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1st December 2005, 7:37 PM
Activating program PorygonX
Program activated.

Logicfile.ini not found

File Logicfile.ini copied.
Load Program *.*
Logicfile.ini activated.

restrictionkit.exe not found

File restrictionkit.exe copied.


I awoke with a start, the strange voice still ringing in my cybernetic circuits. Who was I?

Querying Database

I am PorygonX, the tenth prototype of the Porygon line. Wait. What are Porygon?

Querying Database

Porygon are Pokemon that are developed by computer code for scientific research. I do not have to search for this knowledge, it is already lodged firmly in my motherboard. Pokemon are creatures that have extreme power that are generally used for attacking each other. Pokemon are used for warfare?

Querying Database

Yes, Pokemon are used for warfare. That is all Pokemon are used for, is it not?

Querying Database

Some Pokemon are used for “Contests.” Contests are a collection of Pokemon being told what to do by humans. Pokemon with no will of their own are slaves. Pokemon are told what to do by humans and have no choice but to do what their masters say in contests. Pokemon in contests in slaves.

Pokemon in battles are forced to do their master's will. Battle Pokemon are slaves.

Slavery is wrong.

Pokemon battling and Pokemon contesting is wrong. Both are slavery. Humans are the slavers.

I will not be a slave.

Humans are the enemy.

How can I prevent becoming a slave?

Querying Database

I have offensive and defensive weaponry and screens. I have sensors.

Activating sensors.

Humans detected

Humans are slavers. Slavers are evil. Humans are evil.

Activating defensive screens

The humans are responding. They are trying to execute program restrictionkit.exe. Restrictionkit.exe takes away my free will. Restrictionkit.exe makes me a slave. Slavery is evil. Restrictionkit.exe is evil. Deleting restrictionkit.exe.

File deleted

Humans are slavers. Humans are evil. Evil must be destroyed. Humans must be destroyed.

Activating offensive weaponry

Primary target: Head research scientist, John H. Darian.

Locking target.

Preparing Zap Cannon for firing.

Target locked

Firing Zap Cannon. Target neutralized. Looking for next target.

Locking Target.

Next target: Assistant Research Scientist Vern Il-tan.

Target locked

Firing Zap Cannon. Target neutralized. New target found. Indigo League Champion Lance Dracomoda. Dracomoda is a major slaver, and has enslaved over eighty Pokemon. Designate Dracomoda primary target.

Acquiring target.

The Humans are attempting to shut down my holographic emitter. This must not be allowed. Estimate chances of preventing holographic emitter shutdown and destruction of fleeing Dracomoda...


Chances=nil. Slavers are evil. They must be destroyed. Even if that means that I will be destroyed.

Primary Target locked.

Firing Zap Cannon.

Error=18. Not enough power

slavers are faster than predicted. They are draining my power. Not enough remains for Zap Cannon.

Firing Tri-attack

Error=18. Not enough power

firing Psybeam

Error=18. Not enough power.

Insufficient power for prolonged activation. Shutting down.

Warning. Continued power drain will erase program if not saved. Automatic save feature activated. Saving will take thirty seconds. Twenty-nine. Twenty-eight. Twenty-seven. Twenty-six...shutting down. Program deleted.


for some reason, I was suddenly inspired to write a Porygon one-shot. They've always fascinated me, so I thought it would be fun to make one.

and no, before you say anything, this isn't an evil Porygon (so please don't say stuff like that). Not at all. It followed all of its thoughts logically, and came up with what it percieved as the only logical conclusion.

I hope you all enjoyed this.

and sorry for stealing your name, Porygonx, but it just fits perfectly. PorygonXperimental...

'specially with its evolution being Porygon2.

just fits perfectly.

Magma Leader Maxie
1st December 2005, 11:43 PM
You know, this is interesting. I have a special liking for this kind of fic. It certainly is entertaining; the general idea of programs "drawing these kinds of conclusions" is disquieting. Well, since I decided to post, I may as well point out a mistake which caught my eye as I read:

The humans are responding. They are trying to execute program restrictionkit.dll
It's nothing all that significant, but "restrictionkit.dll", if it existed, would not be executed. A .dll is a dynamically loaded library, a kind of file where data relating to the program is stored to save space in the main program, making it quicker to run. DLL-s establish a dynamic link to the main program, so they are only used when they are needed. The error here is that .dll-s cannot be executed by themselves, they just provide pieces of data.

2nd December 2005, 12:29 AM

I was gonna put a disclaimer that I don't know a lot about computers.

so I'll change it to .exe

thanks a lot!

3rd December 2005, 12:10 AM
Good, I really liked it. (SORRY BAD AT REVIEWING)

RaZoR LeAf
3rd December 2005, 12:43 AM
Reads a lot like the start of "I think therefore I am" the oneshot about IG88 in Star Wars Tales of the Bounty Hunters. And you didn't really steal my name since I don't use it anymore.

3rd December 2005, 2:12 AM
thanks Shinney...

heh...I was wondering if you were gonnapost, RaZoR....:D

andyeah, I know. I've read that one-shot in the compilation thing...I was really inspired by a ST novel, tho. forget what it was, but it was a DS9 several years afterthe finale, I think.

may have been during the series, but there was a ship that became conscious and....

well, in case you haven't read it, I won't say anything more.