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27th November 2005, 6:16 PM
Can amnesia be done well in fan fic?

The reason that I ask is because my character might have temporary lacunar amnesia. (I.e. The inability to remember a certain event.) This is caused by mental trauma (which makes it traumatic amnesia) which makes her forget a certain event that happened right after the mental trauma (It's not abuse, when she was younger she was too sensitive and she often became hysterical for minor things). It's temporary because she received an object during this forgotten time and when she saw and touched it again, she remembered parts of it, as in the location where it happened and that it was another person there. This person gives her the object, but every time she tries to remember this person she draws blank.

For story reasons, the fact that she can't remember this person makes her scared of crying or in any way risk becoming hysterical again. She carries this object with her all the time as a kind of talisman against loosing herself. She also longs for remembering this person because the person said something that she knows she puts great value in, but she can't remember the voice or the words of the person.

Also, the trauma took place several years ago, the character just haven't come in contact with anything that might remind her of this person, neither have the memory returned on its own. (One can put this down to her grandma who is a weak psychic with ghost pokémon, the character has been in the range of several psychic blasts and disruptions during a very long time.)

So, think I can do this or should I look for alternative ways to have her not remember this person? (She can't remember the person, the plot wont allow it.)


Over thirty views and no reply, do anyone have an opinion? Just a little statement saying that it sounds boring/bad/stupid or if you like the idea?