View Full Version : Tenchi Muyo/Babylon 5 crossover

The Big Al
2nd December 2005, 11:33 AM
For some time I've been formulating a Tenchi B5 crossover. I'm a huge fan of the two shows and find them quite fitting to one another. So I've formulating a story in which Tenchi and company and live in a Babylon 5 universe.

I think this would make an interesting crossover because many things in Babylon 5 would seem to be out of place in the Tenchi universe. Here's an example of the universe's colliding.


Ryo-Ohki’s gold eyes were fixed on a basket filled with fat, juicy carrots. She meowed in delight and hopped over and grabbed on of the orange roots.

She looked at the fleshy root and inhaled its delectable aroma. However, as she was about to bite into it, it opened a single eye and looked back at her. She threw the “carrot” and meowed in utter terror. She ran to a safe distance and arched her back and hissed aggressively at the carrot creature which was still staring at her.

A pak’ma’ra walked up to the bar. The pak’ma’ra was an alien creature considered to be a hideous by most. There head was a grey, fleshy mound on the top of their bodies with beady yellow eyes, and a collection of short tentacles over its mouth. Most of his form was hidden under his greenish grey robes with a hump under and behind the head. Whether his was a part of the pak’ma’ra or something else was debatable.

The park’ma’ra grabbed the carrot like creature with his bulky three fingered hand and shoved the creature inside his tentacles. It screamed but was cut short a distinct crunch sound. Ryo-Ohki’s face turned green and she passed out.

Ryouko, who had been snickering at the antics taking place in front of her, couldn’t hold it back anymore and began laughing loudly.


Right now, I'm formuating a plot. I don't know whether to do a rewrite of the last half of the Tenchi Universe television series (when I mean rewrite, I mean start with the characters and the fact Aeka was labeled a traitor and take litterary license from there) or another idea which involves an Explorer vessle where the crew (including Tenchi and the girls) fight off raiders, map systems, and search for remains of ancient civilizations.

Any thoughts, suggestions, or comments are welcome.