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27th November 2005, 9:47 AM
What was your fanfic inspired by?

My newest fanfic, Fullmetal Alchemist: Other Worlds, was inspired actually by Jimmy Neutron.

I was watching Jimmy one time and I thought......

"Ed's an alchemist. Jimmy can like put a magic pen in a Game Boy and teleport himself home, which somehow kinda makes him kinda like an alchemist.

I GOT AN IDEA! The Elrics will somehow get themselves stuck in Jimmy's worlds first and then other worlds!"

Here's a little spoiler for the final world that the Elrics get themselves stuck in before they get home. The world of Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends.
My first fanfic, Super Ash Bros Melee, a two-shot script comedy hit, was inspired by TX2's Flash animation in Newgrounds, which is Super Ash Bros. Melee. I know the names are the same.
A fics gotta be inspired by something, so, again.......

What was your fanfic inspired by?

27th November 2005, 5:21 PM
Here's an interesting one-- I started writing Pokemon fanfics because of a fanfic idea I had for Digimon.

I also got an idea from that show Cousin Skeeter once, and an Original Fic idea from Harvest Moon.

27th November 2005, 5:30 PM
NL, NH: Umm, if I work it out I'll tell you. Varied, some parts fom movies, some from dreams, some from real life experience.

Emerald Lands: A dream I had. A very odd dream, but a dream none the less.

Final Choice: Reading a really poor Rayquaza based one-shot, and deciding to try my hand at writing a good one.

You: Umm, no comment at this time.

The 31 Day Promise: Once more, dream.

I'm a very dreamy person. Sosume.

27th November 2005, 7:19 PM
Phoenix? Well, I was about halfway through the Rising Storm and I was feeling sad. I had really enjoyed writing the rising storm, so I wracked my brains to find an idea for another story. I don't know how I came up with it, but I stumbled upon in the confines of my mind, Phoenix. I spent a whole night thinking over the Prologue, choosing the words, excetra. I then spent the next day thinking over the characters.

I toyed with the idea of the main character being male, buut every time I did, an image of 'Conan the Barbarian' Popped into my mind. (Really cheesy, a bad movie starring Arnold Schwartzenager, however you spell his last name) So I settled on Tala, and soon after came up with Domego. :)

Shrike Flamestar
27th November 2005, 9:28 PM
Well, Pokemon Zero was inspired by another fan-fic I read a while ago that was in turn inspired by Animorphs. So, I suppose you could say mine is indirectly inspired by Animorphs.

I was also inspired partially by Yu-Gi-Oh GX for the setting (a Battling Academy, similar to GX's Dueling Academy).

Hmm, add in a small dash of Tales of Symphonia for the Tower of Sol (it's quite similar in looks to the Tower of Salvation, however otherwise it's completely different)

In the next part (Part 3) Shrike's going to enter a tournament with Zack, which I really want to do after seeing the last Battle Frontier episosde (Battle Dome! Fusion of Fire and Water)

There's probably a lot more small infulences as well that I can't remember.

27th November 2005, 9:34 PM
Sin was inspired by several things.

First, there was that brilliant movie, Shaun of the Dead. That partly inspired the whole "pseudo Sin-infected flesh-eating" concept.

Incorporating Missingno was from my desire to explain a possible idea of how Missingno could operate if it actually existed in the Pokemon world, and since it's notorious for completely corrupting data and making Pokemon attain levels as high as 600, I decided to make it a biological, intelligent virus that attacked Pokemon, giving them high levels of power for the price of their mental stability and their lives.

The bigger plot in question was inspired by two brilliant songs from Broadway hit Rent's soundtrack: One Song Glory and Over the Moon.

Zeffy's character was inspired by a group of people I used to associate with in Tokyo-- they were commomly referred to as the yamanba, and they were so unique, I wanted to pay tribute to my old friends with Zeffy's personality. Psycho the Paras is just based on my two cats. XP

And there you have it. XD

Burnt Flower
27th November 2005, 9:42 PM
'Two of a Kind' was mainly inspired by a strange theory one user had back in 2002 after the first Advance picture came out.

My one-shots were inspired by different things. My first one-shot 'A Life's Worth' was inspired by reading a yaoi manga while listening to an Avril Lavigne song (DON'T ASK XD), 'Within One's Reach' was inspired by looking at the pokedex entry of a Shuppet, and 'Blessed Liquid' was inspired by my visit to Chile.

Ryano Ra
27th November 2005, 10:07 PM
Sky was inspired by stories, people, and imagination.

First and foremost, the place. Galabonia was crafted from the world that I had specifically built. The inspiration first came from when I first picked up a book called Eragon and studied the map for days and days. I loved how he made his own places with such tantalizing, fantasy-elemented names. I first named my new 'region' Silverpeth, which was being used in Bloodstained Swords and its revisions. However, the story fell apart because the region and my ideas fell apart.

One year later, I ressurrected the region and gave it more unique names with fantasy environments, naming it Galabonia. I structured different settlements, oceans, ports, cities, islands, towns, and also sliced the large region into six even sections; Zeta, Beta, Meta, Alpha, Talpha, and Yalpha. Each section is also connected by the long-running ocean that can be accessed from the islands of the Kanto Region, nearly two months away. The Galabonian race and its beautiful English/Latin language was inspiration of the places in Mexico and Michigan, how two different languages can collide so wonderfully.

Havigma and Hatill are simply the new Galabonian names for 'Heaven' (Havigma) and 'Hell' (Hatill). Their support systems and their collision came from my studies about the world itself, though I structured theories of my own. I explain how Havigma and Hatill work together to make the world, for heaven is the morning and hell is the night. Havigma accepts the pure humans and Hatill accepts the ones associated with beastly features, taintedness, magic, anything supernatural to the world. All of this was inspired from the world itself and the research about possible 'magic'.

The plot of the story was inspired from my many unsuccessful stories, crafting their remains together and producing the plot. The Slinx Insanity Virus was inspired by my great friend, Scrap, and her story, Sin. I used the inspiration to cast a virus upon the humans and people of Galabonia, sending those infected into pure insanity and brainwashed. *gives Scrap a spider-shaped, icing-coated pink cookie with snake eyes* 8D

The main character, Zale Xancros, was inspired from one of my best friends that I attend high school with. He's such a courageous and well-built person, and his hardcore personality struck me as completely unique and different. I took the base of his personality and created more unique, exotic, distinct features to make him seem original. Other characters, such as Venus, Professor Paradisa, Rochelle, and others came from my past stories, with new names, personality, and better-sounding features.

Zale's pet, Xialor the Delcatty, who eats strawberries, was inspired from MY OWN cat, Scout. She's a crazy cat that runs around my house and basically snags food from places I'd never thought she would, plus catching her one day licking a strawberry that my father bit off of and accidentally left on the living coffee table. XD Seeing how since then, everytime my family eats strawberries she watches us carefully to see if we'll give her one, gave me the idea of basing a Pokemon character off of her. So then, I created Xialor, a strawberry-eating Delcatty with quick speed and pure silliness, just like my 1-year-old cat.

27th November 2005, 10:22 PM
I got the inspiration for my fanfic Jewel Eyes after reading the Naruto manga and watching an episode of Yu-Gi-Oh! I thought the idea of living vessels for spirits is a pretty interesting idea, so I decided to incorporate it into a Pokemon fanfic.

27th November 2005, 10:32 PM
"The Heart of the Cards", my first fic; was inspired by playing the Game Boy version of the TCG.

The day I finished it, I wondered 'How would they pull off the TCG in the anime?' Thus, "Heart" was born

The Pikachu Diaries were inspired by reading through episode guides...I wondered "How would Pikachu tell us this if we could see the episode through his eyes?" That's why the entries include little events that didn't occur in the real episodes--those were things only Pikachu got to see.

"The Ash and Pikachu Show" was inspired by those Looney Tunes montage movies and TV shows (such as "The Bugs Bunny and Tweety Show"; which is where the title was derived)

"Pokemon Rescue Force" was mainly written to celebrate the release of Pokemon Mysterious Dungeon; but some of the missions are Pokemon-ified versions of "Chip n' Dale's Rescue Rangers" cartoons.

27th November 2005, 11:03 PM
I have actually quite a bit to say about Reality's Crossroads, even though I haven't written much of it and it's not on the forums yet. It's really interesting, and I think it'll get you interested in reading it. Wow, I think I might have more to say than Serpent Syra...So I suppose I'll start now.

The very, very, very first thing that sparked even a bit of an idea for the story was from way back when Burnt Flower's story, Two of a Kind, hadn't been posted yet. In fact, it was several months before it was posted, and I was reading the preview here in the Author's Cafe. It was, of course, the scene where Haruka was torturing Kasumi. Even though I've never been a huge fan of horror (although I don't neccesarily HATE it), I was inspired by this scene to write on of my own involving Kasumi and fire. Thus a random scene was written. Hokage replaced Haruka, and Kasumi was actually inside a room in the Team Magma base, chained to the wall by her wrists, ankles and neck. That was actually a scene which, when the story gets to that point, a very important idea will be conveyed. But I'm not going to tell you what it is yet.

Next up was my reading, rereading and rereading again that excerpt I wrote. I had written a few more random scenes, all from different plotlines, and I planned to choose one of them to build a story around them once I had filled up a section of my writing notebook with little clippets. Well, I hadn't even filled up a fifth, but I became so obsessed with the scene involving Kasumi and Hokage that I just HAD to write the story around that. So every day I would go over that scene in my mind, trying to come up with ideas that I could build a story around. After about one or two months of doing this, I came across a manga that inspired another scene that would end up to become another part of the story: xxxHolic.

The scene in that manga that inspired me was in the very first chapter of the first volume, when Yuuko was defining the word hitsuzen to Watanuki. It took quite a while, about another month, but I eventually reread that volume and something sparked in my mind. It was another scene involving Hokage, but it was actually quite true to the scene in the aforementioned manga. Kagari was speaking to Hokage of the concept of hitsuzen, and for some reason I also got the idea of insence burning. Simply because I wanted to. Anyhow, I sort of meddled with this scene a bit and poof! It became intertwined with the scene involving Kasumi. Of course, there was a lot more to come after that, and it would be a while until Reality's Crossroads started being written.

After that happened, I started thinking of Kagari as some a person intertwined with worlds outside our own...A medium, if you will. However, she was much different than that in my mind. I toyed with her a bit, and after more intertwining between scenes and long periods of sitting and thinking, a strange sort of love triangle formed within the story: Kagari, Hokage and Izumi. Hokage is actually in love with Izumi, but something happens to her at one point in the story. Over time he begins to get over it, although never completley, and a relationship begins to form with him and Kagari. However, Kagari dosen't know that Hokage still loves Izumi. Actually she never knew in the first place. Hokage, on the other hand, just wants to keep their relationship as it is...A sort of sibling-like relationship. I swear, something I saw once inspired this, but I can't remember what.

I wrote a lot of scenes, some of which I can't remember, and most of them never really flew. I worked my ideas and, just when I thoght I had exactly what I needed to start working, something happened. Whisper, a person on the forums, is a very good friend of mine in real life, and we were talking one day. We have a sort of an RPG thing that we sometimes do, and she said something to me. It's only one sentence - four words, in fact - but it had a collossal effect on the story.

"Fear the Shadow-touched."

Later Whisper told me that it was just a random sentence she came up with, but it triggered coutless things in our wild imaginations. What we came up with was this: Seventy-six years before the anime took place, all Pokemon dissappeared from the face of the earth. Nobody knew what happened; some thought that the gods were angry for the humans' mistreatment of the creatures, others placed the blame on science. Either way, strange things began to happen. People began to find that they had their own special powers, like those that the Pokemon had. There were fifteen different varieties of these powers, which were dubbed 'touches', as follows: the Fire-touched, Water-touched, Earth-touched (plants and such), Air, Storm, Spark, Shaow, Light, Mind, Spirit, Scale (allows you to turn into a dragon-like creature), Steel, Poison, Stone and Shifter. For two years, people used these powers for generally good purposes, and they became a part of daily life. However, as should be expected, some people began to despise such a peaceful life, and two organizations were formed: Team Magma of the Fire-toched and Team Aqua of the Water-touched. The Teams were hugely powerful with both these new abilities called Touches and weapon use, and they quickly gained control over the Echo Crossorads, a large desert that connected the reigons. Death and bloodshed became common, and for seventy-four years the Teams were passed through the hands of three Leaders. The third leaders, Aogiri and Matsubusa, now rule the Teams. In the story, though, something is different: Pokemon do still exist. They're just extremely rare; it's as if every species of Pokemon is endagnered. If this dosen't make sense, more will be explained in the first chapter of the story, don't worry.

I don't know when this happened, so I'll put it in last. In the Pokemon Manga, Hokage always wears his hair over one eye. This struck me as odd, because wouldn't Hokage need to use that eye? But then a very strange idea struck me: what if Hokage couldn't use that eye anyhow? So the idea of Hokage being blind in one eye was created. I wrote a scene over how he had lost his eye (which was in a freak training accident, to make a long story short), and thus I began to write more about Hokage's past. I decided that he would have lived, as a child, in a house in the middle of nowhere that was eventually destoryed in a battle between his parents (who were members of Team Magma) and Team Aqua. The ruins of the house are actually the setting for the prolouge. Once I decided that, I began to write the story, and voila! There you have it; the extremley long-winded story of how Reality's Crossroads came to be!

27th November 2005, 11:48 PM
The bigger plot in question was inspired by two brilliant songs from Broadway hit Rent's soundtrack: One Song Glory and Over the Moon.

I knew it! The 'time flies, time dies' in your banner! I was thinking Rent, but I thought I'd feel stupid if I brought up One Song Glory and that wasn't it.

The end xD.

27th November 2005, 11:51 PM
Well, The Ninetales' Curse came about last year when I had first gotten my LeafGreen version. I was having a great time playing, and in the process of filling out my pokédex, I of course came across the Ninetales entry. I had completely forgotten about it, and when I read it, I started to wonder just what sort of curse the Ninetales might dish out.

27th November 2005, 11:56 PM
Dust to Deceit did not really have anytrue inspirations. Instead, it was more of a motivation. Two summers ago, I remember quite clearly why I began my precious Dust to Deceit saga. To put an interesting sense of pizzazz into trainer fics, and to show up every other trainer fic written here, since back then, there were tons of trainer fics at the time. I also wanted it to be THE most original trainer fic there was, and according to most, it was close. Still, for some reason, I think it was a loss of interest, I gave up by the end of 2004. Now, I have restarted it, and took new inspirations for new events and things.

The Oni legendaries are inspired by a twisted blend of demon folklore, from Japanese stories, to the kinds you find in medevil timed videogames.The Orbital Occult is inspired by my own ideology to seek out the stars and forge an upwards manifest destiny. That is where Dust to Deceit is now, and I am almost glad for that year long break in the action.

As for Fossil Fool, it's simply just something I whipped up in less than four hours of letting my creativity run wild. There is very little, if none at all, inspiration involvement.

Lady Barbara
28th November 2005, 12:05 AM
I think the link to my fanfics on FFN is still in my sig. Anyhow, my first fanfic "Bittersweet" was inspired by my own life experiences. "A Summer's Day" was written for an FFN-sponsored contest. "For Love and Honor" was written based on an old shipping thread about Koga and who he'd best be paired with. "The Evils of Truth and Love," my one and only Rocketshipping fic was my own creation with some much needed assistance from a good friend via MSN and email conversations about the anime.

28th November 2005, 2:49 AM
World Saviors was inspired by Quest 64, Pokemon, Yu Yu Hakusho, and Dragonball (the original and Z).

Quest 64 and pokemon inspired me on the elements, while YYH and Dragonball inspired me on fight scenes and power ups and etc.

28th November 2005, 2:54 AM
My fanfic which is untitled was actually inspired by the fic called The Pokemon Rebellion by Typhlogirl. I like the idea and it branch off to another idea and now it is a completely different idea from it execept some.

28th November 2005, 7:30 AM
Misty's Miracle: I must say that when one reads this story, one would wonder how I came up with it. Well, sit back and get ready for a long story. It all started when I read the (probably forever) unfinished AAML fic, In the Voice of A Gypsy by WaterEevee. In it, it had Misty have her very own Pikachu, known as Pik, and an idea was born. I wanted to make a supposed sequal to the story. However, knowing the laws of writing stories, I knew I had to ask the author first and be approved of it. So I asked and she accepted.

Next up, how to use the charcter? What would it be about? I decided to do a married life of Ash and Misty and how they get through having their first child. However, finding that the idea was unoriginal, I knew I had to do something. I was at a blank. Finally, when all hope seemed lost, I remembered how my dad said that I was lucky to be in this world due to the fact that my mom has a condition of some kind. And at long last, the fic was born.

People often don't understand this and redeem certian parts. They don't understand that I was making it to suit my mom's unique tastes. She was the one the truly inspired it. And a hidden rule that some of us know when writing a story, you respect what inspired you.

Some of the individual chapters are inspired by one thing or antoher as well.

Chapter 3 is inspired by the ep "Sick Daze." It was inspired by how bad Misty's cooking was for that one time, and I decided to play around with that. Besides that, I had this crazy idea of Misty's cooking actually tasting good. However, I still wanted her cooking to be bad. So what's the simpliest way of doing that? Make them sick. So good taste, bad stomach reaction. :D This crazy idea made Chapter 3 the epitome of comedy for the story. Despite it's short length, the comedy in it more than makes up for it.

Chapter 5 was inspired by my sister's wedding. I must admit though, despite Chapter 5 being my first attempt at Songfic, and doing 3 songs for it was basically pushing it, I'd say it's probably one of my best pieces of work.

Chapter 6 is the breaking point of the fic. Despite it taking 6 chapters to finally get around the main plot, one must understand that I had to work with a new kind of life Ash and Misty had. Giving some background to their married life was a better move than just starting with the plot and going from there. Anyways, getting back to the point, Chapter 6 is the main plot. How would Misty react when she discovers that there's little chance of her having a child? One must understand the pain she feels in order to fully understand this chapter. In fact, I make her in so much pain, that she wanted to commit suicide. With just that, you can understand just how bad she feels, huh?

Chapter 8 is a rather sick idea. Despite that, it ended up being a good one. It revolved around Ash and Misty's wedding anniversary. We've often known couples to forget about it, right? What if I took a bigger step in that? Chapter 2 revolves around Chapter 8 in its own right. In Chapter 2, I had Ash say that he had something already planned for their anniversary. With this being 6 months away, it seems that he's got it all worked out. However, that turns into a complete lie. Ash had NOTHING planned. Also, because he had to take down an evil crime organization, he was so excited about getting back home, that he forgot all about their anniversary. Why did he do it? Sex. It was a sick trick to have sex with Misty. That is wrong in it's fullest sense. Ash ends up going through a hard time now because of the stupid choice he made. Both a divorce and abortion nearly happens. Even though what he did was incredibly wrong, he was able to make Misty forgive him. Rather sick idea, yes, but I made it work.

Well, that's how my fanfic went. Ten amazing chapters in a way no one expected. It's one of a kind. Pokeshippers should definately not miss this one. If you are indifferent to the pairing, I'm sure you'll still find it enjoyable. With how good it is, you just might become a fan of Pokeshipping yourself. :)

I'll do more later. Got work to do. See ya. :)

28th November 2005, 9:21 AM
Escape From Jynx: the first chapter was inspired by Magmar and Primeape themselves. I was wondering... where did those two get their shckles from? Then I envisioned a dominatrix Jynx, and the fic wrote itself. Primeape was never included for some reason.
Chapter 2 was heavily inspired by the Sailor Moon manga.
Chapter 3 was inspired by a comment my sister made regarding sequels to cartoon movies... "You know they run out of ideas when they add siblings to the plot!" So I made Machoke a younger sister and just threw her in.
Chapter 4, well, I just wanted a Halloween story, but I was *inadvertantly* inspired by one of the Simpson's "Treehouse of Horrors".

Wild Side of Bruno: inspired by Lady Machoke's idea for a werewolf evolution of Mightyena. Actually, that idea inspired me to make a Bruno/Mightyena sprite mix, and then THAT led to the story.

Outside Looking In: inspiration came from the fact that people rarely perceive Machoke as a wild animal, and any cameos they get in fics usually portray them in a negative light. So I wanted to write a short story about a very different Machoke character.

Guilty by Design: the core inspiration came from illegal pitbull fights, and applying that concept to the Pokemon world. Most of the inspiration just came from me thinking too much and having this idea for five years now.

28th November 2005, 1:47 PM
I got the idea for my fic after thinking about Absols for awhile. I was wondering, how could anyone catch them if, whenever they are sighted, a natural disaster occurs? While the main character hasn't caught one (stil debating whether he should or not) it resulted in me writing TSJ. Which I am currenlty rewriting and trying to think up another titile for.

Yoru Ryu
28th November 2005, 2:18 PM
Is this Really Pokemon Colosseum? ~ Monty Python. Taking a simple everyday thing then taking it completly out of context. Thier sarcastic humour always floors me. Everything is made out to be a big deal with frustration. I only wish i'd givin it a higher rating to allow for more innuendo. Another i'm working on is An Elite Crusade which is also humour and heavily attributed to Monty Python's The Life of Brian.

To Reunite a Family ~ It was the film The Piano. However i find romace more difficult than fantasy and adventure so it's slowly working into that.

Most stuff that inspires chapters are the end result after a long walk in the rain or from just any of life's happanings.

29th November 2005, 1:20 AM
Hmmm, very cool idea (we've had a ton of great topics in the Cafe lately! ^_^). Inspiration is a weird thing for me, though- I just can't get it very often. In fact, I rarely start a fic with a set thing in mind! I dunno, I suppose I could conjure up some source for my insanity...

Destined Flames/Decision/Distant Appreciation: Purely coincidental. One day I just told myself I was going to write something about Pokemon and use a heavy emphasis on theme and characterization, and out plopped DF. But I didn't feel like there was any real closure at the end, so I thought about the concept of writing a trilogy: a second entry to explain Lance's feelings and thoughts and a third more traditional fic that tied up the loose ends. (Whoa, in retrospect, it seems a lot more organized than it felt while writing it... XD) Okay, I suppose there was a bit of inspiration involved in there for Decision- I was reading something where the author focused on a different theme every chapter, and I thought how awesome that would work structure-wise. So I implemented that in the fic (and I'm using a similar, yet more subtle version of the idea in Pressure).

Frozen: My one-shot was completely through a stroke of inspiration- I had just had a really lame few days and was feeling really depressed, which is rare for me and my super hyper self. ^_^ But after I watched some show on TV where it was snowing, I started to think about how the snow is like life; if your mood is good the snow seems like a blessing that nourishes the plants and gives the world more water, while if you're in a bad mood it seems cold and akin to a prison. So I used that and also some other stuff that crossed my mind as I was writing Distant Appreciation in Frozen.

Tangled Up: Kinda like Decision; I had been thinking of ways to make a fic original, so I landed upon an idea my friend had told me- a different plot each chapter, yet with a single character to bind it all together. So I used that for it, but if I do decide to continue with it, I may change the structure a bit.

Pressure: Now this is a completely different story. The inspiration that fueled this craziness was just my overactive mind, and the strange things that I have been pondering about lately. Whether it is my friends, video games, or my comic series I draw just for fun, they all keep giving me ideas for the characters that I'm using in Pressure. And there was one thing that helped me out: a certain person gave me a name of the main town in the fic, and the interesting way it sounded made me look at the fic in a different light. Now if I could only get the chapters shorter....

*Wonders if anybody fell asleep after reading this* XD

29th November 2005, 2:04 AM
I'm afraid people will laugh at me -_-...ahhh what the hell...

Hoenn Vs. Kanto
It was a long and clear dream, that I had no long before I started my Fic. I dreamed that I was a trainer, that was representing the Kanto region in a big tournament, which was called the Intercontinental Championships. I didn't really know what this tounament was all about. But I had the team that I had on my Fire red on my team in the dream. There was also this guy from the Hoenn region claiming that he would defeat me and bring shame to Kanto and after some battling I came out victorious. I had a lot of doubts about actually making the fic, but then I read Breezy's fic "A brendan may adventure" and I was like WOW. She was so good, and I wanted my fic to be just like her's, so there you go:)

29th November 2005, 2:32 AM
Inspiration for my two main Pokemon fanfics...

Rejected: Believe it or not, Rejected is actually a modified version of "Inverted Birth", my first chapter-based Pokemon fanfic. The problem with Inverted Birth was that there were next to no mysteries about the main character, a common Charmander. He was really a flat, uni-dimensional character despite the emotion in the story ; he was an angsty human-hater bent on escaping and... that's all. On top of that, he was a total jerk and self-centered.

As such, altought I had a big plot at first, the plot quickly went down the drain realising that such a character going throught such a story would have been unbelievable.

After reading throught many Pokemon fanfics of many types, I begun to gather inspiration... and then, I decided to writte an One-Shot (Captured Legends) that spoke of what would happen if the Legendary Pokemon were to be captured.

It was then that I had the big idea. I mixed elements from Inverted Birth and Captured Legends, made up an all-new, radically different hero, took back the original plot for Inverted Birth and changed the elements to fit the new character, gave the hero a past, friends, family... I developped the backstory as for why and how the Legendary Pokemon would end up captured by humans and serving them... and the final result was my darkest, deepest fanfic yet (at the exeption of Chronicles of Darkness, my very first fanfic and a SSBM fanfic by the way).

Undying: As I went throught the Serebii fanfic forum, I couldn't help but see how much trainer fics are hated and seen as cliched... and I decided to try and prove that a trainer fic could still come out as fresh and original. As such, I decided to make a trainer fic which would be seen in a first person view... from the eyes of the trainer's main Pokemon rather than from the trainer itself.

I ran into a block as for the choice for the trainer's main Pokemon however. I knew that even if I used one of the overused starters, it would still feel original (especially that I had planned for the character to have quite a complex past and deep personality)... but I felt like I could do even better.

In the end, I ended up recycling one of the characters from Rejected and using it as the main Pokemon... but far from being taking away from the story, this allowed me to explore more possibilities as the character found itself into all-new situations, with new influences, new friends, in a timeline completely different from Rejected.

In the end, the story ended up as half a trainer fic, half a story about the main Pokemon, none of the two standing out as the fic's main character. Not quite the result I had been especting... but an excellent one nevertheless.

29th November 2005, 4:18 AM
My current Fic, "The Uprise of Cipher", was obviously inspired by both Pokémon Colosseum and Pokémon XD. However, the idea spouted back when XD was but a funny smilie, and seeing the wrong hatred at Colosseum all over the place...

I loved Pokémon Colosseum, but I also felt that the programmers used the AWESOME cast in a very poor way. I also wanted to create a story where the evil guys had major control over everything, for I really like that approach. I then came up with the first chapters... which didn't last long. I lost major faith and interest in writing, and pretty much quitted for many months.

I then heard of Pokémon XD, and found it was related to Colosseum. I waited to see, and I was completely satisfied. XD added MANY things to the overall Orre universe. Things that were too good to pass off. That single-handedly spurred my desire to re-write the few I had of the story, not to mention improve it with the XD add-ons. The result was just beyond words. I'm LOVING to write this Fic now, and the story I had improved. Badly...

In short... it was initially inspired by Colosseum, and completed by XD. :)

29th November 2005, 5:13 AM
Surpisingly enough, my fanfic was inspired by Pokémon. =O

29th November 2005, 6:26 AM
Um.....well......to tell the truth I don't really recall what inspired me. All I remember is that I sitting there just thinking and i'm like "What if the world was going to end and the only person who could save it was an adolecent girl and thus Clash of The Legends was born till I got better in writing and starting picking different titles and thus Maxie, Archie and Giovanni were born!
Everyone else has been there for a long time.

Semi-hippies was inspired by.......um.....tons of songs from the 60's 70's and now. I have tons of refrenceses if you haven't noticed in my fics to the 70's. DIsco Jenny, I will survive, you know the works. THe characters were always with me and i'd never let them breath and so they now breath.

Joy and Jenny i was just board and need more characters so I have disocrazed Jenny, Shy Joy and a perverted Chansey!

As always, be kind to the mime.

29th November 2005, 3:41 PM
Now, it's time for me to continue with the others.

Final Battle Saga: I was busy one day watching Jirachi: Wish Maker, and what I discovered basically upseted me. If one really explored the life of Jirachi, with the waking once every 1,000 years and such, they'd find that his life isn't a happy one. The movie ended up doing a terrible job showing the charcter within. A trait I find very important in order to do a good job with a charcter.

I believe Jirachi's life to actually be a curse. A curse he deserved for the wrong he did. Add in Pikachu getting kidnapped by Team Rocket and them finally succeeding, thus hardly giving Pikachu a role for those who hate the little yellow rat, and you've got Final Battle Saga.

Sadly, this fic was poorly written in describing certian areas. So, for that reason I'm remaking it. One day, the remake will be up and hopefully, it will be done the right way this time. :)

The Pokemon Super Bowl: (Will soon request mod to change title.) The digi-bowl on Fox Kids. Yes, that's what inspired it. I thought to myself, what if all the legendaries had a big battle like this. (Note: Ruby&Sapphire hadn't come out in Japan yet when I made this.) Of course, I needed them to battle for something, so I made up a pendant that had remarkable powers and this fic was born.

High demand for a sequal changed the storyline completely. Now it revolves around the pendant itself.

I have an idea for a 4th part to this. I'll be starting on it once a certian D/P pokemon's english name is revealed. For that guy is the new foe in this one.

The Shadow Puff Girls: This was inspired by The Psycho Rangers Saga of The Power Rangers Series. Seeing them up against this evil gave me an idea. "What if the Powerpuff Girls had to face enemies like this?" In the end, a fic was born.

Well, that's all I choose to reveal. I'm not revealing what inspired me for The Deadliest Tournament. I'd completely give away the whole storyline if I did. There's many a hint in the fic itself. Study the hints carefully, and you just might be surprised. :)

30th November 2005, 10:49 PM
Starbolts: New Beginnings: This story was inspired by the pages of Marvel Comics. I wanted to employ the family atmosphere of the Fantastic Four with the team aspect of the Avengers/X-Men teams. Each hero and heroine is also written in the Marvel Comics style. They all have heart, emotion, trials and tribulations and superpowers.

But, these aren't cookie cutter "Save the Day!" Superheroes like the Golden Age 1940s superhero. These heroes are in the vein of current comics. While not grim at gritty like the '90s comics, the heroes are humanized creations that feel, live and deal with powers and such while taking care of the world.

They're realistic (relatively. I don't know many guiys running at the speed of sound or flying on giant blue and white wings.) and comics continue to fuel inspiration.

That's my inspiration for my story!