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Ryano Ra
27th November 2005, 9:46 PM
I'm very, very bored at the moment, and so, I would like to start a great thread for the writers based upon the title; detailing Pokemon attacks and Pokemon combination attacks.

Seeing as some people seem to view attacks differently when it comes to stories, we can all gather here and explain how we describe attacks from our perspective, whether you describe a Gyarados's Dragonbreath are teal flames or torrid, blue breath of fire. This is meant for comparing and contrasting how writers describe Pokemon attacks and their features, colors, temperature, and so on and so forth.

For me, it is very universal. I feel as though different Pokemon perform the same attacks differently. For example, being as a Houndoom is Fire AND Dark, a Flamethrower would spew out red, burgundy, and black flames due to its other type kicking into the fire-type attack. Or, simply a Gyarados using a Flamethrower, would be like the divine water serpent sucking in air as a bolt of fire lights up and disappears, leading into the Flamethrower assault, though the attack isn't AS HOT as a Flamethrower coming from a Ninetales or Magcargo. 8D

So really, it depends on the type/types the Pokemon are, so I can evaluate different ways the attacks might look, sound, and feel. Another example is boosting moves, like Dragon Dance. Each dragon-type Pokemon performs it differently and is enveloped in various gleaming colors, like a Dragonite flying wildly in the winds while glowing green, or an Altaria constantly climbing and plummeting to ground, glowing fiery red. So, what are your views?

27th November 2005, 11:04 PM
I would have to agree with you, Syra, as I believe, IMO, Pokemon are individual species of creatures that require different and unique ways of composing their attacks, as their body compositions are pretty much completely different from each others' in small or large ways, including their types. Their figure or shape can determine the projection of an attack. For example, if I was to have a Typhlosion and a Golduck perform Hyper Beam, their projection styles would vary based on their shape or form. Typhlosion would most likely conjure it in the pit of its mouth, and with a great force, fire the beam of powerful light orally, while Golduck, with other means of projection, could very well place its webbed hands on its forehead for restraint, and fire the bead of energy from the small jewel on its face.

Ryano Ra
27th November 2005, 11:53 PM
I would have to agree with you, Syra, as I believe, IMO, Pokemon are individual species of creatures that require different and unique ways of composing their attacks, as their body compositions are pretty much completely different from each others' in small or large ways, including their types. Their figure or shape can determine the projection of an attack. For example, if I was to have a Typhlosion and a Golduck perform Hyper Beam, their projection styles would vary based on their shape or form. Typhlosion would most likely conjure it in the pit of its mouth, and with a great force, fire the beam of powerful light orally, while Golduck, with other means of projection, could very well place its webbed hands on its forehead for restraint, and fire the bead of energy from the small jewel on its face.EXACTLY, Insincerus.

I think that it would actually be more creative if Pokemon performed the same attacks differently, since it wouldn't become repititive describing it the same way, and leaves a lot of room for imagination and creativity. I picture Golduck performing a Hyper Beam attack the exact same way. The same concept follows for Solarbeam. A Flygon would fold his ways to his back, spinning under the sunlight while spinning, opening his mouth and collecting the sunlight energy. And, the second turn would be simply stop spinning and flying towards its opponent, blasting the Solarbeam attack.

Grass-types, such as Roselia and Venusaur, tend to point their flowers/plants towards the sun, shaking and grumbling while collecting their power. Flygon does the same, though it a more unique way, since he isn't a grass-type, but a dragon/ground hybrid sand dragon.

28th November 2005, 12:15 AM
Right-o...if every attack was the same, would it even be worth your time to describe it the same way over and over and over ageen? No ;-;

Pokemon battling is the strongest essence of the whole series, in my opinion. That ish why I love the games so much, is of the competitive spirit it raises, and all the sorts of techniques all these creatures can learn. Strategy, learning, and battling is the definition of a Pokemon's abilities being used to a Trainer's advantage and/or to any plot of a story, whether it is a battle between Trainers or a rebellion/uprising against a force a human wouldn't have thee strength to take on >.>; Without battling, Pokemon is kinda...er..."blah."

28th November 2005, 12:27 AM
I agree also, and I'm writing a fic right now that deals with a Zangoose in it and I am having problems to the extent of how to portray powers that it usually does not learn. For example it knows Solarbeam and I am trying to figure out a way how it would do it. I thought about it standing in a still position like a statue and gather the sun's rays in its mouth and then a green ball would form about three inches from its mouth and then the rays will stop growing and blasts the attack at his opponent.

But it seems a little stupid to me. XD

Can anyone help? I'm in a really big stump.

Ryano Ra
28th November 2005, 12:36 AM
I agree also, and I'm writing a fic right now that deals with a Zangoose in it and I am having problems to the extent of how to portray powers that it usually does not learn. For example it knows Solarbeam and I am trying to figure out a way how it would do it. I thought about it standing in a still position like a statue and gather the sun's rays in its mouth and then a green ball would form about three inches from its mouth and then the rays will stop growing and blasts the attack at his opponent.

But it seems a little stupid to me. XD

Can anyone help? I'm in a really big stump.Hmm...I love describing Solarbeam attacks from different Pokemon, so let me think of something.

I try to think of more unique ways of using a Solarbeam on non-grass-types, so perhaps the Zangoose could be on her left knee, pointing her sharp claws towards the sun as they gather energy, eyes blazing in a cold green fire. Then, once savoring the energy, she launches her right claw forward and spews out the hot, bright-gold sunlight energy towards her opponent, like a Kingdra, Donphan, or Wailmer. Or, simply describe the Zangoose as if she's preparing for a Swords Dance attack (basically doing hypnotic, teetering/dancing on the ground with straightforward eyes) while beams of sunlight splash into her eyes and light them in white fire, leading to the attack blasting out of her mouth, spiraling with green and white instead of the common 'gleaming' or 'glowing' of the attack. That'd be interesting.

28th November 2005, 12:42 AM
Wowzers....I probably could of never though of that....thanks a lot! ^^ I like the first idea. And I love your story Sky, its amazing. I hope my story could be like yours, doubt it though.

28th November 2005, 1:15 AM
whether you describe a Gyarados's Dragonfree are teal flames or torrid, blue breath of fire
I don't remember belonging to any Gyarados... XDDD I think you meant Dragon Rage.

Well, to start with Dragon Rage, I picture it as kinda sparkly flames. I also have a weird way of describing Earthquake, because in my fics it's not an actual earthquake at all; the Pokémon smashes into the ground and it ripples (like it were just all turned into liquid for a moment).

Let's see... I describe Fury Cutter as the Pokémon's claws glowing faintly green and then with each hit the glow brightens and subsequently the damage from being hit by them increases.

Leech Seed has the user firing one or two seeds which embed themselves into the opponent's skin, and then the seeds will immediately sprout and grow into vines that wrap around the user and move the health they absorb to the user.

28th November 2005, 1:30 AM
The irony is, I've never described a Pokemon attack in Sin. o.o;; But that'll change with Dust, since Pokemon actually battle in that one, WHOMG. XD

Though, one of the ONLY Pokemon battling scenes in Sin would be a upcoming Double Battle, with a Sandshrew and Cacturne versus Psycho and Shriek.

Since you all were talking about Solarbeam, I imagine that the Cacturne would turn his eyes to the sun and cross his stubby arms. Cacti's spikes are actually leaves, so the Cacturne's spikes would glow with collected energy, and as the Cacturne flung out its arms, the collected energy would blast out.

Sandstorm is interesing, when you think about it. It's a weather-based attack, as is Sunny Day and Rain Dance. Rain Dance would be easy...the Pokemon in question performs a dance unique to its species, and bam, RAIN MAN. XD But what about Sunny Day? I imagine that'd be more tricky.

With Sandstorm, I'd put it like this: As Cacturne collects the sun energy, he's vunerable, yes? Well, while he does that, I could see the Sandshrew furiously running around the Cacturne in a circle and whipping up sand in its path, creating a cyclone of flying sand that shielded the Cacturne.

Double Battle attacks can be really awesome if you write neat combos together, such as Charizard unleashing a Flamethrower as a Scyther leaps up whirling and slices the fire, sending out a literal firestorm.

It's scenes like that that can really test an author's inventiveness and creative description.

Wondrous Sableye
28th November 2005, 1:54 AM
Here's an attack that people seem to have mixed ideas about: Faint Attack. How do you guys detail it for certain Pokés?

28th November 2005, 1:59 AM
Not really sure but an idea just came to me, I'll use Absol for an example

Maybe it would lean in for the attack, legs tensed and in ambush position. Her red orbs would glow an unearthly blue (or red take your pick) and it would dissappear in thin air like as if it teleport. Then appears again, this time in the back of its opponent and deals a heavy blow. I would think something like that, bad description but thats all I got.

28th November 2005, 2:00 AM
OH OH OHHHHHHHHH! <3 <3 I love describing that.

Here's how I see it: Sableye stands motionless for a few seconds, surveying and tracking its opponent's movements...THEN IT DISAPPEARS! But it doesn't. It just leaps forward so fast, it disappears in oily black smoke. Then it seems to appear and disappear everywhere. Think Nightcrawler's teleportation from the beginning of the second X-men movie. It'd be just like that.

While the foe's standing in one spot, baffled and terrified by all of the motion and laughter, it doesn't notice a dark oily, smoky streak shooting it it through the ground, and then the Sableye leaps up in front of it and deals the foe a blow. That's like the Shadow Creepers from Advent Children. Yeah. Secksay. 8D

Ryano Ra
28th November 2005, 2:02 AM


You got me there, Dragonfree. XDD Actually, I was suppose to type Dragonbreath, but I guess your name somehow slipped into mind? ^^; Dragonfree, I like how you described your way of writing use a Leech Seed and Earthquake. I usually stay away from an Earthquake attack, though, because I quickly think of ripping the ground apart and sending the Pokemon plummeting down the cracked surface while the attacking Pokemon follows in pursuit and smacks it back up. 8D

Same here, Scrap; in the early chapters of Sky, there isn't any Pokemon battling with attacks, except for a Dodrio using a Tri-Attack to paralyze and 'freeze' a ring of combustion, as well as Chansey performing a Miltank Rollout. Though, that all changed once I got to the tenth chapter of Sky. 8D

Double Battles are beautiful. They really challenge the author with giving them opportunities of combination attacks. For example, let's say a Swampert and Dodrio are battling against an Exploud and Venomoth. Dodrio could prepare for an Aerial Ace, skipping through the wind as it suddenly disappears, abruptly soaring down towards the Venomoth. Swampert then uses a Hydro Pump, making the tornado-swirling water spin around Dodrio to produce a hydrolic aerial ace, blasting Venomoth with sheer strength and water force. 8D

Or, Exploud could use an Overheat, blasting white and red melting fire out that's heating up the wind's temperature. Venomoth follows behind, launching a Sludge Bomb as it 'dances' around the Overheat, being like a fiery, blossoming bullet of some sort. Imagine the beauty in that. ^^ Or, you could do such an amazing trick like Tucker's Arcanine and Swampert. That attack was beautiful, and it required grand attacks from both the raging dog and monstrous mudfish.

Sunny Day? Hmm, when I describe Sunny Day, I make the Pokemon sacrifice energy, like a Meganium giving up a portion of her energy to scream loudly, focusing her eyes on the Sun and providing it with more energy, therefore, making sun rays blast stronger. Or, for a fire type, like Ninetales, I would have her use a Flamethrower or Overheat towards the sun, somehow blasting it and making the light hotter and stronger. ^^

EDIT: A Faint Attack? Hmm, let's use an Umbreon.

Umbreon has incredible speed, so basically, let's do this under moonlight. I think that a Faint Attack and the nighttime hours blend so perfectly, because the Umbreon could disappear into the darkness, not actually reappearing until after it makes contact tackling and bashing her body into her prey, an Alakazam or Espeon. ^^ That'd be incredible. And she could use Faint Attack for a more deadly purpose, only showing eyes jump from tree to tree, branch to branch, like the Shadow of the Forest. ^^

28th November 2005, 2:03 AM
With Ho-Oh, I'd imagine the phoenix descending from the sun and flaring its wings, making the sun's rays blast out and scour the ground, evaporating all water and vaporizing ice.

Ryano Ra
28th November 2005, 2:10 AM
That'd be one helluva Sunny Day. o.o Try Burning Day? or Dying Day? XDDD


Faint Attack with a Mightyena would be grand. I can see him scampering in the forest, zooming past packs of shrubbery and then passing by his opponent, Charmeleon. But, it suddenly disappears in the distance, bringing question to the Charmeleon until the werewolf reappears in front, fangs baring and burning black as his paws are lit up in white and black flames, galloping on the grass again and charging directly into the Charmeleon, disappearing again and slamming his body from the back. ^^

When I describe attacks, I sometimes like to use the environments/terrains to my advantage to make the attacks better to describe, more detailed, and original. ^^ I could see a Sneasel simply leaping into the night, disappearing while her claws descend from the atmosphere and constantly zoom around a Jynx, slashing and punching her body. And everytime the Jynx looks, the claws are gone, attacking from another position.

28th November 2005, 2:22 AM
I agree with Insincerus. Pokemon are individual species like animals, and they have different body structures. Thus they'd have to use different attacks different ways. I mostly describe Hyper Beam as a beam of brilliant white energy being shot from a Pokemon's mouth, but only about two thirds of the Pokemon that can use Hyper Beam have mouths. There are a lot of details you have to take into consideration when describing Pokemon's attacks. I think I'll compile a small list of attacks and how I describe them, just for the heck of it. Some of these are on the spur of the moment, so meh.


Seismic Toss: In the anime, the illustrators got off easy: the only Pokemon they ever showed using Seismic Toss were flying Pokemon, mostly Charizard. But how would other Pokemon use that attack? Well, most fighting Pokemon are humanoids, so I'd sort of envision them grappling onto their opponents neck/whatever they can get a hold of, leaping into the air and, instead of doing a nosedive towards the ground, they'd throw their opponent at the ground. Sorta crazy, but imagine it with a Pokemon like a Blaziken or Machoke and it makes sense.


Toxic: This one is really weird, since most of the Pokemon that can learn Toxic via TM are non-Poison types. Some Pokemon wouldn't be able to hold the poison inside their bodies like Poison types would, so they'd probably have special ways to do it. For instance, a Pelipper knowing Toxic would, considering the poison wasn't too acidic to burn it, store the poisonous liquid in it bill.

And the use of Toxic? Hmm, that's a really puzzling one. In the video games, Toxic is bubbles of poison rising from the ground underneath the opponent (see the Attackdex entry (http://www.serebii.net/attackdex/toxic.shtml)), but that's probably something that only Poison types could perform. Using a Pelipper as an example again, it would expel the poison from its mouth in a similar fashion to Hydro Pump. Other Water types would do this, too.


Ooh, ooh! I want to do Faint Attack too! 8D

Faint Attack: Faint Attack's image in the video games is vague: it shows a wavy background that's used in a million other attacks, the Pokemon that's using the attack disappears and suddenly you see the opponent getting hit, and then the user reappears (Attackdex entry (http://www.serebii.net/attackdex/faintattack.shtml)). However, I have my own idea of how Faint Attack could be used. I'll use a Banette for this example, because they're just plain creepy.

The Banette becomes a sillhouette: its body changes to a pitch-black color except for its eyes. It sinks into the ground, giving the image that it's a shadow, and slides towards its opponent. It begins to circle them, faster and faster and faster until the enemy sees multiple shadows. No matter how much it attacks the shadows, it's attack just hits the ground. And then, so quickly that the enemy can't attack...IT RISES UP AND ATTACKS THEM! So cool. >D If you couldn't tell, I got the basic idea of the attack from Shadows, a kind of Heartless from Kingdom Hearts.

28th November 2005, 2:23 AM
Also I have a Mawile named Sa-Rai` and I taught it Hyper Beam and I would think it would go under the lines of this:

The Mawile stuggled to her feet, her large appendage that sprouted from her head clearly given her a heavy load. She growled at her opponent who was smirking wildly thinking in its mind that the little runt of a Mawile would give up. Mawile locked on to her opponent a large Fearow that flew through the skies, mocking her because of him brimming with energy and his opponent catching on last breaths. All in the same motion, it drop like a rock in the sky peck pointed hellwards at the Mawile ready to finish it off.

The Mawile just smiled sweetly before opening her mouth-the one on her face- and it seem she wanted a beam or power of some sort to come out of it. The Fearow cackled loudly, amused at the Mawile antics and tighented his broad wings to his chest to make him more streamlined, to make him drop faster. The Mawile mind clicked and she blinked...next moment she jump into the air , which wasn't really far, but when she was about to go back down her large mouth appendage flew up and an powerful white light illuminated from it. She opened it wider and the white energy poured from her jaws and blasted the surprised Fearow. It never had a chance.

I thought of this becasue since Mawile is the deciever pokemon, it would pretend that the Hyper Beam would come out of its mouth bu actuall it would come out of its mouth appendage, I think thats a good idea. ^^

That is a good question about Toxic Faerie, my Ninetales knows Toxic and I always though it would come out of its mouth like a flamethrower but the unimaginable heat that dwells in its bodies might cut off the poison to enter any vital organs in its body but once it bellows it out, it would hurt the opponent

28th November 2005, 2:23 AM
Stop....stop...my brain hurts now. >.o Too many cool images in my head. *dies*

Ryano Ra
28th November 2005, 2:33 AM
Kamia, you have great description! ^^ Me's like your writing style! *whispers* tell me when you are releasing a fanfiction! *whispers*

OMG! I'm getting so hyper reading so much description!

*jumps into the universe and gibbers wild tongues*

Faerie, that Banette part with the Faint Attack was so wonderful! Hmm...a great combination would be a Scyther and Tropius. Tropius could use Magical Leaf, somehow combining forces of making a big, giant leaf floating still in the air instead of the 'hundreds of white-gleaming leaves'. Then, Scyther comes along and spins, holding his scythes out and slices the leaves, sending them bulleting like a sharp leafstorm. 8D And then, Tropius follows up with Aerial Ace, speeding through the leafstorm like a flying shadow essence, and the Scyther uses Swords Dance to spin, allowing leaves to dance around his body until he stops, somehow 'pushing' them away and sending them blasting at a Blastoise and Kingler. 8D

I love describing attacks. *_*

28th November 2005, 2:33 AM
*has a funeral for Scrap* Scrap was a wonderful person, in love with pokemon, make amazing stories and all around nice person. We will miss you. XD

What about a Furret using...Flamethrower? I'm just being random now ^^

Thank you Seprent Syra! I have one in my head, but not entirely sure about the name, it has a Mawile named Sa-Rai` in it but not the main charrie though, its between a Ninetales,, Furret, or a Umbreon its so hard to choose!

28th November 2005, 2:34 AM
Furret drops to al fours, arches its back, makes a gurgling, hissing noise...smoke comes out its mouth....then BWOOM. Nothing beats a ferret spewing fire....I want a Furret now. XD

28th November 2005, 2:35 AM
Well, of course different pok&#233;mon use attacks differently. They have vastly disparate body compositions and by necessity have to improvise, in some cases.

Whee, faint attack is fun for me, because the way I play it is as an attack that allows the user to briefly jump to the dark plane. Because the Dark plane mirrors (for the most part) the Real (known to some as Material and others, Psychic) plane, they can reemerge later in a completely differnt location, catching their opponent totally off-guard and bringing back some of the energy of the Dark plane with them. *nods*

I love writing battle scenes... just thinking about how the pok&#233;mon would use all of their different moves and thinking up cool combos is so much fun.

28th November 2005, 2:40 AM
Very starightforward and to the point Scrap! XD

Ryano Ra
28th November 2005, 2:43 AM
Agreed, Negrek. I also love writing battle scenes, because...they can be so different from one another. I mean, the anime shows Solarbeam being used basically the same way...but what about Pokemon who are not grass-types? They would have to collect the power differently, being as they are not plant-types and cannot collect sunlight energy like a Vileplume or Ivysaur would. They really need to become more original, though I guess it might confuse the little ones. *stares at his six-year-old cousin*

Hmm...what about Water Pulse? I can see a Kingler forming two water spheres between his two pincers, clamping them together and pushing the spheres out into a lake of water, sending water bombs through the vast ocean and striking a Dewgong. 8D I love Kingler.

Eternal Daydreamer
28th November 2005, 2:46 AM
I'm not too good at battlescenes. x.x But in the next chapter of Not So Sensational, I have a battlescene. I described an Electabuzz's Thunder attack clashing against a Kingdra's Water Gun like a boulder crashing against a hiker on a mountain. But I was wondering what you guys would do if you had to describe that scene. Just an idea.

28th November 2005, 2:48 AM
Water Pulse....I see it as a series of concussion blasts underwater, which pressures the eardrums and heavily disorients them (just got my scuba diver certification, so it makes scientific sense...if you descend/ascend too quickly, the same thing happens to your ears and you get "decomp sickness"). So if it was a Gyarados doing Water Pulse, I imagine he'd release the concussion pulses by maniuplating the water itself.

Ryano Ra
28th November 2005, 2:52 AM

Electabuzz + Thunder = wonderful.

Hmm...where are they battling? Let's put them in a thunderstorm, by the ocean. HORRAY! Kingdra is readying for a Water Gun, so she is sucking in water through her tube to collect a more powerful Water Gun than most. Electabuzz stares into the sky, sparks dancing across his skin as a lightning bolt shoots down. Immediately, he sends a Thunder to it, the electrical currents clashing and turning the lightning strike steel-white, lending down to the ocean and blasting Kindgra directly on her head. 8D

Or, the Electabuzz sends thunderous bolts of lightning towards the Water Gun, and the two attacks collide, sending the water upward like a spout and sending the Thunder blasting through, and the water cascaded down like a waterfall. Picture it like a fountain; it shoots up and showers down around the 'trunk' of the fountain. And then, sparks fly through the rain-like collision and hurts both the Kingdra and the Electabuzz.

28th November 2005, 2:54 AM
Water conducts electricity, so you have instant seared rare Ahi Kingra steak.

28th November 2005, 2:56 AM
I... guess I can't really help you with that one. I use thunder as coming from the sky rather than from the pok&#233;mon itself, so unless the other trainer was telling kingdra to fire up with water gun, not much sense would it make.

28th November 2005, 2:56 AM
What I think is funny is the infamous attack called Belly Drum, I never seen a pokemon do it on the anime but I think it would be a strange sight XD For example, a Cubone can learn Belly Drum with breeding, so just close your eyes people and imagine a Cubone hitting his stomach with its bone and yelling out some war chant and becomes stronger and swift with its attack but sacrificing its beloved HP....funny no? I think it is.

28th November 2005, 2:58 AM
Thanks a lot. Now I've got a image of Snorlax or a Slaking pounding on its chest like a gorilla. "I AM KING KONG! HEAR ME ROAR!"

28th November 2005, 2:59 AM
Yes, belly drum is a weird attack.

And then there are the attacks that I don't really want to speculate on how to describe... milk drink, for example. 0_o I think there was a threat about that one a while back, too. Some ideas for it were... disturbing...

Eternal Daydreamer
28th November 2005, 2:59 AM
An Electabuzz throwing lightning bolts? Somehow, I'm reminded of Zeus. I think I can't do that though, since the battle is in the Cerulean City Gym and I can't have a thunderstorm indoors. But it's an idea that I like. Hmmm.

28th November 2005, 3:00 AM
I do something like this.
The Blaziken landed by the soldier. His left foot was on the ground, while the right one was clenched one of the soldier's heads.

Then, he thrusted his right foot solder's-head-first on a tree, crushing the skull.

The Pikachu sneaks up behind the soldier, unnoticed, with his tail turning bright-silver.

Then, he leaps swiftly, spinning and slashing the soldier's back with his tail.
I know. It's sick. But what I'm saying is that when it comes to attacks, I don't do the classic thing (Flamethrower, Mega Kick, Iron Tail, Headbutt, etc).

Ryano Ra
28th November 2005, 3:02 AM
*spills his words into laughter* Wow. You guys are so creative. XD

What about a Sky Attack? OMG, that attack would be awesome. Like an Altaria's body is encased in raging flames, swooping down and striking a Breloom, and continuing the assult with a blast of heating fire from her beak and constant striking of her flamed-cotton wings. 8D I think a Sky Attack can be portrayed so many different ways, especially if it is a double-battle and an Altaria and Fearow are performing it. Altaria is lit in flames, and Fearow is spinning while her beak is steel-sharp and steel-black, sending drills from left to right furiously.

28th November 2005, 3:05 AM
Yeah. I also like to think of unusual pok&#233;mon performing maneuvers. Like Missingno. using sky attack, for example. Would it transform into something resembling a bird, or would its programming code create an illusion in its opponent's mind that it was using the attack? Would it physically move, or only execute the attack in a more virtual sense, being a computer virus and all?

Ryano Ra
28th November 2005, 3:08 AM
Wow, I would have never thought about that. Good thinking there. ^_^

You know, how could an Ice Punch be portrayed differently? I would think that a psychic-type could craft a punch, coated with actual ice, and send it punching towards its opponent, realizing that the fist was fake, but the impact was actually real. That'd be neat.

28th November 2005, 3:09 AM
I see Missingno as a giant, 2-D floating, shifting plane of code, so I imagine this:

Since Sky Attack takes on the form of a bird, I could see the code of the Missingno distort, and a giant glowing bird shape blasts out of the center of the coding.

Joshua - Shadow Brigadier
28th November 2005, 3:11 AM
This is such a lovely thread, kudos to you Syra for creating it.

I have a question regarding the use of Trick, as well as Twister. I know how I do Twister, but my question is, how would you guys tackle it?

And how would an Alakazam use Trick?


28th November 2005, 3:12 AM
Water Pulse? Okay, here's mine:

Milotic opened her mouth, using her Water Pulse. Her tail swayed from left to right, before sonic waves appeared with water, finding her mark, she slithered across the floor, continuing to use her Water Pulse attack. The Sound Waves confused her opponent, while the water drenched the opponent. Milotic slithered towards her opponent, her tail glowing. Her tail continued swaying left and right, as it glowed brighter. She then spun around, her tail whacking her opponent, using an Iron Tail attack. Her opponent flapped his wings, flying into the air, running away. Milotic was determined to defeat him, and releasing a lightning beam of ice, freezing her flying opponent, who fell onto the ground, frozen. With her opponent defeated, Milotic slithered away backed into the waters.

How's that for a combination of Iron Tail, Ice Beam and Water Pulse? I suck at description.

Ryano Ra
28th November 2005, 3:15 AM
OMG, the last reply for me tonight. ^^;

Twister. I see it having more of a draconic effect, like a Dragonair blowing out a tornado of blue fire and leaping into the middle, focusing her thoughts while being protected. And as she moves, the twisters moves and she can strike enemies while being protected. Twister works differently for so many, but I feel as though it is more a defensive attack for dragons, while offensive for others, like Milotic and Gyarados.

Trick. Hmm...Alakazam would be tricking his opponent. Like, if he's battling a Machamp, he would be preparing for a Psychic attack and would actually use it, though trick the Machamp as though it is the energy and he manipulates the mind, making the Machamp stagger back, THINKING she's being hit by it. However, the Alakazam is controlling a large boulder and then smashes it into Machamp's back, shattering it like hard glass. 8D

28th November 2005, 3:16 AM
Although the whole thing on faint attack is, like... a bunch of posts ago, I really want to give my opinion on the attack. I think that when a pokemon uses faint attack, it falls over and plays dead (like it fainted... faint attack). Then, when the opponent comes over to investigate, the 'fainted' pokemon leaps up and attacks, catching its opponent off guard.

Skywing, Twister? I think that the pokemon using it would spin around, really really fast, until the wind around them forms into some kind of a tornado (sp? I'm unsure of the spelling). Then, using the momentiom (sp, again?) from its spin, the pokemon would throw the twister at its opponent.

28th November 2005, 3:18 AM
How would an Alakazam use Trick?

Trick-Exchanges items with the opponent.


Alakazam runs swifly to the Persian in high speed, and leaps over him, swiftly taking his Quick Claw in a split second.

28th November 2005, 3:20 AM
What about Tickle? tis funneh XD A cute little Iggybuff going up to a Exploud and starts tickling him...kawaii XD

Joshua - Shadow Brigadier
28th November 2005, 3:23 AM
He closed his eyes, bringing his spoons together in front of him, crossed over each other in the form of an X. His eyes snapped open, the pupils faded, his eyes now a solid glowing blue light.

The world around them began to distort, the Clefable slowly beginning to panic as the world around her shimmered as though it was water. His eyes flickered from blue to red, and the silver band around her head began to glow, before it faded from sight, reappearing around his head as his eyes returned to normal, and the world ceased shimmering.

How does that sound to everyone?


28th November 2005, 3:29 AM
Here's a funny one for Taunt.

The Mankey shrugged as it opened its mouth to speak to its opponent, the Natu. Even though it's mouth could not be seen, it was smirking, almost evilly. <Hey ugly!> It began with a smirk, <your mother was a loser, and your father is hung like a Hoppip.>

This got the green bird's attention, and it wasn't pretty. <My father was a Fearow! Eat Drill Peck!> The bird yelled, as it charged towards the cheeky monkey, its beak first, and oddly enough, starting to glow a strange, bright blue.

28th November 2005, 3:30 AM
That was good, really good, bu not better than my example of Tickle. Come think about it, its so cute!!! That example of Taunt was funny also ^^

28th November 2005, 3:43 AM
What about Tickle? tis funneh XD A cute little Iggybuff going up to a Exploud and starts tickling him...kawaii XD

The small, pink puffball danced around, somehow dodging the Exploud's large fists that repeatedly pounded the ground. "Ig, iggly, buff buff!" the pink rubbery pokemon taunted, rolling out of the way of the purple beast's roar. Suddenly, she lept off her stubby pink legs and onto the Exploud's arm. He gasped and growled, confused and mad, attempting to swant the Igglybuff off. But the smaller creature simply swung around the arm and began the tickle at the Exploud's armpit. He fell onto his back in utter confusion, giving the Igglybuff enough time to run around to his feet. "Iggly!" she giggled, now tickling the Exploud's feet with her teeny arms. The large purple pokemon could not get up, a smilie creeping aross his face. Suddenly, his large jaws opened up and bellowed out a laugh that scared the Spearows out of their nests five miles away.

Igglybuffs can be so mean...

28th November 2005, 3:55 AM
XD Wonderful description Meep, anywayz what about Swallow, Spit Up and StockPile? That is just scary to think about...*shivers*

28th November 2005, 3:59 AM
The Pelipper glowed and swelled, glowed once more, expanding mightily...one final flare of azure light....


And it seems this one fails the audition for the vocalizing bird part in Shrek. NEXT!

28th November 2005, 4:01 AM
XD Umm..what about...Frenzy Plant? A Victrebell on crack or something? Me has to go now..Byez !

28th November 2005, 4:13 AM
Oh, I want to do one of Stockpile... it sounds cool!

Suddenly, the gulpin stopped its frenzied attack and began to grab some berries off the ground. His opponent, a zigzagoon, stared at him carefully. The green blob-like pokemon suddenly started stuffing the berries into its mouth, making the zigzagoon jump in surprise. After about a minute of berry-swallowing, the zigzagoon looked around. After seeing nothing wrong, the zig-zag pokemon walked up to the gulpin and aimed a scratch at his eyes. But as her claw was making a swipe, it was caught it midair by the gulpin's chubby hands. As she looked at him questioningly, the gulpin found newfound strength from all of those berries he had been eating. He raised the zigzagoon above his head and, as the confused and frightened normal-type was squirming, threw her at a nearby tree. She flew square into the tree, breaking the bark a little, and fell to the ground. The gulpin simply wiped his hands clean of berry juice and began to stuff himself again.

28th November 2005, 7:26 AM
Did anyone like my description of Water Pulse, Iron Tail and Ice Beam? Nevermind.

I had some trouble describing this move.


How would you describe it?

28th November 2005, 8:39 AM
Back to the Ice Punch thing... I wrote out a Hitmonchan using Ice Punch as this frosty mist surrounding his body... then the bony orbs on his knuckles (a physical characteristic I made up, weee) glow bright blue. At this point, the Hitmonchan feels this cooling sensation all over his body. As he strikes the punch, the ice blasts from his knuckles.

Fire Punch was similar in that it raised the opponent Hitmonchan's skin temperature, making him so hot that he couldn't be touched. Likewise, his knuckles glowed red. What's funny is that when I wrote these two Hitmonchan's elemental punches colliding, the icey one won.

I described Double Team a bit differently. Sure, like the anime, the Pokemon creates clones out of nowhere. But something I added was that the clones were never pefect. They didn't cast shadows for one thing. It would take an observant Pokemon to figure this trick out and find out who the real Pokemon is.

Another Fan
28th November 2005, 9:11 PM
I always had pretty boring things for pokemon. Like for faint attack, I would make more like just faking a movement at then striking heartlessly. Or douple team as quick tricks and movement to cause it to be hard to sense the things performing the move. However, I do make pokemon perform moves differently. Like a mareep would just make light from electricity while a drowzee would perfom super natural acts which shines light from parts of the body such as eyes.

Extrasensory, could be like a sixth sense view of things at first and then doing movements that are similar to beating however hurt the pokemon inside the mind more than anything.

Stockpile would be ripping things off for what it is worth and storing them in the mouth.

Evanji Axu
28th November 2005, 11:54 PM
I'm an artist and not a writer, but here's one for Typhlosion using Earthquake:

The hulking badger stared down her foe, rocking rhythmically from one foot to the other, first slowly, then faster, faster...the Manectric stared, puzzled by this action, but he soon felt small tremors under his paws.

At last, when the Typhlosion was moving faster than eye's detection, she shot up into the air and curled up, her eyes carnelian flame. The Manectric realized his chance to esca -


The Typhlosion had slammed into the hard, dry clay, which crackled audibly on impact. Despite all his efforts, the thunder dog couldn't keep his footing; stumbling, he found himself at the nonexistant mercy of shaking earth. After what seemed like weeks, the quake quieted at last. However, the sheer force had cracked the Manectric's bones, keeping him bound where he lay; his hopes of snagging a tender, succulent Cyndaquil had vaporized.
Without acknowledging him, the Typhlosion turned and departed for her nest and hungry babies.


29th November 2005, 1:42 AM
ARE YOU FREAKING KIDDING ME?!? That was actually quite good for a non-writer. XD

Ryano Ra
29th November 2005, 2:59 AM
I think that I found a challenge for people, for the following attacks seem to be quite difficult to be portrayed differently, but in vice-versa settings, described in the same way. Maybe somebody can describe it differently so we get a new picture? The attacks are the following;

Thunderpunch, Fire Punch, Ice Punch, Mega Punch, Mega Kick, Seismic Toss, Cross Chop, and Swift.

Yes, some on here are very difficult, but maybe there is another way that a Chikorita can perform a Swift, or a Hitmonchan can use a Fire Punch, or maybe a Kadabra using a sheerly-powerful Thunderpunch. 8D

29th November 2005, 3:11 AM


The tiny, fairy like firefly drifted upward into the air, her wings beating rapidly. HEr form began to twist around itself slowly, as if moving through water. Mantine looked on curiously, his trainer too absorbed in watching the Illumise twirl elegantly to order any attacks.

Bit by bit, her petite purple body began to move faster and faster, wings humming at an ear-splitting speed. Her tail light began to glow a burnt gold, dark at first, then brighter and brighter until it blossomed with neon light. Sparks crawled along it's orb-like surface, crackling with energy.


Suddenly the Illumise stopped twirling, facing the Mantine with an evil look in her glowing, yellow eyes. The sparks from her tail orb and the light within it began to shoot up her body in blinding lances, gathering in her tiny hand.

She smirked down at the Mantine, face twisted and manical.

<You want a challenge?>

She dived.



^.^ Luff Illumise. AND OMFG, for a non writer, Evanji, that was totally sexy. ^.^

29th November 2005, 5:23 AM
Here's Cross Chop and Seismic Toss: This is actually taken from a future scene for Sin, but whatever. XD

Shiva's taut arms jabbed out in disorenting blurs, all flying fists and roaring fury. The lean Machamp deftly dropped and twisted, her eyes briefly blazing with the reflected light of the rainbow-white Hyper Beam that roared overhead. Somewhere behind her, there was a thunderous explosion as the Hyper Beam leveled a skyscraper. Distant screams rang out from below as people ran helter-skelter to avoid getting crushed by flying glass and derbis.

Rayquaza roared and twisted in the air, ravaged by another red-hot bolt of pain. The serpentine dragon coughed and sneezed in succession.


With each explosive exhalation, a fine red mist of offal and hemorrhage drifted out into the air, and the dragon wailed in a thin, high uluating scream. The virus was already past the point where Rayquaza's flesh had begun to peel off the bones and slough off in bloody, wet chunks.

Shiva immediately saw her chance, and launched herself into the sky, bringing all four of her arms swiftly together, glowing with concentrated energy.

Rayquaza let out a alarmed roar as her horns were painfully wrenched down, then up. Before her crumbling mind had a chance to track the Machamp's movements, sky tilted into earth as the ground flipped upwards--


A diamond-sharp cloud of shattered glass flew out in all directions as the dragon was smashed into the mirrored side of another skyscraper, screeching as her rotting, softening hide split like old parchment.

Another Fan
29th November 2005, 7:27 AM
I'll do Mega Kick.

Running towards my pokemon, the usually calm pokemon slammed to the side of my pokemon hitting hard against the floor. Then doing fantasticly beautiful techniques, the medicham flipped in the air and landed beside her now panting, tired body. Now, the real pain was coming to my spinda. Move was simple for it to do, it held its leg up high and the dropped it down on her chest. It turned back to its trainer and Shelly was left dead on the floor.

29th November 2005, 9:50 PM
I don't do narratives, so I'll keep my descriptions simple and to the point, with some examples from the anime mentioned for reference.

In my story, I portray Bubble as being a stream of foam, similar how Satoshi's Kingler used it in the anime shortly after it evolved. I personally like this portrayal, and it's a pity it doesn't look that way in the anime again, because it so nicely tells you several factors: it's one of the weakest water-type techniques out there, it's different from Bubblebeam (which I personally would portray as it's shown in the anime), and it's capable of slowing your opponent down (in my case, I make the suds stick to the opponent's body to make their movements more sluggish).

Super Fang is an interesting one, since you somehow gotta make the technique look powerful, yet never capable of completely taking out the opponent. Super Fang's main point is that it's able to cut HP in half, but if HP is just a status in a video game, how are you supposed to portray it realistically? Well the way I see it, in real life, HP could translate to stamina or life force, so it's just a matter of making the technique look as though it wiped out a huge portion of that. Personally, I'd make the Pokemon's front teeth glow white before stabbing into the opponent. A few seconds later, the opponent's eyes, mouth, as well as open wounds like the one just left by the fangs, start to glow white. Afterwards, an explosion comes out of the opponent's mouth, the glowing stops, and the opponent's left momentarily sitting with its mouth smoking (I compare it to Satoshi at the beginning of the Jouto filler featuring Tsubotsubo, in which something similar happens to him after taking an explosive pill). In this case, the attack's portrayal manages to give off the idea that it triggered a small energy explosion that caused internal damage, serious enough to wipe out much of the opponent's vitality, but not serious enough to keep them from going on completely.

Oh, and for the record everyone, Faint Attack's Japanese name translates to "Sneak Attack" or "Foul Play". It doesn't actually involve "fainting".

30th November 2005, 4:28 AM
Hmm, I'm going to do one in the style of an actual story like everybody else is. Because it's cooler that way. xP So for my attack, I choose...Blast Burn! It's totally overused, but it has the potential to become really cool.


Charizard extended her long, red-orange wings, staring at her opponent's shining yellow eyes. She raised her arms so that her wrists were level to her eyes, opening her clawed hands wide and focusing all of her power on this final attack. Her heavily mauled arms shook and dripped with blood, and she could hardly stand, but it didn't matter. She could do it.

She had to do it.

Throwing back her head, Charizard opened her huge jaws and roared. Bursts of flames erupted violently from the ground, searing her lizardlike opponent. The Sceptile screamed, his entire body searing with pain, and slowly submitted to the flames. Charizard, too, allowed herself to collapse, grateful for the coolness of the grass beneath her. Slowly her vision blurred and her eyes began to close. But she didn't care, because it was over.

She had done it.


What? Charizard is cool. And Pokemon battles don't have to be kiddy. Like Scrap just showed about three posts ago. xD

Ryano Ra
1st December 2005, 9:43 PM
Hmm...what about Absorb, Mega Drain, and Giga Drain?

I've never really saw those two grass attacks be described in Pokemon battles in stories, so perhaps somebody would be willing to give an example, yes? ^.^

1st December 2005, 9:55 PM
Heh, I wrote Stockpile from a Victreebel so that it chewed up its own leaves and could either spit them out mixed with its digestive acids, or swallow them as food...

Wandering Rhythmical Phoenix
1st December 2005, 10:27 PM
Hmm...what about Absorb, Mega Drain, and Giga Drain?

I've never really saw those two grass attacks be described in Pokemon battles in stories, so perhaps somebody would be willing to give an example, yes? ^.^
Here's the example Ive drafted for Tropius
"Tropius, Go, Giga Drain!"
The large pokemon lifted it's leaves amd bellowed. Small vines lept from the grass dinosaur. they made cpntact with the Seadra, and the water types enegy was sucked out through the vines.

Ofcorse, I think it varys from pokemon type to pokemon type

1st December 2005, 11:08 PM
Ooh, I have done what I would call a good Absorb in 'Human'. Basically, the Tangela approached the Diglett and attacked with the vines. As soon as the vines made contact, tiny globules (no idea what that word is supposed to be) of energy from it and brings it back to itself.


1st December 2005, 11:11 PM
I don't normally write anything that isn't for school, but after reading that Blast Burn I have to do one of one of my favorites- Typholsion.

The tawny charcoal beast glared straight into the muddy pigeon's eyes. Her fur began and suddenly, the fire upon her neck burst into a roaring infero as the air around her began to crack and sizzle. Waves of heat began to wash over the small bird until it's feathery down was reduced to burning embers. With a triumphant roar a small spark roared to life turning the entire clearing into a crimsom fireball.
As soon as it began the great beast's fire died out and she fell to the ground crawling over to her freshly roasted kill for a nice meal.

-- Note, that's probably really crappy, but it's what I can do and it's one of the main reasons you'll never find me writing anything.

2nd December 2005, 7:59 AM
I've got one's for Frenzy Plant,Solarbeam,and Blast Burn:
The large plant dinosaur sent its vines into the ground and they popped up on the other side of the field and attacked the dragon-like pokemon.
Frenzy Plant
The dragon like pokemon spread fire over it's body the stomped the ground,sending waves of heat towards the plant dinosaur
^Blast Burn
The small gecko pokemon raised its two tails,while the glowed,charging with solar energy.Then,a white orb of energy formed between its tails and shot it at the ugly fish,faintin it.
~Then the trainer screamed at the treecko for fainting the feebas~XDDDDDD

2nd December 2005, 8:31 AM
I'll try Mega Drain and Giga Drain.

I flapped my wings, soaring high in the air, spinning around in circles. My opponent, a Wailmer was getting ready to use his attack. Desperately I did what I had to do. A green ball of energy appeared right in front of me, and I used my powers to slam the ball of energy into Wailmer. My Absorb attack. Preety nifty, but it was not good enough for me. Wailmer was still standing strong, his blubber protecting him from most damage.

A bigger, green ball of energy appeared right in front of me, as Wailmer was prepared to launch his attack, I used my powers to slam the ball of energy into him. My Mega Drain, much stronger than Absorb but Wailmer still was strong. He spun around, glowing white, as white mist surrounded the area. How I hated the mist. I flapped my wings, and a hurricane appeared, blowing away the mist. My Gust attack. I had to finish the pesky Wailmer off, and I had two more good moves to use.

I flew around Wailmer in circles, releasing silver powder and wind and the same time. He was astounded and the powder and wind hit him write on the head. My Silver Wind, and I had one last trick up my sleeve. I used my powers to create a bigger ball of energy than before, and I used my powers to slam it into him. The green energy ball hit him on the face, my Giga Drain attack was perfect. I saw that he was still standing, and my whole body burning with anger, I charged forward, tackling him. That Tackle attack finished him off and I had nothing more to say. I flapped my wings, flying in the sky, leaving the Wailmer alone in the ocean.

How's that for sweet?

2nd December 2005, 4:08 PM
That was a great description. I'm assuming it was a Beautifly against that Wailmer?

Can someone give me three attacks to try and describe?


2nd December 2005, 6:57 PM
I know that I'm way behind in reading this, and I'm supposed to go like right now, so I thought I'd share with you guys my own version of Faint Attack.

it's WAY different than your people's versions...

plus, I've got Reversal, Ice Beam, and Megahorn....

“Faint Attack!” Sarah said quietly, so that only Sneasel could hear it, knowing that her Sneasel didn’t have enough time to get out of the way. To the twins, it looked like she had muttered something to herself, but hadn’t given her Pokemon a command.

The Heracross slammed into Sneasel, who made no move to dodge. The Dual Dark and Ice type flew across the gym, and slammed against a wall. The Sneasel fell to the ground in a heap, and the twins erupted in cheers. “One hit KO!” they shouted, running around in little circles. “One hit KO!” Heracross, distracted, and more than a little happy, turned and looked at its trainers happily.

Instantly, the Sneasel was in the air, its claws extended, its teeth bared. The Heracross barely knew what hit it when Sneasel slammed into its back, and forced its face into the grass-imitation carpet. “Ice Beam!” Sarah called, and the Sneasel, still atop the Heracross’s back, reared one hand back.

The Heracross screamed in fury and fear, and the twins opened their mouths to say something. Then the beam of pure ice formed itself in Sneasel’s right hand, and slammed into the back of the Bug and Fighting type’s head, dazing it and slamming its head down, once more, into the carpet. “Reversal!” the twins called out as one, a split second after the Ice Beam was fired.

Sarah grimaced. She had been hoping that the little girls had forgotten about the bug’s fighting types. Before her Sneasel could jump away, five blue orbs sprang into existence around the Heracross. Each of them homed in on Sneasel, and knocked the Ice type off of its opponent. Heracross then swung around, its horn slamming Sneasel several yards away.

that's from Johto--A Nw Beginning btw....second part of the first chapter.

andthe twins are Bugsy's sisters fyi.

now I've gotta go. class starts in eight minutes.

btw, have any of you guys given any thought to how Miltank does Milk Drink?


here's my idea, taken from a journal entry from the same fic as above:

Of course, I don't think I've ever been so humiliated by a Rollout. Of course, maybe I lost because Sneasel and I were so disgusted by its Milk Drink technique. Don't worry, future self, I won't go into the details. Let me just say that only female Miltank can do it, and that all Miltank are EXTREMELY flexible.

Another Fan
2nd December 2005, 7:33 PM
Hunter do Destiny Bond, Psych Up and Memento.

2nd December 2005, 8:13 PM
Right then, lemme just look at the Attackdex for them...

Destiny Bond:

Wobbuffet looked long and hard at the opponent, a Medicham. The Medicham had already made the blue Pok&#233;mon weak with a barrage of elemental punches, but now the time had come for Wobbuffet to take charge and leave her trainer in the lurch. Her arms came forward and a dark purple orb, slightly sludgy, appeared in them. She flung this at Medicham who seemed unphased as the ball hit him and turned to smoke.

"Ha, is that all you have?" sneered the opposing trainer, annoying Hunter slightly.

"Wobbuffet, what's going on?" he asked his Pok&#233;mon quietly. He hadn't seen an attack like this before.

"Right then," said the opponent, "Medicham, finish her off with your most powerful Ice Punch!" Medicham ran to Wobbuffet, who stood doing nothing, and summoned ice to his fist. Medicham arrived at the Pok&#233;mon and reared his fist, slamming it forward and not only knocking Wobbuffet back to Hunter, but knocking the Psychic Type out.

"Wobbuffet, no!" shouted Hunter, making to run to her. He stopped when he saw something happening to Medicham. The purple smoke had arrived and began to wrap itself around the Fighting Type. When it had totally encased him, Medicham collapsed and the smoke dissappeared. "What the hell was that?" asked Hunter, bemused as he returned Wobbuffet to her Pok&#233;ball.

"Destiny Bond..." said the opponent, trailing off.

The others will come in an edit.


Ryano Ra
4th December 2005, 12:43 AM
This thread is coming along spectacularly.

How, what are different ways to portray a Dragonbreath attack?

Another Fan
4th December 2005, 1:46 AM
Truly, the most common way is by making a form of breath that is similar to that of flames however different akin to that of pokemon stadium 2 which had bright, light green which symbolised draconic energy nicely however was a bit silly looking.

I prefer just flames that do not cause fire or burns and do not behave too similar to that of fire but they instead cause physical pain to the pokemon on the recieving end.

5th December 2005, 10:20 AM
I don't know about Dragonbreath but I had an idea for my fic. I llike to play around with the psychic type. Since psychic is like telekineses I would do a sculpture of whatever the other attack. If it was fire then it would be like where the combusken, let's say uses ember at the sky while it's partner, a Ralts, uses confusion to shape the fire into a ball or orb. When there is enough fire the Ralts would manipulate the fire into different shapes, like a Charizard, then, the Ralts would send the fire Charizard at the enemy, burning it. I don't know if anyone's ever done this but I think it would be cool if the same Ralts mentioned above combindes teleport with confusion. I picture it as where the Ralts doesn'y teleport itself but rather, it teleports whatever it was aiming for. I think of teleport+confusion as where the user moves the teleport off itself and onto whatever it chooses. I think that would be kind of cool, what about you guys? That's all I can think of for now, TTFN!

Another Fan
5th December 2005, 2:38 PM
I truly dislike too much telekinesis during battles. Too me move of the psychic moves should aim for the mind and not the body. However, then there is nothing to describe seeing as it just hits the mind. So, the pokemon would behave differently and maybe the performer could consentrate but no fancy lights or effects like in the games or anime.

Confusion is a weak move so therefore I would make it just cause something like a headache for the opponent.

5th December 2005, 4:12 PM
what another said.

however, I disagree with the power levels.

in my opinion, Confusion and Psychic are extremely powerful Psychic attacks (Psychic much mroe than Confusion, obviously), that are so powerful that they ripple the very fabric of the space-time continuum (a la the game animation). Confusion is the basic one of this, and Psychic the more powerful.

They are both aimed for the mind, not the body. However, because they're powerful and ripple the fabric of the space-time continuum, they both can push someone back (due to the ripple in the fabric, not necessarily the mental effects).

meh, my two cents.

personally, I think that the only time that fire should be manipulated is if a fire type is doing it (a la a move I once saw a few times on TPT, where Fire types can manipulate fire itself).

Another Fan
5th December 2005, 4:56 PM
Just the fact that then there is little point of the rip in space and time. And what mends it again and if they are so powerful why can the pokemon be still alive or their former selves? I think it just causes problems.

Elemental Charizam
5th December 2005, 5:44 PM
I just thought it distorted the air as it was peformed. In the games, the effect was probably just there to show there was an attack going on, like the GSC Leer animation.

But mainly, I make Psychic attacks effect the mind, and thus indirectly the body.

5th December 2005, 6:14 PM
Just the fact that then there is little point of the rip in space and time. And what mends it again and if they are so powerful why can the pokemon be still alive or their former selves? I think it just causes problems.

notice I said ripple in the fabric of space/time. not rip.

if it did rip it open, there would be a problem, yes. but it only ripples the fabric. it doesn't tear it off/open. think of tossing a pebble into a pond. the water ripples away, because of the force of the pebble, but then it returns to normal.

same thing here.

Charizam, I agree that it was just an effect in the game, but I enjoy finding ways to put the game stuff into reality....this was one way I did that.


Ryano Ra
9th December 2005, 5:52 PM
Hmm...for Shadow Punch, I think of a Dusclops punching furiously at an Alakazam when suddenly, he forms a shadow of himself and they both begin attacking. It's like a Double Team; Dusclops makes a copy of himself, though the Alakazam is 'hypnotized' to believe the fake copy is the real deal, furiously attacking it when the real Dusclops is dealing greater damage. 8D

Another Fan
10th December 2005, 10:00 PM
I always thought just performing a supernatural effect to make it dark to the opponent and slamming down from aside or below.

10th December 2005, 10:06 PM
I imagined Shadow Punch as the attacker disappearing into a oily black blur, ending with a impression of a fist as though an invisible hand were punching into the foe (like the musicial tone sound-fists in Kung Fu Hustle).

Wandering Rhythmical Phoenix
10th December 2005, 10:07 PM
Sableye flew from the ground, its fist turned into a mass of darkness as he swiped it across the Orange dragon’s face

My Shadow Punch

Ryano Ra
11th December 2005, 1:33 PM
Hmmm...what about the move Featherdance? I think that particular move could be used defensively, offensively, and/or to boost stats.

+Chaos Blade+
11th December 2005, 3:28 PM
Offensively: On Pidgeot, perhaps the bird can use its wings to cover its body, then spin in a circle creating an enormous gale that can cause devastation to its surroundings and, more definitely, its target, for instance, a Bellossom. The Bellossom would be hurled into the gale, feeling the full effect of its almighty power.

Defensively: Almost like Iron Defense, but the Pok&#233;mon, in this case Pidgeot, would take the wings and, just how it worked offensively, create a gust of wind that can, a bit, penetrate some of the attack fired at it, and then, with a Gust or Whirlwind attack, can add on to the gale and push the penetrated attack towards the opponent.

Stat-raising: On Pidgeot, each time it uses Featherdance, its talons on its wings would sharpen into feathers with some metallic properties, raising its Attack, then the Pidgeot would use its wings to cover itself [again], protecting itself from harm, if necessary, therefore, increasing Defense. And also, if you could, you can sharpen its talons [like in Defense] and place the wings at its side, and then make it use Quick Attack or some offensive move that requires force, making Pidgeot look like a speeding bullet, therefore, increasing Speed.

Wandering Rhythmical Phoenix
11th December 2005, 11:49 PM
Some New Ones:
Wingull and Water Gun
. “Water Gun!” The small Pokemon flapped it’s wings as it stirred the water vapor around it into liquid water, he shot it at Zangoose, the white scared Pokemon leapt back, only getting hit by the end of the attack, not much, but still enough to damage it into a knock out. It vanished in a light as amazing as the one it had entered.

Frenzied Plant Venasaur
. “Frenzied Plant!” Venasaur glowed green, and shot brown vines into the floor. The vines split and multiplied beneath the floor. The brown plants shot up and thrashed around the arena. Wingull attempted to rise above the vines, but he was thrashed, cut, and forced to the ground as the vines subsided back into the ground.

Furry Cutter Zangoose
“ZANGOOSE, FURRY CUTTER!” The Pokemon got down on all fours, it ran around Sableye, the purple eyes glowed greed and it cut across Sableye’s stomach, sending it tumbling across the ground.

Sableye Shadow Ball
!” Sableye shot up and gathered darkness in his hands. He shot it out and pushed the energy into Dragonite’s face, sending it falling down.

13th December 2005, 3:59 AM
I'll give featherdance a try... but it's how its effect works in the games.

The majestic eagle's body gave a sudden shiver fluffing out its beige feathers. In one graceful motion it took to the sky and with each flap of it's wings it showered its opponent with shining feathers swirling in the breeze. The opponent just stared at the show, unable to make a move against the curtain softly sweeping towards it.

Once again, I'm pretty sure that's horrible, but it's what I can do.

16th December 2005, 8:51 AM
Has anyone thought of using steel wing for other purposes than just an attack? I think steel wing could do well in defense where as the pokemon folds its steel-hard wings around itself. Just my thoughts, TTFN!

16th December 2005, 9:36 AM
Well, I had an idea that when Spenser was tied up by a Weepinbell's vines, Crobat (which was hidden on his back all the time) used Steel Wing and sliced the vines open, releasing its owner.

Evanji Axu
17th December 2005, 7:49 PM
Milotic using attract:

The creamy yellow serpent suddenly slithered away from her hulking foe. As her back was turned, the Swampert raised a foreleg threateningly. Just as he was about to strike the ground for a devastating Earthquake, the Milotic began to glow salmon pink. After a momentary pause, she spun around and went to town...
With her long lashes aflutter, flirtatiously fanning herself with her tail fins, she resembled a beautiful geisha. Taking a deep breath, she emitted a sweet, melodic cry. The Swampert's cheeks flushed hot, his knees grew weak. All his effort to stay upright kept him from moving forward, let alone attacking.


~*Mudkip Fantastic*~
17th December 2005, 8:53 PM
Lugias areoblast: The huge great beast flapped it's huge wings and shot up, up higher than the brave little Jumpluff could comprehend, spinning all the while. Then it stopped and stared down at the frightened little creature. Lugia breathed in deep, and crashed it's wings together creating a huge sonic boom, then he moved his wings appart, and screeched. A giant gust af air hurtled through the vacum created by the sonic boom. It made no sound. The next day a kid was walking towards the place and he found a small, sphere like skeleton. It was Jumpluff......

Go easy on me this is my first try!!!;249;

I also have a combo. Tyranitar picked up the Metagross in it's take down legs-in form, and threw him up into the air. He started spinning and his claws glew silver. He hit Articuno right in the face and kept on spinning hitting the great ice bird all the while.......

Rapid spin/Metal claw combo

Ryano Ra
22nd December 2005, 2:16 PM
Hmm...I can do Water Pulse, Dragonbreath, and Dragon Rage. This is a future scene from Chapter Ten of Rhapsody, but whatever. I'll just have to update my preview thread with an excerpt of the battle, including this part. Enjoy. ^^

+ + + + + + + +

“Swampert, start with Water Pulse!” Rochelle harshly ordered. The swift mudfish monster opened his mouth widely, forming a glittering, shining bubble over the edges of his maw. The divine dragon serpent glared down at the Swampert, slightly roaring and swaying back and forth.

The gleaming veil suddenly bulleted swift cannonballs of water, whispering across the wind as they danced up the water snake’s long body and struck her face. She fought against the attack, lifting her tail up and blocking the bombs of bubbles. Gyarados continued to rock from left to right, starting to feel her body twitch and shift. She broke out into a slithering dance, sliding up and down the wooden surface. Zale smiled and pointed directly at Swampert.

“Gyarados, Dragonbreath!” the warrior commanded. The large dragon serpent roared angrily, her body suddenly glowing into a white and sky blue glint.

It soon softened and faded away while she spewed out a tongue of glittering teal flames towards Swampert. The monstrous mudfish smirked, abruptly leaping towards the right and dodging the massive draconic attack. The baking flames managed to strike his left limb, churning his head while he somehow crashed to the ground. He momentarily went dizzy, rubbing his forehead before struggling to stand on his strong, swimming feet.

“Follow up with Dragon Rage!” Zale instructed. Once again, the glow returned, encasing her body with infuriating strength, power, and speed. It disappeared, leaving Swampert to watch as a bolt of fire streamed out of her mouth.

It cooked the atmosphere and hungrily swallowed oxygen, swirling and diving and waltzing in the winds. The mudfish monster swiftly evaded the attack successfully, this time sprinting forward and nearing the divine dragon serpent. Gyarados continued breathing out stifling flames, colors of red, orange, and gold intertwining together and striking Swampert on his face. He simply sent out a stream of freezing-cold water out, dying the fiery attack out and lightly hitting the water snake.

Evanji Axu
22nd December 2005, 8:53 PM
Combo of Facade and Crunch.
(And Minya is my character)

Things weren't looking good for Sly. Her wings and tail sizzled, burned badly by the Camerupt they'd managed to startle. The beast, being nearsighted and not very bright, thought they were predators come to steal her calf, who now cowered behind his mother.

The indigo bird found herself growing faint from the pain and the hot air. Just as she was about to collapse, something moist and red nudged her -


The Mightyena barked frantically. She was wagging her tail, but not out of joy; rather, she was trying to release her trepidation. <Stay awake! We can't defeat this big oaf alone!> She glanced at their trainer, who was running around trying to distract and tire out the Camerupt, and suddenly hatched a plan...

Sly scuttled about, weakly flapping her wings to catch their enemy's eye. When the Camerupt approached, she dropped limply to the ground. The great beast lurched over, curiously sniffing at the Swellow. In the meantime, Tika crouched behind, waiting for the right moment to strike. Roughly flipping over Sly with her hoof, the flaming camel was sure that the bird was -


Sly sprang right up and nailed her right on the nose, blinding her with her wings. Seizing the moment, Tika struck, her fangs glowing bright red as she clamped down on the Camerupt's leg. Beset on all sides, the red beast began to panic, flinging them both off as she flailed wildly. The bewildered mother stampeded off into the distance, unmindful of her bleeding hindleg as her baby tried to keep up. Exhausted but relieved, Sly and Tika went to seek out Minya, who'd been napping, tuckered out from her running.

~*Mudkip Fantastic*~
31st December 2005, 6:44 PM
I can imagine a Lugia water pulse as a water gun followed by the sonic clap as I
call it used in my areoblast description. BUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUT the anime
shows it as a glowing ball that created waves when touched.

I can image a Groudons Eruption in two ways. Both start with a crouch and it's
patterns glow blood red.
1:for flying or fast pokemon and pokemon in water: it looks up and spurts lava
like a fountain and molten rocks come flying out of it. The lava would harden
on contact with water, trapping them under hardened rock an before it was
completely covered the water pokemon would have to dodge falling rocks.
2:slow pokemon onthe ground: a water gun type thing of lava flys out of
Groudons mouth and bounces off the ground and creates a wave that fills
the battlefield.

Brian Random
19th January 2006, 10:33 AM
You guys like describing attacks, right? So do I. Normally, when I write battle scenes I like to surprise the audience. I like to use variations of attacks, including combos and usage of weapons.

Move: Focus Punch
Feraligatr slightly crouched as he turned his back towards his opponent, Machamp, while charging up his powers to his clenched paw for maximum damage.

Knowing that Focus Punch would cause the blue crocodile to not be able to move while he powered up, Machamp saw his chance to attack him, attempting to hit him with his Mega Punch.

But he missed his attack, the Feraligatr sensed him coming and barely, yet confidently, dodged out of the way, making Machamp’s miss. Then, he took advantage of Machamp’s shock and slammed his high-powered paw into his face, sending him flying at a great distance until he fell and crashed through the ground.

More coming...

Ryano Ra
19th January 2006, 8:00 PM
Okay, I'm starting to get back into the describing attacks mode, so I think I'll be describing some attacks in a while. o.o; Also, nice Focus Punch, Brian, I really liked how it was portrayed. It gave me an idea for a brand-new Fire Punch/Ice Punch/Thunderpunch combination. 8D

Brian Random
23rd January 2006, 12:39 PM
Got another one...

Move: Body Slam
To everyone surprise, the Sneasel began moving, struggling to get to her feet. Even after taking some heavy beatings, she still wouldn’t stay down.

Slaking ran a few steps before taking a gigantic leap, surprising everyone. He aimed his entire body towards the weakened and battered Sneasel and slammed his over three-hundred-pound body right on top of her, squashing her like a bug and causing the floor to shake, making everyone lose their balance and fall to the floor.

24th January 2006, 7:28 AM
What about a move like Shadow Ball, it can be used by all sorts, like Flareon, Noctowl etc..

For Flareon, I think:

Flareon struggled to his feet, the impact of the last attack on him had been stronger than he had expected, but still he managed to remain calm.

"Flareon, Shadow Ball!" Jack called, his voice more determined than ever.

Flareon nodded in agreement, and began to gather energy from the dark sky above. Slowly small blobs were drawn out of the shadows, floating ghost-like towards the Flareon. When complete, a large black ball was hovering gently in front of Flareon's face, before suddenly rushing forward, striking the camel, enveloping it in a black cloud. When the cloud faded, the Camerupt swayed gently, before falling to the ground, unconscious.

~Phanpy~ ;231;

24th January 2006, 6:50 PM
Well, I've got some for swift and swords dance, taken from a battle in my current fic.

He howled passionately, his fur threatening to rip themselves from his body, and began to twirl within the limited space that the swords had sealed him in while sinking his fangs into his prey. With each passing second, the swords started to sink into his body, increasing the velocity in which he spun round. By the time the eighth and final sword had sunk in, he had created a cyclone. A free and Herculean force.

Mewtwo laughed. Cold, heartless laughter. His body started to glow in a white and yellow glint. A flurry of feathers erupted from his back, sprouting wings. The glow encased Charcon, blinding and shocking him onto the ground. A feeling a radiant grace was taking over the minds of those still alive as they saw the final product of the creature squirming from Mewtwo's back.

An angel. She looked so innocent, almost god-like. A golden bow was grasped tightly into her hands. For that single moment when her form transended into this world, everyone felt complete. Untill she sang.

Her voice was carried through the air, entering the mind of every individual. Beautiful notes glided onto the weakest areas of the brain, replacing life funtions with the urge to hear more. Giving them a tuly beautiful thing to witness before death.

Charcon had never felt a light feeling like this enveloping him. It felt unreal, almost heavenly. Forgetting about Mewtwo, he floated up to them, trying to experience this angelic purity properly. At this reaction, the angel fired two bolts from her celestial bow with deadly swiftness.

They walzed elegantly through the air, cascading around Charcon. Directed by their master, they struck, slamming vigorously. Cries of pain erupted in a howl of agony.

Just proving to you that Swift can be many, many things.


24th January 2006, 7:37 PM
how's this one?

"Elmo! GO!" Cyintha commanded as she tossed the pokeball, the ball opened to reveal the Breloom. It bounded on the spot, eager to win the battle and to avenge his teammate.

"Use Sludge Bomb and that Ampharos!"

The breloom started to imagine the most disgusting thing it could imagine. The image cause a gag reflex in the Mushroom pokemon's stomach. The pressure began to bluid until he couldn't hold it in any longer.

Suddenly the pokemon vomited a purple foul-smelling liquid, the vomit shot out of Elmo's mouth and straight at the ampharos. Dousing the poor pokemon's eyes in the noxius fluid.

"YES! Now finish it with Iron Tail!"

Elmo bounded towards the blinded pokemon at break-neck speed, it's tail began to glow with a white light. It took one last jump before tucking himself into a frontflip and landing tail first on the hapless ampharos. Striking it on forhead like a ball and chain.

Brian Random
16th February 2006, 3:01 PM
Hypnosis used by Gengar

Shakespeare ran towards the opposition and his eyes glowed purple and slowly motioned his paws in a circular motion. The Team Ocean partners curiously looked down on him and slowly became dizzy while the Gengar chanted his own name numerous times.

“We like living in the submarine,” they said in a hypnotised manner, much to curiosity of the young ones.

“Gengar, gengar, gengar,” Shakespeare chanted quietly as he continued to hypnotise Genghis and Kahn.

“We’re going to ride back to our group,” they said in unison, still being hypnotised. “And Backstreet Boys was the best boy band since New Kids on the Block.”

They slowly went back into the submarine and closed the top of it and drove back into the ocean.

~*Mudkip Fantastic*~
4th March 2006, 1:57 PM
A Combo

Flygon use SAND TOMB

The great dragon flapped its diamond shaped wings with emense power trpping the opponent in a tornado of sand

Now use Flamethrower

The flygon suddenly spurt a jet of flames from its mouth, heating up the sand and making glass trpping the opponent in a glass statue

Ryano Ra
4th March 2006, 2:01 PM
o.o; Very inventive, I like that one.

(I really need to start practicing this more if I plan to write more battles)

Hmm...how would someone describe a Dragon Claw or a Dragon Dance attack?

4th March 2006, 3:54 PM
I don't write fiction or anything, but this seems like a little bit of fun. :3

Dragon Claw
The wild Charizard let out a mighty roar as it started to glow a brilliant crimson. The area around it faded into a dark red colour. The dragon-like Pokémon's claw then changed from its normal grey to a sparkling mix of scarlet and bottle green.

The glowing Fire-type then dived at his opponent, and sharply slashed the Rapidash standing on the way of the mystic locket. Light, yet damaging scars appeared on Rapidash's side, as the fire horse toppled to the ground from the supernatural attack; the elusive, rare ability of Dragon Claw...

I feel it's a bit short. :/ And most likely makes no sense whatsoever. =)

5th March 2006, 3:54 AM
Meh. For dragon dance:

Flygon thundered into the air, dragonfly wings whipping the air to a frenzy as he shot up into the sky. The desert song that its wings stirred from the wind rose to a keening pitch as he strained ever higher, the air growing thin and close and the arena falling far behind. The deadly cold of the upper air stung his muscles and his breath came in short gasps. Closing his eyes, he reached for just one foot more, every muscle straining--and then his wings cut out.

The desert song snapped mid-note, replaced by the empty roaring of high winds, as flygon continued to soar for a brief instant, his momentum carrying him upward, before it could no longer hold out against the incredible strain of gravity and he began to fall once more.

Eyes still closed, flygon felt suddenly weightless as he abruptly changed direction, tumbling head over heels through a low layer of cloud and towards the earth below. Wind snarled in his ears and teased his wings, which produced a razor-thin whine as they sliced through the atmosphere. He blocked out of the tortured sound and began to dance, moving to the melody of the desert-song that he could now hear only in his head.

While rhydon waited impatiently below, one rocky paw held up to shield his eyes as he searched for some sign of his opponent's return. But flygon was still far above, twisting and rolling over and over in the air, his tail slicing back and forth through the keening wind. Had his eyes been open, he would have been lost in the pitch and whirl of sky blending into earth, the horizon spinning on end and falling in upon itself as up and down became meaningless. The pull of gravity seemed to come from all directions at once and not at all as flygon, his eyes closed, became lost in the dance instead of in the shifting earth. Adrenaline flooded his veins as he focused the power of the sky and of the wind within himself, danger filling him with elation as he plummeted towards the earth. The true dragon was master of earth and sky, afraid of neither and born of both.

As flygon wrapped himself in the last shreds of sky, now a mere ten feet above the earth, he felt the power of the ancients surge through him, acknowledging his risk and lending their strength to his own. His eyes snapped open, alight with an inner fire, and his wings roared to life as he flipped neatly out of his fall, hovering a mere three feet above the earth. The power of dragon dance thundered in his veins as he lunged for ryhdon, the rock-type still baffled by his sudden reappearance. Lashing out with his hind legs, flygon sent the titan toppling backwards with the earth-shattering blow of a double mega kick....

Obviously impractical for standard battles, but for a climax or something I think it could work.

Ryano Ra
5th March 2006, 4:20 AM
Actually, Negrek, that was very, very good for Dragon Dance. O.O;;

For me, I would have done so for the following for Dragon Dance;

Charizard soared under the heavens, wings flapping elegantly while coasting a rising symphony of gales and harsh winds. Looking below with determined, hardened eyes, the winged monster plummeted to earth like a flaming bullet of the Void, blasting through the atmospheric boundaries that seperated spirits and life, the living and the benevolent dead. Lightning streaked from one malicious miasma to the next, and out came the sonata of thunderclaps and an angelic song, mixing together to bring out a sudden bolt of green light. Making strong contact with Charizard, it could only assist in the best way possible - the flame-spewing beast gleamed of the crystalline glow, manuevering and gliding and sailing through the air with sheer beauty. It was a gorgeous sight to see, until alacrity met her heart and she slackened her movement, floating still and calm. She had done it.

o.o;; I would so something of that material in a more serious, powerful, complex battle than the earlier ones in my story.

Evanji Axu
5th March 2006, 6:28 PM
Dammit. All my favorite Pokemon don't learn Dragon Dance or cool stuff like that. And whoever gave poor Mightyena her movepool should be shot.

Thunderpunch for Typhlosion:

The orange dragon crossed his forelegs, drifting in mid-air. <Catch me...if you can. Heh heh heh...> This only further frustrated his opponent, snarling impotently at the smug Charizard. She sprang skyward multiple times, only to be met with a suave dodge. This continued until he tired of toying with her and swooped without warning, knocking the Typhlosion to the ground with his long tail.
<Oh, blast...> She lay prone on the ground, steely-blue back glinting in the sun. Spitting out a little blood, the mustelid forced herself back onto her feet, feeling a little static shock from her fur rubbing together. <Ah, now I get it.> She began to writhe wildly as he launched his claw forward in vain. He clawed again and again, never more than scratching her as electricity built up. Suddenly, she stood still, her eyes glowing blood red as lightning crackled about the back of her neck, flowing into one claw and charging it up.
<Oh, how the tables have turned...> Blinded by the glow, the Charizard didn't notice the danger until he'd been punched square in the gut, bellowing in rage as he was knocked into the fast-flowing river. The Typhlosion smirked as she watched him weakly beat his charred wings. Herself badly injured, she crawled back to her den for some well-deserved rest. <Heh heh, he'll never live this down...>

Anyone can bash Charizard, but I can do it with STYLE!

20th March 2006, 2:40 PM
Great thread! I love doing these things!

All right, then, without further ado, let me present some of my attack combinations, detailings and counters:

I always thought of Earthquake and Magnitude as a sort of colossal Stomp on the ground for non-Ground types, and just manipulating the floor so that it has shock waves going through it if a Ground type did it. Usually the user would simply cause the waves to radiate from them, but all Ground types and some very (and by that I mean very) skilled non-Ground types can focus the shock waves in one direction, by tipping the Stomp in a very precise angle if the user wasn't a Ground type, and, in the case of Ground types, simply focussing all the energy in that direction.

Fissure could be done by using two of the Pokemon's appendages - in the case of non-Grounds - to stomp in just the right angle in three directions - forward and to the right and left. If done properly, it would cause a gigantic split in the entire crust of the earth (yes, I think of all OHKO's as fatal moves), so that anyone unlucky enough to fall would go straight to the mantle and a horrible death, or if the user reseals the Fissure before the victim reached the bottom, it would quite literally squish the unfortunate one. Painful, eh? Of course, in the age of Trainers, it would be banned, and even in the time when Pokemon roamed free, it would be restricted to duels. Also, the Ground-type would have to have a great multitasking skill in order to pull it off, as the Pokemon would have to send a very powerful surge of Ground energy one way while simultaneously doing the same for the other way, so that the crust would split in two.

Twister would be really fun to describe. I think I'll make a little snippet.


"Nice try," said the Gyarados. "You actually thought a Quick Attack would even harm me, Pidgey?"

"You don't even know the meaning of pain."

All at once, the sea serpent's aqua blue fins began glowing a neon cerulean. They rapidly grew, soon becoming long protrusions that stuck out as lethally as those of a Steelix, but much more suited for the task they would perform.

"No, no no, no, please, sir, forgive me!' cried the Pidgey. She knew very well the pain the next attack could bring. All the elders had been permanently scarred by it - if they had even survived, that is. She shuddered at the thought.

Before the helpless Pidgey could do any more, the Gyarados began violently twisting in mid-air, creating a gigantic tornado that whipped lethally, screeching with its sheer force. The merciless serpent in the tornado's heart began cruelly approaching a nearby stand of trees, hoping to make the pain for his victim even worse than it would soon be. In a matter of seconds, everything within the stand was sucked into the typhloon, rocks whizzing lethally as the bare skeletons of trees spun about. To add a last finishing touch, the creature within began rapidly spewing fire from his mouth, which joined the mad frenzy of boulders, trees and the occasional Pokemon. Finally prepared, he turned to his opponent, letting his anger for besmirching his territory take full control of him.

"You have never felt true pain... but you will now."


Well, that really sucked... and now I don't want to do anything else...

Although I really want to know how Psych Up would work. Does anybody else have an idea?

20th March 2006, 10:22 PM
i was wonderering what about sheer cold?
here is my vision of it

the Articuno look intensially at the trained trying to catch it. "ok now Syther use false swipe one more time." the trainer said. The green mantis buzzed around and its right sythe started to glow. after it swiped at the air and a long blade of enegry went straight for the Articuno. the Articuno sensed this and rose in to the air, wings spread out and cried out. Then waves of enegry was emmited from the icy bird and with a flash of light everything was covered in ice including the Syther.

so what did you think. anyway I also included mind reader and false swipe too.