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11th December 2005, 10:22 AM
Two decks for you to rate for me. I took out all my decent new cards and wacked them into decks. I have 6 years TCG experience so I know quite a bit :D So anyway here they are:

ex Psyburn
.:Psychic, Fire, Colorless:.

Lugia - Rev Holo - ex Unseen Forces
Grumpig - ex Emerald
Grumpig x2 - ex Deoxys
Spoink x4 - ex Deoxys
Metang x2 - ex Deoxys
Beldum x4 - ex Deoxys
Quilava - ex Unseen Forces
Cynadquil - ex Unseen Forces
Cyndaquil - ex Hidden Legends
Bagon x2 - ex Trainer Kit
Camerupt - ex Deoxys
Numel x3 - ex Deoxys
Numel - ex Emerald
Combusken - ex Trainer Kit
Torchic x3 - ex Trainer Kit

Mary's Request - ex Unseen Forces
Steven's Advice - ex Hidden Legends
Ancient Technical Machine [Rock] - ex Hidden Legends
Switch - ex FR/LG
Master Ball - ex Deoxys
Energy Search x2 - ex R/S

Psychic Energy x8
Fire Energy x17
The main strategy of this deck is to hit the opponent while they are down. The trainer cards are mainly used to get extra cards in the deck as there isn't much energy. There are a mixture of strong Pokemon and weak ones which will mingle together to strike at unepected moments.

ex Elements
.:Grass, Electric, Water:.

Shiftry - ex Deoxys
Nuzleaf x2 - ex Deoxys
Seedot x4 - ex Deoxys
Volbeat - ex Delta Species
Ditto (Pikachu) - ex Delta Species
Dragonair - ex Delta Species
Dratini (65) - ex Delta Species
Dratini x2 (66) - ex Delta Species
Manectric - ex Deoxys
Electrike x3 - ex Deoxys
Ludicolo - ex Deoxys
Lombre x2 - ex Deoxys
Lotad x4 - ex Deoxys
Rain Castform - ex Delta Species

Professor Elm's Training Method - ex Delta Species
Magnetic Storm - Rev Holo - ex Hidden Legends
Potion x2 - ex Delta Species

Grass Energy x10
Water Energy x10
Lightning Energy x10

This one is to get multiple types for a balanced deck. Plue Ludicolo and Shiftry have good powers and attacks with high HP so that works well with them :D

What do you think?