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Hatred Flame
26th November 2005, 6:06 AM
Disclaimer: i dont own FFVII of FFX, but i do own me, but not my girlfriend!

This story takes place 2 years after FFVII.

I need help with a title!!


A Tall man stood by the edge of the Moonflow, his long, silver hair being pushed to one side by the wind. A large sword hung in its sheath at his side. He stood there for merely a moment, looking across the banks of the river to see his destination, the city of Guadosalam.

The man walked along the Moonflow bank to the shoopuf station, where he had boarded one of the large, green, passenger carrying elephants to take him across the river, bringing him closer to his goal. He arrived on the Moonflow’s North Bank 30 minutes later, resting while the shoopuf carried him across the waters. He walked along the slightly dusty trail to Guadosalam, along the way destroying simple Water Flan that got in his way, destroying them with the greatest of ease.

He had finally reached it. Guadosalam. This was city where he was told to go if he wanted his memories back. He had traversed many hardships since he had wound up in Spira 2 years ago. He had come this far, and couldn’t give up yet. The Great Sephiroth’s journey had begun.

So, what do you guys think? i'll have chapter 1 up by wednesday, just tweaking it. The whole story isnt about Sephiroth, there will be the other people, including the FFVII crew

26th November 2005, 6:16 AM
We don't allow short first posts in this subforum.
The prolouge is too short, even for a prolouge.

But I do have to give you points for describing Sephiroth, but nothing else.

Plus, it looks really rushed. You'll need more description on other things in the prolouge and every chapter after it.

Please delete this thread and repost the thread with the first chapter before a mod closes it.

Zephyr Flare
26th November 2005, 11:33 AM
The rules are a one strike chance, stop trying to be a mod when you're not and just report things ¬¬

You have till the next chapter to imrpove this fic standard, if it fails and still does not comply with the rules it will be closed.