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11th December 2005, 4:05 AM
here you can post yu deck and have anyone rate it do a section for your main deck, side deck, and fusion deck.

anyone can post and anyone can rate.
oh and your decks dont have to fllow the restiction rules.
my deck:

fusion cards: gia the dragon champion, blue-eyes ultimate dragon X2

main deck: dragns rage X2,dreamsprite, monste reincarnation, monster rebrnX2, despair from the dark X2, change of heart, armed dragon LV3 2X, pot of greed 2X, baby dragon,blue eyes ton dragon, masked dragon, sparks 2X, gryphon wing, delta attacker, blue eyes white dragn 3X , oozaki 2X, magician faith, trap hole, tower of babel,serial spell, jigen bakudan,nthunder dragon,type zero magic crusher,vampire lord, summoned skull, swrds of revealing light, spellbinding circle, vampire genesis, toon world, lord of d. 2X, ring of magnetism, luster dragon #2, red eyes darkness dragon, snake fang, the flute of summonig dragon 2X, red eyes black chick, manga ryu-ran, fairy meter crush, red eyes black dragon, fissure, armed dragon lv 5 2X, luminous spark, rush recklessly, reinforcements 2X, dark magician, interdemensional matter transprter, final destiny, dian ket the cure master, mystic probe, luster dragon, sword of dark destruction, enchanted javelin,curse of dragon, gia the feirce knight, slifer the sky dragon, winged dragon of ra, obelisk the tormentor 2X and polyminerization

11th December 2005, 11:43 AM
This should be closed. There is a sub-forum where these things go.