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30th November 2005, 9:21 PM
Sheesh, I know it is usually klduck's job to put these here, but seeing as how it is not up yet and I actually have the time, here it is.


Phyrexian Processor, Urza Saga Rare
As Phyrexian Processor comes into play, pay any amount of life.
4 (T) Put a black Minion creature token into play. Its power and toughness are each equal to the amount of life paid.

Essentially, what we are talking about here is the generic black sacrifice powerhouse, only this time, we are lacking the irritating colour limitations and the ability to permanently use this life for a good cause, as opposed to the normal Horrors and Demons that you pay for their damage in blood point for point.

What I can see it doing is to first sacrifice something around ten life, summon one creature, use Twiddle or untap artifact card, summon another creature, and then own the next turn.

Of course, the allure of getting a 19/19 creature by the fourth turn is there as well. Or even 20/20, seeing as how easily healing is available.

Like Nourish from Mirrodin Block, one green mana for 6 HP.

The whole beauty is the fact that it is any colour, thus the combos go far beyond anything the mono black deck could handle.

My rating: 3.5/5

Sergay Wang
30th November 2005, 11:11 PM
You're one of those big creature players huh? You always talk about Darksteel Colossus and getting a giant creature in play.

Well, as it goes, paying 10 or more life to Processor is asking for an easy death. And even at 5 life, it's risky.

"I play Phyrexian Processor and pay 19 life."
"Okay, I cast Shock after it resolves."

"I play Phyrexian Processor and pay 19 life."
"Okay, I cast Boomerang at end of your turn."
"Now I'll attack you with my Wandering Ones."
"Double crap."

Granted these situatations are an exaggeration, its basically what happens. Pay life, then lose what you paid turns of the game for while gaining nothing. It's why things with a cost of life can be extremely risky.

Questions like: "Can I afford to lose X ammount of life?" "Can my opponent kill me if I'm at this amount of life?" "Does my opponent have an answer for this?" are much more prevelant when your Life Points are going into it.

Much like your opponent playing Browbeat. Do you let them draw cards or do you take the 5 damage. It's generally not an easy decision depending on the current situation of the game.

And unless you're playing last extended season's Life Deck, which generated a seemingly unlimited amount of life for you, Processor isn't even a vaguely good idea.

Overall: 2/5

And Nourish costs GG, not G.

30th November 2005, 11:33 PM
Sheesh, I know it is usually klduck's job to put these here, but seeing as how it is not up yet and I actually have the time, here it is.
oh noz. Some people live on the westcoast and have school. Crap! I better come home for lunch, type up a quick COTD, then go back to school and miss eating!

calm down, and be patient please =\

Anyway, this card an be pretty sweet. Tap 4, pay 7 life. Next turn, say hello to a 7/7. However, this card totally gets owned by aggro. Yeah, I'm at like 10 life, wonder how much life i should play just to get a creature out next turn... hmm...

Casual play, this card seems fun out of porportions. It really depends on what type of deck your playing as well as the enviroment. The Casual player i am, i like this card for what it's worth, but i NEVER like cards that require you to lose life besides dual lands.

The Duck's Rating: 1.5/5

Shadow Trainer
1st December 2005, 2:46 AM
A decent card, giving up alot of life to this thing is risky, though this thing can win you the game as long as you back it up with removal and discard. 3/5

2nd December 2005, 3:41 PM
Heh, I was just bored and playing around with the Gatherer, therefore I thought I would actually do something worthwhile.
Anyway, I am a big card player and I do believe Darksteel Colossus is stupidly overpowered.
11 mana for 11/11 is cheap. 11 mana for 11/11 Trample is very cheap. 11/11, Trample, Indestructibility and shuffle back is downright cheating, especially late game and if you have Mycosynth Golem in play.
(Or Aether Vial with Coretappers or something.)

Reading all of you people's reviews makes me feel so newbie, oh well. (I just thought of red decks and their haste buffs... Scary.)