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27th November 2005, 3:12 PM
"Pokemon has not been this terrrible(as in the monster is terrible) or Dark"

Thats what people will be saying from this book and its followers. "I am The Sacred Protecter of these books, they tell people the Dark and odd events in Kanto, Jhoto, and Hoenn."
These pokemon people who witness it will actually have your pokemon, their will be 13 of you.

Book 1
The dark hearted have been trying to ruin their lands, but now it might just happen. ;249-d;

Be one of the thirteen and your pokemon will be apart of the PSOTL. Just tell your pokemon.

27th November 2005, 3:38 PM
Name of the trainer: Beco
Region he came from: Grenar
Pokemon: Charmander(male), Treeko(m), Totodile(m), Ralts(female), Pidgey(m), Mareep(m).
Age: 16
Gender: Male

27th November 2005, 3:52 PM

from the looks of things, you aren't following the rules

27th November 2005, 3:57 PM
No asking for characters for your fics. -_-