View Full Version : The Prince of Tennis: what is its situation in Japan right now?

Yuugis Black Magician
2nd December 2005, 11:19 PM
So, hmm, I've been wondering what with the Animé finished, exactly how is the Manga going? What is it currently up to, for those with the information on the comic. This might as well also be a discussion thread on it too.

I bought Volume 10 of the comic, and boy is Jin one mean little jerk (Viz pasted over the cig-sticks he smoked) I was completely shocked when Jin caught Ryoma's Twist shot! And then the training began later on, Shusuke and Ryoma had to play a game, and then we find that Momo and Kunimitsu must play a practice game. I was completely shocked by that.

Cyndaquil's No.1 Fan
21st December 2005, 3:49 PM
Seigaku is now in the national tournament in Japan. Their present opponent right now is Hyotei Garden.

The 31st volume of Prince of Tennis is just relaeased in Japan. It features the match i mentioned above.

Rikkaidai won the National tournament last year. Sorry for emphasing that. haha