View Full Version : I have an idea for a Pokemon trainer academy-type rp.

11th December 2005, 7:15 PM
This rp is called "Ultima Pokemon Academy" which is a Pokemon school somewhat similar to Hogwarts. The rp takes place in 2005, and there are 4 Houses, Fire Red, Water Blue, Thunder Yellow. and Leaf Green. Fire Red students think offense is the best defense, and that nothing will get in their way, most of their students will graduate and become gym leaders. Water Blue students are defensive and pretty much the opposite of Fire Red, and most of their students will graduate and become famous heroes. Thunder Yellow students are speedy and evasive. Most of their trainers will graduate and become very strong trainers that may as well do whatever they want to do, from joining Team Rocket to being well known good guys. Leaf Green students like well mixed stats and sometimes graduate and become villains of some sort.
ALL trainers start off with SIX fully evolved, non legendary Pokemon (the school's rules forbid legendaries, as they are too powerful). But there is evil afoot on the school grounds, Team Death is trying to take over the academy and make the students into their evil minions. You have to stop them before it is too late. The team Death leader is Jeff, who had been bullied when he went to Ultima Pokemon Academy, and wanted revenge.