View Full Version : Just another Zelda Idea

Willow's Tara
14th December 2005, 2:45 AM
Hey guys, I have been thinking about this for awhile and I thought hey why not? But I wanted your advice first.
See I am thinking of making a RPG called The Legend of Zelda: The Land of the Redead.

Place setting: Hyrule, It's a Ocrani (Damn it, I hate that when I know how to spell it but I forget then remeber later, can someone remind me how to spell that) of Time.

Plot: So manily what's going on here is that the entire Hyrule Field has been littered with ReDeads because Ganon has escaped his mystcial jail and made it the Land of the Dead, even some places such as The Lost Woods and The Desert are littered with them.
A bunch of characters decide to brave the world and defeat Gannon who has once again taken control of Hyrule castle. Now the characters decide to meet at Malon's farm, but they must grab some weapons and fight through the ReDeads who soon after return.
But some places such as Kakorio (SP? The place closer to Hyrule castle, not the ones with the children who never grow) have some ReDeads called Uber and can't be killed easily.

So what you think?