View Full Version : Character Teams and plot.

2nd December 2005, 9:41 PM
Basically, do you think it's dull when the only fleshed out battles are of Pokemon trainers will have in their team for an entire story? For Drake I have justification, and Suila as well, but I want to know what other people think. If your opinion varies depending on if there's justification or not, what do you see as a good reason? Here's my justifications:

Generally trust or care, plus a side effect. Drake, being a Dragoneheart, can Spirit Link, a skill that anyone can use on anything living, but the Dragonhearts are the only ones who have learnt to do it voluntarily, for all people it's impulse and often unnoticed. What it does is bond a two living things souls for eternity. Usually done between trainer and Pokemon, this scenario has many effects. The first is it allows the trainer and his friends to understand the Pokemon as if it's speaking human. The second is a power boost, and the final positive is if well timed it triggers early evolution. The side effect is if the trainer abandons the Pokemon, or deposits it in the computer system against it's will, terrible consequences befall the trainer,(I'm kinda undecided, though death seems about right), so Drake usually only catches Pokemon he is willing to keep permanently. So all Pokemon you see him catch are keepers. Since he teaches Suila to do this the same rule applies. Spirit Linking also only works on closely bonded individuals, so that's where the trust and care comes in.

Basically, if it's a deep emotional reason, I'm good. Frankly don't care myself anyway, I always only catch Pokemon on the games that I'm going to use against the league.

3rd December 2005, 3:30 AM
For me, every battle gets detail. Every single battle! Even if Joe Shmoe only uses his Slugma for a few battles before using it to breed flamethrower, amnesia and rock slide onto other Pokemon, it WILL get its time to shine in battle. Even if the main guy becomes a collector, every Pokemon is original, and... I hate cliches, seriously, I despise them, so every Pokemon has its own way of fighting and even more so, battles to bring out the best and worst in them.