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Rex Kamex
29th November 2005, 3:05 AM
Pocket Monsters: Eevee Adventure

By MJC CartoGuy

© 2005 by MJC CartoGuy (Well, not really copyrighted, but… you get it.)

This is a new story of mine that I thought up of. I’m gonna try and make it as long as my other fan fictions. Hopefully I can update three stories at once. Do not copy any of the characters or my story without my permission. Also, I don’t own Pokemon.

It’s rated PG for violence and phrases like “SHUT UP” and “MORON”, but there isn’t any cursing in this story.

Anyway, this story is about five Pokemon Trainers who each get an Eevee and eventually evolve theirs. The story is about when the five of them meet up again one year after they begin their journeys. This particular story is about the Flareon Trainer. He looks similar to the Fire Red/Leaf Green kid, but I didn’t want him to look too much like him. Also, the first chapter’s really long. REALLY LONG. Don’t worry, the rest of the chapters will be shorter. I’m gonna edit this chapter later on.

Also, just for fun, I'm gonna add the Japanese names of each chapter titles under the English ones. I got this partly from Yamato-san's story. Well… here we go…

In the world of Pokemon… there are lots of adventures that go on. Pokemon are big and small creatures that hang out all over the world. They are mostly animal-like creatures, but some Pokemon aren’t like that. There are all kinds of Pokemon. Some are very common to see while others are mostly heard about in legends.

Some own Pokemon as pets, but others use them for fighting Pokemon competitions known as Pokemon battles. These are fights that Pokemon have where they use their abilities to try and knock the other Pokemon out. It’s still a friendly sport, though. Also, there are competitions that use appeal to be victorious called Pokemon Contests. These events are popular among people as well.

There are people in the world that capture Pokemon with devices called PokeBalls and make them their partners. These are called Pokemon Trainers. Pokemon Trainers travel around to different places in order to battle with other Trainers, have adventures, and just strengthen their Pokemon, not to mention themselves. When a person becomes ten years old, they can get a license to become a Pokemon Trainer. They leave their home and travel around. One of the most common practices that Trainers do is go from town to town going to buildings known as Gyms, where they battle the “boss” of the gym, known as the gym leader. A unique badge proves a victory of defeating a gym leader, and to enter certain battling tournaments you must collect the badges qualified to participate. (Or, you could just collect the badges just to admire the artwork.)

The goal of many Trainers is to become what is known as a Pokemon Master, one of the greatest and strongest Trainers ever. Is this what the protagonist of this story wants to go? Let’s find out…

Chapter 1- “The Adventure Begins! Yoshio of E-Dan!”
第1話「冒険は始まる! E団のョシオ!」

The sun rose as a peaceful morning started the day. There wasn’t a cloud in the skies over the small Pallet Town. Yes folks, peace and quiet were everywhere, and nothing could disturb the peace. Except maybe-


“Gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!” shouted a brown haired boy who instantly rose upon hearing the noise of his alarm clock. He turned to look at the clock and gave it a death glare. “YOU!” he screeched. “I WAS HAVING A DREAM WHERE I WAS JUST ABOUT TO BE GIVEN A TROPHY FOR BEING THE COOLEST POKEMON TRAINER EVER KNOWN TO MAN WHEN YOU WOKE ME UP! BEGONE!”

The angry boy reached for the red alarm clock and lifted it up in the air in an attempt to throw it. Due to his anger, it was too late to stop himself from throwing it. The door to his bedroom opened as a dark blond haired teenager of fifteen opened the door. She was wearing a sleeveless pink shirt and some light blue shorts.

“Yoshio!” she said, just as he threw it. “It’s time for you to get your Pokemon license- OOF!”

As she was talking, the boy threw his alarm clock at the door in order to break it. Unfortunately for him, since his sister opened the door first, the alarm clock pounded her in the face which caused her to fall over.

“Huh?” said the boy, instantly looking at the girl, who was moaning in pain as she lay on the floor. “Heh heh… sorry, sis…”

“Yoshio,” she managed to say as she got up, brushing herself, “that’s the fourth time you’ve hit me with your alarm clock! What’s with you, dude?”

The boy instantly sunk back on the bed he was in. “Can you be quiet for a moment, sis? I’m trying to fall asleep again, and if I hurry, I can continue my dream where I get to be known as the coolest Pokemon Trainer known to man.”

“But today is the day when you get your Pokemon license, you idiot!” the teenage girl reminded him.

The boy instantly sat up. “WHAT?! TODAY’S THE DAY?!? WELL WHY DIDN’T YOU TELL ME???”

“I DID TELL YOU!” shouted the girl.

“I gotta get dressed! I have no time to waste!” shouted the boy. He instantly jumped out of his bed and slammed the door.

“YOSHIO?!” cried his sister. Then she sighed and walked away.

The boy took off his red and white pajamas and put on his robe. He instantly ran into the bathroom and took a shower. He had to endure the cold water due to the fact that he couldn’t wait for the water to warm up. As soon as he took a decent shower, he got he dried himself, dashed out of the bathroom (after nearly slipping on some water that spilled on the bathroom’s tiled floor), ran back into his room, and changed into some different clothes.

He put on a blue T-shirt followed by his sleeveless jacket, which was mostly red but had white along the center of it. He also put on his socks, underwear (because I know that somebody would notice if I didn’t mention it), and some light blue jeans. He flew back into the bathroom to comb and brush his hair, but he ran so fast that he-


-bumped into the brown bathroom door…

After slowly sliding down on the floor, he rose back up, opened the door, and quickly grabbed some grease, a comb, and a brush to do his hair. Afterwards, he put on a red cap with a white brim and white semicircle in the center of it.

After taking about twenty seconds to straighten up his cap, (Notice how he didn’t rush to put his hat on.) he ran down the stairs of his house. Unfortunately for him, he ran so fast that he tripped upon landing on the first step.

“WHOAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!” he shouted as he roughly fell down the stairs to the house’s lower level.

Luckily for him, his parents had already made breakfast for him, not to mention everybody else in the family. His house consisted of his mom and dad, not to mention to sisters and an older brother. The sister that he hit with his clock was his older sister, and he was the second oldest in the family.

“MORNING, EVERYONE!” the boy shouted as he instantly sat down in his chair. He said grace, and then he lifted the bowl of “NintendO’s” (which were basically a bunch of Nintendo-shaped N’s floating in milk) and drank the entire cereal bowl in a few seconds. As soon as he finished, he felt a sharp pain in his throat and instantly held his neck and gagged from choking on his cereal.

His family was already seated at their table, and they watched as the boy continued choking down his cereal. Finally, the torture ended as he managed to swallow his food.

“Um… morning, son,” said the father as he watched his son take deep breaths from the pressure. His father also had brown hair, but it was slightly curvier and curlier than his son’s brown hair. He actually looked like an older version of his son, only with a moustache.

“Sorry, guys,” said the boy, “but I’m trying to hurry up so I can go and get my Pokemon Trainer’s license so I can start my journey of being the coolest Pokemon Trainer ever.”

“You do realize that if you choke and die from your cereal, you’ll never achieve your dream, don’t you?” said a light brown haired teenager who was older than the big sister.

“Shut up, Daisuke,” muttered the boy as he watched his 18-year-old brother laugh.

“Yoshio,” said his mom, a blond-haired woman, “you’ve got plenty of time to go to Professor Oak’s lab and get your license. You have the right to take it easy.”

“Yeah, Yoshi!” said his little sister, another blonde named Mikiko. She was a mere five years old. “You’ll do fine! Things’ll be easy!”

“Yeah, yeah, that’s what they WANT you to think!” said the boy. “Being a Pokemon Trainer is a hard job. You could get your Pokemon stolen, your identity stolen, and even your life stolen from you by accidentally falling off a cliff!”

“Yoshio, stop scaring your sister,” his mom said.

“But she called me ‘Yoshi’!”

“It doesn’t matter,” was his mom’s response.

“At least let us finish, Yoshio,” said his dad. “After all, we’re going to the lab with you.”

“But I’ve been waiting for years for this day!” The kid got his yellow backpack and put it on. “Good thing my bag was filled the previous night. Anyway, guys, I’ve got to hurry!”

“Yoshio, Mayumi and I were excited when we started on our Pokemon journeys,” said Daisuke, pointing at the big sister, “but we didn’t let it go to our heads. We didn’t have to rush in order to become Trainers.”

“Well if you don’t mind,” said the boy, “can you guys please hurry up and finish eating? I’m sorry, but I’ve gotta hurry!”

“If you keep being impatient, young man, we’ll go extremely slow as we eat,” warned his father.

“Why don’t you just run ahead of us, dear?” said the mom.

“Okay then,” said the boy. “See you guys!” Then he dashed out.

“Say hi to your cousin when you get there!” his father shouted as he left.

“I will!”

Well folks, that’s the kind of guy Yoshio was. Nobody could totally blame him because he, like many other kids nearby, was going to get their Pokemon license and become new Pokemon Trainers. You can’t officially get your license until you are ten years old. Yoshio had turned ten recently and, well… let’s just say that he wasn’t the kind of guy that he took being a Pokemon Trainer lightly.

He dashed to the laboratory of Professor Oak, an old and famous Pokemon researcher. Yoshio had graduated from the Pokemon Trainers School in Viridian City, the town that was near his own town. All of the graduates went to the lab in Pallet Town to get their Trainer license and their first Pokemon. He managed to make it inside the lab, where several future Trainers and their families were gathered around Professor Oak. The gray haired professor was asking kids what their specific Trainer goals were, just out of curiosity.

“My… that’s a really interesting goal,” said the professor. Then he turned to a black haired boy in a green cap. The boy’s jacket and shorts were also green, as he was a Boy Scout. “You’re name is Masao, right? What are your goals as a Trainer?”

“Well, sir,” said the boy, “I’m not exactly sure what my main goal is at a Pokemon Trainer. For now, I just want to have some cool adventures.”

“I see,” said the professor. “Well there’s nothing wrong with that. Are you sure there isn’t anything else, though?”

Yoshio managed to find his cousin, a girl who was in her green Picnicker outfit that was similar to Masao’s outfit. He tried to sneak behind her in order to surprise her in a friendly way.

“Uh, well… there is one thing I’m trying to do…” Masao finally said. “I’m going to the Hoenn region in order to capture the Golden Luvdisc.”

“Luvdisc are normally pink, but this one’s golden,” Oak said. “It’s not easy to find, but I wish you luck anyway. Is there any particular reason why you want to find it?”

Masao slowly turned toward Yoshio and his Picknicker cousin. After blushing a little bit, he finally turned back and said, “I’m sorry… I can’t tell you…”

“That’s alright,” said the professor. After wondering for a moment why Masao said this, he finally understood and said, “Ohhhhhh, I see…”

Masao didn’t say anything.

Yoshio was slowly lifting his hands up to put on his cousins shoulders. She still didn’t know that he was behind her, and he was about to greet her when the professor noticed and said, “How about you, young man? Yoshio, was it? Tell us, what are your goals?”

The girl instantly turned around and noticed that Yoshio was behind her. She was surprised, but not in a startled kind of way. “Oh, hi!” she said.

“Hey, Minako,” Yoshio answered back. Then he looked at the professor. Luckily for him, Professor Oak had no idea what Yoshio was attempting to do, but then again, neither did Minako. He straightened his hat and shouted, “MY GOAL IS TO BE THE COOLEST TRAINER EVER! I’M NOT SURE EXACTLY WHAT IT’LL TAKE TO BE THAT PERSON, BUT WHATEVER IT IS, I’LL DO IT!”

“My,” said Oak, laughing a little. “You sure are confident. You’ll do fine.”

Yoshio laughed to. He put his hand behind his head and embarrassingly said, “Heh heh… well, I at least want to be very famous. Not just me, either… my Pokemon, too.”

“That’s good,” said Professor Oak. Then he looked around. “Anybody else want to go? … No? Okay then, let’s get started, then.” (Apparently, the asking for the Trainers’ goals was just to fill up time before the main licensing event thingy came, so Yoshio didn’t really miss anything important.)

Shoot, I almost came late, said Yoshio. The rest of my family still isn’t here yet!

“Each of you here today are about to get their Trainer license and become Pokemon Trainers. You all have qualified to become Trainers, so when you get your license, you will officially become Trainers. Your parents and legal guardians have already filled out all of the information in your licenses, and I will give them out to you now.” The professor then took out a little blue electronic device. “This… is a PokeDex.” (I decided to change the color to increase the originality.)

Some of the kids gasped, for they had never seen a real PokeDex in person.

“It’s an electronic encyclopedia for Pokemon. If you show it to a Pokemon, it automatically tells you the Pokemon’s data. The makers of the PokeDex have upgraded it so that it can tell time and help you communicate with people like a phone. It’s also your Pokemon license. If you lose it, shred it, burn it, break it, kill it, jump it, kiss it, freeze it, zap it, or eat it, it cannot be replaced.”

“Who would eat a PokeDex?!” shouted one of the kids.

The professor walked over to him and looked at him straight in the eye. Then he said in a narrow tone, “You’d be surprised…”

Then he brightened up again and said, “So, I’m gonna pass these out to each of you. As soon as you get them, you will hereby be pronounced Pokemon Trainers. When I call your name, please receive your PokeDex.”

“How will we know which one is ours?” a girl asked.

“There is a small code number on each PokeDex that each person owns, and I can look at the code number and find it by somebody’s name on this clipboard…” The professor held up a clipboard that had a list of all of the people. “Also, when you turn on each PokeDex for the first time, you should be able to see a picture of yourself on its screen for the license.”

“I see,” said the girl.

“And besides,” continued the professor, “the PokeDexes have your names grated in them.”

Everyone fainted.

Eventually, all of the Trainers had gotten their PokeDexes except for Yoshio. When Yoshio’s name was called, he went over to the professor and took the PokeDex. He then opened it and turned it on. Sure enough, there was a picture of him from when he first went to the Pokemon Trainer’s School.

“Ahem… congratulations to you all! You are all now Pokemon Trainers. You may now begin your journey! You will face troubles and challenges… good times and bad times… but I know you all can be successful Pokemon Trainers. I wish you luck! Farewell!” Professor Oak said.

All of the Trainers said good-bye to the professor. The Trainers were proud to be Trainers. Their parents were all proud of them. After emotional moments and hugging and kissing from their parents, all of the Pokemon Trainer exited the lab, off on their journey.

Then they came right back.

Professor Oak was confused. He scratched his head and asked, “What are you guys doing back?”


The professor was stunned at this statement, but after a few seconds of silence, he scratched his head and laughed. “Oh yeah! I forgot about that!”

And everyone fainted again.

One minute later…

The professor held up some small spheres known as PokeBalls. “Each one of you can pick a starter Pokemon for your journey. Some of the Pokemon here are even from other regions, so you can pick Pokemon like Treecko, Mudkip, and Torchic, as well as Bulbasaur, Ivysaur, and Venusaur. We also have some Pokemon from the Johto region as well. So, if you guys could line up in an orderly fashion- AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!”

The Pokemon Trainers eagerly ran up to Professor Oak to take whichever Pokemon seemed appealing to them. They couldn’t wait any longer to get their first Pokemon. The parents just stood there in shock as their kids ran over the professor to get a PokeBall.

“NOBODY EVER GETS IN LINES ANYMOOOOOOOOOOOOOOORE!” shouted Oak as he was being trampled. Good thing that each person only took one Pokemon!

Yoshio didn’t go yet. He couldn’t decide which Pokemon would start it all for him. “This choice isn’t something to be taken lightly,” he said. “I have to think… what should I pick? Oh… I can’t decide with all this racket!”

He held his head as he ran through another door in the lab that took him to another exit. He wounded up in some woods. He couldn’t hear any of the noise from here, so he could think.

Bulbasaur, Charmander, and Squirtle were the “starter Pokemon” found in Kanto, the region where Pallet Town was. Bulbasaur was a blue dinosaur-like Pokemon with a green bulb on its back. It used plant-like powers. Charmander was an little orange lizard that stood on two feet and had a flame on its tail, due to the fact that it could fight with fire. Squirtle was a light blue turtle with a brown shell. It used water-type powers. The other starter Pokemon were either Grass, Fire, or Water-types as well, and Yoshio still couldn’t decide.

“You came outside too, eh?”

“Huh?” Yoshio turned to look at a dark-skinned boy in a beige straw hat. He was wearing a short-sleeve light blue shirt and some black pants. This was also the same boy who asked the question about who ate a PokeDex. (But seriously folks, who does eat a PokeDex?) “Oh, I know you. Your name is Takeo, isn’t it?”

“Yeah,” said the boy named Takeo, walking over to Yoshio. “Let me guess: you couldn’t concentrate from the noise and decided to come out here to think, right?”

“Yup!” said Yoshio, grinning. “How’d you know? Is that why you’re out here?”

“Yeah,” Takeo replied. “It’s too bad there aren’t any Bug-type starter Pokemon. I’ve always had a thing with bugs…”

Yoshio continued to think. Unfortunately, he still couldn’t decide which Pokemon to get. Suddenly, he heard some playful laughter coming from the bushes. He also heard some kind of Pokemon. No… there was more than one Pokemon… way more than one. “Do you hear that?” he said to Takeo.

“Yeah,” said Takeo. “Let’s go see what it is.”

The two boys headed over to the wooded area where they heard the noise. Unknown to them, two other boys who were in suspicious clothing were spying on them with these blue binoculars.

“So… there they are…” whispered one boy.

“Yeah,” said the other one. “Apparently we’re not the only ones who are alone out here... They better not mess up our plan.”

“Don’t worry about it, dude,” said the first boy, putting down his binoculars. “They won’t mess with us… once they find out who we are.”

“Yeah!” said the second boy. “Rocket Junior always conquers all!”

“Settle down, man,” said the first boy. “Don’t let them hear you.”

Meanwhile, Yoshio and Takeo ended up finding two girls on their knees, looking at a bunch of Pokemon. One was Minako, and the other girl was the other person who asked about the PokeDexes. She wore a white hat with a red semicircle similar to the one on Yoshio’s hat. She wore a light purple, sleeveless shirt over a black one. Under that was a red skirt. (Sound familiar?) The two of them were looking at two Pokemon that looked similar to each other. One Pokemon was an orchid colored creature that had long, pointy ears. It sort of looked like a cat, but in some ways, it also looked like a dog. This was an Espeon. The other Pokemon was a black creature that looked similar. Its glowing red eyes looked down at some other smaller Pokemon. This was an Umbreon, and it was looking at five brown and white doglike creatures that looked similar to them called Eevee.

“What’s going on?” Yoshio asked them.

The two girls turned around, and Minako said, “Oh, hey Yoshio. Look! This Espeon just had some baby Eevees!”

“Really?” exclaimed Takeo. “Wow! Do the parents mind if we pet them?”

“No, but they’re so adorable!” exclaimed the other girl.

“Did you guys come out here to decide who your first Pokemon would be?” Takeo asked them, petting an Eevee.

“Nah,” answered Minako. “The two of us noticed tthe Espeon and Umbreon here. At first we didn’t believe that they were here, since you don’t really see many Espeon and Umbreon around these parts. We went outside after everybody started getting their first Pokemon. Yoshio, you didn’t notice because you were distracted by all the people.” She massaged a female Eevee for a few seconds.

“It looks like there are three male Eevees and two female Eevees,” the other girl mentioned, petting one of the female Eevees.”The amazing thing about the Eevees is that they each seem to have a personality that is different from the others. By the way, my name’s Asami.”

“I’m Takeo,” mentioned… well, who do you think said they were Takeo, huh?

“Wow… you guys are pretty cool,” said Yoshio, tickling one of the male Eevees, “but we’d better go back inside,” Yoshio mentioned. “We gotta see which Pokemon are still vacant at the lab.”

The two girls looked at each other and then said, “Yeah.” They said their farewells to the Eevees and their parents and then stood up to go back into the lab.

“Let’s all go back together,” Takeo mentioned.

Meanwhile, a sad Masao the Boy Scout came outside. His head looking at the ground, he aimlessly walked around outside, paying no attention to the others. The four kids watched as his eyes noticed the seven Pokemon playing on the ground. He was still sad, but he knelt down at them and said, “Hey, you guys.”

“You know those Pokemon?” asked Takeo, curious.

“Nah, this is the first time I’ve seen them,” explained Masao. He smiled a bit as he saw the five Eevees. Suddenly, one of the male Eevees seemed to notice his sadness and began to walk over to him. “Hmm?” Masao said as he picked the Eevee up. The Eevee licked his cheek, causing him to grin some more. “Wow,” Masao said. “Thanks, Eevee. That makes me feel better.”

“Wow, that Eevee cheered that kid up without even knowing why he was sad!” exclaimed Minako. “By the way, why are you sad?”

Upon hearing the girl’s voice, Masao looked at the four Trainers and brightened up a little more. “Well… it’s just that… HUH?!”

Suddenly, a bright orange flame came flew toward everybody.

“DUCK!” shouted Yoshio.

Everybody flew down toward the ground and covered their heads. Yoshio and Masao shielded the Eevees and parents from the attack, as they were the closest to them.

When it seemed like everything was fine, Yoshio said, “What was that?”


Yoshio and the gang turned around to see two boys dressed in dark blue. They had hats of the same color and shirts that read, “R-Jr”. They are with an orange, fire-breathing dog named Arcanine. The boy who answered was the second Rocket Junior person who talked in the whole story. “I’m Teru!”

“And mine is Naoto,” said the other. “Now get out of the way! We have no business with you!”

“What are you up to?!” shouted the annoyed Takeo.

“We’ve got some business to do. Go away!” shouted Teru. “Don’t you know who we are?!?”

Everybody thought for a few moments, but then they said, “No.”


Naoto covered his mouth. “You fool!” he whispered to Teru. “If they find out what we’re doing, they’ll tell people and we’ll get busted! C’mon, we’ve got to get that Espeon and Umbreon!”

“Oh yeah,” said Teru, pulling out a large fishing net that could fit both Espeon and Umbreon. (Then again, if it didn’t fit both of them, he wouldn’t pull it out, now would he?) Naoto helped him as they ran over to Espeon and Umbreon to try and capture them.

Unfortunately for them, Espeon’s powers were able to see into the future some, so the mother Espeon knew what they were up to before they got there. Espeon used its Psychic attack to cause some blue waves to surround the two boys.

“Wha… what’s happening?!” cried Teru.

“Ha ha! Good work, Espeon!” said Asami.

“I… can’t move!” said Naoto.

“We’ve got to try to!” Teru managed to say.

At the same time, they threw the fishing net at the parents, but the fact that they couldn’t really move much caused them to miss the parents and end up getting all the Eevee instead. Espeon was so shocked at what happened that it lost its grip on Naoto and Teru, causing them to be able to take the net.

“If we take the Eevees, Espeon and Umbreon will have to get them back!” explained Naoto to Teru as they started running away.

“Yeah,” said Teru, “and when we capture them, we can sell them for money for our organization!”

“Haven’t they noticed that we can hear everything they’re saying?” said Minako, sighing.

“After them!” shouted Yoshio, but unfortunately for him, Arcanine stayed behind.

It fired another fire attack, a Flamethrower (like the other one), at the five kids, causing them to duck again. This caused the flame to hit Espeon and Umbreon (hey, the flame had to hit something) because Espeon wasn’t trying to read the future in order to see what happened.

As the five kids looked up, they saw the two burnt Pokemon and realized what had happened. “Oh no!” Minako said. “Sorry, guys! We forgot you were nearby!”

Yoshio stood up. “All right… there’s only one thing that can make up for this… WE’VE GOT TO GET THOSE EEVEES BACK!!!” He started running after the two mysterious boys.

“You guys go on, I’ll catch up with you all later,” said Minako. “I’m gonna try and heal these two. I’ve got some supplies in my backpack that can help them!”

“I’ve got some, too!” mentioned Masao. “Let me help you.”

“Okay then, we’ll see you in a bit!” said Takeo. “Yoshio, Asami… LET’S GO!”

The three of them ran off as Masao and Minako stayed to help the Pokemon. Unfortunately for them, Arcanine began to run after the three runners. Espeon’s eyes glowed blue, and this caused Arcanine’s body to lift up into the air! The confused dog couldn’t stop himself as he was being lifted up higher and higher.

“It’s Psychic!” Masao said.

“FWAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!” shouted Arcanine as Espeon used its powers to fly him away, specifically at the other boys who were farther away. The three Trainers didn’t seem to notice any of this.

As Scouts, Masao and Minako already had experience on healing Pokemon. They each got out a spray containing a green liquid. Using the Burn Heals, they carefully sprayed the two Pokemon, and soon afterward, their burns were healed. For the record though, Minako sprayed Espeon as Masao sprayed Umbreon. Espeon could still manage to use her attack on the Arcanine even though it was far away.

“How are you feeling, guys?” asked Masao. The two Pokemon grinned. “I think they’re feeling a little better.”

“The Burn Heals helped, but they’re still exhausted from the attack,” Minako warned him. “Let’s let them rest and go get those Eevees back.”

“Will you guys be alright?” asked Masao, and the two Pokemon nodded a yes.

“Don’t worry, we’ll get the Eevees back!” said Minako, and the two of them went off.

Meanwhile, the other three Trainers had already caught up to the two Pokemon thieves. They were running along the wooded area.

“Give us back those Eevees!” shouted Yoshio, shaking in anger while pointing at the boys and running at the same time.

“I don’t see your name on them!” said Naoto, still running.

“Besides,” mentioned Teru as he helped Naoto hold the net, “we’re just catching Pokemon so we can lure the other two Pokemon into coming here so we can capture them so we can sell them so we can get money so we can give the money to our Rocket Junior Dan* so we can have more money for our organization so we can all be happy!”

“Please don’t use run-on sentences, it isn’t a good habit,” mentioned Takeo.

“Well how is catching Espeon and Umbreon different from what Pokemon Trainers do every day, huh?” shouted Naoto.


The Eevees cried in fear as they were being carried, but suddenly, an orange figure came toward the two Rocket Juniors.

“Hey, what’s that?!” shouted Teru.

“What?!” cried the three Pokemon Trainers who looked up and saw… Arcanine!

Espeon couldn’t maintain its attack anymore, and so it stopped using it, causing Arcanine to drop. Fortunately, Arcanine flew far enough to go over the to Juniors, and it landed on them.

“OOF!” they shouted.

The boys and the fainted Arcanine collapsed on the ground as Takeo, Asami, and Yoshio came to a stop. When the net dropped, the Eevee’s finally realized that the net was opened on one end, so they quietly started to walk out.

Teru heard the noise and looked at the net. “KYAAAAAH! WE FORGOT TO CLOSE IT!!!”

Naoto turned to look and said, “Hey! Stop! Don’t come out!”

At the same time, the other two Pokemon Trainers had caught up to them. Noticing that the Eevees were “freed”, they said, “Yes!”

One of the five Eevees was smart enough to know that the five Trainers were not so bad since they pet them before, and so it went over to Masao for comfort.

“Hey, it’s you!” Masao recognized this Eevee as the one who cheered him up.

The other Eevees followed the first one (not that Eevee was the leader or anything). The Eevee that Yoshio tickled went to Yoshio. The Eevees that Asami and Takeo played with went to them, and the one that got massaged went to Minako. (You wouldn’t want them to go to the Trainers at random, would you?)

“Give us back those Eevee!” shouted Teru.

“Looks like the tides have turned!” shouted Yoshio.

“You’ll pay for this!” cried Naoto. He tried to get up, but he couldn’t really move because Arcanine was on him! Teru was in the same condition as Naoto.

“Let’s finish this!” shouted Yoshio. “Hey Eevees, do you think you can get them?”

“But they’re babies,” Takeo reminded Yoshio. “I’m not sure if they can. But, I won’t lose trust in them just yet.”

The Eevees began to growl in anger at the two bad boys. Realizing that the Eevees did have some fight in them, Asami said, “What can Eevees do?”

“Don’t you remember what we’ve studied at the Trainer’s School?” Takeo said. “When they’re young, they can use Tackle.”

“Then use Tackle, Eevees!” shouted Minako and Yoshio, pointing at the bad guys.

At the same time, all five Eevees charged up to the two boys and whammed them with a Tackle blow. The boys moaned in pain from the attack.

“Ha! That’ll teach you to mess with Pokemon like that!” said Yoshio. “Even though the Eevees are young, when they work together, the pack quite a punch!”

“But they used a Tackle attack,” mentioned Masao.

Yoshio turned around to him. “You know what I mean!” Then he turned back at the boys and Arcanine. “Rocket Junior Dan, was it? You’d better get out of here right now. I know you’ve still got some strength left.”

The boys slowly got up. “C’mon, we’d better go back to the headquarters,” whispered Naoto to Teru. Then he said to the five Trainers, “We’re leaving for now, but just like every other villain, WE'LL BE BACK! Return, Arcanine!”

He took out a PokeBall and held it out to his Pokemon. A red beam of light shot out of the ball and sucked Arcanine in.

He then put the PokeBall back in the bag that he had, and after putting the net in, he said to Teru, “We need a better way to raise money for our organization.”

“Yeah,” Teru replied. He then took out a black ball from his pocket. “FAREWELL, LOSERS!” He threw the ball down with all his might, causing a giant explosion of smoke to flow everywhere.

The Trainers and the Eevees coughed endlessly, but as the smoke cleared, they noticed that the two people were gone. (A classic scene, if I do say so myself.)

For a few seconds, they all just stared, but then Yoshio said, “Well… that was… exciting. Now let’s go back to the lab!”

“Don’t you think you should consider the fact that those two are obviously behind something big?!” shouted Asami as she watched Yoshio grin from excitement.

“And besides,” Takeo pointed out, “it was fun having the Eevee, but we have to get these guys back to their parents. They’ve had enough drama for one day.”

Yoshio’s grin instantly turned upside-down upon hearing those words. “Oh… right…” He sighed. Eevee looked up at him, feeling his pain…

Soon they were back at the lab. Well, actually they were outside the lab, in the area where the Eevee family was.

“Here are your Eevees, you guys,” said Minako as everybody handed an Eevee to the parents.

Espeon and Umbreon smiled and said what, in their language, was a “thank you”.

“Bye, Eevees,” said Asami.

Everybody else said their good-byes, and then they started off to the lab.

Meanwhile, pretty much everybody else except Professor Oak, some of his assistants, and the parents of the five remaining kids were already gone. Yoshio’s siblings were there as well.

“I can’t believe we missed Yoshio,” Yoshio’s mom said.

“But… I don’t remember him getting a Pokemon,” mentioned Oak. “I wonder if he went somewhere…”

“We’re all here!”

Everybody turned to look at the five kids. No… they weren’t just kids now… they were Pokemon Trainers. Anyway, Professor Oak said, “Oh… hey everybody. Um, uh, I’m afraid I’ve got some bad news.”

“You do?” said Minako.

“Uh-oh…” said Masao. “I know what it is…”

“Well… you see,” explained the professor, trying to break the news to the Trainers, “there are no more Poke… huh?”

He leaned over to the hallway where the other door led. “Huh?” everybody else said as they turned to look. It turned out that the five Eevees were there with their parents.

“EEVEE!” shouted the Trainers.

“And an Espeon and Umbreon,” mentioned Oak. “They’re rare in these parts.”

“What is it, you guys?” asked Yoshio, thrilled to see them again.

The Eevees spoke. “Eee… vuiii… vuiii…”

“What are they saying?” asked Yoshio’s dad.

“Well, I’ve been studying Pokemon speech for years,” Oak stated, “and I’ve concluded that they are saying one of two possibilities. Either they like to eat bacon and hot dogs and peanuts and watch old Brady Bunch cartoons on a Saturday night just for the fun of it-“

Everyone, including the Eevee family, fainted.

“…or,” continued Oak, “the Eevees want you to take them with you.”

“Is that what you all are saying?” Asami asked them.

The Eevees and their parents nodded.

“But…” said Masao, “not that I don’t want to take you, but don’t you guys want to spend some time with your families?”

“Yeah,” mentioned Minako. “I mean, you guys weren’t born that long ago, were you?”

The parents began to speak, and Professor Oak translated. “Um, apparently the parents would like to spend time with them, but they can trust that you’ll take care of them.”

“Gee,” said Yoshio, stunned at this. He did not realize that he could keep an Eevee that easily.

Professor Oak continued. “And,” he said, “he knows that they will grow up big and strong. However, they would like for you to bring them back eventually for at least a visit.”

“I understand,” said Takeo, “but are you sure you guys will let your Eevees go now? I mean, you haven’t had a chance to bond yet.”

The Poke-parents talked some more as Oak said, “They’d like to know if you’ll accept an Eevee.”

“I still feel kinda guilty though about taking you away from your family,” said Asami.

“You won’t when I tell you that all the other Trainers took all the other Pokemon while you were gone so I don’t have any left to give away,” Oak warned them.

“WHAAAAAAAAT?!” cried Yoshio.

“That’s why I was upset,” explained Masao.

“Okay then. I’ll accept!” said Yoshio.

“Me too then!” said Takeo.

“Count me in!” said Asami.

“Me too!” said Masao.

“Don’t forget me!” Minako said.

“And me!” cried Oak.

Everyone stared at him for a moment as the professor laughed embarrassingly.

“Sorry,” said Oak. “I was in the moment.”

“But before we take you,” said Masao, “why don’t we all play together for the day? We can all start our journeys tomorrow-“ He then turned from the Eevees to the other Trainers. “-if that’s okay with you guys.”

“Shoot,” said Yoshio. “One more day… But, I guess it’s worth it.”

Everybody cheered at the idea.

“This is great… we each get an Eevee!” said Minako. “I don’t really know all of you guys that well, but perhaps we should do something about the fact that we all get an Eevee from this family.”

“It’s like those cartoons where another person’s dog has puppies and a family gets to keep one of them,” mentioned Takeo.

“We should form a group or something,” said Yoshio. “But what should we call it?”

“A group, huh?” said Masao. “Sure!”

“Obviously it would have something to do with the Eevees,” said Minako.

“Maybe you should call it… THE EEVEELISCIOUS TRAINERS!” suggested the big brother, Daisuke.

“IT WAS A JOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOKE!” he cried as he was thrown out of the room due to that horrible suggestion. (Sorry you had to read that suggestion, folks…)

“It should be Eevee something,” said Masao.

“Maybe we should make it Dan, like that Rocket Junior squad or whatever it was,” said Minako.

“How about… Eevee Squad?” said Takeo. “Of course, it must be something having to do with the fact that we’re a group.”

“That’s a great idea!” said Yoshio. “I like it. Or we can do the Eevee Dan*!”

“We can call ourselves E Dan* for short!” Asami added on.

“Good idea!” the other four said. The Eevees and parents shouted with joy from liking the name as well.

“All right then, E Dan it is!” said Yoshio. “Yes! Now we’re officially Pokemon Trainers!”

“Wait,” said the professor. He went over to a drawer and got out 15 spheres to give to everybody. “Here are three PokeBalls for each of you,” he said. “Use them to capture other Pokemon.”

“Thank you,” said Yoshio.

“Great,” said Minako’s mom. (Hey, the other parents should say something, right?) “Do we have everything?”

“We have our money already,” said Takeo.

“Yeah,” the others said.

“You have your PokeBalls, PokeDex license, money…” said Oak. “You also have some Trainer items on your journey, and you’ve been given the maps of all the nearby regions a long time ago. You each also have your very first Pokemon. I think you’re ready to begin your journey.”

“Now that we don’t really have anything already planned for the day, we can spend it with the Eevee families!” said Takeo.

“That’s right,” said Takeo’s mom.

“Right,” said Yoshio. “First I’ll play with the Eevees, and then…” He walked over to the Eevee he was with before and picked it up since he with with this one the most. “…I can finally begin my journey to be the coolest Pokemon Master ever!”

“VUIIIIII!” cried Eevee, knowing that this was the Trainer he wanted to be with.

For the rest of the day, the families all spent time with the Eevees. Well, they didn’t do it the whole day, as the family had to spend time on its own. Yoshio managed to wait until the next day to begin the journey, but he didn’t mind; this journey was worth the wait. There was one thing, though… what was up with those boys who called themselves Rocket Juniors? I mean, who were those guys?

Read the start of Yoshio’s adventures in the next chapter of, “Pocket Monsters: Eevee Adventure!”

*Dan means “group” or “squad”.

29th November 2005, 4:45 AM
Hmmm.......cliched story, except for five trainers with an Eeveelution.

I'm not gonna whine about the incredible length, but it's an awesome start.

I hope Jolteon is female. Oops...forget that I said that. LOL.

Keep it up.

Rex Kamex
29th November 2005, 8:55 PM
Thank you for the review. I hate to say this to you though, but Jolteon is a male. The female ones are Espeon and Vaporeon (since they look the most feminine to me).

Edit: Don't worry about the unoriginality of some of this. I've known about it for a while, so I'm gonna do what I can to make sure that the story is original.

And here's a preview for the next chapter:


Yoshio begins his journey! After saying good-bye to his E Dan friends, who go their separate ways, Yoshio parts off with his Eevee. He hopes that this'll be the greatest journey a Pokemon Trainer's ever had, and he expects the journey to be very easy.

Boy is he in for a rude awakening.

If he thinks that it's not going to take much for him to be the coolest Trainer ever, he has another thing coming. He's got to train that Eevee, after all! And what about the PokeDex? it might not be as innocent of a machine as Yoshio thinks...

NEXT TIME: Chapter 2- "Obstacles of a Pokemon Trainer"


My goal was to update each chapter as a Christmas present, and since it's almost 10 PM where I am, I technically made it, but maybe not in England where some of you live.

Well, last time, you recall, our story began with Yoshio, a boy who was going to become a new Pokemon Trainer. His goal was not much more than simply to become the coolest Trainer ever, and as he went to Professor Oak’s lab to get his Pokemon license and start his journey, he met a family of five Eevees. The Eevees, along with their parents, were under attack by two suspicious looking boys, but after defeating them, the Eevees decided to join Yoshio and four other Trainers who didn’t receive any Pokemon. Since the Eevees were only recently born, the five Trainers let the Eevees spend some time with their parents. After all, one day with them would be better than them just leaving, right? Anyway, the group of Trainers became known as the E Dan…

Chapter 2- “Obstacles of a Pokemon Trainer”
第2話 「ポケモントレーナーの障害」

Morning came, once again. Yoshio was forced by his parents to take his time when he got ready. He took a shower, brushed his teeth and hair, and did all those other things you would have to do to get ready. He had copies of the clothes he wore yesterday, and then he set off on his journey.

That is, his journey to Professor Oaks.

After saying goodbye to his parents and the rest of his family, he met the other kids at the entrance of the lab. “Hey, you guys,” he said.

The four other Pokemon Trainers had also said their goodbyes to their families and were officially leaving.

Now, most Trainers these days weren’t necessarily going through the Kanto region of the Pokemon world. In fact, they were more likely to go to the regions that were nearby.

“I’m gonna head over to the Hoenn region,” said Masao. “Where are you guys going? Or are you staying here in Kanto?”

“Well, I was planning to go to the Johto area, in the west,” mentioned Takeo. “My Eevee and I reached that agreement last night.”

“I’m going to travel Johto, too,” said Asami. “After all, I’ve actually been to most of the parts of this region, and I’ve never been to Johto before.”

“What, am I the only one that’s staying here?!” cried Yoshio.

“I guess you are, since I’m also going to Hoenn as well,” mentioned Minako. “I hate to say it, but Hoenns pretty far out from here. I wonder if I’ll ever see you guys again. I know I’ll see my cousin, but that’s probably it.”

“Are you kidding? Of course we’ll all see each other again!” mentioned Takeo. “We’ve made a group! We’re the E Dan! We’re the greatest group of Pokemon Trainers ever!”

“But we have to find a time when all five of us- excuse me, all ten of us- meet together again,” said Masao.

Everybody thought for a moment as Professor Oak came out of the lab with the seven Pokemon. “Your partners are here,” he said as the Eevees slowly walked away from their parents and over to the kids. Of course, each Eevee went to the one they went to from before.

“H… Hey guys,” said Yoshio.

Professor Oak chuckled. “Heh heh… last night, these guys had bonded with their parents fast. Their parents talked to them about puberty and everything needed for them to go out and face the world.”

“Well then, I guess this is it,” said Asami as she picked up her Eevee.

“I’ve got it!” Yoshio said, suddenly. “We’re in front of the lab, right? Let’s meet back up here in a year!”

“Not a bad idea,” said Takeo.

“Okay then,” said Asami. “We’ll part for 365 days, and…”

“And, at this particular time, in this exact spot,” Yoshio said, “we’ll all meet again!”

“Sure!” said Masao.

“I’m game,” said Minako. “A year is good enough.”

“A year will pass before you know it,” said Oak, smiling. “So, are you all ready?”

“Yup,” said Yoshio. “Okay… LET’S GO!”

“Hold on,” said Masao. He put his hand forward.

Takeo was confused for a bit, but then he said, “Oh, right.”

As he put his hand on Masao’s, Asami and Minako followed. Yoshio did it next, and finally… no wait, that was it.

“E DAN!” they cried as they lifted their hands up for a “break”.

“C’mon, Eevee,” said Yoshio.

“Bye, Espeon! Bye, Umbreon!” the five of them shouted.

“Hey, if you ever get homesick, Eevees, let us know and we’ll bring you back home for a while!” Masao mentioned to his Eevee and the others.

“See you guys,” said Minako.

The five Trainers then left the lab and went off into the sunset. (No wait, it was morning. Okay, it was the sunrise…) The professor smiled. “I can’t wait to see their progress… BUT FIRST, SOME RAMEN!”

Espeon and Umbreon fell over.

Anyway, the five Trainers left Pallet Town and went toward the nearest route, Route 2. There, they all decided to split off so they could be alone with their Eevees. At Viridan City, the city that came right after Route 2, Asami and Takeo went in a westward direction to get to the Johto area. Masao and Minako continued going northward because they had to go to a city called Vermillion City. There, they would take a ship that would take them to the Hoenn region. Yoshio took his time on Route 2, so the Trainers basically left him and his Eevee in the dust.

“Okay, Eevee,” said Yoshio as they entered the area. “This journey shouldn’t be too hard. So, what should we do first?”

“Vuiiii…” said Eevee, shyly. Eevee hung out beside Yoshio, not inside a PokeBall like regular Pokemon. It was easier to bond with his first Pokemon that way.

Yoshio looked at it. “You don’t know, eh?”


“That’s okay, Eevee. We just can’t give up. Now what should we do to make sure we are known as the coolest ever known? Aha!” Yoshio took out his PokeDex from the pocket it was in. “Maybe this license can tell us the answer.”

He pushed a button and turned the PokeDex on. On the screen appeared a picture of Yoshio as a mechanical voice said, “HI. I’M DEXTER, THE POKEMON LICENSE OF, WELL, YOU. IF LOST, EATEN, STOLEN, OR ANY OTHER RIDICULOUS ACT OF STUPIDY, I CANNOT AND WILL NOT BE REPLACED. THANK YOU.”

Yoshio froze as he looked at the PokeDex.

“WHAT?” the PokeDex said. “HEY, SAY SOMETHING, KID.”

“Um, I don’t think PokeDexes are supposed to be talking like this, Eevee,” whispered Yoshio, looking down at his Pokemon.

“Eevee,” the Pokemon chanted in agreement.

“OKAY, LET’S START THIS OVER.” The PokeDex cleared its throat. “HI, I’M DEXTER. CALL ME DEX FOR SHORT.”

“Okay, Dex,” Yoshio said. “Do you know how I can become the coolest Pokemon Trainer in the world?”


“But I can’t do that because I don’t know how to become the coolest Pokemon Trainer in the world,” Yoshio pointed out.


Yoshio thought for a moment. “I guess… I guess we can try to be cool at everything.”

“A COOL POKEMON TRAINER NEEDS A COOL POKEMON TEAM,” stated the talking PokeDex. By now, Yoshio was used to the fact that, for some strange reason, his PokeDex was having a conversation with him. “AND WHAT DO YOU HAVE? ONE EEVEE THAT DOESN’T EVEN LOOK A WEEK OLD! YOU’RE GONNA NEED TO CAPTURE SOME MORE POKEMON THAN THAT. ALSO, YOU NEED TO TRAIN THAT EEVEE SOME MORE.”

“You’re right,” Yoshio slowly said as he frowned at his Eevee. Eevee looked up to him, thinking the same thing. This would take a little while…


“Oooookaaaay.” Yoshio turned off and closed his PokeDex and put it back in his pocket. He sat on a nearby stone as he looked ahead of him. There was nothing but green plains as far as the eye could see. Occasionally he saw a brown bird Pokemon known as a Pidgey fly with its flock across the sky. There were, however, a few trees spread out. He sighed. This vague dream of his wouldn’t be easy for him to fulfill.

“Viiiiiiii,” Eevee slowly moaned in sadness.

Yoshio looked at it. “Don’t worry, Eevee,” he said. “I’ll think of some way to train you. Maybe we should battle some of the Wild Pokemon that are living here. Or, we could have a race.”

“VI VI VI VIIIIIIIIIIIIIII!” Eevee cried as it jumped in excitement.

“All right then,” said Yoshio, jumping off his stone. He pointed to the tree that was closest to them, which was actually about twenty feet away. Sad, huh? “First one to touch that apple tree wins, okay?”

“Eee!” the Eevee said in reply.

The two of them started behind an imaginary line on the ground, exactly twenty feet away from the tree that was, well, twenty feet away from them.

“Ready…” Yoshio began. “Set… aw, what the heck? GO!”

This caused the two of them to dash off. Eevee was actually a pretty speedy runner, and it wasn’t easy for Yoshio to catch up with him. Neither being would give up the race, and it could’ve been anybody’s race. Finally, a winner was decided. Well, two winners actually.

“HA!” cried Yoshio as he touched the tall apple tree as Eevee did as well. Eevee even climbed up the tree and onto the smallest tree branch to break a juicy red apple off of the tree.

“Veee!” Eevee said as the apple fell into Yoshio’s hand. Yoshio gave it back to the Eevee as it raced back down.

After it munched on the apple, Yoshio said, catching his breath, “Wow, your speed’s… pretty good… I didn’t think you could… climb, either. You’re very… quick.” After taking a few deep breaths, he said, “Now let’s try that again. First one to go back to where we started wins!”

“VI!” cried Eevee.

The two of them began running back to their imaginary line, but since it was an imaginary line…

“Um, uh, now where did we start?” asked Yoshio, instantly stopping. His Eevee shrugged. “Okay, forget about that then. Let’s think of something else. Wanna collect some more apples?”

Eevee nodded. They raced back to the tree, and Eevee climbed up to gather some apples. Yoshio pounced on the tree, and when he has a firm grip around it, he started climbing up. It wasn’t too difficult for him because he had climbed up trees ever since he was little.

Originally, Eevee had used its hands to tear the apple off of the tree, but Yoshio said, “Hey, Eevee, ya’ think you can Bite the apple stems off the tree? I’m not sure if your parents know the Bite attack, but I’ve heard at the Pokemon academy that some Pokemon can learn moves earlier than usual if their parents have already known them.”

Eevee shook its head with a “no”, and Yoshio replied, “Well do you think you can try?”

Eevee slowly crawled onto a small branch which had an apple hanging on the branch above it.

“See if you can leap up and bite the stem off the apple above you,” Yoshio instructed, and Eevee leaped up to bite the stem off. It succeeded. “All right, Eevee!” cried Yoshio as Eevee landed perfectly on the branch below it without it shaking.

“Viviviviii!” it said.

“Congratulations, Eevee!” said Yoshio. “See? You could do it! You just had to believe in yourself. You’re gonna be a really cool Pokemon; I can tell. I’m not kidding.”

Yoshio crawled away from the thick branch he was at toward the thinner one that Eevee was on. Eevee noticed that the light branch was starting to shake the closer that Yoshio got, but unfortunately for it, Yoshio didn’t notice.

“Gimme five, Eevee!” said Yoshio, lifting up his hand.

As Eevee lifted up its hand, Yoshio crawled a little bit closer with his other hand, and that was the weight that broke the tree’s branch.

“Huh?” Yoshio said, looking down too late to realize that his weight was too much for the little branch. He couldn’t move in time to stop the branch, and it instantly snapped off the tree.



“Viiiiiiiiiiiiii!” Eevee shouted.

“EEVEE!” shouted Yoshio, reaching out for his partner. “I’ve got you! AH!” He grabbed Eevee firmly, and Eevee was happy, but unfortunately he could not save himself and Eevee at the same time. Yoshio finally crashed on the ground.


“Ooooowwwwww…” Yoshio moaned as he lay on the ground. Hypnotic-like swirls spun in his eyes as Eevee looked at its Trainer.

“Vuiiii?!” it said, worriedly. It accidentally let go of the apple.

“Well,” Yoshio finally said, “I suppose that was a cool fall.” He brushed himself off and let Eevee go. “Are you all right, Eevee?”

Eevee shook his head as a “yes”.

“Well then,” said Yoshio, “let’s go get that apple. I think it landed on the ground somewhere.”

Yoshio brushed himself off some more and then walked over to get the dirty apple. Realizing that it was too dusty, he said,

“Hmm… I know! We can eat some of the food that’s in my backpack!”

He opened up the backpack that he had and took out a doughnut that was concealed in a plastic bag. He opened the bag up and licked his lips; he could taste the food. He split the pink jelly doughnut in half and gave one half to Eevee. The confused Eevee looked at the half like it was a foreign… object.

“You’ve never had a doughnut, huh?” said Yoshio. Eevee nodded “no”. Unfortunately when he was at the Pokemon Academy, Yoshio slept through the boring class of what Pokemon ate for food, so he said, “You’ll like this food, Eevee. This is a doughnut. DOH-NUT.”

Eevee continued to make a face of confusion as it held the doughnut half. It took the sweet substance closer to its mouth and then finally took a tiny bite out of it.

Yoshio waited about ten seconds for Eevee to chew the new food and then finally said, “Well?”

“Viiii…” Eevee naively took another bite of the doughnut, and then another, and then another, and then TWO NOTHERS (It can happen!). Eventually, it finished with the doughnut half and moaned with pleasure.

“Tell you what, Eevee,” said Yoshio, handing his own half to Eevee. “Since you were so good today, you can have the other half!”

Eevee thankfully ate the second half of the doughnut. Eevee was so happy it got the doughnut that it didn’t notice the storming crowd of Pokemon that were ganging up on them. These Pokemon were Ratatta, and they were little purple rats with white whiskers, and you could tell by their growls that they were not happy.

When Yoshio and Eevee finally turned around, they gulped in terror. “What did… we do?!” said Yoshio. “What did we do to make those guys so angry at us?!”

Suddenly, he realized that he was still beside the dusty apple, and he noticed that the Ratattas were glaring at the apple.

“Wait…” said Yoshio. “Is this apple… yours? Are all the apples on these trees your property?”

“Grrrrrrrrr…” went the steaming mad Ratattas.

“Well,” said Yoshio, picking up the apple, “you can have it!”

He threw the apple at the Ratatta that was most in front of them, but the Ratatta didn’t realize he was being kind to it, so the apple hit the Ratatta on the head and instantly knocked it out. To make matters worse, that was the leader that collapsed.

“Whoops,” said Yoshio as the stunned boy slowly lowered his hand.

The Ratattas gasped as they looked that the fallen Pokemon. Suddenly, they slowly lifted their heads toward Eevee and Yoshio.

Yoshio realized what was happening and went, “Oh… shoot.”

The Ratattas began kicking the dust in the ground back, ready to rumble.

“Eevee,” said Yoshio, rapidly packing up his things, “RUUUUUUUUUUUNNNNNN!”

The two of them instantly zoomed away with the Ratattas on their tail. Suddenly, Yoshio stopped and pointed behind them.

“LOOK!” he said. “WE WENT THAT WAY!”

The Ratattas quickly scampered in the opposite direction as Yoshio muttered, “Idiots. Let’s go, Eevee.”

“Viiiii?!” said the confused Pokemon.

That night, Yoshio and his Eevee roasted marshmallows by a campfire on Route 2 still. Eevee seemed quite fascinated by the flames that danced over the logs. Yoshio noticed this, and he said, “You like fire, huh, Eevee?”

He didn’t notice the storm clouds that were quickly coming, and so it was a complete surprise to have the following shower pour everywhere and pour out their fire. “AAAUGH!” he shouted.

Lightning flashed as thunder boomed. Yoshio couldn’t believe what was happening, and so he said, “Eevee! We’re going in!”

“Eeevuiiiiii!” The two of them left all their food and stuff like that outside and went inside the recently-set-up tent that was right beside them.

“It doesn’t look like we’ll be able to get out of here for the rest of the night without getting caught up in the storm,” warned Yoshio. “Man, this has been one weird day…”

Eevee nodded in agreement.

What seemed like an endless stormy night had finally ended, and sunrise came at last the next day. When it seemed like the coast was clear, Yoshio poked his head out of the tent. Noticing the clear sky and the Pidgeys singing, he said, “All clear. We can go out now, Eevee.”

Noticing that the Pokemon was still asleep, he crawled out of the tent to clean the mess of food up. He then burned some more firewood and started another campfire in the middle of the morning. Luckily for him, the Ratatta were nowhere in sight. “Ahhhhhh…” he said as he put his hands around the fire.

Eevee finally came out and noticed that Yoshio was eating a marshmallow on a stick like last night, and when Yoshio turned around and noticed it he said, “Well, nobody said that you only had to camp at night, right?”

Eevee smiled. So now, Eevee was tasting marshmallows as well as doughnuts. After stretching, it went to eat some more marshmallows in joy.

“Well,” said Yoshio, nibbling on a new white marshmallow, “judging by yesterday, I don’t know exactly how our journey’s going to end up, but it looks like we’re going to have one wild time. Even the bad things seemed pretty cool. Wanna train some more when we’re done with breakfast, Eevee?”

“Eevee!” the Pokemon screamed happily.

However, unknown to them, a mysterious figure was hidden in the tall grass that was a few feet away from them. The being watched the two characters eat their marshmallows, and they didn’t noticed the mysterious grin on the person’s face as he spotted the Eevee.

So, who is this mysterious person? What happened to those Ratatta? And will Yoshio ever become the coolest Pokemon Trainer ever? Find out, in the next chapter of… “Yu-Gi-Oh! C”!

No wait, wrong fan fiction. I meant this one.

Okay, I know that I abruptly ended the storm scene, but I had to rush to get this done by Christmas.


We finally learn who this mysterious person is! Is he a member of the Rocket Jr. Dan? No! In fact, he is not exactly a bad person after all. "Tune in" next time for a special guest that'll appear in the next chapter...

NEXT TIME: Chapter 3- "The Camera-Boy Todd-kun Appears!"

Seijiro Mafuné
31st December 2005, 12:30 PM
Don't you mean facefaulting instead of fainting? Fainting is what RPG characters do when they're defeated in battle.

Very funne.

Rex Kamex
29th January 2006, 12:17 AM
Bad news, guys.

I was hoping it wouldn't come to this, but I haven't updated this story in over a month. I was also hoping that I wouldn't be able to update monthly, but that's what's happened before. I'm afraid that until further notice (whenever that is), I'm putting this fan fic on a hitaus. I've been pretty busy for a while, but when I've had some time to work on my stories, I've basically been working on my other fan fics. I shouldn't have to update monthly in order to update the story, and since I'm not doing good updating three stories like I thought I was, I'm just gonna stop this story here for a while. I'm afraid I have no idea when I'll be able to update again.

In the meantime, you can read my other stories. Both have at least 20 chapters in them, so if you haven't read them before, you'll have plenty of entertainment until I can update this. Also, you can read the other fan fics on this forum as well.

Thank you all for reading this story, but I figured you guys would like to know this.

~MJC CartoGuy~