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3rd December 2005, 8:08 PM
This Fan-fiction is continued from The Start of Chaos. I recommend reading The Start of Chaos before reading this. This may cause confusion if you don`t. We will not give details on characters who have appeared in The Start of Chaos. This is rated PG for violence and blood.

Rukario thought his job was done after sealing Regirock, Regice, and Registeel. He thought that the war between the Reds and the Greens had started again. After leaving the battle pyramid, he ran into the Mew Island Squad. They told him about Mewtwo and the other Delta Species Pokemon. Rukario and the Mew Island Squad headed back to Faraway Island.

While this was happening, Mewtwo, who was on a bout with some other Delta Pokemon, thought about his past. He remembered the scientists and what they did to him. The genetic code of Mewtwo`s psychic ability be switched with the genetic code of a Flareon`s fire ability and a Metagross` steel ability [Metagross` psychic ability let`s him you some of his original attacks]. Mewtwo wanted revenge for the researcher`s actions. “METAGROSS!” yelled Mewtwo, “Get the Eevee Delta Attackers.”

Even though Mewtwo killed all the researchers at Holon Tower, a couple of researchers that made the Delta Species Pokemon still lived. In Prof. Elm`s Lab, Newbark Town, Johto, a researcher thought about what he could use Pokemon`s genetic codes for now. He thought about making a new Pokemon, but that would take years. He remembered how he programed his first ever Delta Species Pokemon, Dratini, by switching the Pokemon`s genetic code. He also remembered creating a light green Pikachu by taking its genetic codes, adding in chemicals, then putting them back. After twenty-four hours the process was complete. He then heard a loud, crashing noise. “Showtime,” said a familiar voice.

Mewtwo commanded the Eevee Delta Attackers to do what they planned. An Eevee destracted the researcher. Espeon destroyed the researcher`s thoughts by using Confusion. Umbreon scared all the Pokemon in the lab other than the Eevee Delta Attackers. The frightened Pokemon ran away. Vaporeon froze the researcher`s feet. Jolteon used Thunder and hurt the researcher. The researcher was paralyzed. Flareon made a fire, and all the Pokemon left. The researcher died.

Back at Faraway Island, the Mew Island Squad and Rukario made a plan. Since the Fire, Water, and Grass Mew went to Navel Rock, Birth Island, and Southern Island, he knew the legendaries would be disrupted. He thought about awakening other legendaries, but he wondered if it would just cause the Delta Species Pokemon to get reinforcements. After thinking for a long time, he sent halve of the Mew Island Squad to Terra Cave, hoping Groudon would help. He was afraid to send anyone to Marine Cave because Groudon and Kyogre would start another war.

Back at the Hoenn Pokemon League, Ash`s Pikachu and Drake`s Salamence tried to brake the gates and doors. At the same, Wallace`s Gyarados tried to open the doors to the Hall of Fame, while his Miltolic and Brock`s Lombre held off Archie and The Mask of Ice. May and Miror B. tried to get the Suicune they wanted to help. Ahs`s Pikachu and Drake`s Salamence broke the gates and doors. Drake`s Salamence broke a hole in the room so they could leave

What is Drake`s plan? How will Rukario help? Continued in The Start Of War.

4th December 2005, 2:00 AM
You post chapters in the same thread,
This one will now soon be dead!

Or rather, it'll be locked. Surprisingly much better than your old one, but it says very, very little, because its still bad. There is no description, and the characters are very bland. I'm sorry, but this isn't going to work very well.