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Tropical Spirit
11th December 2005, 5:50 PM
...'Coz the other one was old and kept getting bumped. And I had to do a shipping thread for my second favorite franchise. x3 And this is actually my second one. __ Because I was smart enough to type "Sonic" wrong in the other one I deleted right away. xD

Anyways, I GO FIRST! >0

#1)Tails -> Knuckles. That's my second favorite all-the-time ship and my current obsession. I could *SO* see it working. While it is totally and utterly fanon, that's a good thing for me. A little one-sided crush from Miles's part... I find the possibilities simply adorable. Miles would be all "Omgomgomg!!! KNUX!!! *hugz* <3<3" and Knuckles would be all "...wtf? o___0;" :3

#2)Sonic -> Knuckles. I *LOVE* this ship. <3<3 I find the chemistry... slasherificly(XD)...adorable. :3 And I love to look for hints that aren't really but are interpreted by me as so. 83

#3)Chris x Amy. I dunno why, but I think it would be extremelly... adorable. xD With Chris's shy personality and Amy's... way, it would be cute. x3

#4)Tails x Cosmo. Meh. I find the chemistry quite cute. I guess it is the only canon ship I like *AT ALL*.

#5)Knuckles x Shadow. Chemistry. Hotness factor. Period. 83

#6)Sonic x Shadow. ...Do I need to go deep into this? x3;

#7)Cream -> Shadow. Hah. <3 I actually like anything that keeps Cream away from Tails. >____> And that's perfect.

#8)Amy x Maria. I think it would've been great if it wasn't for... yeah. >___>;;

#9)Tails x Chris. Not my 00ber favorite but I think it is very cute. :3

#10)Tikal x Amy. *****shipping! >0

Now that I listed mine you can begin your het fest 2005. >___>;; Be happy.

Shadow Ichigo
11th December 2005, 6:18 PM
My favorites are
Sonic x Amy
Tails x Cream
Tails x Cosmo
Knuckles x Rouge
Knuckles x Tikal

Valkyrie X
13th December 2005, 1:55 AM
I like Sonic x Amy and Knuckles x Rouge.

Yes, I know I'm boring. Live with it. :P


Blaziken master
13th December 2005, 9:12 PM
I like Vector x Vanilla its so unexpected

13th December 2005, 11:57 PM
I like FAR too many to list, in fact there are only three ships that I don't like, but here are my top favorites...

Sonic X Amy: I've been a fan of this for ages, don't think I'm gonna stop now...
Tails X Cream: So cute. ^^
Knuckles X Rouge: ... I don't know. It just works.
Shadow X Tikal: I played SA2 before SA, and when I saw Tikal I was like "Hey lookit it's Maria echida style!"
Eggman X Vanilla: PROOF THAT IT EXISTS. (http://rotfw.fireball20xl.com/rotfw/c-85.html) Note: Devlin = Sonic.
Sonic X Knuckles: ... I don't know. Blame the wizards.
Sonic X Tails: The cuteness...
Tails X Knuckles: ... =P
Cream X Charmy: I have no idea. I just like it.
Metal Knuckles X Vector: IT MAKES NO SENSE. Therefore, I like it.
Chaos X Myself: =3 -bricked-

Yes, I know. Kinda boring. LIVE WITH EET.

Now for the ones I don't like:

Shadow X Amy: I hate this ship... So much...
Shadow X Rouge: Eh, it's alright sometimes, but I see them more as really close friends and allies, not as a ship...
Knuckles X Tikal: SHADOW AND TIKAL ALL THE WAY. >3 No Knuckles.

That's about it...

Tropical Spirit
14th December 2005, 12:07 AM
Tails X Knuckles: ... =P
...I think I love you. D:
I thought I was the only one who liked it! *le hugz*

Yes, I know. Kinda boring. LIVE WITH EET.
No, you aren't. D: This isn't the total boring "OMGZ AMYSONIK IS TEH ONLY 1 I LIK!!!!ONE!!!!" het fest I thought it would be thanks to you. =3

eeveelution master
14th December 2005, 2:59 AM
sonadow, knuxadow, sails, but i'm ok with anything buy sonamy and creails. sonicxamy is just to...rabid-fan-ized and cream is what? 4? hentai fans of cream x tails just scare me. ;133;

Black Murder Heavangelon
14th December 2005, 3:13 AM
i thought CreamxTails was disliked by a lot of people, but almost everyone here said that!

Well, i guess i like:

ShadowxRouge Went nearly obsessed with this :P

TailsxCream see above XP

that's really it. all other shippings in Sonic, except for yaoi/yuri, don't seem to affect me.

14th December 2005, 3:29 AM
Ohhhh, I haven't been in this fandom forever~ Lesse:
SonicAmy (one of only two hets)
SonicMina (the other het yo)

...Yeah, I'm assuming non-Sonic X couples are allowed too. So if anyone doesn't recognize a character, that'd be why. ^^; For I may be the only one to remember DiC's old school Adventure of Sonic the Hedgehog...

It was damn slashy though. XD

Toran Frostbite
14th December 2005, 6:55 AM
*drops in* Favorite Sonic couples...um....

Shadow x Maria
Tails x Amy
Tails x Cream (OMG!)
Sonic x Sally (though highly overrated)
Sara -> Sonic (anime OVA? Sara's so cute!)
Bunnie x Rouge (WTF?)
Rouge x Topaz (TT_TT it should have been!)
Sonic x Knuckles (*HEARTS*)

Second favorite, all time favorite 'ship is:
Shadow x Knuckles. And they were so meant to be. Why?
Everyone knows the popular name splice for those two is Knuxadow. *hearts*
Did you know the names in reverse splice into 'Shackles'? Proof!

All-time highest most favorite, why-am-I-its-only-shipper-yet-again?, bestest 'ship I have:
Sam Speed x Mr. Stewart
....it's not my fault. ;.; They caught me by surprise!

For I may be the only one to remember DiC's old school Adventure of Sonic the Hedgehog...
Dun make me bust out what I remember of Sonic's radio theme song from that one episode. It haunts me to this day~!

15th December 2005, 10:47 PM
...I think I love you. D:
I thought I was the only one who liked it! *le hugz*

No, you aren't. D: This isn't the total boring "OMGZ AMYSONIK IS TEH ONLY 1 I LIK!!!!ONE!!!!" het fest I thought it would be thanks to you. =3

Whee, so maybe I'm not as boring as I thought I was. ^^

On the subject of Tails X Knuckles, does anyone else find Tails yelling "Knuckles!" in that little voice of his insanly cute?

Meganium Ex
16th December 2005, 1:31 AM
Mines are:
1.Sonic ♥ Amy

2.Sonic ♥ Cream

3.Shadow ♥ Blaze

4.Cream ♥ Tails

Tropical Spirit
16th December 2005, 3:47 AM
Whee, so maybe I'm not as boring as I thought I was. ^^

On the subject of Tails X Knuckles, does anyone else find Tails yelling "Knuckles!" in that little voice of his insanly cute?
Miles in general is insanely cute. ^.~
I seriously need to tone my obsession down a bit, though. >.>; When I dream about him almost every single night you know there's something wrong. *cough*



...yes. </RANDOM>

17th December 2005, 10:52 AM
Well, I really like Allotatailshipping, which is Tails x EVERYONE. Every now and then something special is created that just can't belong to one person. It belongs to the world.

6th January 2006, 10:08 AM
Heres my list:

Sonic the Hedgehog(1993)-not counting Archie comics

SonicxSally(my favorite)
AntoinexBunny(look good together, even though the comic focused more)
Dr. RobotnikxClunk(pet bird)-treats it better than his Nephew Snively XD

Sonic X:

SonicxAmy(Im a sucker for these ships XD)
TailsxCream(totally adorable)
KnucklesxRouge(she likes to tease him lol)

6th January 2006, 11:14 PM
Here's my list, with the main explaination being that these just seem so right to me:


I also like CreamXCharmy. They're such cute characters, it's like adding honey to pure maple syrup (in other words, very sweet). Then there's BigXBlaze, which probably has no proof whatsoever, but I figure a girl could come to like Big's cuddlyness :) And they're purple too!

7th January 2006, 12:39 AM
Here's the shipping that I support:

Sonic,and Amy. Those two have a lot in common. Sonic,and Amy were friends since Sonic CD. This relationship develop after Sonic saves Amy. We all know that Amy fell in love with Sonic. Deep down, Sonic had strong feelings for Amy.

Knuckles,and Tikal. Knuckles,and Tikal were like great friends since Sonic Adventure 1,and Sonic X. Those two make a great couple.

Chris,and Sara (Anime OVA). I know that Chris,and Sara haven't met yet. And Sara has a crush on Sonic. But when Chris,and Sara meet, they become immediate best friends when she probably heard that he was one of Sonic's best friends. Once they work out, then Chris,and Sara become good couple.

Tails,and Cosmo. In Sonic X, Tails,and Cosmo seems to like each other a lot. Of course that Team Chaotix tries to pair them up. Espio seems to be a smart one after these two get along well.

Dr. Eggman,and Catella(AoSTH) Catella is a villainous huntress that kidnapped Tails,and the others. When she first met Eggman(Robotnik), she totally developed the love,and hate relationship. Too bad that Eggman has no interest in her,but he was trapped by her in LOVE.It's funny when Sonic,and Tails pair them up to make Eggman miserable.

Shadow,and Rouge. Shadow,and Rouge were twice as evil as usual. Rouge seems to like Shadow while he was stand silent. These two does get along pretty well. I like them as a couple.

7th January 2006, 12:00 PM
Cream X Knuckles~ Kawaiiness to me...

Amy X Knuckles~ OMG! Hotheaded people so match each other...

Shadow X Amy~ Cute

Shadow X Cream~ Just plain Kawaii.

Rouge X Topaz~ Just... Yeah, just...

Tails X Sonic~ Don't ask...

Short descriptions I know... But I'm a huge Amy X Knuckles, Amy X Shadow, Cream X Shadow and Cream X Knuckles Fan...

Tropical Spirit
7th January 2006, 4:45 PM
Ugh, I hate Tails x Sonic. >.>; No chemistry. AT ALL. I bet Tails won't stand Sonic when he gets older. :C WHAT?!?! TS DISLIKING A SLASH SHIP?!?!?!?!one?!?!?1


I love when my threads get revived, BTW. <3 It makes me happy, just like the happy Zoloft face. 83

And we should start a "Maria Robtnikn isn't dead" petition or something. So I can see she interacting with female characters and asswiggle while I think of hot femslash couples. Yes. 83 +shot+

~Silver Aura~
7th January 2006, 5:59 PM
i surpport:

sonamy my favourite sonic ship they just so cute toghether
knuxrouge well i surpport it a little bit
tailsxcosmo second sonic fave. again they cute toghether