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27th November 2005, 10:38 PM
It's time for a new round of Author's Trivia! Simply post whatever inside jokes you've written into your work and explain them to us.

I'll start with a few from "Adventures in Pokesitting II: Double Trouble":

..."You can help Brock set up the back room..." Misty explained. "Lily says that the Azurills like to sleep in seperate cribs..." She paused for a moment to show Ash an old photo of her and the Cerulean Sisters that lay on the coffee table nearby the couch. "The one Lily's holding's named Mizu..." she explained, pointing out an Azurill with a sparkling red bow on its tail. "...and the one Daisy's holding's named Umi." She smiled at the Azurill Daisy was holding, especially noting the sparkling green ribbon on its tail.

The two Azurill's names mean "water" and "sea", respectively.

..."Okay, so Mizu is red, and Umi is green..." Ash noted as he started up the stairs towards the back room. He began repeating to himself "Fire red, leaf green...fire red, leaf green..." as he walked upstairs so he wouldn't forget how to tell his two charges apart.

Ash is reffering to Pokemon Fire Red and Leaf Green to help tell the Azurills apart.

..."I see..." Misty replied. She waved goodbye as Lily and Daisy disappeared down the path. Mizu decided to bound to the window and wave goodbye to her master one last time, but Umi just sat in a corner, bored. Finally, she burst into tears, saddened that her master had left her.

"Talk about seperation anxiety..." Ash sighed as he started for the bookshelf by Mizu's crib, hoping a story would comfort Umi.

"Say..." Misty got an idea. "Maybe Umi would like hearing your guitar, Brock!"

"I was just about to go get it and play for her myself!" Brock laughed as he disappeared down the hallway.

"Ri?" Umi sniffled as Misty rocked her assuringly. She perked up a little when she heard the notes of an acoustic guitar being tuned coming down the hallway. "Zu?"

"Brock's getting something he uses to sing songs with..." Misty explained. "You want to hear him sing? Hm?"

"Azu! Azu!" Mizu bounced around her crib excitedly as Brock returned and settled in a chair facing the cribs, guitar in hand. Umi calmly sighed, all the while admiring the beautiful yellow-brown instrument; especially how the sun reflected off the strings, making them appear to shine.

"Okay...what kind of a song should I sing for these two?" Brock asked as he checked his tuning one last time.

"Ooh! Play...that one you've been practicing on!" Ash suggested.

"All right..." and Brock began to play a slow and quiet melody, over which he sang:

I remember this song, I've known it for so long...
And it feels so good to hear...
Sounds a little sad, but sweet just the same...
Lovely melody....
Whenever I hear this song, I really don't know why....
It makes me shed a little tear... At this, Umi brushed away a small tear as she listened to the soothing sound of Brock's voice.
But I'm sure my tears will soon disappear,
Because I know you're here... Mizu smiled as she moved her head to the music.

Whenever I am feeling sad,
And everything around looks bad,
All I have to do is think of you!
I know my dreams are waiting to come true!

Let's go on with hope in our hearts,
Love will surely show us how!
Let's go on, our hearts filled with dreams!
Let's go on and find them now! He gave the strings one last strum to end the song.

The song Brock sings here is the title song from a little known PlayStation game called "Rhapsody: A Musical Adventure"

Shrike Flamestar
28th November 2005, 12:07 AM
“As I told your dad, my uncle is rich. Pretty much everything I have was bought using money he’s given me for no reason.” I said as I set one of my two 24” widescreen LCD monitors on my desk.
The 24" widescreen LCD monitors are a reference to the Dell 2405FPW, arguably the best monitors available today.

“Welcome to the cafeteria!” Zack said, spreading his arms out wide.
This was an accidental reference to Esher from Myst V: End of Ages when he greets you on Noloben. I didn’t realize until after I wrote it how much like Esher Zack seemed during that one sentence.

“Ah, I see! You have that fancy new Pokedex doohickey! Ooh, Pokedex, Pokegear, Pokenav, and a PDA all in one! Yet still the size and shape of a modern cell phone! These are quite expensive, you know!” Ann said, snatching my Pokedex off my belt and turning it around in her hands.
The fancy new Pokedex is a reference to the ever decreasing size of technology, and how with it we're starting to see everything merged into one device.

We emerged onto a small walkway that circled around the perimeter of the building. The whole way along the wall small pods of sorts were lined up, and inside each pod a human was held. But that wasn’t all. Stairs led downwards and below the ground, into a large, vertical tunnel of sorts. Walking to the edge and looking over I saw that the human prisoner pods stretched underground for several levels, farther then I could even see.
The prisoner pods are an homage to the prisoner pods in Half-Life 2.

28th November 2005, 12:26 AM
Some more, this time from "The Ash and Pikachu Show':

Episode 1's title comes from the fact that Ash and Pkachu are never apart, earning them the title of a dynamic duo.

"On Our Way" is the name of the Route 1 theme...as the opening theme of the show, it changes tempo and instrumentation to suit the occassion.

The Brock comics were inspired by the Looney Tunes cartoon "Duck Amuck" (only replace Daffy Duck with Brock and Bugs Bunny with Misty)

"The Green With Envy Blues" is a Disney reference, it appears on the fifth installment of Sing Along Songs videos--"Fun with Music"

Kyle of Pallet
3rd December 2005, 11:00 PM
WARNING: Inside joke contains sexual humor.
"Hey Bot," said Bit. "It looks like we're humping the beast instead of defending Kyle."

"You must be the sickest Slime to ever grace the Serebii Forums!"

"I kn... wait. What is Serebii?"

"I have no idea, just came to me."

hahaha, Serebii Forums doesn't exist in my story. Lol.

Kyle then cut the second wing off. He then dunked his sword into the oil, catching the blade on fire. Kyle began to slash at the stubs where the wings were. After a minute of vicious attacking, the Dragon fell to his blade. The Dragon burst into a bright light, and turned into an egg.

"Wow," said both Slimes. "He slew a Dragon. Now that Dragon is under his control. And look at that Red Herring!"

Kyle picked up the large heartshapped gem, thus filling his body with a large amount of energy. The stone then broke into four pieces, which Kyle threw into the fiery oil. The door at the other end of the room opened. Kyle and the Slimes walked into the last chamber.
That is an inside joke about Zelda games. Whenever you defeat a boss, the leave a heart container for you to pick up. The container is crystaline in the 3-d games.

Thats it for now.