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Vent's Theme
3rd December 2005, 9:07 PM
Eheh, itís me again ^.^;; Iíve come to write two fics now, ((Or in the case of my Pokemon fic write, delete and re-write it -_-;;; )) and both take place in words other to those the reader might be familiar to, this leads to a slight problem to emerge. How does you, the reader like this world to be depicted ? Would you rather have this brave new world described to you in the characterís speech and thoughts ((Which I have used in my Pokemon fic.)) or would you rather have a prologusque chapter, setting out the lands and their current political state ? ((Which would be easier for me to use in depicting the world of my steam-punk fic, as it cannot be refrenced to those things that a reader might be familliar to.))

Thankies !

~Ventís Theme