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RaZoR LeAf
27th November 2005, 5:18 PM
If you've seen the RPG Advice thread, you'll have seen it's not that detailed and not that helpful. I want to change that, so I'm hoping to write a MASSIVE guide to help people. I've made a start, but It's very lacking in many sections at the moment. So any adice you can offer and give would be appriciated, and anyone that wants to help write for a whole section is welcome. The sections are as follows:

01. Introduction, Information, Contributors & Versions
02. What are RPGs?
03. Writing an RPG
04. Plot Development. Twists, Turns and other Important Events
05. Character Construction
06. Writing a good post.
07. RPG Etiquette
08. Cliches to Avoid
09. RPG FAQ and other Acronyms
10. Useful Links

If you want to write a bunch of stuff do so, but all final edits will be done so by me. So, get pooling ideas and advice. If it's for a particular section, please state that. Any contributions that are used will of course be credited at the very start.

27th November 2005, 9:15 PM
What is an RPG?

Well the easiest way to describe an RPG is a sort of story/ Fan fiction which is made by multiple members. You take the role of your own character and create a sort of story following a plot given to you by the Game Master (The starter of the RPG) your characters developed through the game and interact with each other to make one big Fan fiction. This is the best way to describe an RPG.

Helpful Links

RPG Forum Rules and Regulations (http://www.serebiiforums.com/showthread.php?t=209)

We advise you to read the above thread through thoroughly before poasting anything in the RPG section. The rules will tell you the basics of RPGing and ways of not to get yourself banned in the forum.

RPG café

RPG café is the perfect place to discuss RPG ideas and ask for help, this is the no one place to come if you are unsure about anything, dedicated members are ready to help.

The RPGers’ Profiles

Come here to post your profile, this way many RPGers can get to know your strengths and weaknesses in RPGing.

Serebii seal of approval

All you need to know about the Serebii Seal of approval.

Mod PM Links

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Contact the above mods for further help and advice

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27th November 2005, 11:21 PM
What is an RPG?

A roleplay is, at heart, an interactive fanfic adventure. Set whenever or wherever you want it, it’s a story narrated by the players. The players interact with situations and talk to each to advance the plot, and choose their own method of fighting, dungeon crawling, speaking, pretty much everything within their limits. The Game Master leads the RP’s plot, however, the plot is up to the characters, and whether they accomplish or fail their task is largely in their own hands.

So… how serious should we take this game?

The answer to that question is both very and not at all. They’re set in different worlds, and thus there will be differences in the serious and humor in each world. Feel free to make sarcastic comments of your plight, and even the oddities of a fantasy world – I mean, come on, that Geodude just hit your Pikachu with a Rock Throw, breaking it’s arm, and you cure it with a bottle of lemonade? What kind of world do we live in?!

RPG Faq/Terms

The Game Master… just who is this guy, anyway?

Ah, the Game Master – that creepy being that sits at the other end of a screen, dictating your destiny and seemingly dictator of the game’s universe.

First off, the GM isn’t so much the god of a world as they are the author. They write the background and the plot, accept and reject the characters, and hit the ‘post thread’ button. Based on the character’s decisions and the plot, they tell the player the outcome of their decisions and introduce all the plot devices. The GM does not have as much power as you might think – they may inject something to pull you out of certain death, or add a nasty twist to the plot, but they should never give the players an impossible job or screw anyone over.

A big big part of roleplaying is freedom to do what you want to affect the plot – a GM that doesn’t allow that is a bad one.

Characters – in character, out of character

A big part of roleplaying games is socializing. You can choose to play it like Doom, and just kill monsters for the heck of it, but I’d rather have the characters communicate, as it makes the game much more social.

There are basically two ways you will talk – In character/ Back In Character (IC/BIC), and Out of Character (OOC).

In character is like it sounds – to make it clearer, you could use quotation marks. In character is what your character is thinking and saying as the game goes on. “Wow,” your curious little trainer might say, “That’s one big egg! I got dibs on it!” And someone else’s greedy character might argue over ownership. Due to character differences, you might even wind up fighting each other over something!

The next form of communication is out of character. If you want to talk to the other players as real human beings, use this. Try not to give away anything that is important to the game, though. If it’s before your post, when you’re finished put BIC after your post, so that others know you’re back in the roleplaying world.

God-Mode/Power Playing: A term used for a super powerful characters that take no physical damage from attacks and seem utterly invincible. People do not like this. Remember, most boss enemies are not one-hit kill enemies. They will take some time to defeat.

Bunnying: People who control other characters without permission, like posting their reaction to a major incident. If you are having a conversation, unless you have a good idea of how the other character will react, I recommend you try sorting it out over PM.

More to come when I think about it.

27th February 2006, 9:33 PM
It's impact in an RPG

Posting well in a RPG is just as important as properly signing up for a RPG. Posts generally are 5-7 sentences which is a paragraph. Not so hard to write. However, posts can be longer and more lengthy. But they shouldn't take up half the page. Post should have good grammar and shouldn't resemble:

you've just moved to hoenn and you meet your neighbors next you save a life and chose a pokemon between torchi fire mudkip water or treecko grass the you begin your adventure

Your posts should always be on topic with the current story in the RPG. Your posts should be organized and well put together. Meaning take your time on them so that it makes sense. Posts quickly put together are hard to comprehend and usually are misinterpreted.

13th April 2006, 2:57 AM
May I ask what the hell you're talking about? O_o And uh, next time smart one, think about what you're posting. Does this have anything to do with helping RPers? No, it just has to do with you being bitter towards someone. Take your complaints to the PM system, I'm sure Dan (Razor Leaf to you)'s PM box isn't full :/