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Hyper Shadow0
14th December 2005, 1:00 AM
This is my first fic it may not be althat good but it's not to bad I guess



Midgetman is a clayman made from the core of planet shadow when it had exploded Midgetman had emerged and fell to earth it has been 5 years since then and all Midgetman has done is save this world but unknown to him his greatest evil is deep in space where planet shadow had exploded.

Five years ago.......

Planet shadow was a peaceful planet with beings that looked like well shadows. The prince [whos name is Shadow] had been kidnapped and been helded for ransom if they didnt pay planet shadow would be anihilated. The master mind behind this was sacred Nefon who was feared though out the galaxy but when planet shadow was destroyed so was he or so we thought Shadow had safely made it out alive but Nefon had barely survived!

Present day
planet earth
12:04 p:m

Hey midgetman called a light blue spiky headed ice man and his round son. They were known as Iceman and Iceboy Midgetman's best friends on earth. Also there was his friend Bellybuttonman who was a well...a belly button and then theres Shadow who is know as Ispeak sensing Nefon's arrival. Midg..... he was cut short by Reaper Shadow's brother who had also escaped planet shadows explosian he came to warn Midgetman also about Nefon but Midgetman was to preoccupied with video games that reaper had to cut one of his clay arms off.......Hey!!!!???? shouted Midgetman as one of his arms were sliced off thats was my favorite arm!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Midgetman you can regenerate remember? said Reaper. I knew that answered Midgetman as he grew his new arm out. Now what did you to want to tell me?asked Midgetman well just thought you would like to know that..... THE SAME PERSON WHO BLEW UP PLANET SHADOW IS COMING TO EARTH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!both Shadow and Reaper yelled. O why didn't you say so i've been itching for a fight for a long time now!!! said Midgetman without hesitation. Theres more to it Midgetman he's even surpassed your power level he's on a whole new scale called Ethereal destuction you need to reach Ethereal savior to counter that so were sending you into the chaos dimension to train any objections? said Shadow without even letting a hint. Bu...... by the time Midgetman had said but he was in the Chaos dimension!!!

Present day
Nefon's ship
2:10 P:M

Locked target earth destinated time 3:15 p:m . Good earth and Shadow will not survive this attack not even Midgetman who was born of planet Shadow will stop me mumuhahaahahahahaahahahahaahahahahhooooooooooooooo heeeeeeha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!happily exclaimed Nefon as his lafter annoyed even his most loyal servents. Now hibernateting gas set for 3 hours and 5 minutes and awakning gas wake me up upon arrival and only me!!!!!!!!

Present day
Chaos dismension
2:45 P.M.

After being sent to the Chaos dimension Midgetman went out looking for the Chaos emeralds after Shadow the hedgehog and Sonic made made him put the emeralds there. Stupid Sonic right when he put the emeralds away a new evil comes ,thought Midgetman. Hmmmm Midgetman i'd never thought you'd come here where you sealed all of your enemys we are even holding the chaos emeralds you stand no chance, said a mysterios voice!!! Who are you!? Im a fusion of all your greatest enemy I'm the Chaos master 2000 here to kill you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Battle Start

Midgetman you'll die!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Not likely lets start!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Light , Darkness combine your beams to form BALANCE BEAM at that moment a huge blast of light obliterated Chaos master or so he thought! Haahaaa haaaa that was weak eat this said a very pleased Chaos master. Darkness blast haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa a huge beam surrounded chaos master and hit Midgetman down to the ground! What was that !??!!!? said a weakend Midgetman? It was a demonic blast very powerful come paired to you!!!! I guess I'll just have to finish you said Midgetman! Positive Chaos energy come to me Super Midgetman. Now Ethereal blast powers!!!!!!!! A light then surrounded Super Midgetman Ultimate Chaos Ethereal light Ultimate Chaos Ethereal combine your beams to form Ultimate Chaos Ethereal Balance Beam!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ! Midgetman's Ethereal blast was turned into a power source for his balance beam. Now for sure chaos master was destroyed!!! I got the Chaos emeralds Shadow transport me back!!!!!!!

Current day
planet earth
3:05 P.M.

Midgetman he's aproaching in ten minutes said a very nervos reaper. I know i can sense him now i have achieved a whole new level of power and Nefons going down!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Current day
Nefon's ship on earth
3:15 p.m

Where here and there are some visitors outside Nefon said lutenent bob. Good I'll deal with them said Nefon as he left the ship. Midgetman who was waiting outside prepaired and went into super form then he fused with shadow and reaper to make Perfect Midgetman. As Nefon walks outside he is hit with a tiny beam which was fired at magnitude of 5000. Hmmmmm interesting seems the 3 have fused this will be fun to take care of.

Fight 2
Perfect Midgetman V.s. Nefon battle start

Perfect Balance beam!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11 Perfect Midgetman yelled as he fired a surprise attack. The attack hit Nefon square in the belly afterwards Nefon fired his Dark balance beam which Perfect Midgetman countered now having the planet explode the battle will be finished in space. Ok Nefon time for your end.....Ultimate Chaos Control haaaaaaaa... at that moment perfect Midgetman froze all of time and space and summond 20 different chaos creatures they all attacked Nefon at once with Perfect Midgetman Ultimate 20 powered Chaos Balance Beam go!!!!!!!!!! Just then Nefon was destroyed and the earth was saved........ well mostly. Midgetman, Shadow, and reaper rebuilt the planet and all who inhabit it were revived with some resurrection mist. The end or is it!

Deep space 12:00 A.M.

Curse you Midgetman I'll get you soon nomatter what soon you will face my true wrath it's only begun Mwa hahahahaahahahahahahahahahahahahahhaahahahahaaaaaa .

End for now.
Midgetman is my own creation and no1 can match how I made him. Even if you make a copy.