon.” She ordered, pointing at Yuuki, Sera, and Sapphire. “And give him his own room, and a change of clothes.”

The four trainers grimaced. The once well planed event had been turned into hell.
~~~~~~In the castle~~

The guards tossed Sera, Sapphire and Yuuki into a cell, each of them handcuffed. One of the guards laughed and turned on a TV. “You guys can watch the Wedding from here.”

Sera ran to the bars and watched the TV. “I DO NOT CONDONE THIS MARRAGE AND REFUSE TO LET IT HAPPEN!”

“Sera, you realize we are locked in the dungeon and that is a TV screen, right?” Yuuki said, working his feet onto the chain.

“I know, I had to get it off my chest though…” She sighed.

Yuuki’s chain broke, and he shook the cuffs off. “Well, let’s go stop it.” He said, beginning to work on Sapphire’s chain.

Yuki, dressed in a tuxedo, unbuttoned, was being forced down the hall by a few guards. ‘I COULD use a Pokemon, but that would be risking it. I’ll go with the flow, and solve this somehow…’
He was pushed into the room, where the princess and a large group of people were gathered. “Where are Sera and the others?”

“Safe in the dungeon.” Kimono said. “Now get over here, and get married to me.”

“No!” Yuki yelled. Down in the dungeon, Sera’s handcuffs broke and fell off. “Now, it’ll be no problem for me to escape. I can beat any of you in a battle; I doubt any of you are trainers.”

“Oh really?” A voice said from behind Yuki. He wheeled around. An extravagantly dressed man, pink and purple and jeweled outfits, and blonde flowing hair with diamonds in it stood in the door way. “I am the prince of this kingdom, if you want to leave, you have to beat me!”

“Fine.” Yuki said. “As long as I can put on my normal clothes.”

“HOHOHOHOHOHOHO!!” He laughed. “Ok boy. Get Ready!”

Sera, Sapphire, and Yuuki made it to the room just as the trainers began their battle. The Prince laughed. “Get Ready Yuki. Let’s go, my lovely Delcatty!” He tossed the pokeball into the arena, and a yellow cat with pink tufts of fur emerged in a flash of light.

“Go, Marshtomp!” Yuki smiled, tossing the pokeball. The two legged Mudfish Pokemon leapt out. “Marshtomp, Stomp attack!” The blue Pokemon leapt up and brought its foot on the cat’s head. She reared back in pain.

“My goodness how dare you.” The prince said, sounding slightly distraught. “Delcatty, Use Hidden Power!” The cat Pokemon ran forward, small white boys wrapped around her, and they were launched at Marshtomp. They caught fire in mid air. Marshtomp wasn’t affected at all.

“Marshtomp, MUD SHOT!” Marshtomp ran toward Delcatty, mud coming from his tail, he smashed it against the cat, and sent her flying into the wall. “And that is a victory!” He said, turning to his comrades. “Now, it’s time to RUN LIKE HELL!!” The four went running from the castle, no guards chased them.

The prince sat on the floor. “Yuki… Yuki. What a damnable person. I will get him, I will destroy him. I swear that in the name of the gods. I Prince Ryu will annihilate Yuki!”

The four trainers leapt off the side of the cliff, onto Dragonite. “GET READY EVERYONE, WE ARE OUT OF HERE!” Yuuki yelled, taking the reigns of Dragonite. “FULL SPEED TO TRAINERS ISLAND!!” He yelled, and they took off.


Chapter 8 preview: Trainers Island, a paradise of trainers and battles everywhere. Yuki takes full advantage of the training facilities, and captures a bizarre new Pokemon. Meanwhile, Sera discovers Contests, only after realizing she forgot to undergo the gym challenge in Rustboro!

Ties bound By Battle
Chapter 8:
Trainers Island and the Strange Haunting Pokemon

“I wonder how your Wingull would taste fried.”
“You’re right, Swellow has more meat on its bones.”
I loved writing this chapter. It was much funnier then the last chapter (unless you enjoyed gods dstroying in mass amounts, and gunshot wounds). At any rate, i would appricatte it if, when you read it, you would leave a review, or atleast say somthing, what you like and what I need to improve.

4th December 2005, 9:09 AM
Right then, I've read it all properly now, so I can give a good review. In all honestly, I think you're rushing the plot a bit. In the space of 7 chapters, the teams are already:

Yuki: Mudkip/Marshtomp, Taillow/Swellow, Ralts/Kirlia(shiny), Wingull, whatever the new one will be, (did he catch a Wurmple too? not sure)

Sera: Torchic/Combusken, Ralts/Kirlia, Wurmple/Cascoon/Dustox, (not sure if she has others)

See, to me, it seems as though you're trying to fill up their teams as fast as possible. Apart from that, I'm loving this story.

The whole concept of the Chosens is really cathing on to me, I enjoy the way you told of the three ways someone can become a chosen. Can't wait to find out what Pokémon Yuki catches, or what significance the thought doing Wingull has. Your humour is good too, I laugh sometimes as the stuff that was said, especially Sera not condolling the wedding. That was funny stuff.


Wandering Rhythmical Phoenix
4th December 2005, 8:07 PM
No, Yuki hasnt caught Wurmpul, I would have made sure to use it alot more if he did. I'm atempting to beef Yuki's team, mostly because of some upcomming events. Sera, however, following events in the next chapter, will not worry so much about capturing, and more about training for contests. Beleve me, this plot isnt being rushed (at this point in my drafts, we would be in Lavaridge, I've beefed this up alot)

4th December 2005, 9:57 PM
Well I'll put it like this, I really hope the point of Yuki having loads of Pokémon is a good one, or the plot will go dry. But good though, awaiting the next chapter.


Wandering Rhythmical Phoenix
4th December 2005, 10:47 PM
Oh, beleive me, it is. It all gets connected in a (much) later chapter, involving the Origin of the Untouchable Side, and pokemon all together.

Wandering Rhythmical Phoenix
8th December 2005, 1:49 AM
The four trainers leapt off the side of the cliff, onto Dragonite. “GET READY EVERYONE, WE ARE OUT OF HERE!” Yuuki yelled, taking the reigns of Dragonite. “FULL SPEED TO TRAINERS ISLAND!!” He yelled, and they took off.

Ties bound By Battle
Chapter 8:
Trainers Island and the Strange Haunting Pokemon

“Soooo Hungry.” Yuki complained, leaning on Sera. “I’m STARVING.”

“I bet you’re Wingull tastes good fried.” Yuuki laughed.


“Right, Swellow has more meat on his bones.”

“Cynical Bas…”

“Were Here!” Sapphire announced. Over the horizon, a mountain rose from the sea, it descended down to a lush forest half way down, then, to a bustling city of towers and arenas. “Trainers Island!”

Dragonite docked and the trainers got off. “Dragonite, Return.” Yuuki said, making the large orange dragon disappear in a flash of red light. “I think we could use a little dinner, some nutrition might do us all some good.” He said, looking at Yuki who had taken to drinking the Potions he had in his bag.

“They look disgusting, but it’s not half bad.” Yuki smiled. The others stared at him.

~~At the restaurant~~

“Oh Yea, did you hear? The lab reported more problems with the new Trainer Simulator. Some people are saying it’s a ghost.”

Yuki stood near the table. “There’s no such thing as ghosts, just to prove it, I’ll go into that simulator tomorrow, and I’ll come out alive.” He smiled and unzipped his green jacket in the heat of the room.

“What ever kid” one of the trainers said. “It’s your funeral.”

~~~The next day~~~

Yuki stood in front of the lab. “So, where are Yuuki and Sapphire?” He asked, looking at the large white building. “I would think that SOB would want to be here to watch me get pulled into oblivion by some ghost.”

“I thought you didn’t buy that ghost story.” Sera commented.

“I didn’t” Yuki said, “But last night, I had a dream, where this shadow ate me over and over again, I think the ghost was talking to me!”

“Big baby.” Sera said, crossing her arms. “Get in there and prove you’re a real man!”

“I’m not a man; I’m not even a teenager! Let’s come back when I’m oh… say Ninety.”
The glass door flew open, and a group of similar looking scientists, all in white coats and bald heads, eyes hidden behind dark glasses emerged.

“Yuki, Correct?”

“Yes, but how did you…?”

Sera pushed him forward, “I told them you were coming.”

“HOW DARE YOU! I WANT TO LIVE!” Yuki half yelled, half crying. The scientists lead them to a room; there were 7 chairs in the room, and on the other side, a control room.

“This is the Simulation Room. Simply put your Pokemon in those chairs, and you sit in that one. We are convinced the Ghost is actually a Ghost Type Pokemon, so, we programmed a special Pokeball for you to capture it in. When it appears, simply throw the pokeball, and capture it. Simple no?” The scientist asked.

Yuki blinked. “No, but I think I get it.” He said, reaching for the pokeballs. “I guess we’ll be facing this ghost together. Let’s Go, Marshtomp, Swellow, Kirlia, and Wingull!” The five Pokemon appeared on the floor in front of the chairs, each letting out its own cry. Yuki helped his Pokemon onto the chairs, and then sat down himself.

“You can control the environment to match your training style the best, using the CP, control panel, which you can access at any time. Were going to start the Simulator now.” A scientist said, taking Sera with him to the control room. “Starting Simulator NOW.” He said, pressing the button. Helmets went over Yuki and his Pokemon’s heads. The room went dark, and the helmets glowed. The simulation had begun.

The Trainer landed in an all-white realm. He looked around, and spotted a small blue square. “The CP.” He said, pressing it. He looked at the environmental list. “Cave. Entrance.” He said, pressing the button. Wingull shook a bit as the cave formed around them. It was just bright enough to see, but it was still dark enough for something to sneak up on them. Wingull shivered and let out a scared cry. The simulator had begun.

In a flash of light, a holographic bat, blue and with out eyes, appeared behind them. “Wingull, Water Gun!” Wingul flapped its wings and went air born. It instantly fell to the ground, stiff as a stone.

“Yuki, that was astonish attack. It’s not programmed into the Hologram Pokemon. That is the ghost!” one of the scientists said. He then turned to Sera. “This could get Ugly, if you want to leave…”

“Ok.” Sera said, walking out the door. The light from the sun hit her full blast. She hadn’t known how much time had passed inside of the laboratory. She looked around. The buildings were all brightly decorated, badges painted on the side, Pokemon, pokeballs; it was a festival in full bloom. “Amazing.” Sera whispered to herself. “I wish Yuki could see this…”

A purple Pokemon appeared in front of Yuki and his Pokemon. Its eyes glittered like diamonds. “Sableye” It smiled a large toothy smile. It ran forward, clenching its hand into a fist.

“Marshtomp, Water Gun!” Marshtomp ran forward and shot a jet of water at the purple ghost Pokemon, sending it flying into the cave wall, smashing the CP square. The scientists let out a collective gasp. The hologram disappeared; And Yuki, his Pokemon, and the ghostly Sableye were left to fight in a white room. “Now we can fight distraction free.” Yuki smiled, adjusting his cap. “Marshtomp, Swellow, go!” The two Pokemon moved forward. Sableye smiled again.

“Sable, Sableye!” It smiled and wrapped itself in a dark shadow, it shot out at Marshtomp. The mudfish was sent flying back.

“Damnit!” Yuki yelled. “I guess I’ll try this” He said, grabbing an all white pokeball from his side. “Data Ball, Go!” He tossed the pokeball at the Diamond eyed Pokemon. Yuki held his breath as the ball wrapped around Sableye. It shook. Once. Twice. Thrice. The movement stopped. The pokeball burst open. Sableye picked it up, and ate it. Yuki tensed his muscles. “Hey, science dudes, what the hell is going on here?”

“We are trying to figure that out, we didn’t expect this to happen.”


The room was silent, Yuki was alone. The communications had been cut off.

“Someone go find Sera, I don’t know what good it will do, but someone go find her.” One of the scientists said.

The door slid open and Sera entered. “What’s up?”

“The machine has broken; we can’t make contact with Yuki.”

She twitched. “You’ve LOST Yuki?” She said. “You LOST YUKI?” She yelled. “YOU LOST YUKI!?” She kicked one of the machines in the corner of the room. The Hologram room sparked to life.

“Hello? Anyone? I need another Data Ball.” Yuki’s voice cackled across the loudspeaker.

“We are sending you one now.” A scientist said, looking at the angry Sera in the corner. “Here it comes.”

Kirlia fell to her knees. “Kirlia, Are you ok?” The Pokemon slowly nodded and stood up. “Good. Recover!” The Pokemon shined a rainbow color, and was instantly healed. Yuki let out a sigh of relief. The data ball appeared in front of him, this time, all blue. “NOW! GO, DATA BALL!!” He tossed the pokeball at Sableye; the Ball exploded open and consumed the ghost in a brilliant blue light. It slammed shut and shook. Once. Twice. It stopped moving. The data ball disappeared, the room vanished. Yuki awoke in the white room of the simulator and passed out on the floor.

~~Hours later~~~
Rain tapped at the window as Yuki forced himself awake. The Blue data ball lay on the table of the room they had rented. The single lamp was turned off, but the light from the other room illuminated the room enough to see. Sera’s laughter could be herd from the other room. Yuki picked up his belt and attached the blue pokeball to it. He stepped out of the room, and looked at the company they had. Professor Burch was there, apparently, from what Yuki heard, to work with the Trainer Simulator now that the ‘ghost’ was gone. “Once I heard who got rid of the ghost, I had to come and see you guys.” He laughed. The professor turned around. “Morning Yuki! Sleep Well?”

“Just fine till I heard some maniac laughing outside my bedroom door.”

“Maniac?” The professor asked. “Oh… Me.”

Sera laughed again. “Yuki, guess what. After I realized I forgot to do the Rustboro gym challenge, I met this nice person in the city who told me all about Contests!”

“Contests?” Yuki asked, slightly interested.

“Trainers get judged on how they raised their Pokemon, and how they coordinate the moves of the Pokemon in one of five categories, Tough, Cool, Smart, Beauty, and Cute. I figure that I could take a shot, and I registered.” The held up her Trainers card, witch had been stamped with a red ribbon, around the edge, it read ‘Official Participant’ in red letters. “In other words, I can participate in contests at Any Contest Hall in Hoenn. Isn’t this great Baka-San?” She smiled.

Yuki stood in the kitchen. “Damnit, Holographic ghost battles take the living crap outta ya. I gotta get some grub.”

“He didn’t hear a word I said did he?”

~~~Next morning~~~

Smoke rose from Yuuki’s cigarette as he stood by the docks, ready to help every one back to Dewford, then take his own leave. “Well Sapphire, where the hell are they?”

“They’re kids; you know how we were when we were kids.” She said, leaning against him. “Look, here they come now.”

The two trainers approached the much older comrades. “Let’s go.” Yuki smiled. “I’m all set for Dewford.”

Yuuki smiled. “Is that so?”

The two trainers glared at each other. A battle was unavoidable.
The war between the two was official.

Chapter 9 Preview: With his team taking good shape, it's time for Yuki to take on Brawly at the Dewford Gym. But first, he has something to take care of. It’s time for the Rivals to take up arms again. This time, No Holds Barred.

Ties Bound By Battle
Chapter 9

"Bawky, were using the gym."
"That’s BRAWLY!"
This looked alot longer in word, I guess its the Text shrinking. This chapter is also shorter then my average chapters that span 100 pages (exaderation). I promised a big upcomming event, well, its comming next chapter, Yuki Vs. Yuuki, No holds barred, Wild, Cage match, uncensored, unaduterated BATTLE!!!
That might be over steping it alittle, but hell, I'm looking foward to writing it.
Also, If you want to be PMed when the new chapters come out or for a new Chapter preview, just add that to the bottem of your review

Wandering Rhythmical Phoenix
13th December 2005, 4:02 AM
The two trainers approached the much older comrades. “Let’s go.” Yuki smiled. “I’m all set for Dewford.”

Yuuki smiled. “Is that so?”

The two trainers glared at each other. A battle was unavoidable.
The war between the two was official.

Ties Bound By Battle
Chapter 9
Dragonite split the waves of the ocean as Yuki and Yuuki sat staring at each other, both eager for the upcoming battle. “You sure you want to go through with this?” Yuuki asked a sneered sadistic look on his face. “You can back down and continue on your merry way.”

Yuki laughed a sharp ‘HA!’ “You wish.” He followed “I will battle and beat you. You can run, I won’t hold it against you.” He smiled and began polishing the pokeballs. “Besides, You’ve lost to me once before.”

The two trainers resumed glairing at each other like snakes.

“I bet we could get money form people to watch this.” Sera said, lazily watching on.

“On TV. The only way we could get more money is to put it in a fan fic.” Sapphire giggled. The two girls looked at each other. “FAN FICS!” They laughed. “Who actually READS those?”

Sera’s face went blank.

“What’s wrong?”

“I’m counting the number of people who just stopped reading this.”

“Oh.” Sapphire said dully.

Dewford appeared on the horizon. The sun began to fall behind the waves. Steven stood on the beach with a large dinosaur-like steel Pokemon. “Larion, return.” He said, spying the dragon. They reached shore. “Welcome back. How was your trip?”

“Hell.” The four trainers replied.

“I see.” The silver headed teen replied. “Well… then… I was going to have you meet someone, but now might not be a good time, I mean; he is the gym leader, so I figured…”

“Gym Leader?” Yuki and Yuuki both asked, an idea sparking in their heads. “Take us there.”

Steven smiled. “Thought so.”

They arrived at a large white building with a brown roof, a blue haired, orange shirted teen stood in the door way, a piece of paper and a paintbrush in his hand. “The setting sun, like a great pokeball in the sky, closes the day on another challenge.”

“Poetry again Brawly?” Steven asked, walking up. “You fighters and your split personalities.”

“What ever boss, Watch do ya got for me tonight?”

“It’s us who’ve got something for you!” Yuki and Yuuki yelled, pushing Steven into the sand.

"Barky, were using the gym." Sapphire smiled, walking in behind the two boys.

"That’s BRAWLY!" The teen protested as Sera walked past.

The lights flipped on as the two trainers took there side on field. “Let’s go, No holds.”

“Fine with me. Let’s go, SABLEYE!”

The two pokeballs erupted as the Pokemon spilled out in flashes of brilliant light. “I’ll start this.” Yuuki said, grabbing Dragonite’s Pokeball as it flew back to him. Hyper Beam Attack!” The green-haired boy commanded. The orange burst of energy hit Sableye full blast. “Aren’t you going to even defend?”

Sableye stood in the middle of the explosion, completely unharmed. “Sableye is a ghost type fool. Normal attacks like Hyper Beam wont work, now, you’re too tired to strike back. Sableye, use Shadow Punch, and follow it up with Bite!” Sableye flew from the ground, its fist turned into a mass of darkness as he swiped it across the Orange dragon’s face; he followed it up by biting the antenna on its head. Sableye landed back on the ground in front of Yuki. The trainer and the Pokemon both wore a smile of confidence.

“Don’t think you’ve won yet, this isn’t even the start. Dragonite, Secret Power!” The dragon glowed and shot a brown sphere at the ghost. A sphere that flew through the Pokemon and crashed into the wall near Sapphire.

“God Damnit Yuuki, watch where you’re aiming that thing!”

“Shut the hell up!”

Dragonite stood, awaiting Sableye’s next move. “Sableye, use…” Yuki closed his eyes to think. “Use… Shadow Ball!” Sableye shot up and gathered darkness in his hands. He shot it out and pushed the energy into Dragonite’s face, sending it falling down.

‘What the hell?’ Yuuki thought to himself. ‘I didn’t think he would be so powerful! Damn, I underestimated him.’

‘So, Yuuki is finally realizing that when it boils down to it, Yuki might be even stronger than he is. Well, It’s too late Yuuki, he took Dragonite down, what will you do now?’

“Dragonite, Return.” His disgruntled trainer spat. “Zangoose, Lets go!” A large white mongoose Pokemon emerged. Standing on its hind legs, it was covered with red marks on his fur, its red eyes glowed with a terrible anger, an anger that burned for several generations, the Pokemon was battle hardened, and was ready to win. “Zangoose, Crush Claw!”

The Pokemon’s claws glowed yellow, it forced itself up with its tail and zoomed into the ground, tearing apart the ground. Sableye stood unharmed. “Again with the Normal attacks on Ghost Pokemon, you are such an idiot. Sableye, Lets try Brick Break!” The purple Pokemon thrust its arm forward, blasting Zangoose against the wall. The Pokemon forced itself to stand. It uttered its name weakly, and ran forward, ready to strike.

“ZANGOOSE, FURRY CUTTER!” The Pokemon got down on all fours, it ran around Sableye, the red eyes glowed greed as it cut across Sableye’s stomach, sending it tumbling across the ground.

“Damnit. Return!” Yuki spat returning the ghost to the blue pokeball in a flash of red light. “Let’s go, Wingull!” He tossed the birds Pokeball into the air and the small Pokemon flew up to the highest point of the arena. “Water Gun!” The small Pokemon flapped it’s wings as it stirred the water vapor around it into liquid water, he shot it at Zangoose, the white scared Pokemon leapt back, only getting hit by the end of the attack, not much, but still enough to damage it into a knock out. It vanished in a light as amazing as the one it had entered.

Sera approached Sapphire. “How many…?”

“Yuuki has 3 Pokemon left; Yuki has, including Wingull, 4 as well. I can’t wait to see how this goes down.” The girl explained, pushing back her blonde hair. She looked down at her necklace. ‘When will it glow again… and what color… what gems?’

“Venasaur.” The green haired teen said coolly, tossing the pokeball. From the ball, the green flowered dinosaur that had guarded Yuki before stood, this time not as a guard, but as an opponent. “Frenzy Plant!” Venasaur glowed green, and shot brown vines into the floor. The vines split and multiplied beneath the floor. The brown plants shot up and thrashed around the arena. Wingull attempted to rise above the vines, but he was thrashed, cut, and forced to the ground as the vines subsided back into the ground.

Wingull pushed himself up with his wings; both he and Yuki wore a look of pain and determination. “We won’t give up.” Yuki struggled. “Wingull, Gust Now!” He yelled out. The Pokemon forced air forward, still unable to fly, it sat on the ground. The wind current sliced Venasaur, but still wasn’t effective, despite the pokemon’s tiredness.

“Damn, Venasaur, too tired? Well, Yuki, What the hell are you waiting for?”

“Right. WINGULL, GO, WING ATTACK!” Wingul pushed itself off the ground and rushed forward, forcing its wings against Venasaur. Vines whipped from beneath Venasaur’s flower.

“First rule of battle Yuki, Strategize! Venasaur, Vine Whip!” The fines pulled Wingull into the air and crashed the small Pokemon into the ground. The Pokemon was consumed in a flash of light from its pokeball.

“Damn it. Strategize, Type match, all these damned rules can go to hell for all I care!” He yelled, rushing his hands over his eyes. The green disappeared, the blue and red was back. “SWELLOW, GO!”

Sapphire looked down in shock as her necklace lifted into the air and blue slight shot out. ‘No, Yuki, fight the sprit!’ she begged in her mind. ‘Kyogre, that damned god, he’s trying to awaken himself by coming through Yuki! But why Yuki? Kyogre has never had a chosen, so it makes no sense that he would try to use Yuki…’

Sera watched in horror as the innocent battle strategy disappeared from Yuki, replaced by an urge to win at any cost. Rain began to beat down on the window. “Yuki…” She sobbed, holding tears back.

Swellow burst from the Pokeball. “Your hopes of victory have just been lost Yuuki.” Yuki smiled evilly. “Swellow, Sky Attack!!” The blue Pokemon flew into the air as blue fire wrapped around her. Venasaur lifted its leaves to use Razor Leaf, but the leaves were burned by the fire and vanished. “LAUNCH!” The blue fire bird flew down, slashing across the side of the grass dinosaur, sending it rolling to the side, fainting it. Yuki laughed, his voice was no longer his own. “Surrender Yuuki, save your self the humiliation of defeat, a second time!”

Yuuki smiled. “Shut up.” He said, raising his hand in the air. “ZAPDOS!!” He yelled, being consumed in a yellow aura. “This will be the end of you!” He yelled, throwing the aura at Yuki.

“Damnit.” Sapphire whispered. “Sera, promise you’ll keep this a secret.” She said, looking down at the girl who nodded in acceptance. “OK then.” The placed her hand on her necklace. “Grand Bird, Frozen Guardian Sprit. I Call Upon The Creature That Pierces Heaven On Frozen Wings. Come Forth, Articuno!”


‘Who the hell are you?’

‘Why The Hell are you in my head?’

‘I never said you could be here.’



“Snow fell again on Dewford. No one had any explanation why, it just started snowing. Yuuki had left after the battle, his destination unknown, however, Sera thinks the flowers in his hand have something to do with it.” Sapphire said, her back turned to Yuki who was lying in bed. “But you on the other hand, have something to do tomorrow. After that, we can be on our way, so don’t screw up this time, like you did against Yuuki. By the way, you lost.” She said leaving. Yuki sat up in bed. He stood up and looked out the window.

“I will win.”

Chapter 10 Preview: Following the defeat at the hands of Yuuki, Yuki is more determined to win than ever. Brawly of the Fighting Dewford Gym will do is best to stand in the way. However, Sapphire has her own test devised. A test that could cost the young trainers their lives.

Ties Bound By Battle
Chapter 10
Fist! Battle! Fighting Pokemon in Full Force!

Wow! Nine chapters Already! This was another Yuki Vs Yuuki battle, not as long because there wasnt as much filler at the start. I'll ad more to the Post notes later!

13th December 2005, 4:13 PM
Great chapter, and great battle. I never even guessed that Sapphire would be the chosen of Kyogre. I like you're writing style. One thing, it's "Frenzy Plant" not "Frenzied Plant"


Wandering Rhythmical Phoenix
13th December 2005, 7:53 PM
Actualy, Sapphires Chosen of Articuno, not Kyogre, she summoned him right at the end of the battle.\
The next Chapter is CH10, but then after that, we'll have Specal 1, Yuki Vs Santa, The Blizzard of Holiday Joy.
Cheesy title, concedring it's Sera who will do the battling!

13th December 2005, 10:01 PM
Did I type Kyogre? Sorry, that's Yuki.

Hunter ~ feeling silly

Wandering Rhythmical Phoenix
13th December 2005, 10:03 PM
Did I type Kyogre? Sorry, that's Yuki.

Hunter ~ feeling silly
Nah, It's OK. It happens to the best of us. What Kyogre is doing is rather complicated, as Sapphire will explain next chapter

15th December 2005, 4:31 AM
G’day Haku! Let’s have a look at your story!

The title, Ties Bound by Battle. While good, it kind of lacks the impact because it’s long. Bound by Battle would be the same, but impact because it’s shorter and those three B’s rolls off the tongue nicely!

Be careful of over use of full capital letters. If you use them too often they lose their impact and should be treated like currency.

Let’s take a closer look at the first scene. In my head I see a boy screaming hysterically as he pounds on the door. I can vaguely hear noises in the background. The door swings aside and the boy is catapulted into the bushes. The boy’s name is Yuki, the girls name is Sera, and they’re brash, loud and have faintly dirty minds.

They are your typical kids, which is excellent, however the introduction still lacks something to draw you in. I have no clear image in my head. What does the house look like? Where is it situated? What do the children look like? See a picture in your head and describe it. What you are doing is called dialogue intensive, you’re using dialogue to describe what’s happening, and while there is good and bad to that, there needs to be a balance.

You know the best way to combat this? Look through one character’s eyes, and use his point of view and his feelings to guide we the readers. What he sees is what we see. Gowan! Direct our eyes to specific things! Go into detail!

Here’s what I see,

After pounding on the door the first time the boy, (insert appearance description) leans against the door as he hears rustling inside. He growls under his breath then looks off the porch and describes what he sees, where he is and so on and so forth.

Then just as he pounds the door for the second time, it flings open. Cue dialogue about shrubbery. Yuki, as he pries himself from the bush looks up at Sera and he thinks about her appearance, a bit what he knows about her.

That fleshes things out, doesn’t it! They key is taking the time. Your pace is kind of jerky, going from a house, to the laboratory for little elaboration. I’m on the outside and just seeing things happen, where as on the reader I want to be on the inside and want to know what’s happening and why it’s happen. Why are Yuki and Sera arguing? What is their relationship What is their history? What is the path like to the Lab. How far away?

The only reason I knew we were in Hoenn was because of the reference to Professor Birch. This could have been portrayed with Yuki’s feelings about New Bark. How long he lived there and some places he liked.

You have a good vocabulary, which gives you a real push up the author hierarchy. You definitely have the ability to paint the picture but you don’t! I promise you, if you take the time to rewrite these things and post again you will draw in more readers. Readers want clear, vivid movies in their heads when they read. Read to a friend and have them ask questions, then you have to read in the writing.

Oops! The dreaded double punctuation, in this case two exclamation marks which I see speckled through out. Every fanfictionists aims for professionalism, and if you haven’t seen it in a published book, the chance is it isn’t correct. I promise you, you would have just the same effect with a single exclamation mark, or if you want to add tone, italics

The death of the aid doesn’t have the horror it should because, well there’s no description. I see a person lying on his back in my head, that’s nothing to be scared of. But if you detail it, his tattered, blood streaked lab coat, the gouges that cross his arms spilling blood that is being soaked up by the dirt. His eyes half open staring blankly, but his chest still rising and falling shallowly, now that provokes an awful picture in my head.

And then run from town, outside the boundaries? That’s silly isn’t it? I realise you’re trying to get an anime feel to your writing, with sweatdrops and frying pans appearing from nowhere kind of feel, but you just can’t get that across in a medium like fanfiction without coming off far fetched. Add to that the mature scene of the dead aid, and I, the reader, feel the tones change so quickly that I just don’t feel anything. Humour? Nope. Revulsion? Nup. I promise that you can do this, if you slow. You also need to keep that tone. I don’t laugh when I see two kids hooning away with anime like dustclouds on their heels after a bloke has been disembowelled on the laboratory steps.

How do you ‘join the world of Pokemon’. Aren’t they already there? Using that wording makes me feel like I’m jumped to an Anywhere but Here fiction.

Last piece of advice is on your Aurthors Notes at the bottom of the chapter…. Why reveal this to us now? Aside from the cliché of Chosen Children, you should ease these notes subtly into the text. Maybe Yuki has a story book about them.

Well that’s my review of the first chapter. Everything is too hurried and too poorly detailed for me to feel any empathy with the story, I’m sorry. I tried to immerse myself in it but I feel like I’m being dragged along. Reread your work to pick up spelling mistakes, and read lots of other peoples stories to help you understand how to describe. Good luck in your ventures, really. I’ll check in later to see how your chapters improve.

Wandering Rhythmical Phoenix
19th December 2005, 1:00 AM
“Snow fell again on Dewford. No one had any explanation why, it just started snowing. Yuuki had left after the battle, his destination unknown, however, Sera thinks the flowers in his hand have something to do with it.” Sapphire said, her back turned to Yuki who was lying in bed. “But you on the other hand, have something to do tomorrow. After that, we can be on our way, so don’t screw up this time, like you did against Yuuki. By the way, you lost.” She said leaving. Yuki sat up in bed. He stood up and looked out the window.

“I will win.”

Ties Bound By Battle
タイはBattle によって区切る
Chapter 10
第10 章
Fist! Battle! Fighting Pokemon in Full Force!
握りこぶし! 戦い! 完全な力の戦いのPokemon!

The wind blew Yuuki’s hair as he sat in front of a lone grave stone, the name ‘Martel’ written across it. He traced his fingers across the name. “I can only remember you. But Why? I don’t know who you are, yet you stay in my mind. You. And only you. The woman Martel. That name is so hauntingly familiar. But from where?” He stood up and walked away, leaving a bouquet of roses on the grave. “Rest in piece until I can get here again.” He said, taking out and lighting a cigarette. A man wrapped in black walk past Yuuki, they stared at each other before carrying on their paths. ‘A guilty mind.’ He thought to himself. He descended the steps to meet Dragonite who was waiting for him at the bottom. The ocean wrapped around the island as high tide rose. Yuuki saw a Gyrados in the water. “So that was him.” The green haired teen smiled, getting on Dragonite’s back. “On to Slateport, Steven’s waiting for us.” The orange dragon nodded and launched itself into the cloudy morning sky.

Yurizuie pulled the sunglasses from his face. “I want to say I’m here because he sent me. But the truth it, I want to come here. You’ve been haunting my dreams lately; I just want to get you out of my mind.” He said, placing a picture underneath the flowers that Yuuki had laid. A picture of a beautiful woman. With Amber hair.

~~~~On Dewford~~~~

“Hold on to my hand and we can go away today. Maybe this time they won’t interfere with love. Maybe these bells ringing are a good sign. Maybe one day we can walk to together. I refused to stand alone. I won’t be with out you one day maybe we can be one with each other. Come on baby be the one. Take my hand and fly in to the silver dawn again. Once more on the dew drop sun. Sympathy, I have no need for it. Even though the fanfare helps us along, we don't really need it. As long as we have each other. This time we can’t go wrong. One more time Baby. Fly with me. This is all I need is to exercise these wings that. The gods have given to me. Let’s take flight back to the silver dawn. Maybe till tomorrow.” Yuki sang to himself, silently. The dawn had just pierced the Dewford Sky. Sapphire leaned up against the door way to the outside as Sera came forward.

“What’s up?” She asked. Sapphire silenced her.

Yuki looked back. “Oh. Good morning.”

“Nice singing voice, most guys your age would have the courage to sing, there voices would be cracking.” Sapphire smiled, patting him on the head.

“I’m a late bloomer.” He joked. “I just like to sing, I’ve been able to keep my voice trained, so it might not crack until later.”

Sera laughed at the energy the boy had so early, most likely caused by the excitement he had for the upcoming Gym Battle. Yuki jumped forward, and Sera turned to her blonde haired friend. “What… That do you think of Yuki?” She asked, staring at Sapphire.

“Yuki? He’s a nice guy. He is the surprise snow fall that no one expected.” Sera looked puzzled. “People went to bed believing it would only be a light snow shower, he made it a blizzard. His outward appearance is much different then what he has inside. He has huge potential.” ‘And I intend to test it, both of you.’ She smiled.

Sera smiled. “I hope that he didn’t hear that. He’ll get all cocky.” The two turned to find Yuki entangled in the Gym sign.


“BAKA-SAN!! You’re breaking things again!”

Sapphire waked up and kicked the sign to break it, freeing Yuki’s head. “Honestly, you tow cause more destruction before I get my morning coffee than I do all day.”

Yuki smiled. “Now, I know I saw that door… THERE!” He ran into the door and fell in to the sand.

“Doors need to be OPENED Baka-san!”

“I knew that.” Yuki said, holding on to his nose. “Damn, that hurts.” He stood up, his backpack falling from his back, the contents falling to the sand. “Damnit again. I thought I fixed those straps after the Regice event. He lifted the bag and dumped the rest of the items. Pencils, paper, pokeballs, items, trinkets of good luck and protection laid at the team’s feet. “Fat lot of good the good luck charms did us.” Yuki said, picking one up.

“What do you mean by that?” Sera asked, slightly puzzled by the boys shift from excitement to solitude.

“We got attacked by Aqua and Magma-Dans…”

“Torchic evolved.”

“We got to the Island when it froze.”

“We met a legendary Pokemon, and both our Ralts evolved.”

“We were attacked on the beach.”

“Taillow evolved and we got to see a chosen one in action.”

“We were blown off course and I was forced into marriage.”

“You caught Wingull.”

“I was almost trapped in a Virtual Dimension.”

“You caught Sableye.”

“Shut up.”

Sera smiled and picked up a book. It was old, torn, and burned, but the title was still readable. “ ‘The True Chosen’?” Sera asked as she scanned the title. She flipped it open. “The ways to become a chosen are simple. One may have the powers granted by birth, the powers may be given by one who no longer wants to bear the power of the gods, and finally, one may commit a sin, and kill in the pursuit of power.” She blinked. “That’s about the same thing Sapphire said. You feed us a watered down version of this… not all that difficult explanation. What, do you think were idiots or something?”

Sapphire hummed quietly to herself. “No, we had 6 pages for that chapter, and I didn’t feel like pushing the limit. Oh, look, the door lets go inside.” She smiled. “After all, your not BOTH stupid, you have some redeeming qualities Sera.”

“And Me?” Yuki asked.

“You… have a gym battle to fight.” She said, puling Yuki inside. “Kids today.” She laughed.

‘She’s still a kid, you’re not an adult till your eight teen’ Sera thought. ‘She’s got a year to go, just like Yuuki.’

~~~~~Else where. ~~~~

“What part of get the hell out of my way don’t you understand?” Yuuki asked, looking at a large group of Aqua-Dan members. Several were bandaged, most, however, were not. “I guess you didn’t learn your lesson in Dewford. Allow me to reinforce it.” He smiled, becoming wrapped in a yellow light. “Zapdos, It’s time to teach them a lesson, Kanto style.” He stepped forward to summon his god when, from behind the team, a large blue Panther like dog leapt forth. Holding on to a Crystal like horn on the pokemon’s head, a man with blue hair that fell over his face sat, wrapped in what appeared to be purple rain clouds that came from the pokemon’s neck.

“Yuuki, didn’t Steven or Sapphire tell you to stop being so reckless with Zapdos? I swear. Get on; you’re late enough as it is.” The man said in a voice as clean as water. The Dog Pokemon nodded and bent down as the glow around Yuuki faded.

“Ok, Wallace, Chosen of Suicune, Dog god of Water.” Yuuki pushed off the ground and landed on the dogs back. “Let’s go, Shall we?”

~~~At the Dewford Gym~~~~

Yuki grabbed a pokeball and tossed it into the air. “Kirlia!” He yelled as the dancing psychic danced out in a shower of lights and stars, its blue ‘hat’ sparked with mental activity. “Let’s show them how Mind triumphs over Body!” Yuki smiled, catching the falling pokeball.

“Confidence swells up from beneath; However, It takes more than that to defeat meith.”

“That sucked.” Sapphire commented, leaning against the wall.

“You’re not coming up with any poems” Brawly commented under his breath. He pushed his blue hair up and smiled. “Now, let’s begin. Makuhita!” A large orange skinned Pokemon ran from a separate room into the arena. It wore black boxing gloves, and, despite its round appearance, it looked incredibly fit. “Makuhita, Start up with Arm Thrust!” Makuhita thrust its arm forward.

“Reflect Kirlia!” Yuki smiled, the whole battle was playing in his head. First, Reflect, He watched Makuhita tumble back. Then “Psybeam!” He yelled. The blue psychic’s two red horns glowed with a rainbow light, condensed the power, and shot it at the fighter. The beam took the shape of many rainbow needles in the air, each one piercing the orange skin of its target.

“Impressive.” Brawly smiled. “But you can’t keep it up.” He recalled the orange fighter to its pokeball. He grabbed another one from his side. “Machop Lets GO!”

Sapphire smiled and walked out of the gym. ‘I’m going to have to confirm my suspicions about this.’ She thought, walking to the coast line. ‘If I’m right, then I may have to become a murderer… again.’ She stopped and placed her hands in her pockets. ‘I might have to kill you Yuki, before the power corrupts you… like it did Alex.’ She returned to her walk. She came to the large Dewford Cave at the northern end of the island. “There is only one way I can think of.” She said, becoming wrapped in a light blue glow. “And that Is Articuno’s Hell.” The glow shot out and wove its way in to the cave. A sparking blue bird, wings the color and shape of Ice crystals, an apparent crown of them on its head, and a long flowing tail appeared in the heart of the cavern. It cawed, and the cave began to freeze. “My test… I hope you can come back alive you two.” She said, walking inside. She wasn’t smiling; her thoughts had caused her smile to disappear, to freeze away.

Yuki lifted his fist into the air as Wingull took flight. “Water Gun!” The Pokemon concentrated the water vapor into to a stream that blasted the fighting Pokemon. Machop stood, taking the blast, smiling. “What the hell?” ‘Most Pokemon can’t stand up to Water Gun!’

“Machop, Seismic Toss!” Brawly ordered, thrusting his fist forward. The blue, human shaped Pokemon leapt at Wingull, grabbing both of the Pokemon’s wings, and leaping up. The Pokemon touched the ceiling, he flipped and they were both sent head long in to the floor. Yuki panicked, trying to come up with a plan.

“WINGULL! SUPER SONIC!” He yelled. The Pokemon opened its beak and sent sound waves echoing through the room. Machop let go of Wingull in the confusion and flew into the ground as Wingull took flight. Machop disappeared into his pokeball as Brawly reached behind him.

“Roxanne did the same thing no? Using a secret super powerful Pokemon?” Yuki nodded. “Well, here is mine, MACHAMP, LETS SHOW THEM MUSCLE!” Brawly tossed a blue pokeball with two red ridges into the field. “Machamp, Lets roll!”

Yuki smiled and returned Wingull. “Swellow, Lets go, Wing Attack!” The blue swallow flew at the four armed Pokemon that held a similar color to Machop. “SPIN!” He yelled. The Pokemon spun, making a whirlwind like effect as he crashed into Machamp, sending the fighter against the wall. Machamp forced himself back into the arena.

“Machamp, Toxic!” Machamp reached to its power belt and grabbed a vile with a purple liquid in it. The Pokemon rank it and spat it at Swellow. The flying type adsorbed the purple into its feathers, Swellow was poisoned.

“Damnit…” ‘Wait… back on Trainers Island. I read that book… Swellow’s Power is Guts! It gets stronger when it’s poisoned! Of course!’ Yuki smiled. “Swellow, Secret Power!” Swellow flapped forward, splitting into yellow copies, smashing into the four armed fighting Pokemon, sending it sky wards. “NOW, AIRIAL ACE!” Yuki yelled, his plan falling into place despite the set back that was Machamp. Swellow shot up and cut across Machamp’s back, sending it tumbling into the crater that Machop had made. Machamp fell limp, unable to continue against Swellow.

Brawly bit his lip as he returned Machamp. “Damnit. This kids nothing to sneeze at. Well Yuki, This match goes to you. But, we are in each others Pokenavs, so I’ll call you next time I want to fight you!” He placed a badge in Yuki’s hand. The boy looked down at it. In the shape of a fist, the badge shined a blue and red. Yuki smiled.

“Thanks Brawly. I hope we can fight again.” Sera moved to Swellow, taking out a yellow bottle and forcing the Pokemon to drink the Antidote. Yuki shoved the badge in his pocket.

“Dude, don’t tell me you’ve been keeping your badges in your pocket, your spose to keep them on your Trainer’s Card. Like this.” He took the badge from Yuki’s pocket and Trainer card from his front pocket. The stuck the badge on the trainer card on the second box. “Where’s the Stone Badge?”

Yuki felt around in his pockets. “Don’t tell me…”

“I kept it Baka-san.” Sera said, stepping forward. She put the stone colored badge on the card and gave it back to its owner. “Now, let’s go Sapphire!” she turned around and pushed her Dark red hair away from her eyes. “Sapphire?”

Yuki thanked Brawly again and ran to the door, flinging it open. “Sapphire?” He asked, stepping outside. “Sapphire?” He leapt back as an explosion rocked the ground in front of him. “Land mines? What kind of freak uses land mines?”

“Freaks named Sapphire that’s who.” Sera replied. “What the hell is she doing?”


Chapter 11 Preview: Articuno’s Hell. The test made by the Chosen of Articuno. Yuki and Sera take this test. What will they do?

Ties Bound By Battle
Chapter 11
Articuno’s Hell and the Test of the Frozen Girl’s Heart

"You Ernistly beleive that?"
OK, OK, OK, I SAID the next chapter would be a special, We might Not GET the Christmas special, if we do, It'll be after Christmas. Thanks Tezza for that review, I'll keep that in mind as I continue working. If I wanted too, I would Splice the next chapter with this, but, I thought the next chapter, Articuno's hell, deserved a chapter all to it's self. I only came to that conclusion once the draft started. But it will be good, I swear that on my life.
We learned a fair bit about Sapphire in this chapter, and we met another Chosen, Wallace! Look foward to the next chapter. Will we see Sapphire in battle? Maybe.

Wandering Rhythmical Phoenix
22nd December 2005, 2:49 AM
Yuki thanked Brawly again and ran to the door, flinging it open. “Sapphire?” He asked, stepping outside. “Sapphire?” He leapt back as an explosion rocked the ground in front of him. “Land mines? What kind of freak uses land mines?”

“Freaks named Sapphire that’s who.” Sera replied. “What the hell is she doing?”

Ties Bound By Battle
タイはBattle によって区切る
Chapter 11
第11 章
Articuno’s Hell and the Test of the Frozen Girl’s Heart
Articuno の凍結する女の子の中心の地獄そしてテスト

Steven deposited his reading glasses back into his vest pocket. “I see. So, that’s the theory on Yuki?” He asked, holding a folder in his hands.

“It’s more than a theory; I’ve seen it first hand.” Yuuki started. “Sapphire’s all but confirmed it.”

“And who is this Sapphire?” Wallace asked, turning to the green haired teenager.

“No one that is of any importance to you.” He said, bluntly and to the point, slamming his fist on the beach table.

“Yuuki. Calm your self, Wallace is risking his life spying on Aqua-dan to get us this damned information.” The silver haired boy yelled, flinging the folder at Yuuki.





Wallace sighed and took a sip of his lemon aid. “They both must like this girl.” He laughed.


A cold wind tore through Yuki and Sera as they stood in front of the Dewford cave. “I’ll bet you she’s in there. No, I promise you she’s in there.” Yuki said, shivering slightly. Sera nodded.

“I don’t doubt that at all.”

The two trainers held hands as they entered the icy cave. Yuki tightened his grip on Sera, but the girl had other things on her mind. ‘Sapphire, I know I promised to keep this a secret… but I can’t keep it hidden any longer…’ “Baka-san.”


“Sapphire… she’s a chosen.”

“What?” Yuki turned to face Sera, shock over taking his body.

“During the fight with Yuuki, something happened to you, Sapphire was calling you a catalyst… She Summoned Articuno…. She has a god Yuki! Sapphire has a god! If she wants to fight her, how? She’s got to be stronger than us!”

Yuki clenched his fist and looked down. “Heh. So that’s her secret? I was hoping for something big, like she was a space alien or something.”


“Sapphire’s a mortal human just like us. As long as she’s human, she’s defeat able.”

“Is that what you earnestly believe?” Sapphire’s voice echoed. “Listen kiddies, it’s best for you to just run along to Slateport. You won’t survive in here.”

“Shut the hell up.” Both trainers replied.

“We’re going to stay in here.” Yuki replied.

“And were going to pass this stupid test. And if we get to beat you in the process…”

“It’s an added bonus for betraying our trust!”

Sapphire laughed and placed a sphere of ice back on a stalagmite. “Those kids have no idea WHAT their in for.” Articuno cawed in an evil manner. “Yes my pet. I have no intention of hurting them, just… challenging them….”


Yuuki blew a smoke ring up at the moon as he walked along the beach. “Where are you going Yuuki?”

The boy turned around to see Steven standing about ten feet behind him. “What the hell do you want?”

“I want to know where you’re going. Are you going to Sapphire? Or…”

“I’m going to check on Martel’s gravestone. Then… god only knows…”

“Christmas is coming, what are you getting Sapphire?”

“Nothing. You know that I don’t celebrate Christmas. So what? It’s the birth of the first Chosen One. I don’t care. It’s not necessary to celebrate.” The two looked at each other.


“One more thing. Make sure Yuki gets this.” Yuuki said, tossing a Pokeball to Steven. “It’s important.”

~~~~Dewford, Articuno’s Hell~~
Combusken landed on its taloned feet as she defeated the bolder-like Geodude. “That’s Geodude twenty seven. We have to be close…”

Yuki’s nose twitched at the thought. “Sapphire… what the hell does she want with us?” He asked as they approached a wall of solid ice that stood before a path way. “Sera, my lovely little honey, if you would.”

“Don’t call me that Baka-san; the cold must be getting to you. Combusken, Ember into Double Kick!” The Fire type fighter ran forward and heated the ice before leaping up and splintering the frozen barrier. “Contest plan one, the blazing kick.”

“Cant you just use Blaze Kick?”

“Can’t you both shut up?” Sapphire asked, her voice echoing through the room. Yuki stepped forward.

“Draw your Pokeball. Were going to fight.” He said darkly. “You are… I hate you… I trusted you… NOW FIGHT ME!” He roared.

“If that’s what you really want.” Sapphire sneered, sitting on Articuno, her light blue aura becoming more prominent. “Mightyena, Houndoom, Go!” The Golden wolf leapt from behind the God, and she was followed by an imposing black demonic dog. Its ears appeared to be horns, and it wore almost bone like structures along its back, topped off by an apparent necklace that resembled a skull. Yuki took a step back at the intimidating glare of the beast.

“No… I can’t hesitate this time…. Sera, Lets go!” The amber haired boy yelled. His look showed determination as he ripped a pokeball from his belt. “MARSHTOMP! LET’S SHOW HER WHAT TRUE POWER IS!”

The blue Mudfish appeared wearing the same look as its trainer. “Combusken, Let’s help.” Sera nodded, running beside Yuki. “You take Houndoom, Let me handle Mightyena.”

“Right. Marshtomp, Water Gun!” Yuki pointed at the black hell dog as a Jet of water shot from the pokemon’s mouth. Sera watched his actions.

‘Amazing, Yuki’s tough, and he’s not getting possessed or whatever… It’s time for me to step up to the plate…’ “Combusken, Double Kick into Slash!”

The battle raged, destroying the cave, melting the ice, and causing Articuno to fade. Sapphire fell to her knees. “Damnit…” she swore as she collapsed in a heap.

“Sapphire!” Yuki yelled, running over to her.

‘Wow, he did a real Three sixty. I guess I’ll have to look more into this Possession thing. Ahh hell, I’m gonna pass out.’ Sapphire closed her eyes.


The waves rocked against the boat as Sapphire woke up. “Where the hell…? Yuki?”

Yuki entered the room. “Oh, Your up.” He blinked. “We’re on the boat to Slateport, It just came into view. Good wake up timing.” He smiled. “Come on!”

Sapphire smiled.

Special 1 Preview: Christmas in Slateport! Not much else to say… Untill Yuki gets kidnapped by Santa.

Ties Bound By Battle
Special 1
HO! HO! HO! Santa spells Holiday Doom! “You were trapped in CANDY CANE BARS? Why didn’t you eat out Baka-san?”
“I have to worry about holiday weight as it is…”
It was Short... I might go back later, In another Special, and redo it. I said there would be a special, and Goddamnit, there will be!!

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This Fic has gone quiet. Pity, I wasn't looking forward to the christmas special, but the whole story was actually becoming pretty appealing. I'm going to miss it if it goes down in the archives.