View Full Version : tpc raido

punk umbreon
4th December 2005, 12:06 AM
hi where here at tpc raido and here is the main speaker

sprinkels the teddiursa

hi we have some great news for to day !

im being told that lance is on top of mt ember lets go to spark the pichu

hello its me spark im next to lance and im being told to get a quick interview whit him lance what are you doing up here

im dunk

??????????????????????? ok it think hes a little "dunk" holy **** hes falling down the mountin what do we do ? we will go to umumumumumum rose in the traffic

hey im in the middle of the street where many of the people are honking at me aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa hes got a board with a nail in it

"drops the mike and runs"

ok mad trffic i think we have ran out of time goodbye

"shuffle his papers"

there we go my frist fic hope it was ok or better

Punk Umbreon