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26th November 2005, 5:56 PM
Magical Hack
U: Interrupt
Change the text of any card being played or already in play by replacing one basic land type with another. For example, you can change "swampwalk" to "plainswalk."
Change the text of target permanent or spell by replacing all instances of one basic land type with another.
(For example, you may change "swampwalk" to "plainswalk." If this spell targets a permanent, play it as an instant.)

# Oct 4, 2004 - Alters all occurrences of the chosen word in the text box and the type line of the given card.
# Oct 4, 2004 - Can target a card with no appropriate words on it, or even one with no words at all.
# Oct 4, 2004 - It can't change a word to the same word. It must be a different word.
# Oct 4, 2004 - You can't change proper nouns (i.e. card names) such as "Island Fish Jasconius".
# Oct 4, 2004 - It only changes what is printed on the card (or set on a token when it was created or set by a copy effect). It will not change any effects that are on the permanent.
# Oct 4, 2004 - You choose the words to change on resolution.
# Oct 4, 2004 - Changing the text of a spell will not allow you to change the targets of the spell because the targets were chosen when the spell was played. The text change will (probably) cause it to be countered since the targets will be illegal.
# Oct 4, 2004 - If you change the text of a spell which is to become a permanent, the permanent will retain the text change until the effect wears off.
# Oct 4, 2004 - It can be used to change a land's type from one basic land type to another. For example, a Forest can be change to an Island so it produces blue mana.

This card seems very fun. Since this card doesn't stop at the end of your turn AND it's an instant so it goes on forever (unless it's bounced)and cant be destroyed. This card seems way to fun. Hi, I played Skyshroud Behemoth. *next turn* sup, I play burrow/fishliver oil on skyshround behemoth.

*play magical hack*
*swing in for 10*
*opponent cries*

Sadly, not many people have walks IMO which makes this card lose its play value
The Duck's Rating: 1.5/5

BTW, did i just find a use for skyshround behemoth =O no, it still sucks >.>

Sergay Wang
26th November 2005, 6:14 PM
Used to be used to counter stuff like Boil or Flashfire. Other then that, it's fairly pointless. That's why Spectral Shift (from 5th Dawn IIRC) was better- it also allowed changing the color and had entwine.


Shadow Trainer
26th November 2005, 6:44 PM
As mentioned by King Loki only really useful for stopping Boil,Flashfires and there ilk.I could see maybe using this with a bunch of Landwalking creatures to punch through a ton of damage, but it it would be a really weak deck.I also agree that Spectral Shift>Magical Hack. 2/5

29th November 2005, 6:02 PM
Hmm... Useless.
Besides, unblockable owns landwalk.